New Clearing And Pond Build Project 

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11-Apr, 2021



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XANNIIIE 2 kun oldin
Hydraulics are fucking crazy
Nanny Boyett
Nanny Boyett 4 kun oldin
Invest in a Wood chipper
LN KJV only
LN KJV only 5 kun oldin
Repent to Jesus Christ! Are you a sinner? Saint Luke 5:32 KJV I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Saint Luke 13:3 KJV I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
mohammad hafizi
mohammad hafizi 24 kun oldin
I from malaysia..i like watching u channel about excovator.
paul weber
paul weber 25 kun oldin
A little 2x and 3x speed would be nice now and then :)
Dave P
Dave P 27 kun oldin
Does anyone else watch the fuel gauge go down as the day progresses?
Larry Magill
Larry Magill 27 kun oldin
Is there not a mill that would take the saw logs??
Jr Willman
Jr Willman 27 kun oldin
It will burn
chase bodiford
chase bodiford 27 kun oldin
great job buddy and great video as always 😎👊🏻👍🏻
Mr. President TRUMP!!!
What kind of tree is this? 41:10 ?
Mr. President TRUMP!!!
How much that bucket weigh?
Buckhanan 28 kun oldin
18:50 Plastic...HUH! I guessed dinosaur skin...
Alexis DeVille
Alexis DeVille 28 kun oldin
Why is that so wet, is a swamp or is that there is no place for the surface water to drain off? Is the pond to drain the property?
Dave Koch
Dave Koch 28 kun oldin
Nice to see that you are looking out for the log cutter by making sure the boles are off the ground! That’s experience.
Richard White
Richard White 28 kun oldin
it seems like you move the same material over and over
Rob Baldwin
Rob Baldwin 29 kun oldin
I think it is a crying shame to take down those trees. Do these people know the true value of trees? Ask them a question or 2. Where does all the oxygen in our atmosphere that we need to live come from? Answer, trees!
Wang Hung
Wang Hung 29 kun oldin
What model is this excavator?
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts 29 kun oldin
It's my thought is that where you'll be clearing to have a field will be filled up with more crap. But this man is skilled.
ww1942digger 29 kun oldin
Your job to get those trees out. Why don't you use a tree shredder the one that hack the into tiny peaces. Then you don't have to burn it all. And that aint good for pollution the skies. Just a thought
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 29 kun oldin
I dont know were your at but all that fire wood.here wear i live people would come cut that up and take it home for free jest for the wood
charles dilmore
charles dilmore 29 kun oldin
what did you name that bucket? Chomper or Betsy Buck Tooth?
Exotic Tones
Exotic Tones 29 kun oldin
Man around us people will come n pay you to cut n take the wood.mi.
Pedro Mata Jr
Pedro Mata Jr 29 kun oldin
Literally zero doubts you'll get it done I'm pretty sure everyone agrees.
jim hopper
jim hopper 29 kun oldin
Who else wanted him to get that piece of pipe out of the pond?
Walter Mattson
Walter Mattson 29 kun oldin
Would the dirt fall of the roots if you stir the stump in the water?
Artimus Branesample
Artimus Branesample 29 kun oldin
I've been binging your content for a couple of days. I'm a retired landscaping installer. Spent more than 20 years and 90% of my back moving dirt one direction or another. I never worked with anything the size of what your toys are but, I've wanted to for decades. There are a few things a fella can get good at on that length of time and one of mine is the ability to see and set a grade. In my 30's I applied for jobs with companies that installed golf courses as a "green specialist". Anyway, I have a full appreciation for how fluid and easy you make your work appear to be. And, given the quality of your work, I would have been happy to see you on a job site with me. Stay safe. Appreciate the effort. Editing videos sober is WORK.
john k mcgregor
And here’s me looking for firewood for our stove in Scotland, could you send some across the pond so to speak!! J🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Who said that ?
Man I wish I lived close to you , you wouldn’t have to pay me to come cut and collect the logs ! I would do that for the free lumber lol
Monika Bredesen
One pond looks like another pond looks like a third pond, but anyway mayhem and big machines....
James Tate
James Tate Oy oldin
Everytime he gets behind the controls of a Excuvator he goes into a Rage of distruction.
So nice video
t000lish Oy oldin
Why not level the place with a big dozer?
Paul Beezum
Paul Beezum Oy oldin
What sort of snake would live in the area where your digging. Regards from Australia.
Roy Allen Blessing
Glad its another pond. Hate to see that beautiful machine in a pile of boulders.
fredy gump
fredy gump Oy oldin
I think Chris is the real "pond professor". But there's some other guy who uses that name....he makes little artificial ponds that are more like fish tanks than actual ponds.
John Campbell
John Campbell Oy oldin
The trees are also Chris not a bad platform to be placed over a bog to sit your machine on only a suggestion.
Arc Oy oldin
drown shot an music total unnecessary. please stop
Mr2 Fingerz
Mr2 Fingerz Oy oldin
Ide actually like to see you PLANT TREES MAYBE.
Rc ro고
Rc ro고 Oy oldin
volvo good
Steffen Oy oldin
"Theres my first snake" *Chris in a monstrous metal machine to the 3ft snek* "stay over there"
Marty Mclamb
Marty Mclamb Oy oldin
Derek Oy oldin
Whats a job like this roughly cost? For this video, in particular.
josh congioloso
Hey Chris, isn’t that your 220 so does your uncle or whoever owns the company pay you for being on job site with your equipment or is that your job?
John Obiro
John Obiro Oy oldin
I don’t know how those trees stayed up. There wasn’t much holding them. It just needed a decent wind.
M H Oy oldin
A good view is the reflection in the front window of Chris manipulating the controls while deftly moving the trees and debris around.
Anna Fraley
Anna Fraley Oy oldin
I take it this is YOUR Equipment , Your weekend job project 🤷🏻‍♂️ A REAL messy mess down in the bottom.!! Reminds me of a job I (Rob) had down in Pink Hill in the mid 70’s with an old Kohring Dragline, NOT Fun😫
Kyle Greer
Kyle Greer Oy oldin
Under and in the plastic is where all the dead bodies are!
Anna Fraley
Anna Fraley Oy oldin
Wow, This should be a Good job 😎👍✅ Yet Anoter guy tha Only owns HALF of the pond🤷🏻‍♂️🤔🥴 It sure looks like a great place down in the low swamp 18:30 for multiple Snake 🐍 families to live..!!!
ramtuff2007 Oy oldin
good old donnie
Ed Allen
Ed Allen Oy oldin
are you going to buy a dump truck or just hire it done
Drew Smith
Drew Smith Oy oldin
You've got your work cut out on this job
Making it Happen
You're careful about mister snake, so his wife does not become a widow.
Making it Happen
It looks like a tarp.
Ben Ames
Ben Ames Oy oldin
How long will you think this job will take
Making it Happen
Tree branches seem to be much like popcorn, they get stuck between the teeth
Don Parr
Don Parr Oy oldin
What is that goopy stuff you are pilling up?
O'Donnell's Aussie Homestead
Certainly really wet. You fix it, Chris .😇👍
ArizVern Oy oldin
Knight 2000
Knight 2000 Oy oldin
This is superb this channel. I want to know "do you think you have won more contracts by having a UZblock channel" where customers can view your work and abilities. I'd be surprised if it hadn't helped
Steve Kline
Steve Kline Oy oldin
Could that plastic be a parachute?
Dbrown Brown
Dbrown Brown Oy oldin
Must be someone in the area with a sawmill that would love to take that timber.
Fred Schultz
Fred Schultz Oy oldin
LMFAO "What in the world, I don't know what to do with that" 19 minutes in. I was laughing so hard, looked like tree had slimy vines growing out where the roots should have been....
Ed Hoyles
Ed Hoyles Oy oldin
Who would win, Chris or "T Rex"
Fred Schultz
Fred Schultz Oy oldin
I would wager that Chris is the type that snaps his toothpicks after use.....
doctor mcboy
doctor mcboy Oy oldin
i really enjoy these vids. thanks for keeping the language clean and not playing rap muzik
adrian cartlidge
Great video Chris. Have you come across many Wasps nests while doing job's like this.
timmy frierson
Chris you just go from one job to another but I’m glad you got the work to do to keep your company busy and keep you some good cash flow coming in but anyway brother another great video you and John in yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming man and I can’t wait to see what that’s gonna look like when you get through with it
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Oy oldin
Environmentalists "plant more trees, use less fuel".... Chris "kill more trees, use more fuel" 😂😂
D'Hollander Peter
hey Chris , why not shred wood?
popko helmus
popko helmus Oy oldin
its a big job chris
Pete Andrews
Pete Andrews Oy oldin
Hell yes, got to love a pond build Chris.
carl cook
carl cook Oy oldin
Great video. To bad that people who sells firewood for a living haven't reached out to you in regards to getting the wood so they could cut into logs for firewood to sell.
mula2626 Oy oldin
Most of it is pine. Not good for heating your home with. You need hardwood.
DerrickMegan Pettit
Nice work chris, gonna be another awesome series of videos from a pond site, can't wait to see the outcome of this one, thanks for sharing bud💪🇺🇲
diggerop Oy oldin
"Never know what you might find." Being on what had been a County Poor Farm, I can't dig without wondering if I'm going to find something. There had been a cemetery on the place. When the County sold the property, it was moved ... but it's often been said that they were not entirely sure they got them all.
First Knight
First Knight Oy oldin
Chris is an artist with that machine I'd love to see him playing in a 700
Marc René Yvon
Meuuud ! Lots of it. Can't imagine the bugs down there ! 😳
Making it Happen
Good morning sir. It's always nice to follow a job from beginning to end. The result is always so amazing.
Chris Bartrum
Chris Bartrum Oy oldin
It's a shame there ain't locals come in to harvest some of that wood, both burn for stoves and mill for lumber. That would save you having to burn so much and alleviate much of that time consuming process. Still, after so many years of following you, I appreciate your hard work and skills in transforming these back woods swamps into areas of use. Thanks for my daily dose.
Pete Moore
Pete Moore Oy oldin
And now, for our older viewers in the UK only.. Does this video remind you of that insane advert from over 40 years ago? Here's your clue.. Chris is doing the shake and stack, to put some fresh air back.
Pete Moore
Pete Moore Oy oldin
@Sign In Funny you should say that. Was at the Drs. on Friday. He is notorious for NOT prescribing drugs. Me; Can I have some Prozac, as some of my friends are on it? Dr; No. Sit in the garden for an hour a day. Me; How about some of those anti-depressants then? Dr; No. Watch letsdig18 for an hour a day. Me; Insulin? Dr; Aah, you got me there, Pete!
Jim P.
Jim P. Oy oldin
you found D.B Cooper
w49660 Oy oldin
Anyone know which drone + camera he uses?
Chris found D B Coopers parachute
Ken Lee
Ken Lee Oy oldin
Can you ship ponds UPS? I need 2 please.
Dwayne Koblitz
This pond and clearing is going to be so damn good!!
Watler Trent
Watler Trent Oy oldin
Great video love to see this when its done
Gordy Hattrick
Who needs a chain saw when you have Chris and his Volvo :-)
Bradley Henderson
New handle for Chris The mid wrangler or maybe something to do with being a rock jockey?
David Uher
David Uher Oy oldin
As a retired contractor, I have so enjoyed your videos. I can’t help but wonder if these projects are a bid job or if they are billed as machine and operator.
J D Oy oldin
Goop ball looked like an old weather balloon.
2Moza Oy oldin
Water Buffo at his finest :) , last Vlog like a pig in chit :) = Dry Dirt , before that I am the Rock mover . Great work as always Chris Looking forward to the next Vlog Bud.
tjousk Oy oldin
H - M
H - M Oy oldin
Great. Roll on Parts 2,3 & 4. 👌🏿
Jim Pumphrey
Jim Pumphrey Oy oldin
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!
Hillbilly haven
CRK Productions
I wanted to see more of the snake. Smile.
Ray Evans
Ray Evans Oy oldin
Looks like you might have to wait until the dry part of summer to get that hole dug.
Ocean View Tree Services
Somewhat surprised your working for your uncle st all anymore
Marcel Gérin
Marcel Gérin Oy oldin
Hiii Chris !!! where is the chipper ( a big one) chips to put around the new pond ! Ho yes now your new name should be " Mister DAM POND" they like you, best publicity from mouth to ears !!! Contended client makes more clients !!! All the best and look after yourself carefully ok best regards from F. GUYANA !!!
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