Reconstructing The Pond Dam 

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8-Apr, 2021



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Jim Culbertson
Jim Culbertson Kun oldin
I love watching you work the machine: a man who can walk, talk, chew gum, rub your belly and pat your head all at the same time. My guess is if you ever decided to learn how to fly a helicopter, you could solo in two weeks.
stefenos thepom
stefenos thepom 4 kun oldin
I have been running a d5xl with a pat blade ,man I can do anything ,great bit of gear.
Cheryl Merritt
Cheryl Merritt 17 kun oldin
Who do you have working with you. Him tells me nothing. You two work well together.
PEUTIMANG TV 26 kun oldin
So good video
PEUTIMANG TV 26 kun oldin
OnlyTheEd 26 kun oldin
Have you ever honked at the truck driver to move on............and forgot that YOU were the truck driver?
Sandra Finney
Sandra Finney 28 kun oldin
You back up those machines so awesome!! I don't know how you do it. I've been mesmerized watching a couple videos about this here, the other dam you did nicely then it had like 11 inches of rain and you had to redo it. Also watched you demo that old cement/wood bldg by the cemetery during my marathon for the past few hours. I still haven't gone to sleep! I really enjoy all your videos I've watched and thankful you have many more!! You have taken the time to provide us entertainment as well as document your work and teach others who might be interested in pursuing a career in your field. You are a master. I get dizzy just watching sometimes. Not a height fan for sure. Awesome video!!
Mark A
Mark A 29 kun oldin
Genuinely curious as to how much this type of work costs?...is it a per day cost or project work? I’m in Australia, so not looking for a quote (unless you want to travel..😏)...but it seems that the US has plenty of need for this type of earth works... great video, awesome work...and if I ever needed a pond / pond dam built in Sydney I’d give you a shout!
A Wilson
A Wilson 29 kun oldin
32:44 Be careful just how much ash you stir up or you might just panic a Karen into calling 911 thinking you're about to burn down the neighbourhood... 😁😂🤣
A Wilson
A Wilson 29 kun oldin
You should have labeled that pipe you dug up then reburied GNDN* in case you're not the person that has to dig it back up and deal with it later on... * Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing... 😁😂🤣
Jim's videos
Jim's videos Oy oldin
Pretty sure if I tried this I'd have one piece of equipment buried up to the roof, one on its side in two feet of water and the third on fire; the only question being which is which.
James Lathrop
James Lathrop Oy oldin
I’d like you to show us how your pond siphon works or how you make it work
Mr Waffles
Mr Waffles Oy oldin
Need a water cannon on that thing.
Mike West
Mike West Oy oldin
What becomes of that huge hole he pulled the grading material (clay) from?
Grumpy G
Grumpy G Oy oldin
That was almost as go as watching the Padres beat the Rangers.
Circle S Scrapper
themadGingy Oy oldin
Do you leave your machines running when loading yourself?
Circle S Scrapper
scalp 68
scalp 68 Oy oldin
Good job....
Don Braden
Don Braden Oy oldin
Looking good 😎👍👍
WMH435 Oy oldin
wait is this the pond he cleaned all the tree out of some months ago?
Maine Man
Maine Man Oy oldin
This could have been broken up into two video's.
James Diehl
James Diehl Oy oldin
Ever dig up some dinosaur bones on a job?
Anna Fraley
Anna Fraley Oy oldin
W O W ... That is some mighty fine work...!! Your friend is a Good Operator too ✅👍 I must of missed it, What happened to Timmy.?? 🤷🏻‍♂️
Randall Caldwell
Just curious. If the pond is only four feet deep, why not dig it down another two feet?
Richard Schipper
send him $50,000 or so and he'll get right on it
Helen Helps
Helen Helps Oy oldin
DevilDoc 8404
DevilDoc 8404 Oy oldin
@letsdig18 I need about 1 1/2 to 2 yards of that nice red clay. I am coming to the Charlotte area in about three weeks. Is it possible I could buy some from you?
DevilDoc 8404
DevilDoc 8404 Oy oldin
@letsdig18 I’m coming to the Charlotte area in a few weeks. I need about a yard and a half to 2 yards of that nice red clay can I buy it from you?
Ken Rushing
Ken Rushing Oy oldin
That pond is now 18 feet deep to fill in the "borrow pit". Haha
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed! Nice job on the dam! Looks a lot better with the maintainable slope!
Kyle Greer
Kyle Greer Oy oldin
So was there a leak, or was there a drain to the lower pound to keep it full even if top pound goes dry.
Aqua Peet
Aqua Peet Oy oldin
Back by popular demand: Two Fifty & The Dump Truck with their greatest hit Movin' Dirt Doesn't Hurt
Cliff Ferguson
This question is for the Doctor of Dirt. What is the difference between Finnish grading and Danish grading?
Austin Brown
Austin Brown Oy oldin
Bro! You aren’t a Home Free fan are ya? 😆🙋‍♂️ Flash flood washed out my spillway and it’s been tough trying to get anyone willing to help me with it. 2 weeks of hand offs or unreturned phone calls. Been watching your stuff for years!
Rel1369 Oy oldin
I've been a Home Free fan for a few years, you guys are so good. Living in Australia means it's a bit difficult to catch you live though(of course other things are an issue now). Also been watching Chris's antics with mud for about 4yrs. As you know you can't find many with as much experience or passion for the dirt like Chris.
A-Aron jr 89
A-Aron jr 89 Oy oldin
How long have you been running excavators? Your control is great! Love the channel
William D
William D Oy oldin
Always amazed 18 the improviseing that goes into your work.Borrow pits for dirt and used to bury the crap you don't need.mighty smart!
Marc Wohlmayer
Awesome Video Chris.its good To be Working in dry conditions Sa you said .I dont like the Wet weather conditions Here either.the pond Transformation looks great.is that gonna be reseeded or strawed in later? Nice area To have a pond like that . 😀👍
Val Earl
Val Earl Oy oldin
All those ponds.. There must be billions of mosquitoes.
Val Earl
Val Earl Oy oldin
@Richard Schipper you need to tell that to the bugs here. True they don't like deep water. But they love ponds where it's shallow.
Richard Schipper
mosquito's don't breed in ponds, it's shallow pools and ditches
Mathias Rognskog
you should make a video on all your equipment!
Paul Rivette
Paul Rivette Oy oldin
It’s great to see you all shifting dry dirt.
louis roman
louis roman Oy oldin
Love the view from the old machine better,great job, thanks for sharing again.
adrian cartlidge
Great video Chris. Pond looks great, a job well done.
Clyde Acor
Clyde Acor Oy oldin
Looks great, good enough to seed and straw if you wanted to.
Michael day
Michael day Oy oldin
Thanks for the ride along on the dozer, hope I was helpful. I never spilled a drop of coffe
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey Oy oldin
Great video Chris 🇺🇲 I really enjoy watching you and how you get things done and well 🇺🇲
Michael Adams
Michael Adams Oy oldin
Your ability to make sense of very wet land is impressive..
Al Ena
Al Ena Oy oldin
Some questions of understanding from Munich, Bavaria: 1. Why are there so many ponds in NC? 2. Are these privately owned or state owned? Thanks for your great videos. Good work.
Making it Happen
Your helper today seems to know what he is doing.
Making it Happen
An interesting fact is that the dump truck in this design was invented by Bolinder Munktell, 1966. The first model was called "BM Grus Kalle" "Grus Kalle" was a new technical concept for its time. Above all, it was used for transports of, among other things, shaft masses, gravel, concrete, etc. in difficult terrain. Large wheels, frame steering, all-wheel drive and differential locks together provided excellent conditions for good off-road accessibility. Among other things, you could use so-called anchorage in very sunken ground. This means that you alternately turn right and left and make the machine move like an eel. History DR 631 is the world's first all - wheel drive articulated dumper. It was manufactured in collaboration with Bolinder-Munktell and LIVAB in Braås. This dumper has a production number in 2014 and was manufactured in 1966. DR 631 was manufactured during the years 1966-1969. It was dethroned by the successor DR 860 which began series production in 1967.
Making it Happen
The ash dusts so much that it looks like it is still glowing.
Woodcutter 62
Woodcutter 62 Oy oldin
What size bucket do you use? Camera don’t do it justice.was thinking it must be at least 4’.
Reg Sparkes
Reg Sparkes Oy oldin
Is it just my hearing or is this 'older' 'dozer sounding more smooth / powerful than the new one? Man, I'd love to spend a day or three 'dozing that material,..it looks so good to place there!
timmy frierson
Another damn good video Chris I was wondering when y’all were gonna be able to get back to that job but I didn’t know it had been a month since y’all had been there but it’s dry now and you sure are making it look good but anyway brother you and John in yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming
Brad Stubbings
Love that dump truck , been watching the build of the one for Dirt Perfect. Love your videos.
Joe Harry
Joe Harry Oy oldin
Man she is looking great!!
tjousk Oy oldin
John Darin
John Darin Oy oldin
Amazing job chris and you haven't even finished it yet.
Uppsalahazze Markstedt
Here you also can see the problem with trying to finally extinguish into ground after forest fires. Call Chris next time!
Making it Happen
@Uppsalahazze Markstedt Jeupp.
Uppsalahazze Markstedt
@Making it Happen Most your rocks was probably grinded by the Inland Ice cover to pure blue clay and ended in my region further down south! Haha! Also nice to make ceramic and bricks, but not to plow!
Making it Happen
@Uppsalahazze Markstedt There is only clay in very few places, but it is clay that can be shaped into sculptures and burned. The most common are moraine, rocks and sandy soil. The ones that grow best are pines and birches. I have admittedly been able to grow some potatoes, but that sandy soil is mixed with horse manure.
Uppsalahazze Markstedt
@Making it Happen How is clay looking around your place far north?
Making it Happen
Making it Happen
Does anyone know if Tim has his own channel?
Making it Happen
Good morning sir. It's nice to see the dump truck. I like them, because I have run such quite a lot.
RK Harm24
RK Harm24 Oy oldin
Where is John? Vacation? Sitting at his desk and boots propped up?
Robin Froud
Robin Froud Oy oldin
How does 55 minutes feels like it passes in 10 ???? Cheers Chris
LEO M Oy oldin
The young tablecloth simplistically employ because mustard collaterally rock absent a bite-sized record. tricky, responsible edger
Robert Cable
Robert Cable Oy oldin
How many weeks has it been since the burn pit? It sure looks like there is still some heat in that hole with the steam from the water.
Er Ic
Er Ic Oy oldin
I'd rather go to this amusement park than Disney land. Ever drove a 60 ton tank at 30 mph, Chris? Yeah itz fun too. 😉 BTW...Excellent on the grade job!
kasnhasn Oy oldin
That looks like a beautiful place to live
Jay Furney
Jay Furney Oy oldin
You sure make a good looking, strong looking dam Excellent job
Spök Raket
Spök Raket Oy oldin
Hmmm, doesn’t water and ash create a kind of waterproof material? Could one use that to “dress” a pond dam? It probably needs to harden in the sun first... or maybe I remember incorrectly from watching primitive technology...
Mark Alexander
Can someone help me understand why Chris doesm't turn around at the end of a run and grade in the opposite direction rather than reversing all the way to start again?
Who was running the excavator at the very end of the video?
Mark Pashia
Mark Pashia Oy oldin
Boy oh boy, when you do a remodel you do all kinds of cool upgrades. Proper slope, proper overflow, debris gone underground or burned. This is looking like a whole new dam. Of course that takes a customer that is willing to pay for it done right instead of functional on the cheap. Well done Chris. PS Next you get to play in the mud!!!
Bonnie Barhorst
Looks beautiful!!!
I sure like the sound of that A30D.
Mark Alexander
Chris, thank you for letting me share in the work you do. I am grateful for letting me see a bit of your country that I will never visit; though you dont reply to comments and I stronly suspect you dont read them either, I wanted to express gratefulness, even if it is in an echo chamber.
Trevor Petersen
Poured that water right on your ash hole. :0
imystery man
imystery man Oy oldin
To run that fast with a dozer, you really have to be on top of it. It is very easy to make a mess when you do not know what you are doing.
Well when you have a bucket the size of a dumpster you can move alot dirt real fast. Mine is just a baby bucket compared to yours.
2Moza Oy oldin
Dry Dirt and as Happy as a Pig in Chit :) lol Stay Safe All :)
Buck Oy oldin
I have run farm tractors with all sorts of implements and grain combines starting when I was about 12 years old on the farm. I'm now 59. I bought my first dozer about a year ago. An old John Deere 450G. Obviously I'm just learning how to dig trees and push dirt. But even so, I think I know enough already to say there is a definite talent involved here. A lot of it comes from experience it seems, but I think some from born talent too. I don't think everyone can be successful running heavy equipment. After watching a lot of your videos its clear you are a pro at this. Its hard to see from a video clearly what you see on the site. But I have learned so much from your videos. I thank you. And I hope to see many more.
Keith Baber
Keith Baber Oy oldin
Thats a pit!
Arthur Dickinson
The breeze tends to swirl behind obstructions... i.e. excavators, dump trucks, etc. You wind up becoming the chimney... 🤣🤣🤣
Stephen Gile
Stephen Gile Oy oldin
When you said that the ash pile was so dry it wouldn't absorb the water, it got me to remember what a problem it was after the Hayman Fire here in Colorado back in 2002. This will explain it better than I can..... Hydrophobic soil - soil that is hydrophobic - causes water to collect on the soil surface rather than infiltrate into the ground. Wild fires generally cause soils to be hydrophobic temporarily, which increases water repellency, surface runoff and erosion in post-burn sites. Soil dispersion due to sodification causes similar problems. You could take a bottle of water, pour it out on the soil and it would run off without getting the soil wet in any way.
John Apel
John Apel Oy oldin
Nice! That is good looking dirt. Thanks, and Woof to Winston.
Brian Patrick
Brian Patrick Oy oldin
CHRIS whats the status of the pond dig at the horse farm that was too wet to dig, the one the haul truck kept getting buried in?
JohnnathanAB Oy oldin
Yes, it is good to have nice weather again in the whole country. It was crazy for quite a while.
KO Oy oldin
Damn, forgot the company owned a Volvo haul truck
Looks almost perfect 👌
diggerop Oy oldin
That original dam did look mighty narrow for the size of the pond. 3 feet or more ➡ for every 1 foot ⬆, as a rule of thumb, is what I was told years ago, for slope. Never had that confirmed or denied by anyone that build ponds on a regular basis, though. I've seen a few that really were too steep. Impossible to repair a wash properly, trying to walk the loose stuff in would have been like trying to go down a cliff. Especially with a flat shoe trackloader.
chase bodiford
great job buddy and great video as always 😎👊🏻👍🏻
Larry Dickinson
Where is Timmy miss him helping you?
Norm Howes
Norm Howes Oy oldin
What a difference a bunch of work an do.
Jake Moeller
Jake Moeller Oy oldin
Reconstructing the pond dam is way better than reconstructing the dam pond. Great work! 👍
TheBurnsStuff Oy oldin
There are friends that you trust to watch your house while you're on vacation. There are friends that you trust to drive your truck. There are friends that you trust with deep secrets. Then, you have friends you trust in the seat of your dirt moving equipment.
Dov Rizzo
Dov Rizzo Oy oldin
With all respect, is there any chance we could get a video that is not filmed in “Standard” or “Activity” mode on the GoPro? Maybe try “Cinematic” mode which will smooth out the fish-eye effect? I hate complaining because your videos are amazing, I’ve just been watching for about a year now and I’m starting to get more interested in how you make grade. It’s hard to see with the curvature of the lens on the GoPro. In either case keep up the excellent work!
Johnny B
Johnny B Oy oldin
I understand that you need to do practical. It still pains me to see the topsoil buried into a borrow pit.
Keith Carter
Keith Carter Oy oldin
How many yards in a full bucket on the Volvo Trackhoe?
Kirk Rogers
Kirk Rogers Oy oldin
Hey Chris, I’m glad you have some help today! I know you’re Superman but sometimes you need to get some help! GOOD JOB GUYS! 👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻I hope Winston is doing ok Chris, I know you stay so busy and probably see after dark every day! Everything you do always makes since! I enjoy every video! Still dealing with the two hurricanes down here, l can’t wait to make my order for some shirts and at least one hoodie buddy! Hopefully by the summer, things are moving so slow here! Y’all stay safe! 🙋🏼
David Smith
David Smith Oy oldin
Pond dam looks great. Excellent dozer work.
Jack Higgins
Jack Higgins Oy oldin
An artist with a diesel powered brush!
drkllr Oy oldin
@letsdig18 It seems on the video that this dozer pushes better than the new one. Is that just the video or is it actually stronger
drkllr Oy oldin
@Larry Keenan same with ag tractors if i had 115hp and still need it i now have to have 125hp so that i have 115 during regen. its total bull crap. but i really would love to hear from chris his thoughts since he drives both it may not be as noticeable from the drivers seat
Larry Keenan
Larry Keenan Oy oldin
The older dozer probably has less government-mandated pollution crap on the engine than the new dozer. That probably makes the difference.
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