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6-Apr, 2021



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NewHampshire-Bob 28 kun oldin
That's where I was when I was a kid, down by the creek where we lived in Texas! Had to watch out for Water Moccasins, Copperheads and such. There were even spiders that built their webs between trees! Would freak you out if you ran through one! Where was the spider!
Jim Ronchetto
Jim Ronchetto Oy oldin
The guy with the log trailer was kinda picky about the load.
Travis Stevens
Love the videos and you definitely know your stuff and be a good person to learn from. I find the videos and knowledge inspiring and makes me want to change careers.
Anna Fraley
Anna Fraley Oy oldin
Neet Creek down he hill in back, pretty cool✅ I guess that was Zack getting the “Saw wood” with what appeared to be a neet new Barbie size logging trailer.?? 🤷🏻‍♂️😎👍
Doogs Smee
Doogs Smee Oy oldin
Wow Mr Letsdig your showing Buckin' Billy Ray Smith up now
Steve Swallows
Chris, don't you ever try to talk people out of takin' down so many trees? I was just successful in stopping a developer from clear cutting a property for a s..t load of houses. Some of the trees are 100-200 years old.
Morgan Adair
Morgan Adair Oy oldin
Chris, Is that water fit to drink if filtered? I don't know much but if I were you, I would find land anywhere to buy, clear, sell the timber, work the top soil for how ever much you can take and not hurt the ground that your on plus there are a lot of rock spots to make gravel out of and it others are buying and building then they always need equipment also. I think that you could sell for a bit less to move quick when done milking and get another and do same over again.... or did I just describe what your doing already?? I can see stuff getting paid for, and only the taxes will bite you if you still have after what two years? Money falling out of the trees and landing on dirt seems like everyone wants. Maybe those big apartment buildings will come down on the rent when enough move away out of city limits of what... twenty plus miles of trees and dirt,,, and lots of rock. People in new york pay more for a small crawl space to live month by month. Like almost as much as our townhouses here in alaska. We have a land shortage around the cities as well here.
Randy Richardson
south carolina as a kid i would have had me a shovel 5 gallon bucket sifter and a gold pan there are semi preciois stones and gold in them creeks
Henry Dunbar
Henry Dunbar Oy oldin
Im surprised you were not required to put erosion control fencing on the bottom of the slope to protect the stream. Maybe thats the builders responsibility?
Ray Candle
Ray Candle Oy oldin
Nuther excellent video Chris, ask Tim to let us know how he’s doin, maybe he could do a vid 😁
Lance Bass
Lance Bass Oy oldin
Yea when you were little you would have been down there figuring out how to dam it up to make a pond!!!
platonicsolid Oy oldin
I see it didn't take you forever to wear the corners off the teeth on the 220. :)
David Messersmith
One’s lucky, two’s talented, three or more is skill.
mark smith
mark smith Oy oldin
All boys need to be entertained, are rocks, sticks, and a creek.
Terry Clement
Terry Clement Oy oldin
The lot looks great! Nice to see trees being used for lumber.
"Lucky"?--Nah--I'll call it good!
ragingcurrent Oy oldin
Strange to see woods that aren’t full of honeysuckle, looks beautiful
Anthony Oy oldin
Does the property owner get the proceeds from the saw logs or do you typically get that?
Scruffy 61
Scruffy 61 Oy oldin
jon comans
jon comans Oy oldin
With so many videos Chris, Do you sometimes explain what your doing even when your not recording? Inquiring minds want to know.
Ronald Heit
Ronald Heit Oy oldin
Another great job clearing a house lot by Chris and yuppers. That little Creek would be a kids dream. I've no doubt some kid will make a small damn to make a swimming hole. I know I would have when I was a kid.
World through a windshield
I'm just like that kid watching you....fascinated as hell
Laurel Herbert
Got some spectators
Jennifer Butcher
I'd say that's not luck, that's amazing skills!
KD Excavation
KD Excavation Oy oldin
We are enlarging a lot we cleared an built .... customer didnt have enough yard LOL .... had to dive over the hill an clear another 3/4 acre then cut a keyway and start filling .... im caught between too far to push it and not really far enough to haul! .... trying to beat the rain coming tomorrow
drandisol Oy oldin
Not luck, just someone who is a master at what he does.
timmy frierson
Yeah Chris that sure is a pretty lot now that you got finished with it. But anyway another great video brother and you and John and yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming man
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts Oy oldin
I would had hated if that lot had been wet . And that slick clay
Hamzah channel
Ignacio Oy oldin
@17:30 "Last tree right here" and he digs up a sapling ..LOL
Stein Oy oldin
well done
Robey Oy oldin
We were really productive today. Good job, team.
Les Cross
Les Cross Oy oldin
Chris you call it luck I call it skill 👍
bobshudds Oy oldin
the more you do something the luckier you get
gravelydon Oy oldin
If that little stream was on my property, there'd be a turbine or waterwheel in it. Angle of the property toward the rear is about like ours in Ohio. 75' drop over about 1 acre.
Glenn Bevensee
I tried damming up a small creek on my grandfather’s property when I was little, only to find out it somehow backed up the neighbor’s septic system. Whoops.
Matthew Green
Matthew Green Oy oldin
Omg these videos are boring but addictive.
Ben s
Ben s Oy oldin
hope they build some good foundations on that house, quite a few of those trees had signs of slope failure in them
I Paddle My Own Canoe.
Badgermatt75 2016
I can understand the slope thing! I'm on a really steep slope and it's my first big clearing with the Volvo!! I was doing EXACTLY what you were doing with your last tree and I was on enough of a slope that as I was digging the downhill roots and between me leaning one way and the tree the other, I wasn't looking at the top of the stick and knocked the 3/8" line for the quick connect off. Darnit!!! LOL
uncommon logic
Stacking the money, one at a time. Nice. Pulp wood, grab and squeeze the bedjeezus out of .....
uncommon logic
Stacking the money, one at a time. Nice. Pulp wood, grab and squeeze the bedjeezus out of .....
Jontie at Moet
The more I practice the better I get. That includes life
CRK Productions
Nice creek view
Helen Helps
Helen Helps Oy oldin
Gisela Oy oldin
That looks very good, Chris. No (big) stones, no mud, just good earth, trees and a beautiful day. 🌳🌄 Good job as always! 😊
I`m with you on that one, hanging out in the woods with water running through it. One of my favorite snowmobile trails had streams that would not freeze over completely making a great place to stop and enjoy.
Jacob Hayward
Jacob Hayward Oy oldin
If your doing something scetchy turn the camera off. Dang young folk.
frog Oy oldin
If tree falling was an Olympic sport chris would have the gold for sure.
Andrew Carnes
Andrew Carnes Oy oldin
Hopefully that wasn't the Karens watching
Dennis 2
Dennis 2 Oy oldin
What is the length of the logs?
Andrew Carnes
Andrew Carnes Oy oldin
Who else was expecting a bigger log trailer
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Oy oldin
I admire a man who treats everyones equipment as if it were his, gently placing the logs on the trailer, that's why you have friends that will help you. Also, it's not fair I have to watch you work from Tennessee, while others get to admire your Craftsmanship up close. Great Job as always.
John Dubpernell
@ 21:04 better watch out Chris looks like Karen & Ken are watching your every move.
Steven Buchanan
@Dennis 2 he is not there long enough for anyone to organize.
Dennis 2
Dennis 2 Oy oldin
What I am surprised at is that there has been no activists at his sites yet. :) Here in BC they are swarming all over the place.
Hahauravirgin Oy oldin
8:38 gotta love the kids watching
George Nunez
George Nunez Oy oldin
Please comment on the cost. I'm sure lots of people want at least an idea of the money involved.
Charlotte Wilcox
Not even close to log trucks in North West Washington
lawrence aderneck
bye bye Mr. Pine tree
Chris likes big logs and he just can't lie. 😆
Scott Traynor
Scott Traynor Oy oldin
my sister when she built her house decided a 4ft deep basement was good enough... not worth blasting for a basment ;)
DigginLife21 Oy oldin
tjousk Oy oldin
logging05 Oy oldin
You in a different machine? Your link for your thumb isn't there. The thumb cylinder is attached straight to the thumb
S M Sabri Ismail
This is the smaller company's EC160. You can see the thumb has only 4 tangs (not 5 like the bigger machine). The orange railings near the door is also another differentiator from Chris' own excavator.
@letsdig18 I make my living working on and in heavy equipment, and after watching you work a little I have realized something... I really wish I had two legs. 😕
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey Oy oldin
Great video Chris 🇺🇲 I really enjoyed this video 🇺🇲
Ichidragon Oy oldin
Big long hard wood. For some reason it reminds me of a single-wide demo you did a couple of years ago.
Big Ears
Big Ears Oy oldin
We had a creek either side of the house i grew up in , we always played in the creek , and slipped over on the slime , big trouble going home dirty
TT Oy oldin
Nice job as always 👍
Steven Phare
Steven Phare Oy oldin
Sometimes I'd rather be lucky than good!
Ken S.
Ken S. Oy oldin
When you were a little kid, you would’ve been down by creek. Big Kids ride on Big Equipment.😬👍
Steffen Oy oldin
heck yeah, its where I would have been as a kid. I stayed in the creek growing up, hunting crawdads and trying to catch minnows
Clinton Emmert
Way back when I was a little boy, the creeks woods. Were our play ground and boy did we have fun. 👍🧡💚💙
LXS125 Oy oldin
@Malcolm Holmes the good old days. I remember doing that. I built an underground den. Took weeks to do with just sticks😂 then use bracken for camouflage. I miss those days
Malcolm Holmes
100% agree we used to build dens play out all day ( in UK) nowadays kids dont know how to play.. always on the phone or computer
J Britt
J Britt Oy oldin
Looks good. Nice job
Gary Gilbert
Gary Gilbert Oy oldin
Find a bucket,like a wide muck bucket.cut the bottom out weld heavy screen to it
Gary Gilbert
Gary Gilbert Oy oldin
Find a bucket,like a wide muck bucket.cut the bottom out weld heavy screen to it
Michael Peace
Michael Peace Oy oldin
Does it ever bother you when people watch you? Not on UZblock, in person. I know I always get a little flustered when people are watching. That’s always when I screw up. LOL
Clinton Emmert
A hind leg on a dog is straighter than that first tree you took down lol. That’s a old saying my grandpa used to say.
michael mullins
The grade is very deceptive. Until you looked back up the hill. Nice job as always.
Randy Whelan
Randy Whelan Oy oldin
Woah , there tiger , you gonna break that chevrolet their in half , where's the NCDMV cops with the portable scale when you need them ...
Robert Kohut
Robert Kohut Oy oldin
David Brickey
David Brickey Oy oldin
That is a nice looking lot. a basement basement would be perfect.👍☕️
Rusty Steel
Rusty Steel Oy oldin
There isn't a builder alive that doesn't have a big SMILE on his face....when he sees a lot you've cleared and graded, Chris. 🛼 😉 Nice job! 😇
JB Brown
JB Brown Oy oldin
Behind a pickup truck?
achum2sum Oy oldin
'lets go down to the crick and catch crawdads after school', said by many kids living near a creek
James Hill
James Hill Oy oldin
Great job, Chis
Idr 82
Idr 82 Oy oldin
You get the best crish,
Brian W
Brian W Oy oldin
We have 20 acres here in Lenoir, (just above Hickory but below Blowing Rock) with a creek about 2-3 times that size. My daughter spent her childhood building dams and catching crawdads ;-) There's an old cabin in our drive turn around and the folks were buried across the creek back in 1865. She spent hours & hours rummaging around digging up cut nails and whatnot... Fun place to grow up for sure!!! :-)
Jim Garrett
Jim Garrett Oy oldin
Hell yea. I was always around the block catching everything that swam in our little creek when I was a kid.
Michael Holloway
if you're good you get lucky
Scott Christ
Scott Christ Oy oldin
Rehire Tim!
Jason King
Jason King Oy oldin
You had a million dollars in lumber at today's prices!
Richard Schipper
maybe 2k's worth
Shirley Reynolds
When we gonna get a little Winston viewing?
Marc Wohlmayer
Nice video😀.i like the creek down there in the Woods with the water flowing through it.the Lot looks neat and tidy. Those people See gonna have it good there.nice Lot for the House. 😀
Pete Nolte
Pete Nolte Oy oldin
Do you ever get to bid on new projects or is that John's responsibility?
Phillip Bonner
I think we all would like to have been there when we were kids.
Kirk Rogers
Kirk Rogers Oy oldin
I love those creeks and to have one in your backyard is awesome! Good job Chris! 👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Todd Reynolds
Todd Reynolds Oy oldin
Good vid Chris
Bobbie Tower
Bobbie Tower Oy oldin
You should have "business cards" with your "letsdig18" logo so they can watch you start to finish!! lol The audiance you have had throughout the years .... you'd be up to 1M subscribers
Robert Flores
Robert Flores Oy oldin
Do you use prefer John Deere controls or cat controls?
S M Sabri Ismail
Chris had a full 18 minutes video on *Backhoe (John Deere) vs Excavator (Cat) controls* back on 31 Mar 2019. Seems he use both, backhoe on backhoes, excavator on excavators. Ref uzblock.info/post/video/v8Njb6Jrg4mrm6A.html
John Beck
John Beck Oy oldin
Turning over those rocks looking for crawdads.
Mephiston Oy oldin
6:20 What's the old saying? It's better to be lucky than good?
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