Nature Fought Back And Won Today 

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24-Apr, 2021



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Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp Kun oldin
LoL, more Gum Trees!
Heardy 6830
Heardy 6830 4 kun oldin
You should of had a gard for the window before you started digging up trees as , as then , it wouldn't cost you nothing
Arazideki Operatörler
Good luck with
Nanny Boyett
Nanny Boyett 6 kun oldin
Just be thankful that glass was there so that tree did not hit you in the face!
Jeremy Raeber
Jeremy Raeber 6 kun oldin
If you rewind the video, the cracks go away. Lol
BS Detector
BS Detector 10 kun oldin
Geez, what a huge pile of junk/trash ! Hate to see people do that ! Got a neighbor worse than that. Would take a month to clean up.
Xyz Abc
Xyz Abc 11 kun oldin
Are there any economic incentives to burying the excess brush/stumps rather than burning it? It would be a small but positive step towards carbon sequestration. I wonder if there is any way to make it economically feasible to bury rather than burn? Could a business be made around the idea?
Timothy Dantz II
Timothy Dantz II 12 kun oldin
One of the greatest Joys in life I've discovered is watching you "toss" trees with your machine! My personal belief is that it needs to be added to the Olympics.
NY Cat
NY Cat 12 kun oldin
Now you have been using your bucket and thumb for awhile what do you think of it? Any changes?
shirley saldivar
shirley saldivar 13 kun oldin
Should have titled this one , When Trees Attack! Seems to me Chris you're not at your best today? A little on edge or just plum tired, a little slow with your grabbing and swing. But I am glad it was the window and not you! Your life is priceless, please take care.
Scott Satterthwaite
Scott Satterthwaite 13 kun oldin
Well, better to get pissed off than pissed on.
guppyboy69 14 kun oldin
Take the glass in and get it tinted before it's installed, should save you a bit.
Paul Buchanan
Paul Buchanan 14 kun oldin
can you get insurance to cover damage, or is it too expensive
Nick Fast
Nick Fast 14 kun oldin
Tint the windows before you bring it to the machine
Erik Bralten
Erik Bralten 15 kun oldin
7:32 for the title
Lee Shaver
Lee Shaver 15 kun oldin
As my pops would say "That's enough to piss off the pope"
Adam Norling
Adam Norling 15 kun oldin
I've had to replace Case, John Deere, Bobcat, JLG and Volvo windshields, many times. Volvo is the worst with their c-channel frame and obnoxious rubber insert that bunches up like tighty whities.
Mike Neely
Mike Neely 15 kun oldin
Don’t they make windows for those out of the stuff they use for the forestry doors on skid steers? The door on my 333E is bulletproof.
John Wick
John Wick 15 kun oldin
This makes me cry on the inside 😥 I have a 220 Volvo excavator and I love it!
George B Baldwin
George B Baldwin 15 kun oldin
8:45 Duck Tape! It'll happen again. Three times around - jinks.
Kristy Staats
Kristy Staats 16 kun oldin
Old saying those that can afford it & those dont have it cant afford it
Brad Gauchier
Brad Gauchier 16 kun oldin
Bahahahaha, you are so much like me, I see that windshield getting fixed a.s.a.p
Hunt Nut
Hunt Nut 16 kun oldin
Have you thought about getting a metal grill over the window?
bcimato 16 kun oldin
Send the glass to be tinted before installing... I've done it before and both installers like the ease....
SJS 16 kun oldin
Now I've got the "Safelite repair, Safelite replace" jingle stuck in my head.....
Kirt Hedquist
Kirt Hedquist 16 kun oldin
Well at least with a new window we won't have to watch what your working on thru that scratched up window!
Fred Cain
Fred Cain 16 kun oldin
Have you tried safe harbor glass good priced you install
nuttsgt 16 kun oldin
Thought you cracked one from the heat of a fire about 2 years ago.
Adam Webster
Adam Webster 16 kun oldin
Too bad you can't tint the glass before it's installed! would be easier for the tinter to do
Alfonso Bernabe
Alfonso Bernabe 16 kun oldin
Get it fixed ASAP wake up that much earlier that’s what I would do
Alfonso Bernabe
Alfonso Bernabe 16 kun oldin
Your super impatient just like me
David Brickey
David Brickey 16 kun oldin
That keeps up you need to shut it down and go home for the day.
David Brickey
David Brickey 16 kun oldin
When things go wrong it go wrong quick.
Keith Brennan
Keith Brennan 16 kun oldin
You need glass protectors on your cab. Surprised you haven't burst a hydraulic hose when pushing over the trees
Mapantz1 17 kun oldin
I am catching up on your vids as I am a bit behind! I have just sat back in my chair, put my feet up to relax.. at 18:48 I actually flinched haha
Charles Downing
Charles Downing 17 kun oldin
Haven't seen Tim working lately, is he still working with them?
gravelydon 17 kun oldin
Suggestion on the glass. Get a local glass shop to cut it for you out of AS2 glass. AS2 glass is pre-tinted automotive glass which has a plastic liner in it. Nowhere near the cost that you are talking about. If you look into it on a vehicle such as the side door of a van, it is almost black but from the inside, it will be about what I see in your video. The difference between it and AS1 is the fact that it did not pass all the safety tests to allow it to be used in a windshield of a car or truck. You can also get AS3 glass which is way to dark ( limo tint ) to use if you do any night work. AS1 also cannot be tinted below the AS1 marker line which normally is already done at the top on factory glass.
Eric Deller
Eric Deller 17 kun oldin
You could get the glass tinted b4 its installed might make it easier. Ive also found i can usually get an automotive glass shop to replace my equipment glass far cheaper then buying OEM glass
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts 17 kun oldin
You're too young to know this but Mick Jagger was also '' Shattered '' back in 1978. Though the Rolling Stones made money for their version.
tokul76 17 kun oldin
No economic value in using those trees instead of burning them on spot?
Nick 17 kun oldin
This is where you pull down another tree, grab it and swing its carcass around to take down other trees. :: Angry digging noises ::
Maine Man
Maine Man 17 kun oldin
Mother Nature giving you a bit of Karma for taking down so many trees that didn't need to come down for the sake of land being "prettier", so she made you excavator uglier.
James hockey
James hockey 17 kun oldin
Feel your pain 😞 it's annoying at the best of times but knowing how much you look after and care for the machines makes it all the worse
Matt Rogers
Matt Rogers 17 kun oldin
Sucks that you busted the windshield but it's better to be pissed off then pissed on
ted coffman
ted coffman 17 kun oldin
Dont feel to bad...A friend of ours rented a Cat 330 and was using it to install 16 inch steel pipe. While doing so, a section of the pipe got loose from a choker and slammed into the left corner of the cab. We tried to straighten it. It cost 25 grand for a new cab.
ted coffman
ted coffman 17 kun oldin
Looks like your tracks are loose.
Motor 2of7
Motor 2of7 17 kun oldin
The engine on that Komatsu sounds a little “clackety”. I hope that’s just a bad exhaust note.
Tony Byfield
Tony Byfield 17 kun oldin
Give the Glass Guy a good plug on your next video for a discounted price. I know not all of your subscribers live near you but hey even if he got 4 jobs from it it would be worth it to him.
Matthew Green
Matthew Green 17 kun oldin
You can reinforce your glass with a 3M product called ScotchShield. There are also other products like it on the market. I am a security contractor and you cant beat this stuff in with a crowbar on the first hit, or the second, or the third etc. It comes in different thicknesses - I recommend 8-10 mil. Put it on all the windows in that machine for less than $200 and never break your glass again. You are welcome.
James Las Vegas 127
James Las Vegas 127 17 kun oldin
Good video
Randy Adams
Randy Adams 17 kun oldin
Had a branch come down and took my mirror off last week. Forestry screens saved my glass. I feel your pain though. Clearing will get something on your machine sooner or later. Enjoy your videos a lot. Thumbs up.
trav402 17 kun oldin
Just curious...is this your company?
Drew Retzer
Drew Retzer 17 kun oldin
Your youtube monetization will more than take care of that ,just saying.
Ken S.
Ken S. 17 kun oldin
You’re highly skilled and take all precautions but accidents are just that. Definitely not intentional.
Bishop Corva
Bishop Corva 17 kun oldin
Yeah, being so mad you can't even form the words to express how mad you are. Instead you just make growls and grunts, that's serious mad.
Terry Clement
Terry Clement 17 kun oldin
Getting it done as always Chris!
Ken S.
Ken S. 17 kun oldin
A Vicious Circle. The Harder you Work, the More people want you to Complete their Project. 😬👍
Jafo 17 kun oldin
If only you could put the broken windows up on EBay; you might recoup some of the expense. Great job as always!
rkalle66 17 kun oldin
Do you benefit from higher timber prices? Trying to cut more and burn less?
Bluesfreak 17 kun oldin
Love the sound of the machine, not music!
Digginok 17 kun oldin
I'm suprised you haven't lost more glass. I thought that splinter was going to get you! I got smacked in the face with a splinter on the dozer a while back. Dang trees always fight back.
Marian Birks
Marian Birks 17 kun oldin
I was wondering when the Tree God was going to get you😊
Del Casale Excavating
Hey man.... sorry about your windshield..it SUX..but Im just glad you're okay cause it could have been ALOT worse had the top window be open and that darn tree came through and hit you..... Been there a couple of times over the years... thank goodness for tempered glass.... machines and windows can be fixed.......us.. not so easily. Better luck with the rest of the job...
CALVIN L. NIKONT 17 kun oldin
The big one-piece, wrap-around, tinted windshield on my big truck was only around $400 installed and they drove to me. You're going to have to do some shopping around for a better glass guy!
Andy91 17 kun oldin
The real shame is that it costs 1000.00 to replace that crappy glass. Everything price wise is out of this world. Makes it tough to do business.
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!
Mike Diamond
Mike Diamond 17 kun oldin
I can help with the install......... might take me a while to get there .......
Sargent Colon
Sargent Colon 17 kun oldin
If only you were closer I would take all that wood from you. The UK is definitely too far away.
Sargent Colon
Sargent Colon 17 kun oldin
And I would saw it so you didn’t have to.
louis roman
louis roman 17 kun oldin
So is that maybe the second windshield you've ever cracked, not a bad record sir. thanks for sharing.
Mike LaFave
Mike LaFave 17 kun oldin
Could you get like Plexi glass ? (something unbreakable)
Smomax99 18 kun oldin
The trees had it out for you on this day. My lord...lol!
Stu N
Stu N 18 kun oldin
Question... Can’t you replace the glass with a polycarbonate sheet cut to the same size as the glass...? Cheaper and stronger...
Leona Scherer
Leona Scherer 18 kun oldin
Nothing more relaxing than watching you remove trees like a gigantic angry dinosaur. Sorry about the glass, I hate it worse when a hydrolic line breaks and you get the hydro shower.
Steve Dittman
Steve Dittman 18 kun oldin
You need to give ole Mother Nature a big ole bitch slap with your 220!!!
Tim Ziegler
Tim Ziegler 18 kun oldin
I am sorry about the accident. In my years I too have experienced a financial setback on a job! God bless you; take care.
Howard Launius
Howard Launius 18 kun oldin
It is really a pleasure watching you operate that excavator. The motion never pauses, up, down, in, out.... no wasted time.
JCGoogle 18 kun oldin
7:43 Just order the glass and a roll of tint online, grab a chainsaw and a skidsteer and Andrew Camarata it. While you got the chainsaw handy, throw in a new sound system.
ramtuff2007 18 kun oldin
bad day breaking windows chris should ask the tree if it has insurance LOL
Jerry Bennett
Jerry Bennett 18 kun oldin
If it was on video I bet there would have been alot of beeps when it happened 🤣
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 18 kun oldin
a guard is an obstruction of your view, not a good thing. Anyone that says that hasn't operated equipment.
Mark Mayfield
Mark Mayfield 18 kun oldin
Just think of the mulch side business you could have. Purdy big one.
dukegoodno585 18 kun oldin
Slow down your camera movements, you make me dizzy.
Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis 18 kun oldin
it looks like Nature's out to get you today
keith simpson
keith simpson 18 kun oldin
shit happens
Colin Robson
Colin Robson 18 kun oldin
I once grabbed a huge bundle of barbed wire but missed the fence post still attached the only place in the whole world it was gonna swing was at my top window, frightened the crap out of me, I nearly was through the roof 🤦‍♂️
keith simpson
keith simpson 18 kun oldin
you do a great job
Tomsey Bitago
Tomsey Bitago 18 kun oldin
Pushing all the branches and stumps with the dozer just doesn't seem efficient in this video. Is it just me? (I have no experience running heavy equipment) Seems like when pushing snow with a shovel and clumps falling off the sides and having to go back and push the shovel in the same spot to get the snow clumps. Know what I mean?
The Smoke Wagon
The Smoke Wagon 18 kun oldin
Window might be cheap for avoiding a blow to you. Unfortunate but still might have avoided an injury.
46Rambo 18 kun oldin
we got a big happy black guy that claims he can tint any window for $99'95 and then laughs all crazy and stuff. I like to see his face when the semi pulls up with your Volvo on the trailer to his little canopy in the Walmart parking lot
Robert Bradford
Robert Bradford 18 kun oldin
These trees have a taste for glass!👊
Lpkendo Lol
Lpkendo Lol 18 kun oldin
John Badalutz
John Badalutz 18 kun oldin
Worked with my Dad for years, he always said that a contractor needs to take the bitter with the sweet--the contractor gets to make a profit per job, own his own tools, right to have days off, vacations and be independent--WOW!
Ranger 231
Ranger 231 18 kun oldin
Stillwater62 ##
Stillwater62 ## 18 kun oldin
With that cracked glass, you now look like one of those " Fly By Night, Hole in the Wall, Nobody Outfits ", that don`t maintain their equipment, and run junk. I can understand why you are upset. People don`t know anything about equipment, they ONLY know how it looks. If your equipment looks good, clean, and nothing broken, etc.., they think you are a real professional. If it is dirty, broken parts, etc.. , well it isn`t good. That piece of wood that flew past the cab was what they call a bean ball. It is to make you back off the plate, or in your case, wear a catcher`s face mask, throat, and chest protector.
Rollem Swift
Rollem Swift 18 kun oldin
I'm a bit surprised that the glass in a Machine of that calibre and the price you pay for them is not reinforced glass even shatterproof as looking at the way the glass had broken in shards should that have come out with any force could have been deadly, when a car windscreen brakes it smashes in a million pieces, that is a commercial machine something wrong somewhere, I see a serious cause for complaint to the Manufacturer. Cheers Buddy.
danny sharon
danny sharon 18 kun oldin
the real screw-up is that you didnt get it on camera.....
Perry S
Perry S 18 kun oldin
Since its flat glass you could always put security film, its called so many different names but ranges from 2mm to 16mm thick window tint, basically you can hit with sledgehammer and it wont crack. Comes in clear or any percentage you want.
erimus1 18 kun oldin
That wasn’t nature that broke the glass, it was the operator 😂
Ray Hindle
Ray Hindle 18 kun oldin
Sickening for the windshields, have you thought of replacing them with polycarbonate ? Pound for pound its stronger than steel, here in the U.K. they make police riot shields with it. It looks just like glass.
Paul Rivette
Paul Rivette 18 kun oldin
The trees strike back!
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