More Building Pads At The Mini Storage 

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15-Apr, 2021



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esparka 24 kun oldin
They have those buildings Tight!
DAVID PUGH 25 kun oldin
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!
Dave Stinson
Dave Stinson 26 kun oldin
Is that still original cutting edge on tilt bkt? That thing has sure been handy I bet. I'm sure u don't how u ever did w out it
John Obiro
John Obiro 26 kun oldin
Well there’s 33 minutes of my life I won’t get back. Why don’t you make your videos shorter. They just get Boring.
Antony Brown
Antony Brown 26 kun oldin
Is well as he handle big machinery he would never find a problem finding work anywhere
토공TV 26 kun oldin
Nice video my friend good job
dannyvdbogaard 26 kun oldin
Is that a scratch on the 160s counterweight?
steve smith
steve smith 26 kun oldin
He should probably add more than 2
David Beers
David Beers 26 kun oldin
I remember the truckload upon truckload of dirt you had to bring in there to get that lot leveled out.
memyselfand ifarmer
memyselfand ifarmer 26 kun oldin
Good thing people have a lot of crap they never use or get rid of. Dogs are the best.
Cambodia Excavator KH
so nice vodeos
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen 26 kun oldin
Good👍 work💯
Theo Bogentoft
Theo Bogentoft 26 kun oldin
You Schuld invest in a tilt rotator
Marc Wohlmayer
Marc Wohlmayer 26 kun oldin
Nice video Chris.at least its Not raining there.
Kenneth Hume
Kenneth Hume 26 kun oldin
Bearing in mind that the clay that you were digging out contains an amount of gravel , can it be re used ?
Steve McDonald
Steve McDonald 27 kun oldin
Florida Man: Oh hell, that's where I buried my mother inlaw!!
Raymond Starr
Raymond Starr 27 kun oldin
Fantastic you will be able to use all that crush run when all of the units are up,
200lb_ Gorilla
200lb_ Gorilla 27 kun oldin
At lest it was dry hahah
Shadow Of Pain
Shadow Of Pain 27 kun oldin
After watching all these videos, it is apparent to me you need a dump truck with tracks.
j c
j c 27 kun oldin
we used 50 series massey furgeson (stout skip loader) for what you use skid steer
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 27 kun oldin
I'm impressed you're getting so close to grade, without using very sophisticated measuring tools.
67 C10
67 C10 27 kun oldin
That glue dump truck with RS Godwin on the back looks like he is one of the guys you had hauling the Rock out of the Vet location. I bet he prefers this!!! Hahaha.
Dudley Middleton
Dudley Middleton 27 kun oldin
Lets do STORAGE WARS! No, better not lol!
Leroy Aultmom
Leroy Aultmom 27 kun oldin
I Counted your cycle time from ground to truck back to ground it was 24 second
Deplorable Libertarian
We got some drainage problems on this property....might need some french drains or something.
rundoetx 27 kun oldin
I'd haul all that gravel hope to the Farm, lol.
NC Vman
NC Vman 27 kun oldin
Why not use a bulldozer to grade this? Push dirt into pile? Is it too heavy?
A Day
A Day 27 kun oldin
When I lived in NC about 15 years ago, I rented a u-store-it, filled it while moving and when I returned to retrieve items found that the unit had flooded and ruined my stuff. That scheme has major flaws. Cement pads near level with the gravel won't keep water out when it rains sufficiently. After I vacated the unit the owner had nerve enough to continue to bill me for the unit. I guess that business model ignores the customer.
902_4life 27 kun oldin
love the vids bud.. but ya need to time-lapse way more!!✌
Cameron Houston
Cameron Houston 27 kun oldin
Besser Schlafen
Besser Schlafen 27 kun oldin
4️⃣3️⃣ people dislike storage?
Greg Kiatta
Greg Kiatta 27 kun oldin
Why didn’t you load Stone on truck so you didn’t have to move it again
Tony Sutton
Tony Sutton 27 kun oldin
Why would you not use the motor grader on a project like this?
Edgar Matzinger
Edgar Matzinger 27 kun oldin
Are you going to use a shaker to separate the rock from the dirt?
Bryan Lloyd
Bryan Lloyd 27 kun oldin
It is gonna look good when you are done!!
ed MC
ed MC 27 kun oldin
michael mullins
michael mullins 27 kun oldin
That sight definitely proves that people have to much stuff. 3 buildings 275 feet. Building 3 more because the first 3 are already full. Great investment for the owner.
Faith Ford
Faith Ford 27 kun oldin
Great work Chris, I miss the snow jobs
Peter Kitts
Peter Kitts 27 kun oldin
The skidsteer is so quick compared to the dozer I keep thinking I'm watching in fast forward
Jeff Andrews
Jeff Andrews 27 kun oldin
Dissapointed this wasnt used as an excuse to get the new dozer out again :P
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 27 kun oldin
Good morning sir.☕🚬.
tjousk 27 kun oldin
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 27 kun oldin
Next UZblock algo recommendation...watching paint dry.
D Vint
D Vint 27 kun oldin
When you was doing the work for the pads for the units that are now full , I told myself ' SELF YOU MIGHT OUTTA GO AHEAD AND BUILD THE OTHER ONES CAUSE THOSE WILL FILL-UP REALLY QUICK ' and here you are again . Great video sir .
Jontie at Moet
Jontie at Moet 27 kun oldin
Great work with the four in one bucket on the skid steer, a joy to watch . Great job mate 👌👌🇦🇺
Chuck James
Chuck James 27 kun oldin
I've been around a lot of excavator operators and I don't know any who run the machine smoother than you. Much satisfying to watch.
Steven Corley
Steven Corley 27 kun oldin
With so much dirt mixed in with the recovered rock, will you need to screen the rock before putting it back down?
arleenk3 27 kun oldin
Could you do a video sometime on how to operate an excavator; what controls do what and how you do your magic with them. Thanks
f150bc 27 kun oldin
Looks like business is booming at the storage unit.
Philip Arthurs
Philip Arthurs 27 kun oldin
why not use the grading bucket on the volvo?
David Messersmith
David Messersmith 27 kun oldin
Just curious, why the mine and not the bulldozer to scrape the rock off the pad area first?
Channel Jammer
Channel Jammer 27 kun oldin
I jope you saved that top stuff it make great base for drive or road !
JohnnathanAB 27 kun oldin
Listening to you talk makes us feel like we are your friends. Almost like we are right there in the cab. I always marvel at that ability some have to do that. Good job Chris
Jake Witt
Jake Witt 27 kun oldin
Time to get clean up buckets for your uncles machines!
Rick Duquette
Rick Duquette 27 kun oldin
You need to invest in an external microphone or some kind of handle/mount for your camera. you cover the mic on your camera and can't hear what you're saying. You must be aware of this, or whoever does your editing should be picking up on this, unless they are stone deaf and are missing this problem altogether. It's making it very difficult to try and follow you when halfway thru your explaining your voice and all sound disappears making me want to fast forward to another video. Making me dread to watch another video where the sound cuts out. What would you do if you were watching a video and the sound was cutting in and out all the time? My guess is fast forward or else turn it off and be done with it once and for all.
Shane Reynolds
Shane Reynolds 27 kun oldin
He does his own editing, and he has addressed the mic thing already and won't use one. That just how he rolls. Good ol' boy digging dirt with some filming on the side.
Chris Tupa
Chris Tupa 27 kun oldin
You’re going to need a bigger bucket!
Stacey L. Dunsworth
Stacey L. Dunsworth 27 kun oldin
Never realized how much I love the sound of gravel. .
Helen Helps
Helen Helps 27 kun oldin
Dale Felger
Dale Felger 27 kun oldin
@letsdig18 found one of your videos on Facebook posted by strange world tv.
David DeSimone
David DeSimone 27 kun oldin
Where’s the Country or Rock Music ? Chris LOL , i saw the 12 yr plus vids
Ken Allen
Ken Allen 27 kun oldin
This project has sure stopped moss growing under ya feet bro, must be plenty of people wanting good storage. Safe travels
Victor Massey Jr.
Victor Massey Jr. 27 kun oldin
If you need some trucks call MR Ontime we can bring in the tonnage
Victor Massey Jr.
Victor Massey Jr. 27 kun oldin
Blowed the horn at y’all today!
Douglas Branham
Douglas Branham 27 kun oldin
Please explain how you can dig a flat surface. I would expect to see a low point in the middle.
StudSupreme 27 kun oldin
For some reason, the Yanmar seems.....cute. :-)
David Lassiter
David Lassiter 27 kun oldin
Always amazed at your ability with those big machines. I still think you could comb someone’s hair with the 160. All the best.
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts 27 kun oldin
Well at least you don’t have a long drive to the job site .lol
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey 27 kun oldin
Nice work Chris 🇺🇲
Opa Pearce
Opa Pearce 27 kun oldin
That dirt would make somebody so clean fill dirt .
Halls Earthmoving
Halls Earthmoving 27 kun oldin
Nice job Chris! What happened with the other 160?
Matteo Gomez
Matteo Gomez 27 kun oldin
Busy Busy 👋 things are happening here 👍
Ken S.
Ken S. 27 kun oldin
Repeat Bidnez tells Everyone you give customers a Quality Product at a Fair Price. NO Surprise! 👍
pneumatic00 27 kun oldin
I'd say that's a pretty damn successful business if all his units are full after ...how long since it opened? 1.5 years maybe?
letsdig18 27 kun oldin
less than a year I think
Ken S.
Ken S. 27 kun oldin
Humidity damages Items unless you use Climate Controlled Storage. Gets Expensive to Store it.🤔
Suro bledek
Suro bledek 27 kun oldin
Good sharing buldozer👍👍
James Diehl
James Diehl 27 kun oldin
Do the lazy Susan's on excavators ever wear out? All that spinning around to dig or load trucks.
Duane Ayers
Duane Ayers 27 kun oldin
Chris, u should keep the gravel and what little of dirt that's in it. Then screen the gravel & dirt so that u will kill 2 birds with 1 rock.
James Diehl
James Diehl 27 kun oldin
So, it's basically dirty dirt?
I Paddle My Own Canoe.
David D
David D 27 kun oldin
Nice Job Chris. Did Uncle ever sell the old 160? Last I saw it was at the shop on the really rainy day a while back.
David D
David D 27 kun oldin
@letsdig18 I've got a mini excavator rental coming Monday so I can put in a 700' water line and gas line for my new house. Haven't been on an excavator in about 20 years, I have fear I will be quite rusty lol.
letsdig18 27 kun oldin
no its still at the shop
Cindy King
Cindy King 27 kun oldin
I’m excited to see how the geo grid works I’m thinking about using it for a patio.
James Diehl
James Diehl 27 kun oldin
Lay it down, dig it up, lay it down, dig it up,.......... 😏 Ever feel like you've done this before?
Larry Keenan
Larry Keenan 27 kun oldin
Owning storage buildings is like owning a gold mine. People who are constantly on the move and rent have no room to store all their crap. Most of them will pay hundreds a month to hang on to it for years like it's worth a fortune.
Johnny Holland
Johnny Holland 27 kun oldin
Ah man I was hoping for another pond job...
Adrian Carter
Adrian Carter 27 kun oldin
Today I felt like I was using the mini , can’t believe the speed you control that at very impressive, another great instalment Chris.
DENNIS RYAN 27 kun oldin
I'm sorry Chris, 627's not big , We only use 657's out here ! HAH
K B 27 kun oldin
Hey Chris !!! With the water table that high in your area ,, how many water wells have you dug as you don't have to go very far down to hit water ???? Be Great for the farm animals to go take a bath in !!HAHA Am sure ""Winston'' would like it on a 100* day !! Great job & ""KEEP IT SAFE ""!!!!
Searchman 27 kun oldin
Repeat customers=best customers
Warner Robins
Warner Robins 27 kun oldin
Chris put a bikini lady in every video so you can get a million subscribers.
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 27 kun oldin
Great Job, neat watching you use your machines doing different tasks on same job.
Keith Dunlap
Keith Dunlap 27 kun oldin
Getting it knocked on out, Man, you put a Hella lot of rock in there when you was finishing it !! I believe that was one of them that you had tractor trailers full of rock dumping on that big lot.... You have done a bunch of work on that site there, and still going !! lolol... Looking Great Chris !! Have a Great Evening Man ! On too the Next...
thecouchtripper 27 kun oldin
It was a great series. The massive fire and the frameless tipper were big features.
Globalist Juice
Globalist Juice 27 kun oldin
It's dirt, pretending to be rocks.
Scruffy 61
Scruffy 61 27 kun oldin
Greg Hoffstadt
Greg Hoffstadt 27 kun oldin
The owner of that property had some good insight. Great work Chris. On to the next!!
Glenn Strom
Glenn Strom 27 kun oldin
Looks great! What type of bucket is that on the skid steer?
josian rodriguez
josian rodriguez 27 kun oldin
Craig Wavra
Craig Wavra 27 kun oldin
Nice progress one this one. Always enjoy the videos. Nice to see dust again.
Donald Trabeaux
Donald Trabeaux 27 kun oldin
Well got a little dust and no swampy mud to deal with, got the best man on the job
TED C 27 kun oldin
Run tile down the middle of the driveway if there is a low spot to drain too.... putting in field tile with a buckeye ditcher we figured it to drain 7 feet on both sides. It would keep the drive solid. The law here is field tile here has to be at least ten feet from a septic tank finger system so if we could we always ran it rem feet along side a finger.. Finger that one out.. haha.
Circle B Farms
Circle B Farms 27 kun oldin
What cameras do you use
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