Just Waiting For Rain To Finish This Job 

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2-May, 2021



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Amanda Girl
Amanda Girl Kun oldin
if you just have flat glass cut you can get that with the tint right in the laminated core of the glass and it is way cheaper
James Davidson
James Davidson 3 kun oldin
Very slick with the machines ..covered the tree hole like u was using a broom..awesome channel
Robert S
Robert S 4 kun oldin
that squeaking idealer bearing will shut the job down, while that cracked windshield just hurts your pride
Dilligaf 6 kun oldin
Dozer belly shot was good , don't get to see that every day. 👍🤠
Mark Pashia
Mark Pashia 6 kun oldin
Sure is one heck of a change since that first walk through of the swampy mess. Everyone looking for SNAKES in that watery undergrowth and now it is nearly ready for grass seed. Looking good.
Ken S.
Ken S. 7 kun oldin
Since customer’s wife is feeding you three (3) meals daily, it makes you to want to work Slower.😬
Nicholas Pratt
Nicholas Pratt 8 kun oldin
There sounds like a rattle from the dozer engine. More so recently.
JD Sparky
JD Sparky 8 kun oldin
Ahhh! That squeaky roller is driving me nuts on screen! I can only imagine what it’s like in person!
Rick Cham
Rick Cham 8 kun oldin
My chainsaw is stuck in a log. Ha ha, skipped over that pretty quick.. Who hasn’t done that at least “once”.
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 8 kun oldin
Another Awesome Job Well Done.
Chris 8 kun oldin
Is there a radio in there? Some thunderstruck would go good with this work.
SGfan5000 8 kun oldin
Love the angles in this one.... another great up ! as usual
GMCRanch 8 kun oldin
@letsdig18 I like the under dozer view. Never seen that angle before lol. Magnetic camera mounts give you unlimited options haha hardest part must be thinking of where to mount it then not running it over if it gets knocked off
cat637d 8 kun oldin
The Komatsu is an impressive dozer!
Joanne Crowley
Joanne Crowley 9 kun oldin
You run/operate that machine with as much precession as a surgeon with a scalpel !
juan mauricio Neira
I can't hear you well !! The sound of the machine does not allow !!
Erman Croney
Erman Croney 9 kun oldin
That looks like a backup camera on the dozer! Wow! Uptown!!
Cyndi Karp
Cyndi Karp 9 kun oldin
Save time. Chippers love wet & dry weather, enhance the soil & break down quicker by adding lime or wood ash. Can't take any longer than all of the crunching & munching trees, sorting, stacking & burning debris for hours. When every tree could have just been loaded into the chipper & you don't have to touch it again. Well, maybe spread out the chips. No waiting on weather, going back & forth hauling with bulldozer & excavator. Rarely getting out of the cab to cut off stumps. No digging holes for burn piles. If the right chipper for the job is use, whole trees will just be eaten when feed logs by the excavator. They even make remote control chippers which follow the excavator around like a puppy dog chewing away. Chips can be spread out automatically or hauled to a site to decompose into topsoil. Chips make great top soil, which can be a valuable commodity. You wouldn't have to work so hard. Nobody calling the cops, cause you are polluting their air. Reduces your fuel use & better for Earth's ecosystem.
iSTAYuGO 9 kun oldin
You ever backed up a job Chris? My opinion is you are a excellent pre-planner with years of know-how.
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson 9 kun oldin
I worked on a water main job some years back and the closest homeowner did the same thing. Each day she came down with a crock pot full of food for our crew. We did a little extra as I was a licensed plumber and finished her waterline to the new main. She had little monies so we did our good deed.
Александр Теплов
Вывешивай камеру за кабину , так интереснее будет . Обзор лучше
Terry Clement
Terry Clement 9 kun oldin
Cool view under the dozer, hope you don’t hit any stumps 🤬
Terry Clement
Terry Clement 9 kun oldin
A watched pot never boils and a watched sky never rains 😎
Mary Casadone
Mary Casadone 9 kun oldin
This may be a stupid question but... is there such a thing as glass coverage on excavator insurance?
Fireball 54
Fireball 54 9 kun oldin
I'm watching this on 5/4, in Winston Salem, we got more than an inch and a half of rain yesterday.
Leeland Dennison
Leeland Dennison 9 kun oldin
Hey Chris, Swab here. Invest in a woodchipper an crew. These tree's are older than me(64) an you! If you want to burn em, do it on a grill an get some benefit from them, eh! 🤔
46Rambo 9 kun oldin
judgin by your vids you have had more rain in 9 months than we have had in 5 years! thanks for sharing the ride
Johnny Richter
Johnny Richter 9 kun oldin
Darn U & UR channel since discovering U barely been able to work on bike run arends do spring clean up in yard and barley sleep in 3 days!
Kurt Sweetser
Kurt Sweetser 9 kun oldin
That new dozer look bad ass with the sweeps
Andrew Mullen
Andrew Mullen 9 kun oldin
the price of wood at the moment you should be able to sell the stuff for gold bars!!
Paid to Deliver Food
Why not let’s dig instead of 18 makes no sense
Sicktrickintuner 9 kun oldin
Take some of ours here in Ontario, rain for the next week
Paul Carter-Bee
Paul Carter-Bee 9 kun oldin
Not sure if this topic has already been said.... Why wait for rain? You have a pond full of water, a pump and hose. Just make your own rain to dampen the ground/ brush. Is this not possible or am i missing something?
Next Level Lawn Care
You sir are a magician with your machines. I rented a mini skid to remove the rock from my yard to plant grass. it was my first time operating any machinery and you make it look so effortless. which i learned it is not!
James White
James White 9 kun oldin
Be a tragedy if after all that work the owner fills it all with scrap fridges and metal.
C&C tractor Ops
C&C tractor Ops 9 kun oldin
What’s the method to your madness? How do you go about figuring out where you’ll start and end and all that?
George B Baldwin
George B Baldwin 9 kun oldin
34:53 Under the Dozer Crawl.
alanerskine1 9 kun oldin
Might I suggest using a remote microphone. Try standing behind someone when they are talking to you; that is the viewer's perspective.
Art Patterson
Art Patterson 9 kun oldin
Love the under the bull dozer video ,that was awesome!
Clinton Emmert
Clinton Emmert 9 kun oldin
Love the camera shot underneath the Dozer, cool 😎
Aulduron Smith
Aulduron Smith 9 kun oldin
I've never seen anyone dig a pit so they can bury dirt
Pedro Mata Jr
Pedro Mata Jr 9 kun oldin
It's good to see you left some smaller and healthy trees behind. Great work.
Brandon O'Leary
Brandon O'Leary 9 kun oldin
my dog is on high alert hearing that idler squeal haha
TacticalMainframe 9 kun oldin
Under the dozer was a cool video
fred Pitts
fred Pitts 9 kun oldin
We don't break the trees up until we get them to the pile
D-rex 9 kun oldin
Quality stuff Chris, aside from the grading and earthwork you're filming and all the different angles are superb. Always enjoy watching your videos.
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 9 kun oldin
Your logging buddy seems to have been running dozers before.
Glenn Egan
Glenn Egan 9 kun oldin
Love your work Chris ! Funny story . I got my mighty Mahindra , 20hp backhoe out to demolish the old chicken coop ! Just like Chris in his monster Volvo 220 !!! (even wore my camo hat ) One thing you forgot to warn us about . You're 30ft away in an airtight glass enclosure. I'm 6ft away out in the open . Not a big deal until you add 1 word BEES !!!!!!!!! 3ft tall whitetail wasp nest split open on the ground !!!! Abandoned ship as fast as my fat ass would move !!! 11 Stings !!!!! Worst 1 was my forehead , swelled up like Herman Munster !!!!! Now I'm going to try and convince the wife that I "NEED " a 220Volvo just for killing beehives !!! Don't forget to take some time for yourself now and then !
Peter Henning
Peter Henning 9 kun oldin
Side door tint ok, windshield I would never
Mark Bullock
Mark Bullock 9 kun oldin
Around here our pulp wood goes into corrugated cardboard boxes.
Stillwater62 ##
Stillwater62 ## 10 kun oldin
With all of the pond work you do, if there is a poor fitting seal on the undercarriage components, water and dirty will find it for you.
Steve Martinez
Steve Martinez 10 kun oldin
I feel your pain. A couple of weeks ago I wanted the rain to quit on the weekends when I'm able to work on my property. Now it's much like you, waiting for some rain to burn safely. For the most part that's pretty unheard of in my area (North Florida). Before liberals start screaming "global warming" or "climate change", April is usually a dry month for us. It's May now and we will return to our usual hot, humid weather with the afternoon showers.
Andy 10 kun oldin
Chris, see your cracked windshield.., apply superglue to the cracks and when dry scrape off excess with a window scraper.., if that works I want a tee-shirt.
ramtuff2007 10 kun oldin
good video
Derek Reed
Derek Reed 10 kun oldin
Think that I somehow missed the bonfire from the pond dam trees. 😥
Randy Travis
Randy Travis 10 kun oldin
can't beat that they feed you on the job ,, looked good too .. plus you had a great choice of drink PEPSI . the job is looking great ..
Joe Bledsoe
Joe Bledsoe 10 kun oldin
I hear me, boy I wish the rain would stop, geez I wish it would rain, boy I wish the rain would stop. geez I wish it would rain ……………………..
JR BRUMLEY 10 kun oldin
WOW, great job it looks so much better!
Scott Dominguez
Scott Dominguez 10 kun oldin
Chris what is your email address I have a picture of something you might like
Mark Wright
Mark Wright 10 kun oldin
Just seen a badly built community pond dam on another youtube channel IDigit4 your work is mint 👌
Derek Brake
Derek Brake 10 kun oldin
U ever try putting a GoPro on your head so we can get same view as u do ?
martymorse2 10 kun oldin
High quality presentation as always. Cannot for the life of me understand why you do not have more subscribers Chris. People have no idea the time and energy it takes to put together the high quality of your UZblock shows and to accommodate your clients with each job. Thanks for what you do in bringing us daily shows on your letsdig 18 channel.
Sp00ks 10 kun oldin
Yeah we always feed our contractors.
Rick Daniel
Rick Daniel 10 kun oldin
Davin @ Idigit4 has a job for you.
Uppsalahazze Markstedt
Why don't you find any sinkholes when you want to fill up them with junk, Chris? Haha!
Kevin Kenyon
Kevin Kenyon 10 kun oldin
Chris great video! Thanks for sharing. Kevin
Bill Hodges
Bill Hodges 10 kun oldin
When I installed swimming pools, you would not believe what some of the customers would do for you, lunch, drinks and a decent tip when we finished. There are good people still out there and the others you never see them.
Ray C
Ray C 10 kun oldin
Plenty of rain hear in the UK at the moment, will send you some! great work as usual Chris.
Karl Schupp
Karl Schupp 10 kun oldin
The rain is a coming!
latisimusd 10 kun oldin
My pyro side is excited for the burn pile. Nice job clearing it out Chris.
Bob Monde
Bob Monde 10 kun oldin
“Let’s just say it’s Delicious “ By the looks of that “lunch” I’d say the customers family spent time in the southwest! Fajita Quesadilla and rice! Couldn’t tell if the tortillas were home made or not. I’m sure you know folks can be expert in a “field “ that doesn’t involve heavy machinery! Lol! I retired from a Railroad and operated on track machines, not as good as you, but in the early days we would all chip in and decide the day before what we wanted for lunchie, and would eventually send a “cook” up the track to where we figured the bulk of the crew would be by lunch and it would be ready when we got there! That doesn’t happen now, all Gangs are high speed production at all times! Sigh!
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor 10 kun oldin
Fixing squeaks, Big issues always start small. You heard it and now it is going to get attention. That my friend is money in the bank! Love the videos.
O'Donnell's Aussie Homestead
Very dusty, Chris.
Iron *Fe*
Iron *Fe* 10 kun oldin
Mulch the damn shit... don't burn it. This guy is a bozo.
Sandra Rivera
Sandra Rivera 10 kun oldin
Chris lots better view with the camera outside... Thanks.. 👍🤓
David Aylsworth
David Aylsworth 10 kun oldin
Filling that hole with dust was as bad as filling it with ashes. Welcome back to the dust bowl. It’s either dust or mud for you it seems. I really like the new shots from under the dozer. Interesting new perspectives.
Darin M. Bicknell
Darin M. Bicknell 10 kun oldin
See the butterfly zoom by?
Darren Rivers
Darren Rivers 10 kun oldin
After years of watch you Chris , I am Suprised you don't use a stick rake for the excavator .
steve hathway
steve hathway 10 kun oldin
Chris wouldn’t you be better off with the demolition bars fitted over the front and top glass ?
Larry325 10 kun oldin
Chris if your sending those logs off for pulp please pick out the smooth ones! 👍🙏😃
Fresh Fred
Fresh Fred 10 kun oldin
Hi Chris, maybe you got time to answers these few questions: 1. I assume the logs get sold to a lumber yard- who gets to keep the profit? You or the client? 2. Whats the running cost per hour for your machinery (dozer, excavator, etc) 3. Can you always just burn the remains that are left after the tree work?
Nick Kinbacher
Nick Kinbacher 10 kun oldin
Love the in cab in the dozer please do that more often
mike o'neil
mike o'neil 10 kun oldin
one good thing about the dry ground most of the dirt falls off the tree stumps
Production Farming
Production Farming 10 kun oldin
You have been doing side work for a while, how does this influx of nicer bigger equipment effect yours and your uncles (I think that’s who you have worked for) relationship? Probably none of my business just asking because what your doing is inspiring.
JPinCT 10 kun oldin
Hey Chris - I really enjoy your videos! I’m especially impressed with how you transform old ponds into works of beauty. When you are going back to a job the next weekend to perform other work like in this video, it would be great to see a one or two minute update in the video on how the pond is looking. I understand there wasn’t rain to fill it up yet, but would love to see how it looks between you finishing the grading on it a few weeks ago and it filling up. Best wishes for continued success!
Gabriel Brookes Agri
How many years have you been doing this?
target Estimating Services
glass crack because being to close to fires? heat ?
Ian H
Ian H 10 kun oldin
A true Yankee capability Brown, all that place needs is a Greek temple at the top, a haha and then a hermit's grotto by the lake. Bet he could do that in an afternoon!. Probably need to shift the old washing machines though.
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 10 kun oldin
Thank you for putting the camera inside the dozer. It will not be so dusty in the computer room then.
Waleed Hameed
Waleed Hameed 10 kun oldin
It's good and nice But it's too long time
Skynet 1
Skynet 1 10 kun oldin
Chris, what percentage tint do you get on your windows? How is it at night? 👍👍👍
Striker Eureka00
Striker Eureka00 10 kun oldin
I feel like that’s the difference between a big corporation and an owner/operator. When something STARTS to go bad an owner/op will usually try and fix it before things get worse because they know it’s unnecessary costs and down time being avoided in the future. Meanwhile the corporation is so focused on profits in the here and now that they will blow it off until it breaks and FORCES them to do something. If you can’t tell i’m in camp 2 right now and it kills me to know something i operate needs maintenance but until it finally gives out it’s stuck working itself to failure.
Aidan Sharples
Aidan Sharples 10 kun oldin
I Quite like cabin cam on the dozer.
661larry 10 kun oldin
I wish my company would take care of my machine like you do yours!!! I run a 980 loader and the windshield has been broken for over 6 months and the scale longer!!! That just the start of the list leaks are endless lol
timmy frierson
timmy frierson 10 kun oldin
Another great video Chris. That place sure looks a lot better since you’ve cleared it and graded it out but I’m like you I would rather work in the dust any day than the mud and water so anyway brother you and John and yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming man.
Robert 10 kun oldin
I miss operating equipment . Retired .
Laurel Herbert
Laurel Herbert 10 kun oldin
Under the dozer isn’t quite as good as having it under the grader
patrick bracken
patrick bracken 10 kun oldin
I love it when the people you are working for treat you with kindness and respect . It costs so little but is worth so much .
Russell Rankin
Russell Rankin 10 kun oldin
At least your not going hungry. Plus you don't have to travel to go to get ya something to eat.
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