Leveling Off A New Building Site 

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21-Apr, 2021



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Williams Big Dump Trucking LLC
How are you able to get good compaction at 3ft deep without doing it in lifts?
Brian Dye
Brian Dye 14 kun oldin
why do the trucks not spread the gravel
amtpdb1 16 kun oldin
When you level a pad or area, do you have some type of target for the laser on the machine and if so could you show how you use it with the machine? Thanks for the videos.
axe609 18 kun oldin
30 years later the stumps that were cut at ground level and buried under a few inches of dirt on my property are all mounds that make it impossible to mow with a ride on mower. Makes me want to throat punch whomever did that.
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!
patrick30067 19 kun oldin
8:38 reminds me of the book mike mulligan and his steam shovel.
Derek Brake
Derek Brake 19 kun oldin
Holy should call this job stump city lol
Carl Bamburg
Carl Bamburg 19 kun oldin
I appreciate these vids.. I've been doing excavation work for the past few years, but I'm recovering from cancer surgery back in January and watching these jobs kinda gives me a chance go "back to work" so to speak.. I really miss being in the seat.
Linda Hendrix
Linda Hendrix 19 kun oldin
I don't understand what does "they mulched it" mean?
Bill Bates
Bill Bates 20 kun oldin
I want to be the guy moving a pile of dirt 40 feet.
marcus brown
marcus brown 20 kun oldin
How long did it take you to learn how to grade with the buckets
Nicke 20 kun oldin
You are the best👍
Anthony 20 kun oldin
I guess for house pads in your area you don't have to put footers/foundation in on undisturbed, virgin soil?
thomas leonard
thomas leonard 20 kun oldin
What? No mud?- lol
Chase Bodiford
Chase Bodiford 20 kun oldin
great job buddy and great video as always 😎👊🏻👍🏻
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson 20 kun oldin
Looked good for a mulching job. All I see is grass. Of course if you are going to build, then the roots need to be got out.
Frank Gibson
Frank Gibson 20 kun oldin
Hi Chris a question from N Ireland what is the purpose of the 2 wheels on either side of the dump trucks that appear to be of the ground thanks ? Regards N Ireland .
adrian cartlidge
adrian cartlidge 20 kun oldin
Great video Chris.
Doahnkea Tuber
Doahnkea Tuber 20 kun oldin
Not sure how I got to this channel -- just glad I did.
Tomsey Bitago
Tomsey Bitago 20 kun oldin
At the end of the video, you were showing the finished pad and then turned around and said the house was going there (the area away from the pad). So, what is the pad for?
Bryan Lloyd
Bryan Lloyd 20 kun oldin
Nice job!!
Steven Peters
Steven Peters 20 kun oldin
Panger Docloss
Panger Docloss 20 kun oldin
It's Thursday, 4/22 @ 6pm. Knock knock? Who's there? Not my desperately needed daily episode of Letsdig18!
Jim's videos
Jim's videos 21 kun oldin
2:39 I thought that was a skinny leg in a high heel at first glance.
Chase Bodiford
Chase Bodiford 20 kun oldin
i went back and looked you are right it does look like a leg in a high heel lol 🤣😂😅
Sooner Keith
Sooner Keith 21 kun oldin
You are an artist in those earth movers! Subscribed!
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 21 kun oldin
It looks good.
Graeme Armstrong
Graeme Armstrong 21 kun oldin
This adds to what Chris's believes, think what the property is to be used.
jon lowe
jon lowe 21 kun oldin
Man appears to have very little breakdowns because of his machine maintenance. And all the machines work hard. Top work mate
Bill Patterson
Bill Patterson 21 kun oldin
I sure enjoy watching you work #1 in my book,I would like to see a montage of all the sites you have completed,if possible,thanks,have a day
Brian Davis
Brian Davis 21 kun oldin
Itd be nice to see a view of you operating the controls and also what the machine is doing its thing at the same time.
S K 21 kun oldin
tony gough
tony gough 21 kun oldin
The man who usually drives the dump truck John, is he your uncle? I always enjoy your great videos, thank you young man.
AllUnder 21 kun oldin
It's so weird hearing that you want clay where you want to build something.. where I live all the clay must be dug out so that frost wont affect it and it's replaced with sand.
derKarl 21 kun oldin
you might not think of mulching with a foresty mulcher but a tub grinder and produce actual mulch when clearing land... forestry mulchers are only good on brush and smaller new trees (and when they got plenty of power in their carrier machine) but a tubgrinder actually does produce biomass or plain mulch for reusing on site (or for composting reasons when you want to make your own topsoil) and yes you can clear land fast with mulchers (for short access or fire prevention reasons) but not for construction... but they are like oversized flail mowers... and most of them only cut down... not remove... the ones that can remove roots and stumps as well are basically dozers with a secondary powerpack on them that only exists of the mulcher head that can dig down like 10 inches while mulching... and those are not cheap to run
James 21 kun oldin
Love the vids
Rusty Steel
Rusty Steel 21 kun oldin
Chris, you have an eye for grade like no one else. 😉😇
jerry woodlee
jerry woodlee 21 kun oldin
Nice work
KSparx 21 kun oldin
27:35. Thought you were going to grab the camera! lol
James Banks
James Banks 18 kun oldin
Me to
Terry Clement
Terry Clement 21 kun oldin
Another fine job!
Joe Mascioni
Joe Mascioni 21 kun oldin
What??? No mud??? say it isn't so!!! lol. LD18 in the dry. Hmmm, must be something wrong with the universe, and the water table in that borrow pit was like 10-12ft deep as well. Times are a changin'
Mr Sock
Mr Sock 21 kun oldin
Did you get that clearing the air from the old guy with the dozer and the heavy duty plow?
Johan Lind
Johan Lind 21 kun oldin
I'm stumped... Why would anyone NOT get all the stumps out of the ground so that the property could be used for its intended purpose?!?
No Grip NC
No Grip NC 21 kun oldin
At first I saw a nice pond site right there!
Dave Hoffman
Dave Hoffman 21 kun oldin
Anyone that gets Chris to do there project can just go on vacation and absolutely not worry , as job always so well done.
Dirt Brute
Dirt Brute 21 kun oldin
And if you have a small excavator like me cleaning up after mulching is a nightmare 😬
Ray Wilson
Ray Wilson 21 kun oldin
Grinding the stumps works fine if it's a yard and it's kept mowed. If you don't keep it mowed the suckers just sprout out and grow back up.
timmy frierson
timmy frierson 21 kun oldin
Hey Chris did y’all get the new pins and bushings put in the bucket on the 220 after you finish the animal shelter project I know you were saying that y’all had them and was going to put them in the 220 after y’all finish that old job but anyway brother another great video you and John and yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 21 kun oldin
Stop whining.Going to take a beer every time you say "another stump"
SAME MACHINE 21 kun oldin
Good job bro 👌
LUIS HERNANDEZ 21 kun oldin
Hi Chris !!! What´s about Tim? I miss him.... Maybe I miss some videos...
Gilles FOURNIER 21 kun oldin
Good job ! 👍👍
Willem Streutgers
Willem Streutgers 21 kun oldin
"Just clearing the air"LOL A call it "penny wise pound foolish". See you loving the 4 in 1 Bucket.
StudSupreme 21 kun oldin
that little dozer is cute! My mom woulda loved it :-)
Robin Froud
Robin Froud 21 kun oldin
This may sound obvious to some but i just do not know, so I will ask !! Is it possible to hit the main boom with the teeth if you bring the bucket in close to you Chris ?
Stein 21 kun oldin
nice done
Assassinlexx 21 kun oldin
I could feel that bucket tooth hit me in the head. Now I know what a tree sees just before it is pulled out of the ground. North Carolina is a beautiful place.
M&M DIRT WORKS 21 kun oldin
Mulching a field is like mowing a yard...it all comes back in a short while. Then you still got the stumps to deal with. A waste of time and money.
Credit Boss
Credit Boss 21 kun oldin
What brand of mini excavator do you recommend?
oldman4494 21 kun oldin
Warren John Knight.
Warren John Knight. 21 kun oldin
I was watching two other digging sites from America yesterday, and oh my gosh they weren't very good at all, I could only watch for a few minutes, then quickly switch to your site, thank goodness for professionalism.
DENNIS RYAN 21 kun oldin
Chris! Where's The Stumper Bucket ???...
michael mullins
michael mullins 21 kun oldin
I definitely don't wanna just, " clear the air " if I want my land cleared. That seemed very sneaky to do that. Get somebody excited about a property. Then find out it's covered in stumps.
Clyde Acor
Clyde Acor 21 kun oldin
It's crazy how different buildings practices can be from one side of the country to the other.
Clyde Acor
Clyde Acor 21 kun oldin
@StudSupreme yes it's almost always about the soil and what materials are available. Like here in the west where I'm at you will generally almost always hit good gravel anywhere from a foot to 3 or 4 feet below the topsoil so we almost always excavate to the clean gravel then backfill with good clean gravel (pit run) then top it off with 3/4 inch minus crushed gravel. It makes for a great base and also keeps from retaining surface water which we don't get much especially compared to what Chris gets most of our annual precipitation comes from snow in the winter. Also cost has a lot to do with it, we have a ample supply of rock and our gravel pits are usually not more than 1 to 10 miles apart. Our pit run is around $3 per ton and our 3/4 inch minus road base is around $6 per ton.
StudSupreme 21 kun oldin
Are differences in soil and terrain the critical factors, or is it just preferences?
2Moza 21 kun oldin
Well Had to check the Channel was on because could not see any MUD and dry Dirt had me fooled but you must be on Holidays from it :) have fun and Stay Safe All.
tjousk 21 kun oldin
Stratos53100 21 kun oldin
i heard the machine say : you beat me with rocks, then you let me sit for weeks, Noooo Not tree stumps.
Jonathan Ericksen
Jonathan Ericksen 21 kun oldin
Were the pins and bushings replaced on the 220?
ᄂivəзяᄏ 21 kun oldin
Playback speed 1.5 makes it great. Looks like your really doing work.
James Diehl
James Diehl 21 kun oldin
Just curious; how many times do you figure you'll have to rebuild the trans on the skid steer from going back and forth grading? Seems like it would be a lot of wear. No insult, just not experienced at using one.
James Diehl
James Diehl 20 kun oldin
@Richard Schipper All hydraulic like a zero turn mower then? I thought maybe they were like cat dozers, or had a shuttle shift like a compact tractor.
Richard Schipper
Richard Schipper 20 kun oldin
they don't have transmissions
Alyson Grassi
Alyson Grassi 21 kun oldin
Sometimes your litle takeushi skidsteer apears better than the new dozer. I love this skidsteer!!!
James Diehl
James Diehl 21 kun oldin
And aren't they lucky having you to dig all those stumps out for them! So nice of ya'! 😆🤣
Jason Tilton
Jason Tilton 21 kun oldin
It's a rusty bucket and if y'all want to do it right just have Chris do it all them stumps looks like a mine field
Beardy 21 kun oldin
This looks like a good job for a big dozer and a ripper tooth. Or the ripper tooth instead of the bucket. If only you had a drag line, then all problems would melt away like so many piles of brush.
Ronald Heit
Ronald Heit 21 kun oldin
Absolutely amazing how fast Chris can take a huge pile of dirt or gravel and have it spread out and leveled into a building pad accurate to within inches. He's definitely the kind of operator legands are made of.
Assassinlexx 21 kun oldin
Chris has a sprite level built inside him.
David Brickey
David Brickey 21 kun oldin
Nice building pad.👍☕️🍩
Sandra Finney
Sandra Finney 21 kun oldin
Looks great. Sure is mesmerizing watching you work.
M H 21 kun oldin
My only complaint to some of the videos is the wind noise, especially when he’s explaining something. I know it’s very difficult to control but would be nice if there was a way to remove it.
ron watson
ron watson 21 kun oldin
Let me just say you can drive the hell out of that skid steer. Not to mention that excavator.Geez!
Channel Jammer
Channel Jammer 21 kun oldin
Chris i love watching you work you run the machines like there part your body so smooth i don't think i seen anyone operate that smooth !
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts 21 kun oldin
When you was spreading the stone near the camera a rock hit me in the eye lol
Bill Adams
Bill Adams 21 kun oldin
I’m from W Okla, it’s a whole different world than NC, out here everyone uses belly dump trailers to haul dirt when they unload it’s in windrow so it’s half spread out
James Hall
James Hall 21 kun oldin
If you could burn those tree stumps now you got a place to put the burn it and then just fill in the hole
Nj One Bale
Nj One Bale 21 kun oldin
Unk has those rims gleaming!
TheBlueberry606 21 kun oldin
Did you see that? He gave us the finger. Lolol so now, I need to by an RC Excavator.
Sean Durgin
Sean Durgin 21 kun oldin
Would the dozer and root rake work for that?
AK Don L H
AK Don L H 21 kun oldin
How do you get away from back up alarms
GMCRanch 21 kun oldin
That 4 in 1 bucket pays for itself time and time again. Really makes me want to get one for the tractor
Ken Allen
Ken Allen 21 kun oldin
This job must have been a walk in the park compared to the jobs you have had lately bro. Safe travels up your way
Paul Bogden
Paul Bogden 21 kun oldin
I bet dirt perfect gets jealous watching you grade that well with a skid steer. Lol
greg hurrell
greg hurrell 21 kun oldin
i think dirt perfect is a more of an all rounder as to what he dose
Dan's Learning Curve
You do nice work!
Ottawa Interior Renovations
Nice job. Ur left track on the skid steer looked loose
Bill Hurst
Bill Hurst 21 kun oldin
Chris I love your videos. The one thing I don’t understand is why your don’t have the trucks tailgate the stone.
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey 21 kun oldin
Looks great Chris I enjoyed watching this I learned a lot 🇺🇲
KPƠL tv 21 kun oldin
Xe ủi gạt mặt bằng quá trời đẹp
Pat McCrady
Pat McCrady 21 kun oldin
Is there a reason you do more pads than foundations? Is the water table high preventing foundations? I’m from the Midwest and it is very rare other than commercial to see a pad.
brian l
brian l 21 kun oldin
ya know you can get a fork shaped attachment for this kind of work . it looks and is shaped like the thumb but bigger
Blazer02LS 21 kun oldin
He has one, but the company doesn't.
Gone Uraling
Gone Uraling 21 kun oldin
I thought you are going to pick up the camera with the tooth and move it!
Wymer’s Handy Man Service
Looks like if you mulch off an area it should come with fencing and a herd of goats 🐐 to keep the saplings eat off lol. I imagine it clears harder being ground level with nothing extra to grab a hold of. 🇺🇸🦅🌏⚓️🇺🇸
Ken S.
Ken S. 21 kun oldin
A LOT Easier, Quicker & Cheaper to Remove Everything at once instead of repeating work. 🤪👍
Bill Smith
Bill Smith 21 kun oldin
Wow cool
Douglas Jotblad
Douglas Jotblad 21 kun oldin
It would be fun to get the reaction of the owners about the transformation of their properties !
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