Now All 6 Storage Building Pads Are Done! 

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23-Apr, 2021



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Gewehr 3
Gewehr 3 3 kun oldin
New to your channel, can you offer any advice on how to start a small track loader service, new house building cleanup and final grade, brush & small tree removal, gravel driveways etc and stay away from needing a CDL? Im just wanting to do small jobs with small equipment.
James Breault
James Breault 13 kun oldin
Great looking finished product Chris
The Drunk Koala
The Drunk Koala 14 kun oldin
Im just gonna pretend ur speaking metric units.
Ken S.
Ken S. 17 kun oldin
Amazes me ALL the people that make a Monthly Payment to Store Stuff with some or NO Value.🙄
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed! How much does that gravel cost per ton plus delivery? Around here (East Texas) you be looking at around $45 a ton delivered. Might get a discount with the volume you are spreading through. Distance would be about 20 miles per round trip.
James 18 kun oldin
I see the Senior Dihydrogen Monoxide Dispersement Manager performed his job satisfactorily today.
samvt 18 kun oldin
Even better is to lay it all down and then rip or scarify with grader , open it up then add water and re grade produces the prettiest finishes abd best distribution of water through the grade
Colin Rae
Colin Rae 18 kun oldin
Never miss a video really interesting take care from Scotland 🇬🇧 UK
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey 18 kun oldin
Great work Chris 🇺🇲 it looks great I really enjoyed this video 🇺🇲
Faith Ford
Faith Ford 18 kun oldin
Your job looks so nice Thanks for sharing
Joeziah Babb
Joeziah Babb 19 kun oldin
I'm looking at buying a little 4400lbs tandem vibratory roller, I'm hoping it will be able to do what your roller does, maybe a little more time consuming though. Do you know what the downward psi per square inch yours puts down to get those results?
C&C tractor Ops
C&C tractor Ops 19 kun oldin
Never heard of a gutter drain I don’t guess unless it’s the one that hang on the eaves?
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 19 kun oldin
Enjoyed the video Chris. Thanks for sharing.
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 19 kun oldin
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 19 kun oldin
Volvo should probably be able to sponsor you with a Tracked C-Series Skid Steer Loader of the appropriate size.
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 19 kun oldin
Good morning sir. With each passing year, you get better and better at explaining what's going on and why you're doing it.
Mitch Stephen
Mitch Stephen 19 kun oldin
A Harley power box rake on the skid steer works great for levelling pads, it’s my go to attachment for getting a pad level.
Mitch Stephen
Mitch Stephen 19 kun oldin
I don’t have a grader
Sparkey 19 kun oldin
@23:43 made me think of this track uzblock.info/post/video/x9CImqCbo3xliqQ.html&ab_channel=TheOldrecordclub
J.A MECHANICS 19 kun oldin
new subscription, my friend, initiate🤝🤝🌷
Larry Cederholm
Larry Cederholm 19 kun oldin
ck out the Bad Chad channel he is giving away a car great body work channel
KD Excavation
KD Excavation 19 kun oldin
our tri-axles haul 24-25 ton LOL WV an KY don't enforce the Federal bridge laws very well .... but VA will put you under the jail!
timmy frierson
timmy frierson 19 kun oldin
Chris y’all have flat ass done some work at that project that job there is been money in the bank, lol. That’s what you call job security but they all must come to an end and you’re at the end of that project but anyway brother you and John and your families stay safe and keep the videos coming brother
Nick 19 kun oldin
Hi Chris,never mind about Hermans Hermits or KC Sunshine Band google Jerry & the Pacemakers out of Liverpool 1963 "I like it" anyway greetings from North Somerset UK.
̇George H.
̇George H. 19 kun oldin
Are you a boring person if you think wetting stone down with a firehose looks fun and would have happily volunteered to do it if it was possible? Asking for a friend. 😉
Willy Wong
Willy Wong 19 kun oldin
What you going to store there jumbo jets ..
chipjr10 19 kun oldin
Does anyone know why or have a theory on, other than to be a pain in the butt for Chris, why each pad drops down? Why not have all of the pads on the same level? Everyone have a great day and stay safe!
Sandy Barnes
Sandy Barnes 19 kun oldin
So the buildings can be level yet the outside can slope away for drainage
Robin Froud
Robin Froud 19 kun oldin
Hermans Hermits will be after you to join their band :-) I like it , I like it !!
dicky mint
dicky mint 19 kun oldin
I suffer from anxiety and this is the only thing on UZblock that i can sit and relax to.. Thank you from Durham England. 🙏👌👌🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
dicky mint
dicky mint 19 kun oldin
@Andrew Scullion to right. There's just something about it the drone of the engines
Andrew Scullion
Andrew Scullion 19 kun oldin
Yes it's the 'drone' of the engines that is almost hypnotic , it sends me to sleep too
LJT Love
LJT Love 19 kun oldin
I have a question, does the grader blade turn 180 degrees or more? Then you could grade the gravel going both ways and not have to back up. Save gas and time?
Rich Barschdorf
Rich Barschdorf 19 kun oldin
I hate it when everyone says UZblock, can’t you just say god morning?
ramtuff2007 19 kun oldin
good video
Matthew Holmgren
Matthew Holmgren 19 kun oldin
does the dozer have a level sensor?
Lorne Beaudette
Lorne Beaudette 18 kun oldin
@Matthew Holmgren you can guess anything you want but you are wrong. I will use technology if it is there or I can do it old school. I am however, knowledgeable enough to know that there is no leveling device on this dozer, and the operator is leveling by the seat of his pants. Let me guess, you are one of those people who can't do anything without technology to do it for them. Would they be as reasonable a guess as yours?
Matthew Holmgren
Matthew Holmgren 19 kun oldin
@Lorne Beaudette let me guess you one of those people that refuses to accept technology... Imagine having to only make one final pass to get a finished grade cuz IDC what you say you "ass" sensor will never get it that good but keep doing you while technology and the younger generation replace you
Lorne Beaudette
Lorne Beaudette 19 kun oldin
Every dozer does. The seat of your pants. If your ass is going up your blade should be going down. At least that was the way I was taught.
Bosun Hawk
Bosun Hawk 19 kun oldin
Good morning Chris's World!
Terry Turner
Terry Turner 19 kun oldin
I’ve never seen anyone grade as much with a skid steer as you do. It always looks good when it is finished.
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts 19 kun oldin
Always glad to see the grader make the video .
target Estimating Services
building dep't in N.H make us put in 3 foot froze line concrete footing beam x 12 inch even if feel in slab and Insp before pour ..hell even deck concrete supports have be 4 feet in ground and Insp before pouring ,,AND all have be spray by lic pest control 24 hours before pour .. should see what hell FL put you thru in wet lands just for deck
Quentin Winters
Quentin Winters 19 kun oldin
Good video
Don Melius
Don Melius 19 kun oldin
Hope Chris gets a house demo job love his demo work clean and neat at it.
Liam Kinkeyt
Liam Kinkeyt 19 kun oldin
Man, do you ever get some rest? I am amazed at your hard work! There would be more people like that and the world would be a better place. I sincerely admire you. Greetings from Ukraine.
Construction Machinery Channel
What is more amazing is that fact that he does all that work AND manages to record it and get it on UZblock.
Wiilliam Flege
Wiilliam Flege 19 kun oldin
Thank god theses 6 pads are done . Damn can we get back to the swamp pond ? ponds are so much more interesting , GET ON IT LETSDIG18 , GET IN GEAR PONDS PONDS PONDS PONDS , DONT MAKE ME COME OUT THERE , LOL
Randy Travis
Randy Travis 19 kun oldin
having the water tank now if you needed on the muddy jobs to clean your equipment you could ,, or flush out driveway drains ,, or fire control on burning jobs .. lot's of use out of a water tank and a pump .. could set it up with it's own trailer and pump ...
Roberta Williamson
Roberta Williamson 19 kun oldin
We have companies up north here that make crushed stone like that then kiln dry it and mix powdered concrete with it. It's then hauled to the job sight and piled up and spread just before a rain or they use water trucks to wet it down, it is usually used on heavy use industrial roads at 18 inches thick. When that's rolled in wet it is concrete when it dries. Oh they also put 4 inches of asphalt on top to control cracking .
Ken Allen
Ken Allen 19 kun oldin
Water is good for keeping the dust down too. Turned out really well bro. Safe travels up your way
TheBlueberry606 19 kun oldin
I was hoping he would spray you lol 😆
TheVideoSteve 19 kun oldin
Chris: 'What a honest, hard working, great video personality, Dude'. I watch all of his 'shows'.......
Robert Burns
Robert Burns 19 kun oldin
Had a good laugh today thought it might hit your funny bone. We were going by a small job sight today that had 2 skid steers on the sight and my said "that they have 2 Mini Bulldozers " :)
Assassinlexx 19 kun oldin
You really do miss mud. Now you got a water tank. So you can make it .
h-worker 19 kun oldin
Was your Uncle a fireman?? A pro on that hose ... lol
michael mullins
michael mullins 19 kun oldin
Pushing the gravel with the dozer is soothing to watch
J D 19 kun oldin
Hard and smooth, like a good shot of bourbon.
Don Burg
Don Burg 19 kun oldin
John knows exactly what he's doing, but do actually have any idea what you are doing?
marc wohlmayer
marc wohlmayer 19 kun oldin
Buildingpad looks great altogether. Lots of work put into that.awesome job chris.😀
Walter Mattson
Walter Mattson 19 kun oldin
I hope they can rent all the spaces out to pay for that job.
Michigan Engineer
Michigan Engineer 19 kun oldin
I'd definitely be trying to persuade the property owner that _at least_ the lowermost units need french drains as well as the gutters. The topmost ones will _probably_ drain all right, but the lower units? . . .
Robert Rockwell
Robert Rockwell 19 kun oldin
John playing in the water while you work huh. hmmmm. just kidding couldn't resist. stay safe guys.
Jeffry Taylor
Jeffry Taylor 19 kun oldin
You make it look to easy.
R H 19 kun oldin
How in the world did you and your uncle resist the urge to soak one another? That would have been so funny! Great job and cheers!
Rodney Wroten
Rodney Wroten 19 kun oldin
My Tractor Guy
My Tractor Guy 19 kun oldin
I'm sad to admit, we wait until 9:00am so it would at least be in the 40's. LOL! We're wearing jackets in the morning and shorts in the afternoon. 🤣
Michael Page
Michael Page 19 kun oldin
Great job! On a side note, don’t quite your day job!
Jos Diepenbeek
Jos Diepenbeek 19 kun oldin
Don't wreck your new boots, Chris! 😉
Duane Ayers
Duane Ayers 19 kun oldin
Chris this would of been one of those many raining days that you could of taken advantage of but only if it was raining. Looks Great 👍
Nathem Kurplunksky
Nathem Kurplunksky 19 kun oldin
What a smooth ride on the grader!
Bob Mottau
Bob Mottau 19 kun oldin
I’m sure your uncle John is very proud, of how he trained you.
Cyril Hudak
Cyril Hudak 19 kun oldin
Methinks that Uncle John has skills of his own. Watch him sometime.
Jason King
Jason King 19 kun oldin
Maybe the other way around ....Chris trained John...I dunno
thomas leonard
thomas leonard 19 kun oldin
His grandfather trained him!
Marty Mclamb
Marty Mclamb 19 kun oldin
Great job
Ed Clapham
Ed Clapham 19 kun oldin
Now that you have the tank, the pump,and the nozzle, it's time to wash those muddy undercarriages clean occasionally.
DENNIS RYAN 19 kun oldin
Boy Chris, you sure have got that reverse Brandon Flip down pat ! LOL...
I Paddle My Own Canoe.
Adrian Carter
Adrian Carter 19 kun oldin
I truly think my day would be ruined if I never saw a LETSDIG18 notification on my phone come up , another great instalment Chris three great machines operated by a true professional, ps I got my skid steer fix you Gota love that machine .
John E
John E 19 kun oldin
Why would anyone thumb down this video? Competitors or armchair jockeys?
timmy frierson
timmy frierson 19 kun oldin
Because John E, all that is is just the haters that wish they could do half as good of a job that Chris and John does that’s the one that gives you the thumbs down because they’re sitting there thinking Man I wish I could make my jobs turn out like that and they can’t so what are they do they get mad and give Chris a thumbs down haters will hate
timmy frierson
timmy frierson 19 kun oldin
Because John E, all that is is just the haters that wish they could do half as good of a job that Chris and John does that’s the one that gives you the thumbs down because they’re sitting there thinking Man I wish I could make my jobs turn out like that and they can’t so what are they do they get mad and give Chris a thumbs down haters will hate
Half Cut Garage IL
Half Cut Garage IL 19 kun oldin
Its like your wishing for mud again ha ha ha JK!!!
Peter pettigrew
Peter pettigrew 19 kun oldin
Your uncle is very good at pretending to look busy.
Southern star
Southern star 19 kun oldin
@VYLH HDWQ if you got time to lean you got time to clean
VYLH HDWQ 19 kun oldin
I had this technique down pat when I was in the Army. Especially when the Platoon Sergeant was around.
Mike Stevenson
Mike Stevenson 19 kun oldin
How much all that rock cost ?
rockman531 19 kun oldin
Hey Chris, Your uncle reminded me of the movie "Cady Shack" with spraying the water! Great job!!
RK Harm24
RK Harm24 19 kun oldin
A lot of our County Roads and rural driveways are built with Caliche. Working it the same way you are the pad material makes a hard pack. Paved roads have a base of Caliche tilled into the soil, wet down, rolled with sheeps foot roller and tilled again. The water truck may have added limestone dust added to make the slurry harden better. Lay asphalt and roll it in, you have a good road. Even concrete can be poured on top of dried Caliche. If not done right, after a rain, Caliche is like a soupy sludge. You can tell people who drive on Caliche because their vehicles are covered with the grey mud or dust when dry.
Andy O
Andy O 19 kun oldin
John didn’t even spray the cab so you couldn’t see... you guys are serious.
Donald Trabeaux
Donald Trabeaux 19 kun oldin
Awesome Job Chris
Robert Matthews
Robert Matthews 20 kun oldin
Gee Chris- you have already worn the shine of those 'new' boots. Looked like Uncle John could have hosed you there for a minute. It was 82 here a few days ago [along with the 2.5 inches of rain]- woke to 50F this morning. You tried to sing KC & Sunshine Band,,,,keep your day job. Fine completion and only took the last 2 days and hauling water.
David Brickey
David Brickey 20 kun oldin
You did a great job on nails billing pads
Mephiston 20 kun oldin
It's a shame you cant mount a hose on the front or back of the dozer to hose the ground down before you roll it,, but I get that it'd be HUGE with the tank and everything.
Danny Mautz
Danny Mautz 20 kun oldin
Good job
Matthew Hunter
Matthew Hunter 20 kun oldin
Chris....if you can pee like that....you should be ln the fire brigade.
Sue Jackson
Sue Jackson 20 kun oldin
Chris singing an oldie from Gerry and the pacemakers lol, good job.
Matthew Hunter
Matthew Hunter 20 kun oldin
That’s just an average trip for me to the toilet Chris.....how about you lol.
iPANZERSCHRECKu 20 kun oldin
That is just ironic being out of water.
Robert Kohut
Robert Kohut 20 kun oldin
Nice!! :-)
leo l
leo l 20 kun oldin
Thats compacting the building pads very good job guy's .
Roamer 2u
Roamer 2u 20 kun oldin
So instead of pouring concrete to make the slab you do it this way or do you pour the slab on top of that. I live in the San Joaquin Delta region of California.
Larry Keenan
Larry Keenan 19 kun oldin
The slab sits on top of the stone.
Glenn Egan
Glenn Egan 20 kun oldin
Love your work Chris ! Just watched an old video from 12yrs ago with Leonard skynyrd playing !!!!!!
Warcity 20 kun oldin
Do you have anything in the cab that is telling you that your lever or do you do it old school and just feel with your butt that's how my grandpa did it lol
Warcity 19 kun oldin
@letsdig18 love it keep up the great work
letsdig18 19 kun oldin
Old school
coin and gold
coin and gold 20 kun oldin
Really? Never in my life up here in Vermont have I done or seen anyone put water down on gravel, Crushed stone or any sort of thing! Ha I guess there is a difference in parts of the country or done differently now days! Hummmmmm. Corse I am talking 40ish years ago too! Anyways I can see and understand the reasoning behind it!! We up here get rain or use to anyways! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I made a comment this time!
Justin Larrabee
Justin Larrabee 20 kun oldin
Not sure if its logical on the business end but considering a roller with a water tank? I dont know a whole lot about equipment so im not sure it they make them for single drum rollers but yall get the point.
Larry Keenan
Larry Keenan 19 kun oldin
Most asphalt rollers do have a water tank. They keep the roller wet to keep the asphalt from sticking.
Jason King
Jason King 20 kun oldin
All the times it was muddy and now y'all having to spray water on a job. Ain't that a bitch
Chad VanBrocklin
Chad VanBrocklin 20 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure you told us before Chris, but why are they stepping the foundations again? Seems odd, and I'm sure the builders love it.
Rickiequipment 20 kun oldin
The lot is pitched to get rid of any rain water. The drives will have a constant grade drop while the units must sit level to make the doors close properly.
Patrick Lacasse
Patrick Lacasse 20 kun oldin
Is that crushed concrete
James Diehl
James Diehl 20 kun oldin
Once that stuff sets up it would take an earthquake to break it.
James Diehl
James Diehl 20 kun oldin
I was building a tie retaining wall for a mobile home and the owner had some AB3 delivered before I could get there. It rained and the pile turned into a solid cone. We had to bust it up into pieces and bury it. There was no way to use it after it setup. No fun! She has to get another load, which the stuff was free but she had to pay the dumptruck driver for delivery.
Jaqui Greenlees
Jaqui Greenlees 20 kun oldin
I've seen that stone used to create a bed for a blacktop driveway here. Makes perfect sense since you have such a solid base the blacktop isn't as likely to develop cracks and potholes.
JohnnathanAB 20 kun oldin
You were really a rockin today
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