Pond Is Done, Lets Clear More 

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20-Apr, 2021



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Sean Crawford
Sean Crawford Kun oldin
Can't stop staring at those 3 rotten logs.
Misty47 3 kun oldin
My word but I can't get over the power in the "arms and jaws" of that machine. Not to mention the finesse in which you operate it. Blessings.
Greg Brechelt
Greg Brechelt 7 kun oldin
Operator too operator hats off! Precise, clean and excellent management and execution of the job.
Nana Woolon
Nana Woolon 8 kun oldin
New here, can I ask what your goal is with this pond?
michael Reischman
michael Reischman 9 kun oldin
Chris Have you ever kept track of how many ponds you have done in your Career/ That would be an interesting fact to know.
James Diehl
James Diehl 9 kun oldin
Pushing all those trees around is when it would be nice to have one of those big Volvo loaders with a grapple on it.
James Diehl
James Diehl 9 kun oldin
Around here in KS we don't get a lot of trees around a pond. Mostly weeping trees, but smaller trees either breach dams or they get full of vines and die.
James Diehl
James Diehl 9 kun oldin
Muckety, muckety, muckety!
John Horwath
John Horwath 12 kun oldin
your 220 is a beast!
Helen Cline
Helen Cline 12 kun oldin
That’s one way to cut a tree down,much safer!amazing how fast you can do things faster if you got the right equipment sure speeds things up...
James Breault
James Breault 13 kun oldin
It seems your dozer is a bit small maybe a D6 would work better
Lakeside adventures at the Folly we bought
more epic clearance taking place! i need a machine as good as this! #Oneday
SGfan5000 16 kun oldin
Love your content as usual sir... but watching this with wife tonight she said @ 26:20 "The sky is falling" hehe,, made me havta go pee
Tim C
Tim C 16 kun oldin
The bucket hydraulics haven't always sounded like that have they? Seem extra loud lately.
Dillon Goodwin
Dillon Goodwin 17 kun oldin
Me watch you job done work hard
dave groves
dave groves 19 kun oldin
I find it strangely relaxing watching you work my friend many thanks
RichOren 19 kun oldin
It is like the bucket was his own hand. Mad Skills.
Martin Björses
Martin Björses 19 kun oldin
Suggestion: Make 2-3 tutorials, since you are a real Wizard: "Basic: How to dig with a Volvo excavator" How to use the joysticks etc. Then a second, third with advanced, grappling and grading with complex angles and difficult tree clearing, how to get unstuck in terrain, hurdles etc. All your joystick moves are so intuitive like a virtuoso musician, but for us "Wannabe Diggers" it is "rocket science".
funkygas 20 kun oldin
Great job - it’s hard to picture it as the same place
Pat Davies
Pat Davies 20 kun oldin
He should be that good if he calls himself a professional
Pat Davies
Pat Davies 20 kun oldin
I like the Chuck bucket and the double hing thumb
Good Citizen
Good Citizen 20 kun oldin
Dang that is a lot of work. Awesome video!
Pat Davies
Pat Davies 20 kun oldin
About time you got that thing dirty
Crawford Potter
Crawford Potter 20 kun oldin
Excellent But please not so many trees going to waste.
ClearSkyTexas 21 kun oldin
I watch most of your videos but don't comment much but this one was something else. I can't believe the muck and swamp you started with and how much you improved that pond. Truly remarkable work.
Terry Clement
Terry Clement 21 kun oldin
The dozer is good, but it don’t come close to the 220 taking down trees :) nice work as always Chris!
Jason Labonte
Jason Labonte 21 kun oldin
That dozer sounds like a Briggs & Stratton when the camera is recording outside . 😂
Miguel Chavez
Miguel Chavez 21 kun oldin
Why Kill so many trees ???
Deano - Bam - Beano
Deano - Bam - Beano 21 kun oldin
Great video. You have already improved that property a lot. Thanks for sharing.
Alan Mick
Alan Mick 21 kun oldin
the chickens wont lay eggs for a month
Dudley Deplorable
Dudley Deplorable 21 kun oldin
I have three ponds on my mountain. I'm told they're natural and spring fed. I don't know how to verify.
ramtuff2007 21 kun oldin
dirty volvo
Steve Martinez
Steve Martinez 21 kun oldin
I've said it before and I'll say it again. If I could get away from my "desk job" and do this all day I would do it in a heartbeat. I only get to do this on the weekends on my property (at a much smaller scale).
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 22 kun oldin
It’s so Great to watch you work, what an awe job with the pond and clearing!
Chris Mate
Chris Mate 22 kun oldin
I am addicted to your work and way of work. That Volvo excavator is impressive. I never thought it would be so pleasurable to watch earth moved and that thing handles a tree.
pogump 22 kun oldin
You scare the living daylight out of the chickens......
TheSuperGreenDude 22 kun oldin
I think about chain sawing a half decent sized tree down and the shovel and pick work to get the stump out compared to the 220 finishing up including stacking for burning in under 60 seconds. Well, all I can say is I am in awe.
Damien Probé
Damien Probé 22 kun oldin
Love watching your channel Chris, I just wish sometimes you had one of those portable field recorders with lavalier microphone so we can hear the commentary better while you're in your excavator, although, the content is great, I just think that would make it even better and you could sync up the audio with the video feed on any of the cameras when you're editing. Have a good one and can't wait to see the finished product.
Henry Disbrowe
Henry Disbrowe 22 kun oldin
What kind of vines are they
J. D.
J. D. 22 kun oldin
*I love the sound of crunching wood in the morning.*
Mr General
Mr General 22 kun oldin
The real optimus machine..
Jim Shoe
Jim Shoe 22 kun oldin
It's funny watching the chickens, every time you tip over a tree, they run into the coop. After a minute and the tree is on the ground, they come back out
Michael Saint
Michael Saint 22 kun oldin
Craig Green
Craig Green 22 kun oldin
Snap - Crackle - Crunch ! 🙂
Elite Earthworks LLC
I’d definitely say good progress 👍🏻
Roger Webb
Roger Webb 22 kun oldin
So I have been running a 145 rock hammer for 3 days down digging a basement. Listening to you work lol I'm so bored!!!
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey 22 kun oldin
Another great video Chris 🇺🇲
MaduKita CHANNEL 22 kun oldin
fantastik my friend good sharing wow.. 🙏🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🙏🙋‍♂️🤝👍👌
thomas leonard
thomas leonard 22 kun oldin
Good morning Lord Muck! A.K.A brisk Guins!
Ben Maybach
Ben Maybach 22 kun oldin
Imagine calling a tree trimmer and he shows up with a 220! Sure beats running a chain saw all day.
Allan Skogsholm
Allan Skogsholm 22 kun oldin
AC takes the cake on muddy equipment 😂😂
Joshua Pretorius
Joshua Pretorius 22 kun oldin
I think cris build the field in the movie "field of dreams" :-?
Carl Van Eck
Carl Van Eck 22 kun oldin
Great job again.
Thorsten Wolters
Thorsten Wolters 22 kun oldin
Now that the pond is Looping great may the owner clean the rest of the property....
Jan Koprowski
Jan Koprowski 22 kun oldin
If the pyromaniacs are busy watching you, they're not reeking havoc elsewhere. Social engineering at its finest.
roodood 22 kun oldin
From watching this channel I get the feeling that Chris must be responsible for about 90% of deforestation in the US xD
Nick W
Nick W 22 kun oldin
Crazy how the 220 just snaps those trees like someone biting into a Cheeto puff
Stein 22 kun oldin
well ist nise ther
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 22 kun oldin
I look forward to seeing the finished result, when everything is green.
Patrick H
Patrick H 22 kun oldin
Pond looks good, should be heaven for wildlife in the future. But I don't understand why all the trees on the edges have to go.
Ordinary Miracles
Ordinary Miracles 22 kun oldin
That a very nice Cat but you need more horses if you want to seriously clear land with her.
michael mullins
michael mullins 22 kun oldin
That's a mighty big paint brush you use to repaint the landscape. Controlled destruction I call it.
Donald Trabeaux
Donald Trabeaux 22 kun oldin
Looking awesome Chris
Steven Peters
Steven Peters 22 kun oldin
Chris, I ask why the owner wants to be cut the whole tree what reason?
joe goecke
joe goecke 22 kun oldin
I wonder if you could put a dozer blade on loader arms, with a quick disconnect. Seems a shame to me to have a beautiful crawler like that can't ever dig or load trucks.
Kevin Kenyon
Kevin Kenyon 22 kun oldin
Chris great video.
StudSupreme 22 kun oldin
You're scaring the hell outta those chickens....be careful: chickens move in groups, and they can be vengeful....... ;-)
Bradley Henderson
Bradley Henderson 22 kun oldin
That fancy thumb he's running on his 220 is like night and day when cleaning up stray branches. Oh and the mud comment makes me smile, because I don't consider it bad until there's mud on the top of the cab!
CRK Productions
CRK Productions 22 kun oldin
At the very beginning of this project, I couldn’t even imagine how this would turn out. Your artistic contribution is being able to see the outcomes when all the rest of us see is trees and mud. I am often amazed at how a project looks when you have finished compared to where it began. I remain in awe of your skills.
Randy Travis
Randy Travis 22 kun oldin
doing such a good job there tax's may double was a swamp now it is almost a golf course great work Chris
David Kettell
David Kettell 22 kun oldin
well done Chris .now they have more space to fill up will scrap metal. what an eyesore that place is?
tom salisbury
tom salisbury 22 kun oldin
I worked for a couple of people who I thought were the best operators then I found LETSDIG18 blew them out of the water.
Travis Null
Travis Null 22 kun oldin
8:32 You just robbed the turtles!
Bob Ferranti
Bob Ferranti 22 kun oldin
Chris, even with the crunching of wood, it is still calming and relaxing to watch you work. Watching a profession is always awesome.
leo l
leo l 22 kun oldin
Love the video ,and your exc. is a big play machine for you .
Steve Bellock
Steve Bellock 22 kun oldin
There is something cathartic in watching you rip trees out of the ground.
Scruffy 61
Scruffy 61 22 kun oldin
Rockee Rockey
Rockee Rockey 22 kun oldin
Chris, you've got the chickens on the run, in a panic! 😆
John Glowka
John Glowka 22 kun oldin
Hi I woch your videos everyday tell the team I said hi and I woch thor videos everyday I love you guys I love the video
Helen Helps
Helen Helps 22 kun oldin
Jason Mckee
Jason Mckee 22 kun oldin
Chris I have to say, watching your videos is just like sitting in the cab. I really appreciate your videos. You don't act like you need to feel you are always making the right decisions like some do on UZblock. You just do your work and there it is if anyone wants to watch it. Great job! Keep em coming! I do excavation work also so I really appreciate the way you video. 🙋👍
Jason Mckee
Jason Mckee 22 kun oldin
I know. I enjoy all of your videos. Have watched for years.
letsdig18 22 kun oldin
I try to keep it real, can't make everyone happy but I'm not here to make people watch my stuff lol
Double Dog Dare
Double Dog Dare 22 kun oldin
I believe Chris could pick his teeth with that bucket...... man really knows how to operate that thing.
Mustafab Abdullah
Mustafab Abdullah 22 kun oldin
You did bring the pressure washer 😂 i hope
MARIA ANREI 22 kun oldin
This is the best location to build your fishpond. You can make a big pond in there.
Ken S.
Ken S. 22 kun oldin
That Yard Bird🐔over in the Chicken House looked Appetizing especially around the lunch hour.👍
jmca d
jmca d 22 kun oldin
Tires are actually toxic for fish as they release a lot of chemicals over time. They used them to rebuild reefs in Western Europe and after ten years had to pull all of them out
Ken S.
Ken S. 22 kun oldin
If you asked most people, Mud equates to making money which in turn is paying many bills. 😬👍
achum2sum 22 kun oldin
Chris never swears but I think 'break even' is kind of a swear word in the biz of clearing trees the way LetsDig18 says it
67 C10
67 C10 22 kun oldin
True!! Now,,,,, but in his first years,,,,,,, well he was not so mellow all the time. He has become very calm in his “old age”!!! Hahaha.
august 22 kun oldin
Hey, where's the guy who said that the wood needs to dry for 2yrs before Chris can burn it ?
letsdig18 22 kun oldin
I dont even let it wilt LOL
Bryan Lloyd
Bryan Lloyd 22 kun oldin
Nice job on the pond!!
LifeWith BillSiff
LifeWith BillSiff 22 kun oldin
Thumbs up! Great stuff
Bob Kohl
Bob Kohl 22 kun oldin
Finesse ala bulldozer and how to drop a tree without killed the chickens!
David Olson
David Olson 22 kun oldin
Boy that much just looks like dark concrete
Kirk Rogers
Kirk Rogers 22 kun oldin
Looks great Chris! 👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻
tbnist03 22 kun oldin
Man, if I didn't know there was a man in the driver's seat, I'd swear the excavator had a mind of its own! Such fluid operation!!
@michael Reischman He has a good touch for sure. I run equipment and still learn everyday is why i watch.
michael Reischman
michael Reischman 9 kun oldin
Experience, I've seen a lot of hoe operators and none are as good and efficient as you Chris. Well done Chris! it takes a special skill. You are as dedicated as Warren on Y-tube channel --Western Truck And Trailer --give him a look. great people.
Ricky Baker
Ricky Baker 22 kun oldin
What is the purpose for all of this clearing ? Build site or trailer site ?
Blazer02LS 22 kun oldin
They just don't want all the trees and brush around the place.
James Farnham
James Farnham 22 kun oldin
Chickens will be laying scrambled eggs for sure! Lol
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 22 kun oldin
I'm surprised that you don't have a fan to put on the fire.
Terry Bible
Terry Bible 22 kun oldin
The chickens won't be laying eggs for a couple of weeks
Danny Mautz
Danny Mautz 22 kun oldin
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