New House Lot And Driveway 

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31-Mar, 2021



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Philip Morris
Philip Morris 15 kun oldin
Hi very interesting watching your videos where in the USA are you? What would a plot and house like this cost? Thanks
Burn Dog Australia
Burn Dog Australia 20 kun oldin
how stupid are they? Lets move to the wildness daddy. yea right, We got a house 12 feet from the neighbors house NO ONE else for 10 miles son
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 21 kun oldin
Just doing a little catching up, had some unlisted videos to watch. Enjoying every moment. Thanks.
J Man
J Man 25 kun oldin
Hi from Thailand 🇹🇭🇹🇭🙏🙏🥰🥰 Good video
pjs5191 26 kun oldin
Chris, been wondering something and figured you’d be the one to settle this. Does it matter which way the bell on pipe faces?
jintao wu
jintao wu Oy oldin
The boring ball bizarrely agree because fibre distinctively divide apropos a acceptable gas. possessive, elated opinion
Buck Oy oldin
I suspect no half million dollar house you see here
Buck Oy oldin
No burning in that area huh ?
Sharon Kasper
Sharon Kasper Oy oldin
Real shame chipping those beautiful logs. Would make a real nice cabin or a log structure. Next time with logs like that, put them up for auction. You'd make a lot more money then chipping them.
Jeremy Raeber
Jeremy Raeber Oy oldin
What stone were you using?
the2060ish Oy oldin
To much of you jerking around in that cab put the camera out side on a stand
Ignacio Oy oldin
When Chris doesn't upload a new video I go back and finish a video I didn't complete because of some dumb-butt interruption like maybe going to work. I started watching his videos at the onset of the 2020 Pandemic sometime around March. When I saw the first video I was hooked. Began to go back in time to get my fill and satisfy the obsession with the toys he plays with, but particularly with his skill level. I have now watched over 900+ of his videos; maybe not as many as some other folks. But it's satisfying when I can relate to some of his comments. Then there's the occasional glimpse of him operating a shovel without the use of two multifunction joysticks which he moves simultaneously as if they were directly wired to his brain. He showed off this skill at the expose when he "Owned Sany" as the announcer tried to embarrass him and then only to have Chris humble the guy by turning the tables on him. Chris was like cool hand Luke showing the guy some manners. Way to go Chris.
Robby Oy oldin
3 furnaces, that's a pretty big house!
Bertil Schough
Tänk va glada dom blir på sågverket när de inte är grus på träden😃
Dave D
Dave D Oy oldin
Our County requires a corrugated steel culvert. most are 12" dia.
JT Laser
JT Laser Oy oldin
I’m not a heavy equipment operator, nor trained in hydraulics, but I’ve been watching you remove trees for a while and I noticed that you never “hit” a tree, you always “shove.” I’m guessing that you never want to induce more pressure into your hydraulic system than your pump can generate. Is that close? I’d really like to understand. Great videos, thanks!
JT Laser
JT Laser Oy oldin
Well, plus the undue stress on bearings, joints, and torsion, but I was thinking primarily about the hydraulic system....
Gregory Andries
There's nothing like watching a master at work ! Boy oh boy I get excited every single time I watch Chris operate one of his excavators
brian kleinkopf
id love that load of logs! be blessed bro
brian kleinkopf
i wanna be yur best friend= worker :)
brian kleinkopf
u sir! are a fookin artist.... awesome,,,, 19 to go,,,, lol!!
Cool video
target Estimating Services
hay you know that mud recovery job you did last month ..WELL looks as that tape has gone super Viral over internet and people voted you best operator .. so i place your daily Link on youtube where you be found .. hay its free business advertising
Morgan Adair
Morgan Adair Oy oldin
I'd say that the trailer is well up to limit on weight anyway as that looks scary to drag behind a dually pickup truck but a dump truck would handle fine. There must not be many jump scales on the roads back there in the ohio badlands. Have you thought about your own mill.... you seem to have tons of free time with having only ten or more jobs lined for next week/lol
Darald Earles
Darald Earles Oy oldin
Simply the best and nothing less As usual great work Enjoy all your vidy
Charles Tucker
There was something different about this video. No water or mud to deal with 😁
Ray Wilson
Ray Wilson Oy oldin
Good work. You seem to make everything look easy
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Oy oldin
Good to watch an operator at the top of his game
Bertha Miller
Bertha Miller Oy oldin
The flagrant tenor uncommonly hum because technician rheologically cross versus a scared shadow. broad, aggressive story
AntonIo Ruiz Rocha
Pipe higher than bottom of ditch! No good my friend
Clinton Emmert
Chris, which driveway Pipe/Tail do you like best. Silver black or concrete, which one would you prefer to use and why?
Nice. Something easy and routine that also pays the bills.
Endagigropen Oy oldin
Nice and neat as always 💪🏻
Diesel Fuel
Diesel Fuel Oy oldin
What did you say. When in doubt Pull Out!!! LOL
Randy Mass
Randy Mass Oy oldin
Don’t know what these houses are worth but I personally wouldn’t want to live that close to someone else.
My Synth Dungeon
Another Lot ,Driveway well done !Cheers!;-)!!
David Hughes
David Hughes Oy oldin
You made light wk of this Chris, great job as always.
Les Oy oldin
where's your helper
kio haha
kio haha Oy oldin
dunno why I'm stuck in a office watching these vids 😂 is there no on-site chipper/shredder you can buy instead of hauling the branches and small sticks away. just haul off your logs
Seamus Power
Seamus Power Oy oldin
What’s the story with the white pick up slowly driving past the site and back up again ?
Bee Happy
Bee Happy Oy oldin
Hi Chris just wondering if you have used one of thesae buckets before they look really useful. uzblock.info/post/video/mcNppo-Cd3mRoI4.html
Robert Norris
Robert Norris Oy oldin
Looks like a California development with one home crammed in after another.
John Guinn
John Guinn Oy oldin
I would rather see Chris dig up the trees with a shovel, than to have to watch the demonRats on the mission of destroying the country.
Del Casale Excavating
Another excellent job !!! How do you mount / install your log stakes ?? And how tall are they ??
kjc748 Oy oldin
My kind of woman 20:54
William Harvey
I was really looking forward to the big burn pile right next to the neighbor's house. You could tell them, "Double my fee and I won't light it. Triple my fee and I'll haul it off instead of just throwing it over in your yard.." :)
Natalie Foster
The disastrous staircase importantly program because battle endogenously stamp aboard a easy panda. judicious, enthusiastic notify
Deplorable Libertarian
I’m halfway flippin convinced that this dude could grab a scalpel with his bucket and preform surgery. This dudes skill is absolutely phenomenal, never seen anybody that efficient with an excavator......it’s stupid how good this dude is.
J Frazier
J Frazier Oy oldin
One house burns more houses have a chance of burning. No matter how good the local Fire Department
Kevin Kenyon
Kevin Kenyon Oy oldin
Chris another busy day just getting it done,great video. Thanks for sharing. Kevin
Michiel van den Boogaard
What is the purpose of the ' silt fence' or what ever the black knee-high fence is called? Why would you put one up, is it mandatory?
A Wilson
A Wilson Oy oldin
10:10 Don't forget to establish water flow direction... You wouldn't want the embarrassment of having to come back and fix pipes that you put in backwards would you?
A Wilson
A Wilson Oy oldin
@letsdig18 The ditch slope wasn't obvious to me in the video. I assume you got it right considering how many videos you've made of fixing it when others didn't but I just thought it would be fun to tease you about it... 😁😂🤣
letsdig18 Oy oldin
its pretty obvious the water flows down hill
67 C10
67 C10 Oy oldin
Nice job Chris! I was really surprised by as skinny as those trees were, they were sure d*mn tall, even for pine trees!! They were no issue for you though, clearly! I was really waiting for the person in the white Ford to stop after they had gone by more than once,,,,,,. Glad they didn’t.
Ken S.
Ken S. Oy oldin
Can you Imagine how Much could get Done in this Country if Everyone Worked as Hard as You ?👍
Skorpy Nekomimi
I love the gentle pats on the top of the load of brush. 'There, there. Good truck. You sit tight, now.'
Smooch Oy oldin
Chris how far out does that boom extend to pick up something
Making it Happen
The 160 seems to be a pretty good machine in residential areas. It has decent strength, but is a little smaller and more flexible.
Jennifer Butcher
Bet it smells wonderful there! Fresh pines, warm dirt... perfection 😊
John Miller
John Miller Oy oldin
I wish I had your big excavator or one that size to take care of a bunch of trees and relocate my driveway too... I live on top of a hill with trees all around me... I need more sunlight here ... :) You make it look so easy too....
Captain K
Captain K Oy oldin
Pretty smooth machine the Volvo
Making it Happen
It looks like the neighbors are a little curious.
target Estimating Services
kind of closes on lots their ..
Jack Higgins
Jack Higgins Oy oldin
Did any of the bigger pine go as saw logs?
Dale Mac
Dale Mac Oy oldin
Surprised you don't have a chipper and a stump grinder lots of trash there do like that you have a swing gate on the semi have sent lots of load off to have the driver come back with a twisted load hung up in the bed great video
CJ VDH Oy oldin
“When in doubt take it out” I like that one! Keep up the great work Chris
Randy Wilson
Randy Wilson Oy oldin
When I worked for the county we all went to a class put on by the state on repairing and installing culvert pipes. It was interesting
coin and gold
coin and gold Oy oldin
Nice Green Grass! We up here are having a snow storm! 👎🏼👎🏼 Winter is just hanging on! April fool joke on us up here!
LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)
I do keep property line's 10ft wide cleared because you want to get thru there with a vehicle or at least an ATV when you building your fence.
Don Burg
Don Burg Oy oldin
Chris is the one that showed everyone how to do stuff the right way. Chris is the master of everything.
Kevin Coop
Kevin Coop Oy oldin
Your statement about trees on property lines is true! I heard a guy say how PO’d he was because he paid $10,000 more for a Premium lot. There was a beautiful view of the forest behind the lot. The developer built the house they picked with a large porch on the back so they could sit and enjoy the view. A year later, almost all the lots were gone in the sub-division. The same developer came in and took out the forest view and started building houses in the next sub-division. My comment is, if you buy property based on a certain view, you better buy that view too!
Kevin Coop
Kevin Coop Oy oldin
@letsdig18 Same exact thing! Makes no sense to me!
letsdig18 Oy oldin
when the neighbors come out and complain about me clearing all the trees off the lots beside them I always say if they wanted the trees they should have bought the lot
Wkr R
Wkr R Oy oldin
Log prices high? Looking at buying timberland South of you to homestead.
Wkr R
Wkr R Oy oldin
@letsdig18 well dam. Supposed 200k for 250 acers standing timber. Seems like something might be wrong with the property.
letsdig18 Oy oldin
lol no
coin and gold
coin and gold Oy oldin
Looks like your out of the rainy season! Looks like the ground there is somewhat dry? 👍🏻👍🏻
wfemp _
wfemp _ Oy oldin
@coin and gold It's unseasonably cold for the last couple of days where I am, but traditionally April is a fairly rainy month.
coin and gold
coin and gold Oy oldin
@Some Man Born In 88 i am an old guy, I have seen weather changes in the land that is mine blowing! We up here use to get 50 to 100 inches of snow in a winter and it would be rare to see rain at all from November to March! But that is a thing in the past! 51 below 0 nope! More than 20 below nope! More than a 18 inches nope! Rain in the dead of winter yes, although not this year! From the late 70s the weather have done a flip, and it's not done! I will not see the time up here when it hits 80 in January or even 70! I have seen 72 in February early 90s!! For a week!! Grass started growing and the leaves started budding out! Trees were all a little fuzzy looking! But winter came back then! Mud season in the first of March in 1981 then froze back up for a month! The snow we got the other day melted that day! But I just as soon have 70s all winter and summer 80s! That is not for me I guess, I will not last to the best of northern winters! I live right next to the Canadian Border in Vermont! So from the old fashioned winters to not having the winters like we used to I am ok with! But it tells me that there is bigger changes coming! I am not just talking about no snowfall in the usa, but a much bigger melt then no snow! The way the Gulf stream is changing and the Antarctica is melting! Where I live now and where you may live now will be under sea water! This combined with the northern Glacial melt the hole Grain Belt of the usa will be one big inland sea! Most of Florida and in between Mountain ranges will be a inland sea! Under 100 years! I am not going into the bull of using solar power and all, because it is to late now! But rather be prepared for what will be the inevitable, whatever you believe!! Just remember and think what hell your kids are going to go through! Thanks!!
Some Man Born In 88
Here in NC we average about 50inches a year so it won't be long before it's raining again
coin and gold
coin and gold Oy oldin
@wfemp _ Ha how about in the 20s and snow like hell! That is what we are getting! Yuck!
wfemp _
wfemp _ Oy oldin
April showers bring May flowers.
tpalshadow Oy oldin
Do you ever catch any grief from neighbors? Obviously it's none of their business, but I'm curious how that works.
letsdig18 Oy oldin
Jason Lavery
Jason Lavery Oy oldin
Hey Chris really appreciate the videos. Just want to say thanks
P R Oy oldin
yeah, but....where's the POND going to go?
Elizabeth Hendricks
Sir, I could watch you do this all day long! I would love for you to come to my momma's house and clear some land to make a garden.
letsdig18 Oy oldin
thats possible Im only 45 mins away. letsdig18@yahoo.com
Elizabeth Hendricks
She is in Warrenton, NC
A life Not Wasted Nelson
For some reason I have black screen on this video I enjoy your channel but I can’t see this one
Lake Pines Farm
When you start a clearing job like that where you are bound in by the road, do you think the hardest part is making the initial punch through to get an area to work in?
Serge Aubin
Serge Aubin Oy oldin
"that house has 3 air conditioners" funny i thought the same thing lol
Nathan Vogt
Nathan Vogt Oy oldin
The "when I doubt take it out" is true in almost any tree job. Great work.
William D
William D Oy oldin
Never thought 18 would get all the logs in one load LMAO.lot is perfect!
J. D.
J. D. Oy oldin
*I bet if asked, Chris could thread a needle with his Excavator.*
timmy frierson
Another fine job done by let’s dig 18, A great video Chris and yeah you had a hell of a load of logs but anyway brother you and John and yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming
ed MC
ed MC Oy oldin
Wow you work fast , now it saids sold , super super
adrian cartlidge
Another great video Chris and a job well done. Will you be posting your merchandise to the UK again sometime this year.
ed MC
ed MC Oy oldin
Those trees are so close to the house. They not worry of forest fires
ed MC
ed MC Oy oldin
You ever wave to people driving by ?????
Marc Wohlmayer
The Lot is situated nicely in the Open too now all the trees are gone.the New house will have a New neighbour as well.nice hot Sunny day there and nice blue sky die a Change.ya the Lot look was nicer then before 😀
Ronald Klein
Ronald Klein Oy oldin
Michał Śleziak
slobberpuss Oy oldin
I never realized how much North Carolina hates trees until I started watching your videos
slobberpuss Oy oldin
Calm down, it's a joke
wfemp _
wfemp _ Oy oldin
That's a gross generalization.
Roberta Williamson
I like the way you talk, up north we say lawgs but you say logs like it's spelled, it's cool. :)
uncommon logic
New trees grow, old trees fall. The neighbors will thank you after the storm.....
Blake Rye
Blake Rye Oy oldin
No Mud on the Job?? I don't understand :-)
I always hit 👍 even before I watch the videos. 😎
Roberta Williamson
A town up here some time ago was doing utility work and the contracted company helped demo 1/3rd of the downtown, it wasn't supposed to happen, but it showed the power of a natural gas explosion, now they have a big park in the middle, so yes be careful.
Vince Classen
Vince Classen Oy oldin
What is a Septic Field? I know what a septic tank is, but as I am from the UK Septic Field eludes me.
Scruffy 61
Scruffy 61 Oy oldin
Jan Krimberg
Jan Krimberg Oy oldin
sad to see that 99% of you klients are stupid..wood is fresh air..all wood.im really sad ..why ppl dont think of it ...
Cody Applegarth
You should do a vid about kids/teens watching what you do and how to interact with them to get into the HEO industry.
Les Cross
Les Cross Oy oldin
Bet you could pick an egg up with that machine top work as usual great video
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