One Sloppy Wet Pond Build! 

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18-Apr, 2021



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Nanny Boyett
Nanny Boyett 5 kun oldin
That sloppy wet mud has to stink!
Phil Bohrman
Phil Bohrman 6 kun oldin
Some of the mud that came through your open side door splashed on my cell phone.
Richard 8 kun oldin
The guy can absolutely see the pond in his mind already, and every scoop full of dirt is put exactly where it needs to go.
JC Mathis III
JC Mathis III 5 kun oldin
Well......yeah !!!!
MrFerret 12 kun oldin
Why Volvo?
CaptFuzzy 18 kun oldin
God bless you @ 22:20
William McNett
William McNett 19 kun oldin
I have a swampy hole to clean out. Going to try to scrape all that black topsoil off the top of the clay then sell that topsoil and spread it out on the field.
Larry Propes
Larry Propes 19 kun oldin
Always like watching your videos Chris. You are like an artist with a machine.
Dilligaf 21 kun oldin
Don't worry about the smoke , it preserves meat .
Skip 4Scrap
Skip 4Scrap 22 kun oldin
Not a wasted move
steve smith
steve smith 22 kun oldin
Good thing this was 2 days ago because today there is no burning
Michael Holloway
Michael Holloway 22 kun oldin
the view is GREAT with the door open; 7/8ths of the screen is a panorama of the job site. love it.
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson 22 kun oldin
Chris when you dig a pond for people does anyone request a deep hole in the middle ot to one side? I know where I'm at in Iowa/Minnesota area the ponds are irregular and have a deep hole dug for fish. Also many have some big bolders and or stumps standing up. Just curious as I watch you build these ponds.
Bob Grier
Bob Grier 22 kun oldin
Mud is way too dignified a name for the stuff Chris digs from these “ponds”. We need to call it what it really is: goo, glop, muck, sludge. When Chris is working his magic on one of these projects, I propose we assign him and the 220 alter egos/names. His new persona should be Muck Man, and the 220 should be called “The Sludge Hammer”! Who’s with me?
Roosters Lounge
Roosters Lounge 22 kun oldin
Hey John don’t you use well points out there?
Tony Wilson
Tony Wilson 22 kun oldin
‘Mud management skills’ never seen that in the curriculum lol
Raymond Starr
Raymond Starr 23 kun oldin
Next machine you will be buying is a nice drag liner lol
John Bourgeois
John Bourgeois 23 kun oldin
Mud Mud everywhere
watchthe1369 23 kun oldin
Even a temporary 4 foot ditch to drain and collect water won't work? As stuff dries out pile it up to make the dam?
Palinkat 23 kun oldin
Hey Honey, how was your day today. Well I played with mud all morning!
Stephen Mulvey
Stephen Mulvey 23 kun oldin
Perhaps it's my British sense of humour, but listening to Chris I can't help thinking about Monty Python Holy Grail... "Dennis, there's some lovely mud over here"
Richard York
Richard York 23 kun oldin
This makes me want to buy land near chris just for him to build me a pond.. lol
Jim Craig
Jim Craig 23 kun oldin
Maybe they need to pray that the wind dies down
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!
TRACY KLUTTZ 23 kun oldin
I just want to say you are the man at work and that Machine and improvising you do a great job and I love watching your stuff thank you keep it up.
Kenneth Crips
Kenneth Crips 23 kun oldin
One wonders if Chis started out playing with Tonka Toys.
Ludger Ey
Ludger Ey 23 kun oldin
I wonder if it's legal to burn stuff like that in Germany or the EU. I always get the creeps watching him burn.
Bill Bates
Bill Bates 23 kun oldin
Why do people want a 4to5 foot pond
Panger Docloss
Panger Docloss 24 kun oldin
Hi letsdig18! Much enjoyed yesterday's segment, as usual. But now it's Monday afternoon, and you haven't yet uploaded today's installment. Hurry up, now! I want! I want! I want! I need! I need! I need!
Willie Scott
Willie Scott 24 kun oldin
I watch all of his videos.. I just need him to put a project number on them so I can watch them in order..
Randy Travis
Randy Travis 24 kun oldin
Chris maybe you could get a glass cleaner company to sponsor your show ? just show how well the windows get clean after a pond dig ,, you might go threw a bottle a job lol .. maybe armor all and windex ? that job will look like a million dollars when your done
Murray Hall
Murray Hall 24 kun oldin
Do I get the feeling that your heart is not really in this project Chris or have I got that wrong????????? Despite your comments on how little you will be able to do with the site I am confident that you will work another of your "miracles" and present an acceptable pond scheme at the end of the day. As usual you get us all to keep watching just to see how you are going to achieve your goal. Stay well and safe my friend. Cheers from Scotland.
Mr. Avuncular
Mr. Avuncular 24 kun oldin
What a nice guy all around! No smoke to the houses! People do notice especially when it has to do with unwanted plumbious amounts of brush smoke coming inside. Scrape away the goo Chris! Thankyou for all that you share with us...
TED C 24 kun oldin
Blue gill need a shallow area to nest. To make food in the pond for bass and croppies and the dinner table. They are really good.
LordNycon 24 kun oldin
Hey, im from germany and was wondeeing what these ponds are for? Is it for fishing, view, swimming, reservoir, scenery? we dont have those artificially made.
Kevin Kenyon
Kevin Kenyon 24 kun oldin
Chris you sure make it look easy and fun. Thanks for sharing. Kevin
Brad Fount
Brad Fount 24 kun oldin
I'm sure I'm just showing my ignorance of heavy machinery but I've always wondered why old draglines wouldn't work good at turning a Swamp into a pond.
46Rambo 24 kun oldin
Lordy you folks in the cackalackies have some serious number of ponds, we have so many mosquitos we have to spray them to keep them from carrying off sheep and small dogs. And that's in the middle of a 10 year drought
in motion
in motion 24 kun oldin
Just let it dry out come back different date tell them you cant even tell if its mud clay .you dont think it will dry up in few months
John Pullman
John Pullman 24 kun oldin
How do you decide how deep to make the bottom of the pond? Is it decided before you start digging or is it based on soil conditions you find when you start?
TheSoloAsylum 24 kun oldin
I guess I have to say it....concrete pump.
charles dilmore
charles dilmore 24 kun oldin
lmao,, be sure to check for trespassers every morning... they will be stuck inna mud pits.
TheSoloAsylum 24 kun oldin
If it looks bad just remember...it's not solid rock.
Terry Clement
Terry Clement 24 kun oldin
Playing in the mud is always an interesting adventure! Like you said, once you start you need to finish. Nice work!
Sean Patrick Manipon
Can you buy cheapest wheel excavator
Opa Pearce
Opa Pearce 24 kun oldin
Yeah you're the mudexpert with all the mud you played in in over the years. You'd be lost here in central Texas, no mud to be found . Probably end up down by Houston, there is no bottom to the mud down there .
Knight 2000
Knight 2000 24 kun oldin
The slew sounds really whirring.. Like it's almost on a cable lol. Certainly sounds different to a cat. I think volvo took on akerman years ago and they were as strong as an ox. Anyone remember poclain..the 1000 was a nice machine. These volvos thou have got it going on. 👍🏻
Scrapman50 24 kun oldin
If you ever needed mats for a pond project, this would be it!
JC Mathis III
JC Mathis III 5 kun oldin
Nah.....they would get in the way of his mud management skills
Jim P.
Jim P. 24 kun oldin
would a timber mat helped move the mud?
drandisol 24 kun oldin
Most folks would have got their equipment stuck, and royally. But not Chris, nope just makes a nice little pond.
Андрей Евгеньевич
Покажите пожалуйста сам гидро прижим (захват) поближе, особенно центральный палец,, на котором и захват и ковш крепится
Elite Earthworks LLC
Nothing starts the day off like a fire 😁
Bill Williams
Bill Williams 24 kun oldin
Holy Christmas Chris, you gotta be an expert in 'mud management skills'. What surprises me is that you haven't lost your excavator yet'. Cheers and "mud on".
timmy frierson
timmy frierson 24 kun oldin
You’ll be surprised on how fast that mud will dry out by getting it dug up out of the ground and smeared around and piled up because it’s real sandy so Chris will be able to come back in August September and October which is your three driest months of the year and will be able to drive his skid steer or or possibly his dozer around the top and grade it out but anyway Chris another great video and you and John and yawls family all stay safe and Can’t wait till tomorrow’s video
Skynet 1
Skynet 1 24 kun oldin
Pond is shaping up nicely. At the beginning of it I couldn't see a vision of what the heck you could do with it. Nice job Chris! 💧👍👍👍
Blake Rye
Blake Rye 24 kun oldin
looks like you needed a Break from all of that gravel & Stone at the Phase two Job, missed the mud. Pond is looking great.
Michael McBride
Michael McBride 24 kun oldin
Looks like the bucket has a chipped tooth. I love the "you got to have good management skills" comment.
Hoofington 24 kun oldin
Amazing transformation.... Dident think it would look so good in 1 day...
Kenneth Pruitt
Kenneth Pruitt 24 kun oldin
Much deeper. I want my dirt tank much deeper so I can raise fish
hajuja jajuha
hajuja jajuha 24 kun oldin
Just began to watch this video. Did I get this right? ”The joys of mud requires good mud management skills.” 😆😆😆 👍
Keith Matthews
Keith Matthews 24 kun oldin
Eskimos have 200 different types of snow. Chris probably deals with as many types of mud!
Richard 4 kun oldin
It is the yellow type I stay clear of. lol
2badger2 24 kun oldin
Do you breakup beaver dams anymore?
marc wohlmayer
marc wohlmayer 24 kun oldin
Nice video.very very muddy there Tho.nice weather To do some digging there.at least when the pond dam is done its gonna look nice but it still has ta des Up along the sides.😀
Stein 24 kun oldin
well done man
Steve Adams
Steve Adams 24 kun oldin
Muddy mess...
Jack Wells
Jack Wells 24 kun oldin
Has Chris replayed to anyone, does anybody know?
Jack Wells
Jack Wells 24 kun oldin
Lol, thanks Chris
Ge,s radio shed ham and cb radio
WOW nasty as it can get i love your content
Mark Hayhurst
Mark Hayhurst 24 kun oldin
i can't stop laughing . . . thank you
target Estimating Services
working on Sunday ? So it seem as that Tape from 2 months ago has past 10 million views that lot more than most Beatles and Rolling Stones albums, ..lol Mr Star , maybe going have send you a john Lennon sun glass .. What happen to storage Pad project ?? or that week day jobs !
Chap Thompson
Chap Thompson 24 kun oldin
You should have a equipment Tour where you keep all of your machines
letsdig18 24 kun oldin
Spread over about 8 different jobsites
Faith Ford
Faith Ford 24 kun oldin
That was some muddy mud. You are so right Chris, when you said it’s nothing you can do with this.
destinationom 24 kun oldin
I love the fish habitat idea. I'll have to keep that in mind as I get to working on my new ponds.
I Paddle My Own Canoe.
Just like at home you got fire you got mud you got water your favorite what else can you ask for. 👍👍😀🇨🇦🔥💧
R Smitdog
R Smitdog 24 kun oldin
@ beginning you needed your Mat Squeegee for mud management !!!
John 24 kun oldin
Man, I can’t wait to get back to operating equipment again, but unfortunately I had a stroke March 16th and another one on April 17th it really sucks, I just want to go back to work.
JC Mathis III
JC Mathis III 5 kun oldin
Getting back on the loader was the best therapy for grandpa after his stroke. Prayers go out to you Sir for a speedy recovery .🙏
michael mullins
michael mullins 24 kun oldin
It's amazing how little water it takes to make so much mud. Move a bucket of mud. You turn back to 4 buckets.
Helen Helps
Helen Helps 24 kun oldin
D Vint
D Vint 24 kun oldin
Playing in the MUD , so much fun and getting Paid , the name of the game . Great video sir .
bill pederson
bill pederson 24 kun oldin
what a nice day to play in the mud.
Deano - Bam - Beano
Deano - Bam - Beano 24 kun oldin
Great video Chris. Thanks for sharing. The pond don’t look bad either. Keep Diggin!!
2Moza 24 kun oldin
Well the Pigs are buying Lotto Tickets for that New Home you call Mud and the Snake is O so Pissed Off that his Home has 6ft of Water going in it :) Soon. Volvo Nick Name Swamp Buggy with red hot rear end to many fires :).
Tomsey Bitago
Tomsey Bitago 24 kun oldin
Don't worry about creating fish habitat with stumps..... the (edited out) of their (movie title edited out) (edited out) will make great fish habitat
Nj One Bale
Nj One Bale 24 kun oldin
new viewer here, you doing quite a fine job digging that pond, i can practically see what it will look like when your done. i got to tell you young man it almost seems like you may have done one before this, if i were you i would get into the pond building business.
keystone kid
keystone kid 24 kun oldin
On the back of the letsdig18 shirt it will soon read - “ I Dig Brown Holes”. 😆 you can thank me later Chris!
Paul Gusmus
Paul Gusmus 24 kun oldin
Now I know where you hide the bodies!
Headly Lemar
Headly Lemar 24 kun oldin
It would be really cool if at the end of the project to have before and after pics. What do you think Chris?
Ken Allen
Ken Allen 24 kun oldin
Another really good video from this project bro. Safe travels up your way
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts 24 kun oldin
Well at least it will have no problem dining up
josian rodriguez
josian rodriguez 24 kun oldin
Anthony Crawford
Anthony Crawford 24 kun oldin
Hi Chris did you ever finish up that New pond build about 4 months ago, where the ground was so soft the truck kept getting stuck? Or did I miss it?
Anthony Crawford
Anthony Crawford 23 kun oldin
@mula2626 I guess I did didn't I 🤔 It was the post that said "new pond build off to a bad start" a big open field with a white fence in the background. I was hoping to see how it turned out.
mula2626 24 kun oldin
You just described about 3/4s of his videos.
Marty Mclamb
Marty Mclamb 24 kun oldin
Nice video
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey 24 kun oldin
Chris your are making that mess look good I really enjoy watching your videos 🇺🇲
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix 24 kun oldin
How long have you been doing this? You are really good. I've learned a lot from you, and I haven't even used any equipment yet.
Helen Helps
Helen Helps 24 kun oldin
He has been operating heavy equipment since he was 12.
Jerry Faulkner
Jerry Faulkner 24 kun oldin
I'd be afraid of burying that machine in the mud.
Norm Howes
Norm Howes 24 kun oldin
Just glad I'm not the one cleaning them tracks and the rest of the machine.
Joe Dorweiler
Joe Dorweiler 24 kun oldin
Off the wall question, how many people that contact you about having you do a job for them, actually have you do the job?
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 24 kun oldin
Soup! I have a place on my farm that has about 8' deep of that soup. We have sunk tractors in so that only the exhaust pipe was showing. Draining the soup isn't easy as the soup fills in the ditch fast.
Doughnuts Inspace
Doughnuts Inspace 24 kun oldin
Whats for dinner then Chris? Chris replies "mud pie with a side of mud with mud gravy and a nice cold mud beer too wash it down" Mmmmm my favourite.
Stratos53100 24 kun oldin
A little soggy and too much grit between the cheek & gums for my taste
Kevin Chesnut
Kevin Chesnut 24 kun oldin
Another one of your famous shallow mud puddles don't you own any pumps for dewatering
David Uher
David Uher 24 kun oldin
Hey. I am a retired remodeling contractor and really enjoy your videos. Question: on a project like this pond do you bill by the machine and operator or are these projects bid jobs? If they are bid, how can you estimate the costs involved?
Ada Vazquez
Ada Vazquez 24 kun oldin
Why people in North Carolina wants a pond? Am scared of them all kinds of things goes in there like sneaks.
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