House Lot Is Cleared And Graded! 

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29-Mar, 2021



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Number26ami Kun oldin
Have you considered selling the wood ash you generate? $20/lb. on Amazon!
GABRIEL NOLEN 20 kun oldin
how does the bucket not catch fire
GABRIEL NOLEN 20 kun oldin
how do the lines not melt
Carl Bamburg
Carl Bamburg 26 kun oldin
Clearing and burning is my favorite operating job.. Days of just you and your machine, wood smoke and solice..
SuperDoggeh 27 kun oldin
Could you not invest in a big shredder to deal with the brush and trees rather than burning it and spread the results where applicable for rotting down?
steve jette
steve jette Oy oldin
At 20 seconds in, it looks like you left a single pole, the bare trunk of a tree ? Why ?
Albert Freire
Albert Freire Oy oldin
What's your way of lighting up the burn pile like that?
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts Oy oldin
I bet you could cut a deck of cards with your shovel and thumb.
Terry Smith
Terry Smith Oy oldin
Love your videos
Mark Boggs
Mark Boggs Oy oldin
I like watching the videos you post and work you do but was wondering about your doggie. Could you show more of Winston, and him going with you to eat?
MoPac Rail Fan
911 Karen's must BEE having FIT... with all that SMOKE... ☺️
Stan W
Stan W Oy oldin
Where did you purchase the rake for the cat?
Jim Halliwell
Jim Halliwell Oy oldin
Was there once a song called Fire Starter, perhaps they watched Chris in an earlier life. 💭
Big Jon
Big Jon Oy oldin
Those ashes are the only thing the ground has going for it.
JustJoe36 Oy oldin
The noise off those tracks...
Mark Harper
Mark Harper Oy oldin
Up close and personal with dirt.
Beddy 100 Gaming
8:54 man that is nice smoke right there looks like there is underground volcano on there
Vazsholik Oy oldin
How does the hydraulic hoses handle the heat from the fire? Great vid m8
Andy Sukosd
Andy Sukosd Oy oldin
Great video, better build that burn pile high, Dirt Perfect is playing with fire ! Just a heads up. Love watching all you guys. Great stuff....
Tranquility Base
Not allowed to burn like that out here in CA. I’m going to rent a bunch of equipment at my new property just so that I can play in the dirt like @letsdig18 :)
Kirt Hedquist
Kirt Hedquist Oy oldin
I don't think Volvo make an excevator big enough to scoop up a D11! bangshift.com/bangshiftxl/incredible-photos-see-a-dragline-rescue-a-caterpillar-d11-bulldozer-like-it-is-a-toy/
Kjell Martin Danielsen
You are not afraid for the hydrolic hoses when using the bucket over or close to the fire? :)
Lemony Crinkles
Just curious if you actually feel the heat being that close to the 🔥?
Rob Newell
Rob Newell Oy oldin
Amazing transition from a flooded swamp in less than a week - good to see the new dozer working well!
Justin P
Justin P Oy oldin
Hey @letsdig18, wonder if any local farmers would truck out the potash piles for fertilizing fields?
Bendigo Oy oldin
I was thinking the same thing. I would not bury it. Maybe mix it with some soil and make a garden area with it.
mac garner
mac garner Oy oldin
What I want to know is why did he leave that one skinny tree standing in the middle of the lot.
Bendigo Oy oldin
To make someone question why he did it...😂
Joe Mascioni
Joe Mascioni Oy oldin
What's up LD18 Nation? Another good clearing video series! Great job Chris! Now on to the pond! We need some more NC liquid earth vids!
David Valentine
Chris, maybe a strange question for you or your followers....my family and I are planning on escaping all of the death in New Jersey and reloc to your beautiful state! Currently looking at a property with a pond and it scares the heck out of me! How do I know if it is a “good” pond? Don’t know all the details but it appears to be a spring fed with no man made dam. It looks very well cared for, at least cosmetically. What is your liability? Should you carry extra home owner insurance? Are there “pond” inspectors? Any help or comments would be appreciated. Thanks
steve holton
steve holton Oy oldin
What is the story with the lone orphan standing in the middle of no where???
Jeffrey Lee
Jeffrey Lee Oy oldin
Keep working.
Aqua Peet
Aqua Peet Oy oldin
26:50 you forgot a single tree! lol
Mirko0510 Oy oldin
Hello Chris wanted to ask you what do you think of the Komatsu crawler excavators, since you have the Komatsu caterpillars ... volvo is great, but I think Komatsu PC too, greetings from Germany
James Holtman
James Holtman Oy oldin
You do know that smoke follows beauty! 😂😄
ramtuff2007 Oy oldin
good video
Mambo Fred
Mambo Fred Oy oldin
Another absolutely brilliantly executed job. Art in motion 👌
fletcher6565 Oy oldin
Could this debris be run through a tub grinder which would leave a pile of chips instead of the smoke and ash ? Would that be a much quicker end to the job ?
Roy Terry
Roy Terry Oy oldin
I'm sitting in Nigeria, your vids certainly help pass the time.
Peter Burlin
Peter Burlin Oy oldin
Är du inte rädd att slangar ska ta eld ja har suttit i en när började brinna
AndyDrew Oy oldin
We have a 4pm burn ban in effect up here in VA. Does NC not do that?
Noel West
Noel West Oy oldin
I can watch the burning all day long.
Shirley Reynolds
Almost ar 500,000! Awesome videos just miss Winston! Will S.O.T. Metalworks be making you a Mr. 500,000 sign?
Blake Rye
Blake Rye Oy oldin
Can't wait to see the Pond being Constructed in the near Future. Everything is looking Excellent!
Roy Lewis
Roy Lewis Oy oldin
Does you blade have some type of GPS system attached to it for grade height/leveling purposes? Really enjoy your live narrations, thanks! Roy Lewis Buffalo, NY
Bendigo Oy oldin
He made a mount for the leveling system when he put the brush rake on. Watch that video and you will see.
The Smoke Wagon
Im not about burying potash. I normally spread it over the house site to cool off. When they get ready to build and tell you where to strip the topsoil from... potash is already mixed and just makes a whole lot better soilto make yard from when construction is completed.
rescueray911 Oy oldin
One lonely tree
Making it Happen
This seems to have been a pretty nice job.
Marc Wohlmayer
I like how Chris puts the camera at different Angles all the Time.😀. Everything burnt Right down and nicely graded.looks good Chris.your customers are Happy for the good work you do.keep Up the nice work man .
Ron Rawald
Ron Rawald Oy oldin
Looks Great!!
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Oy oldin
Looks fantastic, very clean...
Dilligaf Oy oldin
Bigfoot came by :"There's a big animal biting dirt and fire, let's move house".
adrian cartlidge
Great video Chris.
Juhani Pitkäkari
You leave quite a carbon footprint behind you. Green people aren't happy.
Uppsalahazze Markstedt
Nice to see your "manmade miniature" Pyroclastic flow-clouds rolling away like volcanos you do when moving hot ashes, Chris. Like every Fire Fighter on Earth I love to watch a burning heap made of a skilled "pyromaniac" as you, Chris! A lot better than make forest-fire spread lab studies on 100 pinecones and wind from an oxygen cylinder! Haha! I think SSAB who make Hardox 700 also can give you Invar steel for your next "special" burn pile bucket! ;D
Tassy Devil
Tassy Devil Oy oldin
Why have u left those random trees. Some of them dont look all that healthy anyway?
Thomas Conetsco
That’s pretty amazing how you trenched that property to drain the water off so you can clear it. Nice job.👍
KD Excavation
KD Excavation Oy oldin
I started the cut an fill yesterday on top! With only getting a couple dry days a week the last couple weeks makes it hard to work in the same place on the job .... i keep everything rolled an sealed up best we can ..... Love watching someone else doing the same type of work!
timmy frierson
Well Chris once again another great video and I just wanted to say again to you thank you for taking us along with you every day. And for taking the time to shoot a 15-1 hour video everyday for us to watch, because I look forward to that every morning when I’m sitting here drinking my cup of coffee. That starts my day off every day but anyway brother you and John in yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming brother
Hub Nut
Hub Nut Oy oldin
lovely place, would like to see the drainage ditches and driveway :)
TED C Oy oldin
Drive around with a grass seeder on the back of pickup dragging old bed springs and get a gentle rain no straw needed or straw if you want. Straw somtimes has weed seeds in it. If that has briars they will come back up. I might spray it now with some heavy duty briar killer then 3 weeks do the grass. Popcorn all gone and a 20 ounce. pepsi . I'm FULL. Looking good they need drainage or it will be skeeter city.
Lee Stoddart
Lee Stoddart Oy oldin
Brilliant transformation of this area in such a short time.
sumsmeister g
sumsmeister g Oy oldin
Karen was noticeably absent, despite the ash cloud!
Stein Oy oldin
well done
Brian Beard
Brian Beard Oy oldin
Imma guess this is the type of job you dont want to take in mid August...
Ignacio Oy oldin
Nothing better than to wake up on a Tuesday morning to Chris working a fire.
david grant
david grant Oy oldin
hi, im a retired heavy plant mechanic from australia & i find it so very relaxing to just sit back with enjoying a few cold beers & watch the MASTER perform his magic--great channel
Bendigo Oy oldin
I watch his videos to wind down from the day. Very relaxing.
jb 64
jb 64 Oy oldin
You have done an awesome job there Chris.
Robin Froud
Robin Froud Oy oldin
Very nice for 4 days work !!! :-)
Darren Marshall
Finished and looking good as always.
Aaron Grabowski
Bro, u need a wind sock, camera condom, whatever you wanna call it.
Ken Lee
Ken Lee Oy oldin
You really need to go steampunk, all that wood could have powered your cable drag bucket.
Ken Lee
Ken Lee Oy oldin
How many buckets of smoke to fill a truck?
Trevor Dennis
Trevor Dennis Oy oldin
I'd love to see Mr Donny's face when he comes to pick up the excavator and finds that the swampy mess he saw before is now a big flat and dry field. An amazing transformation.
matthew dingman
So actually question and I don't mean this to sound bad in anyway I am legitimately curious. What is with all the ponds? Everyone seems to want a pond or has one that you are clearing out. Which is cool I like it I'm just curious is all. Love the videos and you have helped me learn a lot just by watching your videos.
Jens Jansson
Jens Jansson Oy oldin
The area where I live people use the ponds for live stock and wild stock water feeders, it also makes areas around the pond less favourable for mosquitos to hatch their eggs. But some just have them cause they think it looks pretty.
Dov Rizzo
Dov Rizzo Oy oldin
I wish someone would tell him a “deadcat” over the microphone would go a long way. I mentioned it one of the rock grinder videos when the wind was terrible. Also, would love to see a better quality lens on the camera. The fisheye makes it so hard to see grade. Anyways, Chris is still one of my favorite channels. Just thought I would mention it.
mula2626 Oy oldin
He uses a go pro.
kjc748 Oy oldin
That was fun and satisfying to watch. You’re the man, Chris! 😍
Fred Travers
Fred Travers Oy oldin
Why are there a couple of line trees standing in the middle
Paul Mech
Paul Mech Oy oldin
I seen you have a Hardee's drink . They have excellent Hot Ham n' Cheese sandwiches .
Dirt Brute
Dirt Brute Oy oldin
Nice 👍.way faster then a chipper. Unfortunately we can’t burn we’re I live 😢
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed! Customer going to be happy happy!
Steve Cole
Steve Cole Oy oldin
Are ponds that common that everyone puts them on their property? Completely different world up here in the midwest...
Steve Cole
Steve Cole Oy oldin
@Bendigo good point, thanks.
Bendigo Oy oldin
I think it is a type of flood control. They get a lot of rain there. The water is going to go somewhere. Make a pond to control where it goes. Plus it can be used later when it doesn't rain.
Michael Cox
Michael Cox Oy oldin
It really is a pleasure watching a skilled operator be so precise, yet so graceful.
Martin Eastburn
A burn pile contains all of the minerals and chemicals as the tree got from the soil and the carbon is working with plants and animals.
Howard Stinnett
I hope you know John Kerry and Greta Thunberg is watching you. They're probably in a private jet as we speak just watching... Lol
Tools, Trucks and Tech, with Mike
Looks Pretty good!!!
Allen P. Michaud
“Caliente Fuego”🔥🔥🥵
Rodger Peterson
Every movement is purposeful, and effective! Love to watch!
Doug May
Doug May Oy oldin
Great job dinngleberry
Bill W
Bill W Oy oldin
I can not believe how easily you turned that swampy overgrown mess into a huge clean lot!! Nice work!! 👍
Donald Trabeaux
Awesome job Chris
Kristy Staats
Kristy Staats Oy oldin
Great job you doing
benritchsmith Oy oldin
So nice to finish up a long day of my work to come home and watch what Chris got done. Men, we work together, whether we worker together or apart. I think Bob Frost wrote that.
Richard Trantham
Looks amazing compared to how it began.
beercan31 Oy oldin
See ! told ya Chris can get dirt to burn.
Jesse Walley
Jesse Walley Oy oldin
Nicely done
Adam Luke
Adam Luke Oy oldin
Hard to believe that was all swamp just days ago...
One Eye Customs
The grease in all the bucket pins is now just oil running out, from all that heat!
TheCowboyHat Oy oldin
I love this channel. You should definitely make playlists for jobs like this that take multiple episodes so we can watch the job from start to finish easily! Keep it up man!
Stacey L. Dunsworth
This video made my inner fire bug very happy. . . Loved it. . Would like to see the before and after of that area just to see exactly where you were compared to all the water ditches. .
M H Oy oldin
It’s amazing to watch how deft he is at the controls.
Bendigo Oy oldin
@Jack Pinnell 🤣👍
Jack Pinnell
Jack Pinnell Oy oldin
......so what's wrong with Chris' hearing? lol
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