Flooding The New Pond With Water! 

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19-Apr, 2021



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furlvr1961 20 soat oldin
Man oh man... I sure wish I had someone like you around to dig out my marsh into a pond.
frick off
frick off Kun oldin
I bought a new water bed without financing it! Suck it peasants
Yanik Lemieux
Yanik Lemieux Kun oldin
What do you think of placing a rubber block where that thumb hits the stick I just noticed that clanking sound poor bb haha
Littlebeef2 2 kun oldin
Not Louisiana or you would have an overflow system. Where?
Linda Green
Linda Green 2 kun oldin
You have done a fantastic job. When it dries and grass grows back it will be beautiful.
Richard Davis
Richard Davis 2 kun oldin
I cannot for the life of me understand why yout burning up perfectly goof firewood. Surely someone would be glad to cut some of those burn piles to fireplace/stove length on a profit sharing basis. My neck of thhe woods hardwood sells (splt) upwards 300-350$ a cord, delivered in STL CUSTOM LENGTH 400$ a cord. Lot of money going up in smoke.
Marie Phenix
Marie Phenix 2 kun oldin
Does this large quantity of mud end un dry one day? So much mud!
Frank Davidson
Frank Davidson 2 kun oldin
he make it look so easy like he tells the bucket where to go and what do its so fluid ( super smooth )
denisethepainter 4 kun oldin
You did a great job! Really nice. There's a big part of you that's an artist. You take pride in your work and it shows. That's going to look beautiful when everything's growing around the edges. Great job! Really fun to watch.
denisethepainter 4 kun oldin
This is my new favorite channel to watch on UZblock. He is a man with a plan. I like the purposeful digging of Mr Digging Man.
Roger Williams
Roger Williams 4 kun oldin
What's the most interesting thing you've found while excavating?
nomad5059 4 kun oldin
stupid question i know, but what does ASMR stand for?
Gene Baker
Gene Baker 4 kun oldin
Earthquake in Japan
emtbrat21 4 kun oldin
i always like the sound of mud going splat
fred flintstoner
fred flintstoner 5 kun oldin
JOHN JORDAN 5 kun oldin
Is this in Eastern South or North Carolina?
Nanny Boyett
Nanny Boyett 6 kun oldin
Make the pond bigger!
Paul Bruto
Paul Bruto 6 kun oldin
Hey there Buddy the amount of trees you try to burn might be a good investment in a shear attachment on the excavator to cut up for fire wood to sell ! You could have a area somewhere for storage for winter times and advertise on here for your local area customers ! Just a thought Cheers from Australia ! uzblock.info/post/video/sNaHgKmqkZ9udm0.html
Trevor Trevor
Trevor Trevor 6 kun oldin
You should do an equipment tour
Uncle Fester
Uncle Fester 7 kun oldin
Cool but what's the point with a pond in the woods?
geoff gould
geoff gould 7 kun oldin
grass growing or paint drying are another two ways to bore the tears out of a stone
Occam's Razor
Occam's Razor 7 kun oldin
Gabe Cline
Gabe Cline 9 kun oldin
if the pond over fills with water put a pipe threw the mud that gos into the pond that way if it gets to high it well drain out like farmers do in the country
Gabe Cline
Gabe Cline 9 kun oldin
I think he wood be better with a bull doze to push the mud and dirt to the side instead of digging
The Wraith
The Wraith 9 kun oldin
46:30 - You're welcome.
rowdy hansen
rowdy hansen 9 kun oldin
been runnin that digger for a while havent ya? smooth...
David Epperson
David Epperson 9 kun oldin
Y'all are in serious need of some rock!
michael george
michael george 10 kun oldin
Watching someone else work never gets old. Great video !!👍
ImpsMyPimp 10 kun oldin
So environmentally destructive
BigFredTN 11 kun oldin
I need you to come to TN and do some work on my farm pond.
Bearded Zeus
Bearded Zeus 11 kun oldin
Really wish we had some trackhoe operators of your caliber at our sites. Instead I have to keep a sharp eye out for ours to beat the heck out of my pan with the bucket cuz he's just slinging it around with no real care.
Dwight Dunlop
Dwight Dunlop 11 kun oldin
Dam I jelous! I had to use a chain saw!
Gunner 1979
Gunner 1979 12 kun oldin
NICE !!!
SnapCracklePop 12 kun oldin
What is a FIRE BACK [STARTED] lol ...
Jonah Neumark
Jonah Neumark 12 kun oldin
Love your videos, but please don't burn wood ever again!! You are turning soil-to-be into CO2 gas. Causing pollution and greenhouse gases instead of making soil things can grow in!
Jonah Neumark
Jonah Neumark 12 kun oldin
make some hugelkultur mounds, or pile them so that it becomes a pile of earth in a number of years.
Jackie Bateman-Evans
Why don't u pug under grownd founton when u done justd un plug it
Michael Zera
Michael Zera 13 kun oldin
He dropped a stick when he was stoking the fire. I've never been more disappointed!
graham edwards
graham edwards 13 kun oldin
Love how Americans waste things, I live in Bulgaria here they would rip your arms off for the wood you waste and burn, Just letting you know trees do not grow overnight.
Jim Graham
Jim Graham 13 kun oldin
You operate so smoothly that it's relaxing to me!! Thanks for sharing your vids
awy1977 14 kun oldin
Question from a noobie, what's up with that hydraulic cable hanging on the side of your boom running to the bucket? I'm no operator but sure seems like that could get hung up and torn away!
Aaron B
Aaron B 14 kun oldin
Go to 46:35 for the magic to happen
Matt 14 kun oldin
Why use water .... to flood a pond? 🤔
gsmontag 14 kun oldin
So I know almost nothing about this stuff, but any particular reason why all those pretty decent size, straight trunked trees were not suitable for lumber? Just not worth the cost to do all that? Just felt like a shame to burn what could've been used for something else.
Not The First
Not The First 14 kun oldin
...I have come to believe that you are part excavator. ....cause you move that thinger like it's yer arm. :)
Mikel Hall
Mikel Hall 14 kun oldin
I like how he takes the extra time to make his work look good.
Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck 15 kun oldin
Not that it would apply in your situation probably, but it is possible to move dirt with water and pumps. It would take a long time though.
Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck 15 kun oldin
Surprisingly enjoyable video. I love the inside the cab camera perspective. Very nicely done.
Flower_Tower 15 kun oldin
Jamie Nicholson
Jamie Nicholson 15 kun oldin
Less singing...more Digging your commentary gets old...we can see what you are doing
Mark Heideman
Mark Heideman 16 kun oldin
One does not simply flood the new pond with water
Lakeside adventures at the Folly we bought
More mud than you can shake a stick at! looking good and some awesome machine operating skills! love your fires, cant have them that big here in the UK as someone will complain, take a look at some of my videos, no where near your level but I am proud of my fires! uzblock.info/post/video/s6ZmfqGRe619aLA.html
Surf Widow
Surf Widow 16 kun oldin
I think thats a lake now not a pond! :)x
Jake Nicholson
Jake Nicholson 16 kun oldin
Your a pretty good hand on that rig
Tom Roger Edvardsen
Tom Roger Edvardsen 17 kun oldin
That is a good size thumb you got there. Never used thumbs, it looks real handy.
Futurecare Design
Futurecare Design 17 kun oldin
47:59 No lollygagging!
Futurecare Design
Futurecare Design 17 kun oldin
He opens the flow at 46:22 :)
dbarrjr 17 kun oldin
52 mins I can’t back...I want his toys.
A Mascia
A Mascia 17 kun oldin
46:36 .
Robert Speer
Robert Speer 17 kun oldin
Why don't you add a ledge so they can go fishing?
Gavin Schultz
Gavin Schultz 17 kun oldin
Man I have a question how do u have the grading buckets hydraulics hooked up. Do u hook them up to ur thumbs hydraulics? Just curious how that works. And love the video. I run a excavator on the farm and it’s a Volvo think it’s a 160 and watching ur videos I have learn a lot of new things and use them when I operate
HQCOMMS65 17 kun oldin
awesome ! luv from glastonbury uk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bill Zorba
Bill Zorba 17 kun oldin
Why burn the wood? Is it not much better to mulch? This is what our councils do now when they dig out trees to make way for roads etc, create mountains of mulch which they use to dress the verges
Jay Burrough
Jay Burrough 17 kun oldin
Do you see many snakes usually
Melissa Dyche
Melissa Dyche 17 kun oldin
Maybe I should of said splat splat splatter
Melissa Dyche
Melissa Dyche 17 kun oldin
Blap I heard that mud when you dropped it over onto the side there
Melissa Dyche
Melissa Dyche 17 kun oldin
It’s been a while since I watched your videos so I thought I’d see what you have been doing
Maynard 17 kun oldin
Was it necessary to get some type of permits to build the pond ? What about a burning permit ?
SGC1972 gleaton
SGC1972 gleaton 17 kun oldin
That’s what you call biggerin out the pond
Darren Marshall
Darren Marshall 17 kun oldin
Another job well done
Hugh Perkins
Hugh Perkins 17 kun oldin
I have no idea why I watch this but I do. Haha
cheeseburgers747 17 kun oldin
46:27 money shot
Scrappy Dappy
Scrappy Dappy 17 kun oldin
Beautiful job Mrs. K!!
ZetaOpress 17 kun oldin
What a amazing video and machine, i am subbing!
glenn jaggard
glenn jaggard 17 kun oldin
Man what a waste of good firewood that could be cut up and sold to penioners
Low Tech
Low Tech 17 kun oldin
I worked 37 years in the natural gas pipeline industry. A lot of it was maintaining the pipeline ROW and excavating. This brings back memories. It takes steady hands to dig around a loaded pipeline. You sir could make the grade.
Gator's World
Gator's World 18 kun oldin
You found the rust mine.....us to be a garbage dump and now you're enjoying it all..... nice rust you got there....hope the shiny truck don`t ketch some rust disease....just a passing true and thought I`d say Hello.....CHEERS
j Sullivan
j Sullivan 18 kun oldin
That soil would be perfect for planting vegetables if a little sand was mixed in.. ive gotta green thumb
Wanea Geno
Wanea Geno 18 kun oldin
Just wondering what size this Excavator might be?
josh prater
josh prater 18 kun oldin
how much u charge to dig a 3/4 acre pond?
Barry Kent
Barry Kent 18 kun oldin
How is it you don't match your stuff up instead of burning it
Bartacomus Kidd
Bartacomus Kidd 19 kun oldin
Cleroyster 2
Cleroyster 2 19 kun oldin
Frank Harley
Frank Harley 19 kun oldin
😁👌🏻Subscriber, bell notifications, and all, that being said, I was waiting to see how you got back over that pile after you breached the damn, as usual, that scene was edited. If you need to edit something to shorten the video, TAKE OUT THE PUSHING OVER TREES segments(🤮tedious)❕✋🏻🙄Just saying.
anthony kotsop
anthony kotsop 19 kun oldin
Keep this oaf in the USA ..never come to my country ..
stephan Robinson
stephan Robinson 20 kun oldin
Nice pond
inso 20 kun oldin
For some reason I find it a little bit funny how easily those trees go down. I don't even know what for chain saws and harvesters exist anymore 😆
Eric 20 kun oldin
I watched all 53 minutes of this, for some reason. I had absolutely no interest in excavation, pond flooding, or tree clearing. More surprising was how relaxing it was listening to the drone and watching, you are very proficient with an excavator. When in doubt, push out. How did you busy the windshield?
ryandt39 20 kun oldin
We need some "TIMMMMMMMBERRRR!!" shirts. haha
Hi Scifi
Hi Scifi 20 kun oldin
In UK we build our bonfires on the ground level, to let the air get at the fire. There again we mostly have green grass fields surrounding us, so no risk of setting a local forest on fire. You guys certainly like your Fire Pits.
RICHARD VERNICK 20 kun oldin
Chris. Man Oh Man you sure have a gift to see what has to be moved to build a pond. The lay blacks are a very integral part of the dirt moving. You and that big VOLVO make magic with dirt. Please Take Care of your self Plus Be Very Care Full around all Equipment.
Home Atlaska
Home Atlaska 20 kun oldin
I love your clean-up bucket, too.
LAURA WILSON 20 kun oldin
Roll Roll Roll your tree Grappled over here. "Whether we've been in a machine or not we all know what it's like to be stuck in mud."
"Well, crappers" LOL
Paul 21 kun oldin
Wish I could fill my pool that fast....
Good Citizen
Good Citizen 21 kun oldin
Funnest job in the world!
Jack Norman
Jack Norman 21 kun oldin
Do you run your excavator at full rpm while working?
USSBB62 21 kun oldin
As the Sculpture see the Statue in the Rock. The Artist (Chris) see's the Pond in the Mud. Just different media !
Lester Hooverl
Lester Hooverl 21 kun oldin
all the ponds i ever seen being built are a lot deeper !! a pond needs to be at least 10 - 15 ft. deep for proper habitat for fish so it doesn't freeze to the bottom in winter . also need a bunch of tree limbs in different spots for habitat .
BigDuke 613
BigDuke 613 21 kun oldin
My OCD is on high alert with all that junk in the guys yard.
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott 21 kun oldin
keep comming back to watch the moneyshot 46:25 while im Lollie gagging about xd About the 27th april Full Pink Moon . dont stare at it for too long or yah mite get Pink Eye i hear .
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