Installing A New Road Over A Creek 

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28-Apr, 2021



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Richard Davis
Richard Davis Kun oldin
In my neck of the woods, you cannot restrict a natural flowing waterway be it a creek, river, or brook. You can bridge it but a culvert on anything but a public roadway is a no no.
MegaPanda1234 8 kun oldin
Hi Chris Here in BC Canada the amount of permits it takes to install a culvert in a stream can take months and if it leads to a fish bearing stream it could take up to a year. Do you have the same kind of system in your neck of the woods when it comes to this
Timothy Powell
Timothy Powell 10 kun oldin
Back in the Day, I've backed filled lots of trenches with the crown of a Track Hoe Bucket.. Its surprising how much compression you can get out of one. Don't need a fancy sheep's foot attachment..
Seth Wells
Seth Wells 11 kun oldin
Nicer creek crossing than most roads in my county to cross any water. They like using the method of let’s pour concrete so there’s a hard base to drive on, slope it so you drive through the water, and if there is a good rain there’s no crossing them lol
dirtroad ryder
dirtroad ryder 11 kun oldin
dirtroad ryder
dirtroad ryder 11 kun oldin
Cjjiiuchnjny guide jbb uncle love you more hello what when I go poop
alwayssearching1 11 kun oldin
I like these vids but sometimes it would be nice to fast forward through the multiple loads going into the dump trucks.
yerashtop 12 kun oldin
Love these videos. What camera do you use? Exceptional quality
Bryan Clark
Bryan Clark 12 kun oldin
I would've put a bigger pipe or a 2nd pipe in to help accommodate any extreme flooding scenarios. I've seen tiny streams become raging torrents that you'd never think we have ever happened.
Pedro Mata Jr
Pedro Mata Jr 12 kun oldin
That Takeuchi looked like it was built for a fight!
Chris Paine
Chris Paine 12 kun oldin
What 4N1 is that, and do you like it? I see the made in USA sticker!
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed! Another nice job, looks nice!
KD Excavation
KD Excavation 13 kun oldin
about only thing bad about plastic culverts they float! great looking job! love the weather down there!
august 13 kun oldin
Beautiful job as always Chris.
Mark Hayhurst
Mark Hayhurst 13 kun oldin
you are awesome. i dig watching you
tomriceva 13 kun oldin
For some reason @ 11:15 thought Chris might beep at himself.
Dale Ott
Dale Ott 13 kun oldin
Hey Chris, in a recent video you mentioned the 250 was custom configured especially for you, or you ordered it a special way. Can you talk about that in a new video? I've been watching for about two years, so if you did that already, please link me.
Az777 13 kun oldin
Machine squeakin' like a new pair of shoes. :-D
ramtuff2007 13 kun oldin
good video
rgbbonehead 13 kun oldin
My husband and I watch your videos all the time. You make it look like your enjoying your job. Since we go to your "job with you daily" when is our pay day??? ROFLMAO....
Patrick Gage
Patrick Gage 14 kun oldin
Chris is that red stuff you were loading in the back of the truck that stuff they call DRY dirt it's been so long since we saw any I wasn't sure
John Obiro
John Obiro 14 kun oldin
There is some slack in those pins Chris. Nice job.
K B 14 kun oldin
Hey Chris !!! You didn't get the ''Skid Steer"" stuck on this 1 like you did to have Jason pull you out !!!! HAHA Great Job as always ,, Customer should be well pleased !!! ""KEEP IT SAFE """ Hey ,, Where's ""Wilson "" ???
target Estimating Services
nice job,,
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor 14 kun oldin
Oh My, Nice day with no mud or rocks! Enjoy your videos.
Steve Hynes
Steve Hynes 14 kun oldin
When you use a 25 ton machine to tweak the lay of a pipe by a few centimeters ... a true master of the art. Tnx for the ups :)
RcCapeCod 14 kun oldin
how much does a dump truck full of rocks cost ?
Taft Bowman
Taft Bowman 14 kun oldin
Can't have a cruck in the pipe, that's a "NO GO."
Taft Bowman
Taft Bowman 14 kun oldin
At the 2:36 it looks like you used a little C4 to take down that tree from what the stump looks like.
Mark Byers
Mark Byers 14 kun oldin
Missed al the fun stuff again
Heath W.
Heath W. 14 kun oldin
220 gettin a little wiggly!!!
Rusty Steel
Rusty Steel 14 kun oldin
Hey Chris... that creek tree line looks like a great place for a ...wait for it....POND! 🤔 Drop that fly in the owner's ear, and we'll see you here next year. 😉😇
Wiilliam Flege
Wiilliam Flege 14 kun oldin
looks like maybe bucket pin needs replaceing ? looks and sounds really loose
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 14 kun oldin
Why do some drives use clay piping and others use the plastic pipe?
Brian Kitchen
Brian Kitchen 14 kun oldin
Hi Chris could you please explain why some of your video's have subtitles and some don't. I love following your exploits but I have become deaf in later life, I barely can hear machinery noises but not what you tell us ?
My Tractor Guy
My Tractor Guy 14 kun oldin
No need to show a video to prove a dump truck can drive over it. If Chris says you can drive a dump truck over it then by God you can take that to the bank. 👍
Love your vedios. from🇰🇷
Scott Fortune
Scott Fortune 14 kun oldin
That dump gate sounded like a whale the first time. Lol
Sigh Pocket
Sigh Pocket 14 kun oldin
adrian nicholson
adrian nicholson 14 kun oldin
Mothersuperior67 14 kun oldin
Urban ignorance at play...Asking. Does not water eat away at the dirt? Undermining the pipe. Eventually damaging the drive width.
Wallace Loper
Wallace Loper 14 kun oldin
Just playing in the dirt and get paid
timmy frierson
timmy frierson 14 kun oldin
Another great video Chris I can’t wait to y’all get on another pond dredging job or building another pond that’s my favorite videos but anyway brother you and John in yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming man
Dorit Leis
Dorit Leis 14 kun oldin
Solide gut ausgeführte Arbeit!! Gratuliere.
adrian cartlidge
adrian cartlidge 14 kun oldin
Great video Chris. Keep up the great work you do. Take care.
Wally J
Wally J 14 kun oldin
Have you ever had back problems handling machinery over the years?
tjousk 14 kun oldin
Timber Tom
Timber Tom 14 kun oldin
A Tim would come in handy at times 😉
Julian Blakely
Julian Blakely 14 kun oldin
Yoi should put JOB NAMES : Or Job Numbers. So us the viewers know what job we are back on. Sometimes it’s straight forward sometimes we don’t know.
Jim Halliwell
Jim Halliwell 14 kun oldin
You always manage to make it look so easy. Great video Chris.
gus duff
gus duff 14 kun oldin
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 hi Chris I take it him being the lorry driver has a name if its John please use it
Jim Pumphrey
Jim Pumphrey 14 kun oldin
Nice work Chris. 👍
Faith Ford
Faith Ford 14 kun oldin
Great work this is very Fun to Watch
Craig Green
Craig Green 14 kun oldin
Do I detect a small squeak? I can hear it from Australia, so it must be loud. 🇦🇺 I don't know why, but I like watching culverts being installed. Does that make me a bad person? 🤔
Heath Grimes
Heath Grimes 14 kun oldin
Always great videos!! Is it only you & John working now?
Stein 14 kun oldin
its nise
Paul Beezum
Paul Beezum 14 kun oldin
Thanks Chris for fixing my insomnia and brain mishmash. Hi from Adelaide Australia. 😀😀😀
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 14 kun oldin
It looks good.
Southern Belle
Southern Belle 14 kun oldin
Really enjoy watching you work. I think I like being in the cab the best.
budlvr 14 kun oldin
9:30 Seeing the inside of the bed being loaded really gives a great perspective of just how much product is in each scoop full; Great shot !
Patricia Guillory
Patricia Guillory 14 kun oldin
Excellent job, well done looks very nice
Icerthebluelion 14 kun oldin
At least you didn't get the skid steer stuck this time. As always great video Chris.
Ken Lee
Ken Lee 14 kun oldin
Valley nice! Hill, notsonice.
Randy Travis
Randy Travis 14 kun oldin
also hate to be the one who tells you Chris .. but that one rock is upside down ,, could see this side down on the video ,, Great video .. you need to come to western NEW YORK i have grey clay / blue clay water will not drain .. need to pipe it out behind the house dump it in the back .. could i borrow the mini ,, lol
John Pyle
John Pyle 14 kun oldin
"Just a tractor crossing"? Hush your mouth!
Randy Travis
Randy Travis 14 kun oldin
someone might of asked ? why did you not join the pipe before you put it in the water ?? don't know if too heavy or did not have the room ??
Bob Kohl
Bob Kohl 14 kun oldin
How do you keep the pipes from getting blocked if crud comes down the creek? Beautiful job with the skid steer
Mike Crake
Mike Crake 14 kun oldin
Good job bud.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 14 kun oldin
So the cab windows got replaced. Sure that wasn't cheap. I found myself looking at the cracked glass wondering what was going to happen next.
Kathy Woodlief
Kathy Woodlief 14 kun oldin
This is the companies 220 not Chris'
Elwood Blues
Elwood Blues 14 kun oldin
I have been watching a lot of your videos and I think they’re great was a survey for 40 years basically in the construction staking out for ditches, pipes, parking lots, buildings you name it subdivisions I’ve surveyed in the town I live and in was registered with the state, I had seen some UZblock stuff on a product that’s called concrete fabric can be purchased in different thicknesses it is basically two fabric pieces ones waterproof ones not it is filled with concrete and pliable till wet then it hardens seen a lot of ditch linings with it wondered if you checked in to this and any uses of it yet.
O'Donnell's Aussie Homestead
🥳Well Chris, that was fun ,he he🥰👍
Stephen Keefer
Stephen Keefer 14 kun oldin
Where the heck are those squeaks coming from? Not normal cause I know you’re religious about greasing your stuff. Doggone that’s some pretty work ,Chris.
Charles Lamontagne
Charles Lamontagne 14 kun oldin
Did you fix the window or is this another machine ?
Michael Waters
Michael Waters 14 kun oldin
This is the companies machine. Remember his personal 220 has the ami progressive link thumb on it
Steve Adams
Steve Adams 14 kun oldin
Nice job Chris!
Danny Moss
Danny Moss 14 kun oldin
doesn't look like a very big pipe to handle high rain conditions with all fill dirt. what size is it?
Helen Helps
Helen Helps 14 kun oldin
Don Melius
Don Melius 14 kun oldin
That sandy soil sure pushes easy .
Anna Fraley
Anna Fraley 14 kun oldin
Very.. Very N1CE... Indeed 😎👍✅
gsmontag 14 kun oldin
My partner and I have been fantasizing about homesteading some land together and this is very inspiring.
Deano - Bam - Beano
Deano - Bam - Beano 14 kun oldin
Another great video of letsdig18! Loved the dump truck cam. One thing about this guy is if he comes on ugly property, it looks good when he’s done with it. Thanks for sharing.
Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson 14 kun oldin
If you build it, they will come!!
Lee Barnes
Lee Barnes 14 kun oldin
Nuisance. I'll be darned. As young man I got bit by the deer fly so much that today when it happens, I'll itch and scratch for a week solid, I'm seriously overreacting to their bite these days. And yet as in the younger days, there are fish to be caught, I can always suffer later.
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey 14 kun oldin
Looks great Chris 🇺🇲 another great job well done 🇺🇲
Scott Plymire
Scott Plymire 14 kun oldin
Question: will the the creek possibly rise above the pipe?
Jack Wells
Jack Wells 14 kun oldin
Bet he could pick your pocket with that excavator
j c
j c 14 kun oldin
is that soil sandy silt?
FuriousVigor 14 kun oldin
If there is anything your videos have taught me, is a 220 excavator is literally the right tool for every job.
MrKennyaa 14 kun oldin
would think you'll need a bigger pipe, that creek probably flows alot of water.
letsdig18 14 kun oldin
same size thats under the road right up stream
A Wilson
A Wilson 14 kun oldin
My Inner 6-Year Old is Jealous of you Chris... You get to play in the dirt/mud all day and not only don't you ever get yelled at by the Boss for it, YOU GET PAID TO PLAY IN THE DIRT/MUD!!!
Rolf Pedersen
Rolf Pedersen 14 kun oldin
"I'm teeter-tottering over a stump." voices from the past... "Chri-i-i-i-i-sto-o-phe-e-er!! Put your toys away and come wash up for supper!!. Right NOW, Mister!!!"
Alan Richman
Alan Richman 14 kun oldin
I like watching your videos never get bored of them. My 11 yr old son loves to watch too with me, he said he wishes that he could get a hat with your signature on it chris.
Brazuca Operando máquinas na América
Silentrage5 14 kun oldin
I want land with a creek and a pond....😢😢😢😢😢
Kenneth Bean
Kenneth Bean 14 kun oldin
At 27:00, with the bucket open like that, can you reverse and cut sod with it, if there were no teeth?
Brian Gardner
Brian Gardner 14 kun oldin
That has got to be the nicest tractor crossing in the state of North Carolina!
glimlik 14 kun oldin
That diesel hum is my background music. I find it relaxing
Rons47 14 kun oldin
I watch you for your clean undamaged counter weight in my opinion the sign of a competent operator
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown 14 kun oldin
Nice work Chris on the culvert project you know your stuff keep the videos coming🚜🚧
miki 14 kun oldin
Vaughn Hill
Vaughn Hill 14 kun oldin
Do you think he bought enough. DAMN. THATS ALIT OF RIPRAP
Scott Wells
Scott Wells 14 kun oldin
the more i watch the more i realize i need a thumb
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