New Driveway Install And Pond Flyover 

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12-Apr, 2021



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Charles Vandergriff
Charles Vandergriff 6 soat oldin
Definitely a beautiful piece pf property and a lovely view out the back of the house. Great job as always buddy
Nanny Boyett
Nanny Boyett 5 kun oldin
I believe I would have moved the house a little closer to the road and built a swimmer pool in the back!
Sue Anderson
Sue Anderson 8 kun oldin
inso 15 kun oldin
These backyard ponds are so awesome! I think there's no chance to have good enough water turnover for these to be swimming ponds?
william miller
william miller 15 kun oldin
TANKS for the fly over
Cliff Ferguson
Cliff Ferguson 16 kun oldin
The motzart of mother eathe.
Cliff Ferguson
Cliff Ferguson 16 kun oldin
The Socrates of soil
Cliff Ferguson
Cliff Ferguson 16 kun oldin
That’s a nice lookin pond
Samuel Spade
Samuel Spade 19 kun oldin
I remember in upstate New York as a wee laddie, they would tar and chip the roads and let traffic beat it in. This was before we became a nation of spenders and were frugal. And in the harsh winters they would spread sand not salt on the roads. We all had wells.
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!
Southern Homestead Transformation
I think you had the same driver that delivered to me at the Nursery Last year LOL.....
Steven Moreton
Steven Moreton 27 kun oldin
whats the music on this video
Thomas Wypyszinski
Thomas Wypyszinski 27 kun oldin
Who eats the cost of spreading out the stone from a bad drop? (Let me guess.) That's a whole lot of front yard! Are they going to grow crops? Or just a whole LOT of mowing! lol
samsung 151
samsung 151 27 kun oldin
GOOD, VERY GOOD. 👍👍👍......
Rel1369 27 kun oldin
Wasn't this the one where 'Karen' called the fire dept on you?
12jeeplover 28 kun oldin
This is the one where the Karen called the fire department on you. I hope they do big burns every weekend.
f150bc 28 kun oldin
A very nice job and the trees reflect in the water very nice ,when the trees turn color must be even better, a big home do they have kids ?Need a life guard seat on the shore of this one.LOL!
Pace Metal Fab and Waterjet
Chris, how much improved is the TL12V2 over the TL150 from years ago?
Richard Higgins
Richard Higgins 28 kun oldin
Nice to see the aerial shots at the end as it's difficult to envisage at ground level the overall finish. Nice one son !
Marc Zalewski
Marc Zalewski 29 kun oldin
Marc René Yvon
Marc René Yvon 29 kun oldin
I see in the owner's very near futur a BIG lawn tractor/mower... "Hello, Mr John Deere retailer..." !
Smocke Garage
Smocke Garage 29 kun oldin
Can you please buy a rototilt or atleast try one in a video
Barry Coleman
Barry Coleman 29 kun oldin
Please explain why you do not use a fabric , to stop weeds long term , under the stone ?? Thank you .
KSparx 29 kun oldin
lol "Spreadin' wasn't his forte". That's putting it nicely! Still, somebody has got a beautiful home and lot to look forward too.
Ken S.
Ken S. 29 kun oldin
Hey Chris! If you weren’t so Great in the Excavation Business, your Voice would be in Radio. 😬👍
tpalshadow 29 kun oldin
Beautiful house. Great work on the culvert, drive, and damn.
j c
j c 29 kun oldin
im not throwing shade---but contract projects require plans/specs/ geotechnical and have tolerances of as tight as .02/foot and require rigid moisture control and sometimes not easy to achieve compaction testing. i love to eyeball stuff--its pure equipment operation and fun, but 95% of what i do is all plans/specs and tested/inspected rigidly. ask any general engineering contractor--lasers, gps, nuclear gauges and detail.
josh shackleton
josh shackleton 29 kun oldin
Need to lay some sod, otherwise it looks great
Pete Moore
Pete Moore 29 kun oldin
Seeing those ladders reminded me of a very old story, told to me by my Dad. He was a fount of just numb stories. If this doesn't translate across the pond, I apologise. He fishes with, "I was working with my stepladder, yesterday.." I bite and say, "Oh really?" "Yes," he continues,"I don't get on, with my real ladder." Then he thumps me, for swearing..
Pete Moore
Pete Moore 29 kun oldin
Chris, that pond looks a bit murky. Consider something to oxygenate the water. A bucketful of freshwater prawns, some snails and maybe a few fish that are edible and capable of being caught by the kids. Definitely frogs, not toads! Nail a few ducks to the water.. Mute swans, as the honking ones are a pain. Sow some Ryegrass, let it go to seed. Fish go nuts for those, it's like watching Piranha, from an horror movie. In our pond, we had Natterjack Toads, an endangered and legally protected species. Thing is, whenever you were out, walking your shovel, they would just jump underneath it. Then all the frogs came back.
Pete Moore
Pete Moore 29 kun oldin
~A friend has built this home cinema thing, in his garden and it seats 12. This Friday, it's Jean Claude van Damme night, which should be good but, I've been watching so many Chris Clawed Back Dam that it won't be the same.
Farmer Bob
Farmer Bob 29 kun oldin
The water is surprisingly clear in that pond. Most of them the water looks like chocolate milk 🍫 🥛. The view of the pond area from the house has to be stunning! Lovely work on this job.
Pete Moore
Pete Moore 29 kun oldin
One of these days, and it's not too far off, someone is going to order, just a drive. When the Owner turns up, there's this pond, in the middle of the drive. "Der fer is that, Chris?" "Well,", says Chris, "I've been making soo many ponds of late, I thought that I would throw out a freebie for you."
J Williams
J Williams 29 kun oldin
Love your videos. I went out today and picked up a used Cat 305CR. I going to try and fix my pond and clean up some acreage. I've watched you so much I think with practice I'll be able to take care of it.
abdulaziz albaghli
abdulaziz albaghli 29 kun oldin
Why not plastic pipes?
Cary Stone
Cary Stone 29 kun oldin
Very nice work! Amazing house and property.
Jim Garrett
Jim Garrett 29 kun oldin
I think you also tore down and old dock and boat house. Fish will be caught around those concrete pipes.
Bob Grier
Bob Grier 29 kun oldin
That the place where Concerned Karen called the FD on you twice?
J Harris
J Harris 29 kun oldin
Are you ever on site when(if) the owners load the ponds with fish?
Max Obara
Max Obara 29 kun oldin
This is where you got a visit from the fire department wasn’t it?👍🇺🇸
Mike Hurley
Mike Hurley Oy oldin
Beautiful job, would be so nice to get electric drenched to the pond and have a fountain to keep the water moving around.
bob keller
bob keller Oy oldin
Love the music. Where's it from?
J Nolette
J Nolette Oy oldin
What a house and plot of land!
Will Oy oldin
Hi from Derbyshire in the UK. You definitely have some stunning houses in the US. The house is massive! in the UK it would be worth millions. Not sure how the prices compare in the US. I suppose there is much more space to spread out into?
Bert Safor
Bert Safor Oy oldin
You don't compact the soil with a vibrating machine? Normally each 30cm of soil added should be compacted to reduce soil settlement. The result looks nice now.. But in 2 years time there will be a hole...
Anthony Oy oldin
Was this a manmade pond? In NY state this would be a federal and state wetland if not and you'd never be able to clean it up or alter it so much.
Jens Ruppert
Jens Ruppert Oy oldin
The old pipes didn't look too bad, you could have asked Post10 to unclog them 😂
ramtuff2007 Oy oldin
good video
Alex Peeters
Alex Peeters Oy oldin
Great idea to reuse the old pipe for fish habitat!
Raymond Starr
Raymond Starr Oy oldin
Don’t you just love working with crush and run excellent for drive ways paths ect ect
Tranquility Base
I just bought some land and can’t wait to rent some equipment and have some fun myself!
Terry Clement
Terry Clement Oy oldin
Chris, why the concrete pipe vs plastic? Load capacity? Thanks!
letsdig18 29 kun oldin
Anna Fraley
Anna Fraley Oy oldin
This video proves that we/you Need ( job references Numbers) from now on, like someone said yesterday..😎👍✅
Laba Su
Laba Su Oy oldin
paige bevier
paige bevier Oy oldin
What are your thoughts on your mini excavator? I used a case mini excavator and it was gutless. I'm looking at a john deere 35g. I'm definitely not impressed with rubber tracks on the case
Douglas Sykes
Douglas Sykes Oy oldin
NIce! Good job on all ot it.
Crazy Craig
Crazy Craig Oy oldin
Question... Being I know jack about road construction. I see you sometimes use plastic culvert & sometimes concrete culvert. Why do you choose to one over the other?
lectora60 Oy oldin
You don't have leaks with the lake so close to the house? it looks like the ground is soaked.
Maine Man
Maine Man Oy oldin
The old culvert pieces that you put in the pond, should have been placed 16' apart.
MrLittlelud4 Oy oldin
A pleasure to witness .
dan Sowers
dan Sowers Oy oldin
I hope people that watch this understand what a good operator you are!
Dirt Brute
Dirt Brute Oy oldin
What a Beautiful piece of property and house. Great job Chris 👍
Peggy Sizemore
I do like that drone footage😁
Jennifer Butcher
Oh yeah! The pond! The house! And the reflection!! 😍 Beautifully done, thanks for the update on the pond!
Michael Johnson
Why do you use clay pipe vs poly pipe?
Jim P.
Jim P. Oy oldin
great save on the driveway
Chuck Lutz
Chuck Lutz Oy oldin
Great to see the follow up video!
ed MC
ed MC Oy oldin
Mary Schillinger
Great views of the pond and house. I love the music with it. How are your grass puppies doing? Hi Winston tell daddy you need a ride in the new truck. 🐾🐾🐾
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor Oy oldin
From Australia 👍🇦🇺 absolutely love the music 👍🇺🇲 Chris 👍🇺🇲
Tim Given
Tim Given Oy oldin
They need to take lessons on spreading stone from the blue kw driver, and John, so cool to see what a lot of the finished jobs look like. Great job sir
Ignacio Oy oldin
It's just spectacular to see Chris transform a piece of land and pond into a work of art. He can envision a finished product in his mind then slowly work the land and pond into spectacular results. What would seem like a challenging never-ending nightmare for others, landowner and other contractors, is just a normal work day for him. He just makes it happen seamlessly like it was painted by Picasso himself. Awesome work Chris.
Making it Happen
Nicely worked as always, but it seems to be bad soil there.
James Breault
James Breault Oy oldin
Great job chris
Ray W
Ray W Oy oldin
We already knew it ,but it has been spiritually verified, your eyeball is spot on,
kasnhasn Oy oldin
I’m always in awe about the precision you get out of those heavy machines. They way you lined up those pipes. Great
Aaron Grabowski
Another fine job Chris. You do really nice work bro.
Stein Oy oldin
werry nice
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey Oy oldin
Great video Chris 🇺🇲 this place looks great 🇺🇲
Pegg Sargent
Pegg Sargent Oy oldin
You really made the pond look great 👍 your the best I have seen
H - M
H - M Oy oldin
Does anybody have the link to the previous mentioned UZblock? Thanks.
B Mo
B Mo Oy oldin
Only another 15,000 to go ...
D Mullins
D Mullins Oy oldin
How big is this house? Unbelivable! They didn't want any trees in the front or back property? Pond looks great.
AK Don L H
AK Don L H Oy oldin
Beautiful job, have to put that one on the brochure!
Ray Evans
Ray Evans Oy oldin
I see you put a lot of driveways in. Is that the owner's job in N.C. Because in S.C. the state puts them in for free.
letsdig18 Oy oldin
They will do it but it an be a 6 week wait
jwg19444 Oy oldin
👍 Nice property, really nice work.
Tapinc24 Oy oldin
The shadow looks kind of cool!
Tapinc24 29 kun oldin
Ahh, shadow..
Baby Catcher
Baby Catcher Oy oldin
Shadow, or reflection?
Ronald Heit
Ronald Heit Oy oldin
It's absolutely astounding how easy Chris makes spreading gravel looks when we all know it's pure talent and experience. A true Master at his craft. The pond really turned out beautiful. Just needs 2 to 4 inches of good black top soil to get a better cover of grass.
Matthew Meuleman
can you please do a vidio on the grades of rock
Keith Spencer Sr.
Great work my friend, one hell of a look.
Sal _E._Mander
What does a piece of property like that cost out there? I am growing tired of the desert and all this heat. That looks like a beautiful place to live!
benritchsmith Oy oldin
You got quite the touch with that skid steer.
horse1066 Oy oldin
How do you decide when to use plastic pipe and when to use concrete? I’m sure I’ve seen you use both on an entrance
william fisher
Like I’ve said before, it’s like watching, bob ross, only with a skid steer.
Chas D
Chas D Oy oldin
Good Job.
Marcel Gérin
Marcel Gérin Oy oldin
BRAVO !!! pond is very nice a real success !!! not poor people place ...Noooooo !! Need people to pass the lawnmower to keep this place beautiful !!! Chris like always you surely did a very nice work !!! Keep on smiling and a good health !!! all the best my friend !!!
Cole Stroud
Cole Stroud Oy oldin
You need to get you one of those spreading boxes for the dozer.
Cole Stroud
Cole Stroud Oy oldin
@Sign In wtf are you talking about?
James Hall
James Hall Oy oldin
Great job Chris I've been a fan for years watching you work on these job site and seen others people job site and one thing is for sure you can always tell on who is a professional and who is an amateur
Mike Shilko
Mike Shilko Oy oldin
How many kudos are in a kadoot?? 😄 5:34
A couple years of maintenance and that place is going to look amazing once the grass grows in nice and thick. Also, talk about finesse with the mini, I haven’t seen skills like that since I left Japan.
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