Huge 6 Day Transformation On This Project! 

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4-Apr, 2021



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76MUTiger 15 kun oldin
Chris, the drone shot before and after really help! I think where you crossed the road (at the top and said you might put in some rock and a 6" pipe) is essentially the high point on the property. Would be interesting for you to draw in a arrow or two on the last drone flight to say which way the water is running. Very dramatic to see how watery it was before and how usable it looks now. Great example of what you can do.
Dan's Learning Curve
What's the purpose of the pond? Someplace for water to drain to? Just to have one?
Er Ic
Er Ic Oy oldin
I heard you use a scrub brush & a 3 yard bucket...😜
1976 Datsun
1976 Datsun Oy oldin
No numbers. Can't tell how far back to go to get to the beginning.
John J Jingoli
Great camera angle on the Dozer 👍
TheChunky2010 Oy oldin
That’s a massive improvement
Mr Waffles
Mr Waffles Oy oldin
Looking at all that bramble I thought “Where’s a flame thrower when you need one?”.
D Mullins
D Mullins Oy oldin
Nice music and aerial view is great.
Steve Martinez
I could do projects like this all day every day. When I look at my own property and go back to what is was prior to my wife and I buying it and working on it to now it's a great feeling. What started out as 35 acres of "wild" or "natural" forest has turned into our home "compound" out in the woods. The clearing, running the chainsaw and burning was hard work, but to me it's my "therapy" to get away from the nonsense of today's world.
Tony Faconi
Tony Faconi Oy oldin
Love your videos! I haul a 35 gallon water tank in my pickup, with a pump up lawn and garden sprayer and I use them to give my equipment a field douche.
John Mattu
John Mattu Oy oldin
I don't know the landowner's intent for the pond, but if they have fish in mind, 5 foot isn't deep enough. Round these parts we call a 5 foot body of water a swamp. Great job of draining the area and the clearing. That's going to make a really nice building site, nice work!
Terry Clement
Terry Clement Oy oldin
Job well done as always Chris!
involved bystander
just stopped in to say tnx for putting me to sleep so fast.. best youtuber for naps..
passenger671 Oy oldin
Great attitude towards your task, your work and your equipment. That was a superb reclamation job Chris. I'll bet the land owners are over the moon with the drone footage. The difference is amazing. What a great skill.
Absolutely great! You did a great job but your vision and abilities are what made this a successful operation. Been fun watching, thank you!
Douglas Burnside
There's something that is just so... satisfying watching that excavator so effortlessly doing its job.
Richard Trantham
As always, fabulous job!
Ken S.
Ken S. Oy oldin
As you know well, if you’re Equipment is getting dirty regularly, you’re making the payments. 😬👍
Steven Phare
Steven Phare Oy oldin
Chris. Please wash your windows! Lol! That sun is brutal! Nice content, like always!👍
He's "pondering" it. 😂🤣😂🤣😂
ted coffman
ted coffman Oy oldin
A D 9 would be a nice addition to this project.
KD Excavation
KD Excavation Oy oldin
I call it rakings (dirt with sticks an roots) we use it to smother our fires .... great lookin job sir!
David Kettell
David Kettell Oy oldin
much as i love your channel Chris.30 minutes of a dozer going back and forth is kind of like watching grass grow.
Francis Delaney
Your knowledge of the terrain & how to explain WHY, is one of the many reason's why your UZblock channel is inching closer to 500,000. & I always enjoy your videos, Thank you.
David Lassiter
Great job videoing your progress on this project. Your skills with the machines never ceases to amaze me. Thank you.
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp Oy oldin
Jerry Bennett
Jerry Bennett Oy oldin
Night and day difference...well done 👏
24k Gold
24k Gold Oy oldin
Boy your going to piss off some deer hunters
arkiefyler Oy oldin
Was hoping the drone shots might show the general area better. Seems such a different environment compared to the previous steep hill house lot! Is this flat land in a river delta?! As for the "pond", looks like you had almost all the dirt you need for a dam in the Gator and Dozer tracts!!
MJ Alco
MJ Alco Oy oldin
Watching you run the dozer puts me in a trance... awesome thank-you!
ratzeklein Oy oldin
I like to watch every of your videos! Always nice work, nice to listen to your explainings! Best greetings from germany!👍👍
Legion OfMany
Legion OfMany Oy oldin
Thanks for another great video ... loving your work from over here [across the pond] 👍🏻 ... Keep them coming 😁
Bill Hodges
Bill Hodges Oy oldin
I like the music at the end. Sounds almost like the Tedeschi Trucks band.
Greg Wilson
Greg Wilson Oy oldin
Hey Chris, why don't you run a Stick rake over it
D|M Photo
D|M Photo Oy oldin
The drone shots are always great. Amazing how much of a difference those ditches make. Looks like a pretty cool lot!
M H Oy oldin
Nice if he had a fire hose handy for the cleanup.
John McCormick
Nice work.
jon lowe
jon lowe Oy oldin
Great work mate
67 C10
67 C10 Oy oldin
Going to be a beautiful location when you’re done!! Always enjoy pond videos so I can’t wait! It will be really interesting seeing how you will just move the dirt into a nice large but low mound that will make a great horse pasture or anything like that. Really, really nice project Chris. Just 2 machines and not so much time and all that’s been completed. Very impressive!!
martin gardener
Always hard to get the tracks clean, a man was killed locally a couple of years ago, he had lifted one track and was running that track while shovelling but the track must have caught him and pulled him in - so stay safe Chris.
woofinu Oy oldin
Have they called you to widen and deepen the Suez Canal yet? Probably 3-day job for you.
Endagigropen Oy oldin
Very nice result as always 💪🏻
Jennifer Butcher
Can't wait to see another beautiful Chrispond take shape! Love the drone shots and the cool music. Dig on!
Ray Mulhern
Ray Mulhern Oy oldin
Your knowledge and experience -awesome! Check out MotorHead's "Story of Big Muskie" - you would have enjoyed the power of that monster excavator.
Prinz Eugen van Sovoyen
@Letsdig18 Why cant you use the pond dirt to lift up the house lot ? if i were to build a house in a swampy lowland id look forward to raising the houselot higher to have some dry high ground and a nice view couldnt you make a gently sloped hill with the material so the house lot gets risen up by 5 to 6 feet with gentle slopes on all sides id talk with the real estate owner abaut the possibility of - if you already have to haul it around why dont use it on raising the house lot ? would save time and money clearing 2 acres just to spread out dirt and be a ""long therm investment if the ground slopes away from the house itll never have a problem with drainage and standing soil-moisture for dry houses on stable ground hold longer
Mark Jarvis
Mark Jarvis Oy oldin
Amazing foresight into what a job needs
thomas leonard
Is this the Everglades? - lol
Ray Cooper
Ray Cooper Oy oldin
Great video, great music!!!
Elite Earthworks LLC
What a transformation! That will be a nice home site!
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas Oy oldin
Man, I’d love to do your job. Great work as always Chris
Brent King -gmail King
Sure is looking better. Can't wait to see the pond being dug. Have a great day.
Sandra Opines
Sandra Opines Oy oldin
Have you ever thought about getting an Open Bottom Grapple from WR Long in Tarboro NC for your Skid Steer? We use them on our tractors and they sift the sticks and limbs out for cleanup (Ours is hurricane cleanup). They are AMAZING. I don't see that you own anything open bottom like that. Just a thought.
thomas leonard
Chris, having noticed that you like to take care of your equipment, have you considered buying a portable pressure washer trailer, they have a washer and tank mounted on a trailer that you can pull behind your pick-up!
Rob Bridges
Rob Bridges Oy oldin
Is that the main reason for cleaning the tracks? Some guys never clean their tracks. Other than cold weather and freezing them up. I pressure wash mine once a year. What do you think?
Mary Schillinger
THAT was totally awesome. From start to finish. It was amazing how fast it drained and started to dry up. You are a master at what you do.
adrian cartlidge
A job well done Chris, great video.
timmy frierson
That’s just amazing on how those ditches drained all of that water out of there but anyway Chris another fine job and I just want to say thank you for taking us along with you every day on your journey to work because it gives an old fart like me something to do every morning when I’m drinking my coffee because I am retired and I look forward to watching your videos every morning but anyway brother you and John and yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming man oh and I was wondering did y’all get that pond dredging job where you went and rescued the excavator that was sunk??
David McLean
David McLean Oy oldin
I’m curious about the drainage offsite. Anyone get pissed when that water left that tract of land, or was there natural drainage to carry the water? Awesome job!
Chad VanBrocklin
Stein Oy oldin
well done
Tim Given
Tim Given Oy oldin
Heck of a nice job, looks amazing as always, hope yall had a good Easter, an thats is why your equipment looks good all the time. Can't wait to see what the next project brings. Have a great week
Roberta Williamson
I don't remember where I saw it but somebody I know had a massive amount of water he had to drain on his land one spring so he got a fence post auger and bored holes below the clay and man did that water disappear it went down those holes in torrents till it was gone, he had 3 feet on 5 acres and he said it was going to be a mosquito hatchery if he didn't get rid of it and the water dried up fast.
George B Baldwin
42x6=250 or abouts, nice crawl balance . Nice 250 lot.
Graham Allen
Graham Allen Oy oldin
Great job Chris. Thought you were going to need a life jacket when you first went on to that site. Take care. Graham🇬🇧🇬🇧
Robert Bradford
Nice perspective from the house pad.👍
Cody Applegarth
On the Komatsu, is it driving you crazy yet with the exhaust rattling on the ROP enclosure?
Michael McBride
Is there a way to tip the camera up a bit when you use it on the dozier?
steven grieve
steven grieve Oy oldin
Spot on job as always chris🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
StudSupreme Oy oldin
OMG, how did he learn to DIG so fast with a shovel???
Dozer needs a inspection before it blows a rod through the block, I would trade it in for a CAT, we had a cat dozer from the 60s old D6 that thing pushed alot of dirt and its probably still running today
We pulled it out of the weeds where it was sitting for 20 years it almost fired up and ran away on us
Panger Docloss
Amazing! If I had done that work, I think I might have brought along a few extra drone batteries so I could keeping looking at it over and over and over... Thanks for doing the videos. I wish I had an excavator and a bulldozer!
Jeffrey Houston
Half day ? Heaven forbid lol
nitetrane98 Oy oldin
I love hearing a dozer have to pin it's ears back a little once in a while.
Michigan Engineer
I just noticed something is missing from the new dozer! And I don't mean the rake. Guess it finally drove Chris as batty as at least some of his viewers LOL
David Null
David Null Oy oldin
Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep ...
Helen Helps
Helen Helps Oy oldin
MrLittlelud4 Oy oldin
A man who makes a 'difference' , great job.
Roy Barth jr.
Roy Barth jr. Oy oldin
Or was that in fast forward????
Sal K
Sal K Oy oldin
William Green
William Green Oy oldin
Now they need a forest mulcher to thin out the woods to help the big trees and make it beautiful.
Roy Barth jr.
Roy Barth jr. Oy oldin
Man Chris do you always clean the tracks that fast you deserve a break after that it was Cool looking though in fast forward.
mayaknife Oy oldin
What are those little structures on stilts that are scattered across the property? Hunting blinds?
The Doc
The Doc Oy oldin
Deer stands
mayaknife Oy oldin
Given how flat it is, where can the pond drain to?
Neusa C
Neusa C Oy oldin
Nice video, but I believe North Carolina should change from "First in Flight" to "1,000 Ponds".
Danny Mautz
Danny Mautz Oy oldin
Nice work
Carl Van Eck
Carl Van Eck Oy oldin
I wish we could drain the swamp in D.C. that good.
Ronnie Rigsby
Ronnie Rigsby Oy oldin
Well Chris that was a nice job ,man you work every day with John thin on the weekends for your self do you every slow down, but you do good work and I like it its as if it was for your self, Thanks for the vids
chad anderson
chad anderson Oy oldin
Hello, Love watching your videos old ones and new ones!!
Robert Brothers
Any dredging jobs in the near future?
Double Dog Dare
I’d spread the topsoil from the pond over the property to raise it up help with any flooding that could occur over a hundred year cycle. Nows the time since your going to have available and not far to carry, I’m sure the owner would appreciate a little higher grade.
Tony A
Tony A Oy oldin
Christmas wish list...Pressure washer and 50 or 100 gallon water tank in your truck for washing equipment? :-)
Walter Mattson
Just before you starting cleaning the tracks you should have given Tim a call on camera to see what he was doing.
Clinton Emmert
That place had to been full of snakes 🐍 well done Chris.
Julie Enslow
Julie Enslow Oy oldin
Beautiful job. Quite impressive transformation, too!
Thanks for the Easter fix.
John Edwards
John Edwards Oy oldin
Nice job mate! I like your drone shots, but would be great to see a bit more context (ie, wider shot to show the locale). 👍
Wiilliam Flege
im happy !
Warren Bridges
Another great job.. The amount of pride you display on your videos, weather it's the company's work or your own, is very impressive. Also the care you take of the equipment you operate weather your own or the company's is something that far too few operators display. Great work.
Dave Hicinbothem
Amazing how you can step onto a fully wooded project like that and form an image of where the low spots are, how to get it to drain, etc. How long does that take to form a plan? I'd be walking in circles for days...
S M Sabri Ismail
I suspect his before drone videos helps him form that plan. He didn't show the before view of the drone shot at 34:49 but I suspect he may have had similar views with his drone before he started. In his day 1 video of this project, I remember he mentioned one tip. Where there are only small trees, are likely low spots, trees don't like to grow in wet areas.
Ray Candle
Ray Candle Oy oldin
‘‘Tis ok Chris Timmy will be back soon 👍
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