Starting The Second New Building Pad 

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16-Apr, 2021



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Jack Weeks
Jack Weeks 23 kun oldin
What’s the purpose of the mesh that’s laid down?
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey 25 kun oldin
Another great video Chris 🇺🇲
Terry Clement
Terry Clement 25 kun oldin
Having all the tools in your toolkit makes jobs so much easier and better quality! Nice work Chris!
Henry Disbrowe
Henry Disbrowe 25 kun oldin
How much can they carry with those extra axles
leo l
leo l 25 kun oldin
Like this little Grader .
walkerd73 26 kun oldin
My favorite part is the grader work.
talisay 26 kun oldin
You oughta look see a bigger bucket for the 160 . Most of the soil you work in is easy goin' for that machine. Maybe a 60" trench bucket for that storage bldg job?
pratty 26 kun oldin
Please start a channel on rumble.com
William Timmerman
William Timmerman 26 kun oldin
Mike nice work I have a question how much did you save by doing your own excavating and I think your going to do the pool also how much are you saving for the projects ?
Captain K
Captain K 26 kun oldin
#Teamsters world, you fuck with us you wont be getting shit bitch! One more word boi!
Captain K
Captain K 26 kun oldin
The next time, and I mean the next time, you whine about the teamsters, im sending someone there to beat shit out of you, you have been warned.
Steve Hall
Steve Hall 26 kun oldin
Was out working in my yard and could occasionally hear truckers tooting their horn at you as they passed by. You have fans out here fo sho!
Chase Bodiford
Chase Bodiford 26 kun oldin
great job buddy and great video as always 😎👊🏻👍🏻
Big Ray Waxman
Big Ray Waxman 26 kun oldin
Thank you for all these wonderful videos ! I have enjoyed them for a couple of years now but I have a question ? I see you and John doing a lot of the work but I do not remember if you ever explained as to why Tim left your employ ? Was it the cost of having an employee or was it he was looking for greener pastures ? Again thank you for the years of enjoyment !!! Keith.
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 26 kun oldin
I am impressed that you get so close to grade without advanced electronic, but i guess it comes with experience.
Scott Fortune
Scott Fortune 26 kun oldin
Am I the only one trying to learn what the controls do on every one of his machines?
timmy frierson
timmy frierson 26 kun oldin
Another great video Chris hey I was wondering if y’all got that dredging job on that pond where you went and rescued the excavator. And if y’all did when will y’all be starting that but anyway brother you and your family and John and his family stay safe and keep the videos coming brother
Cameron Houston
Cameron Houston 26 kun oldin
hey chris on the mini can you turn the beeper on and off or
Andy Sukosd
Andy Sukosd 26 kun oldin
Great video, love watching.
Carl Van Eck
Carl Van Eck 26 kun oldin
I wished you lived near waterloo Illinois. I'd hire you to clean my pond out.
Carl Van Eck
Carl Van Eck 26 kun oldin
Your the best operator I've seen.
Benjamin Beytekin
Benjamin Beytekin 26 kun oldin
For quicker load the trucks you need to attach a bigger bucket Chris. @18:26 For what the truck as three additional "only for show axles"? Cheers!
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 26 kun oldin
I guess it's big enough. The 160 must be able to handle it.
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 26 kun oldin
Gravel truck drivers are herd animals. It has always been so and so it will remain.
Bill Clark
Bill Clark 26 kun oldin
Excellent workmanship love to see a pro at his best. It would be great if you had your logo on your personal equipment
Christopher Woolley
Christopher Woolley 26 kun oldin
I hope your new hand does well .
liveuk 26 kun oldin
Moving the blade up and down kind of defeats the whole purpose of the leveling out
Donald Trabeaux
Donald Trabeaux 26 kun oldin
Nice job Chris
who`s the new timmy or is it john
Bryan Lloyd
Bryan Lloyd 26 kun oldin
It is looking good!!👍👍
Glenn Strom
Glenn Strom 26 kun oldin
Well, he almost brought all his toys to this party!
How-Hing Pau
How-Hing Pau 26 kun oldin
Can you explain why you need to constantly jiggle the controls on the grader?
Scott Werner
Scott Werner 26 kun oldin
Do you have a new worker?
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts 26 kun oldin
I think the grader is my favorite piece of equipment that y’all have
Jim Fetzer
Jim Fetzer 26 kun oldin
Hey Chris I asked for an address to send something to you and I don't ever remember getting the reply so anyway I love watching your videos if you want to email me it's windyjim@pacbell.net I know you're a busy man so if you get a chance I just have something I want to send you you might not find useful
Trenton banner
Trenton banner 26 kun oldin
Is the red quad and the quint contract trucks or are they urs
Ronnie Rigsby
Ronnie Rigsby 26 kun oldin
Love the show but how is on the t120 have you guys hired some help
target Estimating Services
wow no snow ..we just got done fighting off 14 hours snow storm in south west new Hampshire ..must be that Global warming thing ,?
Snoop Dawgg
Snoop Dawgg 26 kun oldin
Nice job with using that grater...you are the best...it does a great job
j c
j c 26 kun oldin
wheres the laser and water truck?
Jack Wells
Jack Wells 26 kun oldin
I want know how does he keep it so level, it would look like a washboard if I did it
Ken Allen
Ken Allen 26 kun oldin
Enjoyed this video bro. Safe travels up your way
Virtue Streams
Virtue Streams 26 kun oldin
It seems like the big dump trucks never deliver as much aggregate as they are capable of hauling. Perhaps it’s the camera playing tricks on me. Nice variety off equipment usage today 👍
tjousk 26 kun oldin
Don Melius
Don Melius 26 kun oldin
That little fiat grader does a good job servers you well.
Korey Williams
Korey Williams 26 kun oldin
Thats cool looking
spark1up204 26 kun oldin
So when do we get to meet the new Timmy?
jerry4603 26 kun oldin
As always, I enjoy the videos! You have a very good maintenance program on your equipment so you're probably aware, but I noticed on the blade shot of the grader from under the grader that it looks like the bearing on the sprocket of the rotator motor may be going bad. Looks like the gear torques on an angle when you rotate the blade.
Max Macdonald
Max Macdonald 26 kun oldin
Looks like he has a new partner in crime but he shell remained unnamed?
Blazer02LS 26 kun oldin
Do they run pup trailers down there? Don' think I've seen one on here. They were the rage for a while, haul a double load with one driver, but the driver needed to know how to back a trailer...
Blazer02LS 26 kun oldin
@letsdig18LOL Understand that...
letsdig18 26 kun oldin
No, they can't hardly drive a regular truck here let alone back a trailer too
Sandra Opines
Sandra Opines 26 kun oldin
FF to Grader work, which I am sure I could NEVER do. OMG your hands are never still, constantly adjusting. How the heck do you know to keep it moving and why. Seems impossible to learn that skill.
Boss Man
Boss Man 26 kun oldin
Nice to see you bring all the toys to the sand pit
Max G
Max G 26 kun oldin
Its not perfect but its knocked down. I always say keep it slightly above average and you'll be fine
august 26 kun oldin
Chris, do you ever ask the dump drivers to pack the base ? Thanks.
august 26 kun oldin
@letsdig18, Ha, I hear ya ! Thank you.
letsdig18 26 kun oldin
Its hard enough to get them to dump where I want
Lou Pecci
Lou Pecci 26 kun oldin
The way your hands dance over the graders controls reminds me of Apollo 11 lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin’s hands guiding the Eagle in over the Sea of Tranquility. The grader looks like one complex machine to operate.
ramtuff2007 26 kun oldin
good video
Mephiston 26 kun oldin
It's kind of mesmerising how the dirt coming off the blade of the grader is in one smooth lump, then it breaks up like a wave breaking at its peak.
Linda Joyce
Linda Joyce 26 kun oldin
Interesting to watching the grader at work lot of constant manipulation of the throttles, thanks
Marty Mclamb
Marty Mclamb 26 kun oldin
M M 26 kun oldin
Hey Chris, have you ever considered digital control for your grader?
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown 26 kun oldin
Nice job on the building pads Chris you have the equipment to do the job🚜🚧
Dean Harris
Dean Harris 26 kun oldin
Sounds like you have some hyd. pump cavitation on the grader Chris. Might want to check some hyd filters
Clément CLARISSE Clem en 3D
I was expecting that the mixer truck come pourring today. MAKE CONCRETE SPREAD AGAIN !!!
Ken S.
Ken S. 26 kun oldin
Resourceful to use the Rock previously used as New Base replacing removed dirt. Looks Good!👍
Craig Wavra
Craig Wavra 26 kun oldin
Love when we can see most of the equipment on the job. Enjoyed the video.
Fred J
Fred J 26 kun oldin
Hey look, Tim is back. Nope, not him.
Morgan Lanigan
Morgan Lanigan 26 kun oldin
Geotextile fabric, or geo grid; it’s like rebar for dirt
Robert Carden
Robert Carden 26 kun oldin
Well im confused pretty bad where's the skid steer. And all this time I thought that was your Volvo and your mini and your skid steer but nope your a hired hand im guessing uncle owns your house and your trucks also. Damn oh well my bad I just thought you owned everything
Robert Carden
Robert Carden 26 kun oldin
@Blazer02LS I know he's really good at what he does, he's definitely to good to be a employee . My reply was some sort of being smart I was truly disappointed so thankyou for the clarification Chris is still the man
Blazer02LS 26 kun oldin
Chris has his equipment for jobs he takes on outside the company. Then he also runs the equipment with his uncles company. Then there are some times where Chris has "rented" his uncles equipment to do his jobs as well. All seems to work out well but Chris doesn't get much down time.
pat36a 26 kun oldin
To bad the trucks didn't haul in stone , then haul our dirt......
John Glowka
John Glowka 26 kun oldin
Hi I woch your videos everyday tell the team I said hi and I woch thor videos everyday I love you guys I love the video
Vaughn Hostovich
Vaughn Hostovich 26 kun oldin
How many clones of you were working that day?
iPANZERSCHRECKu 26 kun oldin
Busy as the spinning plates circus act.
Walter Mattson
Walter Mattson 26 kun oldin
Why is it so fun to watch the rock come off the grader blade?
Lefty's Garden
Lefty's Garden 26 kun oldin
I always enjoy grader footage and watching you work the controls was pretty cool!
I Paddle My Own Canoe.
ЯIR 26 kun oldin
Good job on the levelling and grading brother, you made short work of that in two days👍👍
Justin Larrabee
Justin Larrabee 26 kun oldin
Trying to watch his hands adjust the grader blads and watch the actual blade adjustments at the same time is like trying to wipe your ass and not have your finger poke through in the process ...(the struggles are real)
david ife
david ife 26 kun oldin
2xKTfc, A very primitive way of wiping ones arse, I personally use a bum spray and soap gel, more hygienic and a better feel, off to eat my lunch now.
2xKTfc 26 kun oldin
@Daniel Vincent No matter if it's single ply or half a ply... can always double-or quad-fold it. There is some very shitty paper out there.
Daniel Vincent
Daniel Vincent 26 kun oldin
Man you need some better toilet paper...
TrackGeeks 26 kun oldin
You got to play with all the cool stuff on this job!
David D
David D 26 kun oldin
Blade cam on the grader, love that view.
TRAPY BRUNO 26 kun oldin
hello thank you for your video, working time for you is a moment of relaxation 🙋‍♂️
Katsch S
Katsch S 26 kun oldin
Question...why don’t the trucks delivering the gravel spread it out like they do on the driveways?
Rich Wielechowski
Rich Wielechowski 26 kun oldin
Getting close to half a million subscribers!
Ken Griffin
Ken Griffin 26 kun oldin
how many tons can one of those 6 axle dump truck haul ?
Keith Dunlap
Keith Dunlap 26 kun oldin
Yeah, just push the right button , and it will pop up on the screen !! lololol...As it should be Man !! know your machine... love it !! You was hopping around there today Chris, from machine to machine !! When you gonna hire someone and train them on all the machines ?? Hell, probably never , when you can just do it yourself !! lololool... About got it knocked out it looked like, Have a Great Weekend Chris !! On too the Next....
Adrian Carter
Adrian Carter 26 kun oldin
Great footage from the grader Chris , precision grading.
josian rodriguez
josian rodriguez 26 kun oldin
Tampa Boys Customs
Tampa Boys Customs 26 kun oldin
Heck ya buddy you do awesome work
John Clifton
John Clifton 26 kun oldin
Who is your helper that's running the skid steer
Assassinlexx 26 kun oldin
Chris, what ever the blade you are using. Always the same effect. That grader may not be the newest version. But the finish speaks for itself. What's the name of the feller helping you? He must have some skill if you keep using him.
Gisela 26 kun oldin
Awesome 🚜😎👍
Roger Hacker
Roger Hacker 26 kun oldin
Ken Lee
Ken Lee 26 kun oldin
9:03 A sideways dozer ... huh... Hello, Volvo?
Keith Phaneuf
Keith Phaneuf 26 kun oldin
Soon to watch the fun Swale install in between the building locations shall be fun. More quick professional work that pays mighty fine I bet.
Keith Phaneuf
Keith Phaneuf 26 kun oldin
Oh and drainage pipe runs. $$$$$$
Brazuca Operando máquinas na América
Another great video
Man of Fire
Man of Fire 27 kun oldin
Have we been introduced to the new help?
Kevin Sedlak
Kevin Sedlak 27 kun oldin
Truck drivers always wait for each other and the complain they have to wait to be loaded or unloaded.
august 26 kun oldin
Truck drivers are awesome and smart !
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas 27 kun oldin
Georgia grid I think
My Synth Dungeon
My Synth Dungeon 27 kun oldin
Having me Pint ,,Enjoying ,,tight, clean!! Cheers!;-)!
Ken Lee
Ken Lee 27 kun oldin
Re: Truck Pacing; A small Bar-B-Q at the entrance, a supply of London broils, chairs, table. on a flatbed. Pacing achieved.
Karl Heyns
Karl Heyns 27 kun oldin
Chris you and John serve as a great example of productivity being perfectly capable of handling every piece of equipment and doing more. Here in South Africa you will not find an operator willing to do anything else other than operate his one machine. Someone else has to hold the stick, someone else has to measure, take the spade, mix the cement ext ext. Most of the time here you have people just hanging around the operator. Thought id share that with you :-)
Mike Znel
Mike Znel 27 kun oldin
Thats how the union operators are in USA. They only operate their machine and that's it. No getting out to help labor, no swapping machines. They have their machine and thats it. Not that they can't run other machines, most of them can, its just a union thing.
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