Finish Grading The Dump Site 

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7-Apr, 2021



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TheGreek 19 kun oldin
That's like a D4, sweet and very able.. I'm an operator here in SoCal with IUOE Local 12*(Int Union of Operating Engineers).. Great channel.
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 22 kun oldin
Great work as usual, this is the Greatest Channel. It’s fun to watch, relaxing, learning and totally amazing how you work! Thank you.
Don Deusterman
Don Deusterman 29 kun oldin
Yeah, Chris, you made me nervous when you walked that peak !!
bill gipson
bill gipson Oy oldin
So how hard/different is it to come out of your new one and get back in this one
Lorne Beaudette
I have always liked running a dozers. People who have never done it think it must be a boring brain numbing job, but if you always try to do the best job you can, it is challenging.
Steven Benavente
Is that where a fire was
Robert Proteau
Which dozer has more power? This one or the new one.
USSBB62 Oy oldin
Ok makes sense. Dirt falls yeh OK. But sometimes your just have'n a little fun, cuse you can. Nice 180 on top.
stephan Robinson
Chris you are amazing with these machines you make it look so easy
Pete Moore
Pete Moore Oy oldin
I was looking at the latest images from the Hubble Telescope, that are of deep space. Some of these stars are billions upon billions of light years away from Earth. In-between the stars are these brown patches, that are billions of light years across. Would NASA believe me if I said that Chris had been up there, grading? And, that's why the night sky is so flat and even...
Joe Mascioni
Joe Mascioni Oy oldin
Great job on the reclamation. Taking it from a non useable surface to golf course status with just a few passes of the mighty blade. Another finished job for the LD18 nation!
I Paddle My Own Canoe.
I guess you're glad that job's over with. 👍👍😀🇨🇦
Project TurboCoupe
Which do you think the pushes harder... The Komatsu, or the Yanmar?
Bill Smith
Bill Smith Oy oldin
Be great to see some of your sites in a few month's time to see the difference.
Thomas Morse
Thomas Morse Oy oldin
"See that mountain? One of these days I'm going to climb that mountain."
watchthe1369 Oy oldin
Can that Komatsu pull a large gang of discs behind it? leaving some furrows pointed the right way would probably stop some of that rutting and give you water to start naturally compacting the deeper layers of that field.
Skorpy Nekomimi
This is the best reality show, by far.
Tomsey Bitago
Tomsey Bitago Oy oldin
You delete my comment because I talk about the bird at 4:28 ??
Making it Happen
It looks good and I guess the farmer is happy with the result.
kjc748 Oy oldin
Hey Chris, how are the grass puppies doin? 🐄
Ken S.
Ken S. Oy oldin
State Dept. of Transportation (DOT) plant seed, place Natural Prairie Signs and don’t cut it. 😬👍
involved bystander
5 minutes was enough for me...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
TheBurnsStuff Oy oldin
Its so satisfying to watch the earths surface sculpted and smoothed. Taking a bunch of crap no one wants and using it to make an unusable piece of land usable again.
Ben Royans
Ben Royans Oy oldin
How come we don’t see the dozer from drivers point of view ❓❓❓❓❓ I think it would be more interesting to have both points of view not just on. Like you do with the excavator. Don’t get me wrong I love the content and the Chanel I’m a big fan so thanks for showing us what you do 😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
lenny108 Oy oldin
actually, there should be no garbage dump sites. Either they recycle the garbage or they burn the whole crap. Dump-sites are in 3rd world nations like Dshibuti, full of crows and poor people looking for things they can turn into cash. So hopefully they can turn it into a vegetable garden.
John King
John King Oy oldin
Mighty Fine dozer work!.. learned a lot from that.. keep on digging!
Scott Fortune
Scott Fortune Oy oldin
Was it only me or did anyone else day, I think I can I think I can, when Chris was getting on top of that dirt pile? Lol. I was afraid for you brother!
timmy frierson
Yeah Chris that sure was a big difference from when you first started it and until the end where are you final graded it because y’all build up a big ass hole. But anyway brother another great video you and John and yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming man
Neil E
Neil E Oy oldin
Chris the person who you needed on the pet hospital was demolition dave new video today shows the power of plastic .
Peter Antonic
Peter Antonic Oy oldin
Hey Chris thanks for the explanation, I was wondering why you climbed that mound of dirt and took the top 4 feet off. The dump site looks much better now, that was a lot of dirt and rock you dug out and buried.😀👍🇦🇺
david grant
david grant Oy oldin
another informative & interesting vidio!!--thumbs up--love this channel
Roberta Williamson
I never wondered I knew what you were doing my Grandpa had a Case caterpillar tractor with a loader and 2 manure buckets one he modified with a push blade and one he made bigger. I never realized the danger he put himself in riding the crest of dirt piles knocking them down, he had no roll cage it was open top but the center of gravity was very low and I never saw him get close to tipping it. He used to drive the cat up the side of a tree and use its traction and weight to topple the tree pushing it with his blade as he went, sometimes stalling the engine ,but when the tree was down he'd back up ,stop ,cut the tree off at the stump and drag it out with a heavy chain, usually three trees at a time. He did this to remove any tree that could reach any one of his five cabins during a storm, he owned Rustan Resort and he was a consummate professional. He bought the property, fifty acres with 720 feet of lake shore back in 1947, I'd tell you the whole story but I don't have time right now. I'd like to see if you could push a tree over with that baby Komatsu, nice dozer. You'd look right at home knocking down an entire forest on a 65 ton Komatsu, but then what would the 220 have to do.
Uppsalahazze Markstedt
Nice mountaineering there, Chris! For Guts and Glory I can do it - I can do it - .... !!!
Stein Oy oldin
well done
̇George H.
̇George H. Oy oldin
This video should be a special treat to those who love the dozer footage... like me. And you did your best to make me nervous again while driving the dozer when you were on the pile of dirt. I know you know what you're doing and you're safe, but to a construction noob like me that's never been in a dozer, it freaks me out seeing you grade pond dams on steep angles and climb up on narrow hills of dirt in the dozer, lol. Anyway, site is 100x more usable than before. It'll make great pasture once the farmer gets grass planted.
Craig Green
Craig Green Oy oldin
The End.
Channel Jammer
Looks good & useable now !
Jeffrey Houston
That little dozer really struggles with a full blade.
Jeffrey Houston
Didn't check the oil, that's a no no.
Deano - Bam - Beano
Is this your property..... great video thanks for sharing!
Jason Knowles
Jason Knowles Oy oldin
Slot dozing might have saved some time. I always enjoy the videos though! Plenty of tips and tricks and a good sense of humor.
Sue Linda
Sue Linda Oy oldin
Awesome. To regain ground that is useful. So glad to hear at least grass will be done. Thank you, this is one of your best video's in finishing the Vet build job site.
Cyndi Karp
Cyndi Karp Oy oldin
You did an outstanding job to make this project complete. How many acres of farmland did you create? Good thing you had large area to dispose of all the removed overburden. This completion has to feel very good. This was a long drawn out project of unpredictability. Proves how important rock removal clauses are to protect the company in a contract.
Asyraf Jalil
Asyraf Jalil Oy oldin
What is grading?
Sandy Barnes
Sandy Barnes Oy oldin
Leveling it. Making it flat.
Frank Graham
Frank Graham Oy oldin
I'm thinking you need a larger dozer.
Carl Kayser
Carl Kayser Oy oldin
Excellent work!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱
Clinton Emmert
Chris that’s One of the many things you do well. You look a head and take care of the equipment. You’re also very efficient about how you go about doing your work.
billy- -
billy- - Oy oldin
I don’t know if I would disk it up if I was him. I would just plant it
Kirk Rogers
Kirk Rogers Oy oldin
Looks amazing especially now all the rock is hidden now! Awesome change! Good job Chris! 👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Andrew Carnes
Andrew Carnes Oy oldin
How's the green house coming along?
Wiilliam Flege
when you going to start on some ponds ? ponds are the best shows love it.
Grom Lech
Grom Lech Oy oldin
Draining the swamp was pretty good. All that thin mud & water running off the waterlogged land & into the newly dug ditches.
Marc René Yvon
I'll take anything this guy shows us. Always epic. But yeah, looking at his 55 tons digger actually floating on goowy mud is something else !
Chad Allen
Chad Allen Oy oldin
More people should watch your videos just for the common sense alone 👍
Alan D
Alan D Oy oldin
Been wanting to ask, does slipping metal tracks have the detriment on longevity as slipping on rubber tracks?
Carol Mirci
Carol Mirci Oy oldin
"King of the mountain"
Justin Larrabee
Me- going on top of that pile seemed pretty pointless...im sure there's a reason for it. Chris- you may be wondering....... Me- 🤦‍♂️ the smallest things make the most sense......
Craig MacDonald
Hi Chris, I noticed that at the end of some pushes that you give the blade a shake , I don't think I have seen that with your doser is that a control sensitivity thing or maybe I'm just missing it . Anyway always enjoy and appreciate your posts ! Stay safe and happy 👌. 🇨🇦 Craig
letsdig18 Oy oldin
just shaking the dirt off the blade
Code Zero
Code Zero Oy oldin
I know the hospital job was da’ job from hell. I hope the truck drivers weren’t upset with rocks beating up their dump beds.
William findspennies
Wow that's a heck of a lot of dumps to level that off. I remember when it was on fire.
Richard Schipper
there wasn't a fire here
Michael Page
Michael Page Oy oldin
Oh the cows will be so happy! That’s a lot of usable pastureland now.
Randy Whelan
Randy Whelan Oy oldin
Pretty work 👍👍👍👍👍
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts Oy oldin
That will look good when the grass grows in full
John Earhart
John Earhart Oy oldin
Pro at work.
KD Excavation
KD Excavation Oy oldin
Im a dozer man .... i love grading and just pushing dirt when i can .... i dont have to deal with people just push dirt and listen to the tracks click ..... makes all the stress just melt away
gfresources.video 17 kun oldin
i'm not a dozer man but.. dealing with people is a great source for stress ahahah
Coyote Pete
Coyote Pete Oy oldin
Hey Chris. My wife and i enjoy watching your vid.
dirt racer
dirt racer Oy oldin
You no somebodys gonna be digging there in 200yrs an say where the hell did all these sandstone rock come from.
Wiilliam Flege
Atleast it will be little pieces of sandstone not like the boulders he first moved , my god they were huge.
Lynn Traylor
Lynn Traylor Oy oldin
Lots dirt
M H Oy oldin
Wow, grading the hill took skill.
JohnnathanAB Oy oldin
Looks great. Love your channel.
bryan burford
bryan burford Oy oldin
While your explanation of getting on top of the pile may seem logical? I think you used to love playing king of the hill as a youngster because you get on top of piles of dirt with the dozer, the excavator, the mini.... LOL
Donald Trabeaux
That was a lot of rocks from that animal Hospital site both places are awesome
Excellent job cutting down that long high pile of dirt. Thanks for the explanation, it all makes sense! Thanks again for your videos!!! J.R.
David Kettell
David Kettell Oy oldin
here i am watching again and wishing i had an excavator and a skid steer. my ponds have 8 feet of silt in them and the ground around them is like a swamp. if only the dirt in the ponds was around the ponds i would be a happy fisherman.
eddie f
eddie f Oy oldin
there you need to put the before and after shots in .
TheVideoSteve Oy oldin
Robert Corio
Robert Corio Oy oldin
love too watch you drive on top of those big piles,are not afraid of sliding off or tipping over..
Marc René Yvon
9:05 Aaaah, what is he doing ? Naaah, he won't... 😳 Hell, he goes for it !! Uphill AND down hill ! Plus a 180° turn mid way ! This man has NO limits ! 🙄
Those little 39s will ride in some crazy stuff
Dennis 2
Dennis 2 Oy oldin
Cool I learned something new today, thank you.
jintao wu
jintao wu Oy oldin
The political path scully brush because select postnatally tickle forenenst a gamy spider. meek, nifty vacuum
DJinFla Oy oldin
I have to admit when you first climbed up on those dirt piles, I puckered a little, well, actually a lot!! And continued to do so when you threw it in reverse the first time too! And then I thought... Dang, he's Good!!
ramtuff2007 Oy oldin
good video
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏻👍 Enjoyed
rdon53 Oy oldin
Would be nice to see animal hospital project further down the line, lots of concentrated effort (money) just so they could build on that site. Sure the cows won't even notice they have five more acres to munch on .
Paul Cysz
Paul Cysz Oy oldin
Two sites for the price of one!
Nortekj Oy oldin
At about the 4 minute 29 second mark of the video that you can see running across the ground on left side of dozer , I bet you covered up that Killdeer's nest as they nest on the ground.
David Devine
David Devine Oy oldin
Chris is the type of man that keeps on top of everything.
Larry Mccready
I held my breath a little when he drove on top of the dirt pile. Great job and driving.
Half Cut Garage IL
You should do an episode revisiting all your sites once the ponds fill back up and the grass grows back! Show the true beauty of what you do!
Allan Skogsholm
he does with some of his projects
Sandy Barnes
Sandy Barnes Oy oldin
That will never happen
Vincent L.
Vincent L. Oy oldin
9:20 Instant Pond Dam!
DigginLife21 Oy oldin
🔥🔥🔥Another fine day Señor Dig👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Walt Mueller
Walt Mueller Oy oldin
I enjoyed the video. Help me here, who gets paid for a job like that. Do you get paid for making the field more usable or does the owner get paid for allowing you to dump, especially all that rock. Thanks again for sharing it with us.
Walter Mattson
This video would broken the record books if you would have slid off the pile. Nice job again.
James Diehl
James Diehl Oy oldin
I'd be concerned about cut offing the top of the mound and the dozer would roll over down the side and end up upside down.
Ranger 231
Ranger 231 Oy oldin
When he went up on that pile of dirt, I thought he was going to do one of those 'Hell's Revenge, Moab' kind of stunts!!
Rusty Steel
Rusty Steel Oy oldin
Turning waste land into productive pasture.... I'll have to call Chris... Mr. Greenjeans! 😇
Jonathan DeVries
Hello Chris, How are you this evening?
leo l
leo l Oy oldin
Like the dozer video ,and To the next one .
Bass 167
Bass 167 Oy oldin
That looks way more usable then it did so that was a win win for the both of y’all good job 👍
Roger Hacker
Roger Hacker Oy oldin
Hey Brother, give that dozer a raise, it's one awesome little machine!!!! Nice finish, to a never ending job. great video. Later: }
Marc Wohlmayer
I thought you Were gonna fall off that dirt pile there.ya nice Flat And ready To be reseeded for a New field.nobody will ever know about the Rocks under the ground 🤣. Have a nice day😀
Fifth Amendment
That dozer seat cushion looks pretty shabby.
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