Now Its Time To Clean Out The Pond 

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9-Apr, 2021



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D Mullins
D Mullins 18 soat oldin
What a fast job using the dozer. This was a piece of cake. Just watched a pond clean up from 2016 you were in 6 plus feet of mud losing the mats and talking to the excavator. You do love your work.
Justin Henry
Justin Henry 3 kun oldin
How do u cope with the high gas and diesel prices
Greg Brophy
Greg Brophy 4 kun oldin
That Komatsu is just a great dozer .
Charles Stevenson
Charles Stevenson 5 kun oldin
What width track shoes you're running on the 220?
Vaughn Hill
Vaughn Hill 7 kun oldin
The new dozers first swim in the mud
Vaughn Hill
Vaughn Hill 7 kun oldin
Man thats a big ole pond. Little shallow on one side but pretty nice looking land around it
Roy Holt
Roy Holt 8 kun oldin
It seems to me that I can smell the bad mud lol
sladasafari 11 kun oldin
You need a D10
Dave Hanson
Dave Hanson 11 kun oldin
The video sure looks great must have a new camera from the ones I’ve been watching
Ronald Heit
Ronald Heit 12 kun oldin
You know you're a letsdig18 junky when one of Chris's vids comes up in your feed. You clic on it and see you've already clicked like but watch it again as you can't remember watching it because you've watched so many of them. Like this time for me today.
Brendan Murphy
Brendan Murphy 15 kun oldin
Why do so many people have ponds in this area? Is it for swimming, boating, fishing, fire fighting, etc? Just curious, I have never seen so many ponds.
william miller
william miller 15 kun oldin
some drone vids of this job would be nice tooo it would let us know just how big this job was
william miller
william miller 15 kun oldin
how big is that pond ?
Syd Syd
Syd Syd 17 kun oldin
Excellent 👍👍👍👍👍
Joseph Mcnulty
Joseph Mcnulty 18 kun oldin
How much more does the dozer weigh than the excavator?
Olivia Bondoc
Olivia Bondoc 18 kun oldin
You men are smooth operaters and the pond looks good. I will give you 5 stars ⭐️ looking good
BlownAway 19 kun oldin
Wish I was closer!! I'd love to have ALL that slop for my garden!
Hamzah channel
Hamzah channel 20 kun oldin
Mantap bang
Dark Raider
Dark Raider 21 kun oldin
Enjoyable listening to a professional with so much experience! (not bad for only "2 days on the job")
C.R. Hood, Heritage Farms
I’m a novice when it comes to operate equipment . I have a cat dozer and excavator., Kubota skid steer and mini X on the farms. Using all for general farm and clearing land I learn a lot in watching how you operate. Very informative. Thanks a bunch
Jerry Mchale
Jerry Mchale 22 kun oldin
but y
Renaissance People NYC
I have NO idea what this guy is doing or WHY he is doing it - what a mess he made!
Blake Rye
Blake Rye 24 kun oldin
My younger Sister & My Mom love Your jobs, Guess you have 2 more Fans. Excellent Job again Chris.
Dale Allen
Dale Allen 24 kun oldin
I thought for sure the bottom was going to fall out and bye bye little dozer . Good job , you pulled it off.
Jeremy Matthies
Jeremy Matthies 24 kun oldin
@letsdig18 Hey Chris, great video. Was curious with jobs like this what kind of planning do you do?
Dwight Arnold
Dwight Arnold 25 kun oldin
What an awesome OPERATOR 👌
Mark Schuster
Mark Schuster 25 kun oldin
Is this pond deep enough to not winter kill
Mark Schuster
Mark Schuster 25 kun oldin
I had a 5 acre pond on my farm and it was spring fed in the rainy seasons ground water but always had algae problems. I put bubblers in around the pond. Then lined it with 2” rip rap. Tried to put a white silica sand beach in but that was dumb. That lasted a year. There is a ton of maintenance if you want to keep a pond looking like a golf coarse pond. Otherwise ducks and other things bring in cat tails et . They take over fast. After 5 years I gave up maintanence on mine. I had to work. It grew over real fast. Heart breaking.
Mark Schuster
Mark Schuster 25 kun oldin
Will your pond need a liner? One 4xcavator in our area who started a huge project in the 80s put 3 0r 4 ponds in this subdivision, took a lot of clay away, the biggest pond doesn’t hold water. The home owners pay a huge electric bill every year to have a pump keep running through a 12 “ pipe. If it stops in 2 days the pond is only a cou-LR feet deep. Do you compact the clay
Mark Schuster
Mark Schuster 25 kun oldin
Bee gees song, HOW DEEP IS YOUR POND?
Mark Schuster
Mark Schuster 25 kun oldin
2 things. On long repeat I’ve jobs spread up the tape once in a while to 4x. When at regular speed you gotta pretend I’m sitting or standing next to you. I’ve operated machines for a long time but pretend I’m an apprentice and talk to me tell me what your doing and why if a situation changes tell me why. By the way most pro you tubers over dub the video after editing, then they talk. This way you don’t lose concentration while working. Just trying to help. My buddy owns a 4th generation excavation road building and sewer company in WISCONSIN I wanna help him start doing this.
Matthew Weisbrod
Matthew Weisbrod 26 kun oldin
Oh my God! Is there a boat prop on the back of that dozer Mr. Big Balls? Im scared just watching you.
Mud Star
Mud Star 26 kun oldin
Don’t envy who gets to clean your tracks. I can tell just by looking at the video, there is the trash mud/stinky mud full of rotting organic materials. But then you strike gold with the clay underneath great work brother! Been watching you for three years solid now.
Michael G
Michael G 26 kun oldin
That Dozer does make work a lot better.
Leroy Aultmom
Leroy Aultmom 27 kun oldin
I. Have a itch for heavy equipment i’m going to own my own business and run heavy equipment for the rest my life thanks Chris very expiring
USSBB62 28 kun oldin
Chris has two Dozers now ?
Jeffrey Calabro
Jeffrey Calabro 28 kun oldin
Hey buddy when I was watching you change oil on the dump truck up an to the right of the oil filters it looked like there was a rachet or some sort of tool I noticed it when you were checking the oil just saying
Gilles FOURNIER 29 kun oldin
I am verry happy to see your 👋👋💕
Gilles FOURNIER 29 kun oldin
Good job 👍👍
Surf Widow
Surf Widow 29 kun oldin
That was a pretty good dump! X) Such a good idea removing the good topsoil and dumping the boggy sticks in its place!
Fine grading I hate sticks and rocks..lol
គ្រឿងចក្រ Power Machines
I Like Excavator working with dump truck
Gale Gregory
Gale Gregory 29 kun oldin
That's a million dollar View
Dizzy Dad Productions
UZblock’s recommended hasn’t failed me yet. Cool vid 👍🏼
Benn Mullis
Benn Mullis Oy oldin
I c your running the komatsu blade,,,have you tried the next gen cat series yet..as the new d5 is a nice dozer to operate....great videos....thank you
Wayne Kaltenbaugh
Nice job Chris but who’s the rookie you have running excavator. He was driving me nuts trying to load the truck.
[TFS] Sludgy Spoon500
As a fisherman....those dirt rows would have made a great contour to the bottom of that pond
Searchman Oy oldin
Would the root rake work good for this task?
James Lathrop
James Lathrop Oy oldin
At least the weather finally worked with you on this one
Rob Henderson
Rob Henderson Oy oldin
35.15 That was a pretty good dump 😂😂😂. I’m laughing like a big kid
Why they all scared to have a deep pond?I mean a 6 foot deep is average
Lake Pines Farm
Little bit easier of a feeling dozer diving in pond when you got an excavator sitting there. Good job.
Tom Shaw
Tom Shaw Oy oldin
helper nice job with the 260 also
googlemustdie Oy oldin
That new thumb sure looks nice. What are you doing with the loads you are hauling out? Can it be mixed with topsoil or is it part of the clay liner?
Brian Makoviney
Hey there Chris. Can't really believe you call yourself an equipment operator. You wasted so many moves pushing dirt and muck around, you almost wore it out. If you truly had any inclination, you would have hogged what material needed to be removed, scraped the darker muck and clay, and make a borrow pile next to the pond. Finish all the grade in the pond. Then bring in a smaller material and Debi screen, which then you could have lined the whole of the pond,which would have lined that pond so a person would not really ever have to worry about it leaking through that clay. Then would have talked the owner to let the left over waste rock grinder tailings out about 10 or 15 feet. Then pee gravel starting at about 10 feet outwards from the to the high level water line, down into the tailings. Then finish grade around the pond. That way if the owner or his kids or grand kids, etc.etc.etc. in case they want to wade in and get their feet and legs wet , to taking a swim, with never having to get themselves muddy and makes for a nice edge around the water in the pond with giving them a nice place to swim, play or just having a spot to have a picnic to watch who's in the pond. Don't worry to much, keep on practising all the time, and one day you will be able to call yourself an equipment operator.
the original mxzrevman
that WAS a good dump :)
Kt Bee
Kt Bee Oy oldin
Hi Chris, why do you guys have so many ponds / what are they used for? Why is this one so shallow at the 'house end'?
I Paddle My Own Canoe.
Circle S Scrapper
jintao wu
jintao wu Oy oldin
The towering fog individually attach because motion inherently crack besides a fallacious criminal. knotty, swift starter
dave halloween
Oh and a ditch pump. So you fill tote before they drain pond
dave halloween
What would be useful is a trailer with one or two 500 gal plastic tote you see with cage around it and a high pressers sprayer . So we hen your done with a job like g to his you nknock a lot of the mud of at side of pond not your construction yard.
lenny108 Oy oldin
39:26 seems before filling the pond with water they should cover the pond bottom with black Geomembrane Plastic Sheeting so that the water level always stays the same. Then there can be bank planting with habitat-typical aquatic plants
Reginald Workman
Why do i never get that nice rockless dirt when I’m on the dozer. Cannot escape the rocks in Texas hill country!
Richard Schipper
It's a shame there wasn't a bit extra $$$ to dig a channel 2 to 3' deep 10 to 15' wide right at the water's edge. That would have really helped keeping the algae under control. The is a really good job and nice pond. Wish it was mine
O'Donnell's Aussie Homestead
Your Dozer is very good at doing this type of cleaning up on my farm I use to have an old D85 12A .I loved building dams or ponds on the farm. Great work ,Chris 🥳👍
Pete Moore
Pete Moore Oy oldin
Chris @34:00 "that's a pretty good dump". Me, eating my breakfast, am glad this isn't smellyvision!
f150bc Oy oldin
that cleans up nice looks like a golf course ,with wide open spaces .
Marc Wohlmayer
Looks nice😀 the Land owner is gonna be Proud of you and the job u have done.hope all the Wer Spots See gonna dry out.nice Video man 😀
Rob T
Rob T Oy oldin
why is the pond so friggin big? why not just make it deeper than big?
Marcel Gérin
Marcel Gérin Oy oldin
I would like to know how many liters of diesel you use every day with those 3 machines ...?
Marcel Gérin
Marcel Gérin Oy oldin
Hii Chris, see now it would be so nice to spread chips on this smart job --It would look great and would be very good as fertilizer for the new grass !!! Best regards Friend !!
lizzie robinson
Great job, well done!
Edward Myers
Edward Myers Oy oldin
That did look like a good dump, Chris!
Ohio Valley Pond And Excavation
There is such a huge difference in soils from place to place. If I tried that in most cases up here I would bury the dozer.
Chase B
Chase B Oy oldin
Am I the only one that ever wonders what happens to the fish When they drain the ponds that much?
Jacob Haberman
By far your best pond make over
Diesel Fuel
Diesel Fuel Oy oldin
Your helper is definitely not a operator. Lol
nandi123 Oy oldin
It would be really interesting to see you return to some of your projects once the grass grows back and show some before, during, and after pictures.
Eraz -Agario
Eraz -Agario Oy oldin
What do you think about the rotortilt?
Ada Vazquez
Ada Vazquez Oy oldin
That pond was a big mess, can you show the end result?
Making it Happen
Good morning sir. This looks really good, but I'm not surprised.
James Rawlings
Does the silt look different than the pond bottom? How do you determine how much to remove from the pond bottom?
mpkunz6336 Oy oldin
I need to do this to my pond. Its been 14 years.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Oy oldin
"That was a pretty good dump" I actually had one as well.
Mhurtle65 Oy oldin
Who is the other guy helping Chris.
Aqua Peet
Aqua Peet Oy oldin
Well you always have El Excavadore to pull the dozer out! :)
Tony Greenhill
Standup and take a bow Chris that sure is one nice piece of work.
William Bryant
Chris said the pond wasn't that deep. I though from looking at the slope on the back of the dam and that gulley that the pond would be pretty deep along the dam. Looks great now that its cleaned up. 👍
straxx99 Oy oldin
35:38 Just what I thought, a very familiar sound ;-)
don weeks
don weeks Oy oldin
Great show. Check out another excavator worker at HOI XE CUOC MIEN TAY.
Karaoke Vic
Karaoke Vic Oy oldin
Sure wish I lived there. Reminds me of farm country in Wisconsin with a little more rolling meadows and a lot less snow.
DIEuFOOL Oy oldin
You should read "Just add water" become the premier trophy fish pond builder in the area.
Ol 'Nam Grunt
Ol 'Nam Grunt Oy oldin
You do beautiful work, luv the vids, stay safe.
tjousk Oy oldin
Scott Plymire
Scott Plymire Oy oldin
We need to send you to Washington to help with draining the swap lol
jon comans
jon comans Oy oldin
Swiss cake rolls come to mind.
joey fort
joey fort Oy oldin
Nothing like having the knowledge and tools to get the job done properly. Major improvement! 👍🏼
Elite Earthworks LLC
Looks so much better! Rocking it out 👍🏻
Stephen Andert
Think of what you would like to see in you own pond/dam. 1 overflow and and an intake system 2 different kinds of pond plant life 3 floating logs and inersha 4 natural pond food 5 turtles ,frogs, toads, pond insects 6Maybe a long term airator. Nothing that could be considered junk or polution .
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