Clearing A Path To The New Pond Site 

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3-Apr, 2021



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steven welch
steven welch 7 kun oldin
amazing how that monster snaps those trees in half or pulls them out of the ground this is better than watching a godzilla movie.... luv it
Ryan Sacco
Ryan Sacco Oy oldin
Chris it almost looks like Brandon's jobsite. Where's the railroad track going lol?
Elliott57 Oy oldin
What transmission does a dozer like this have? Does it have defined fwd and rev gears, or a torque converter?
Christopher Harbon
That dozer is awesome love it great little machine you got there 😀👍
devisionhun Oy oldin
You mention not being able to trust the path to clear to be straight. Would some fairly simple GPS based solution be worth it? Maybe a simple phone app where you can draw the line or mark a point you wanna go straight to... It might be unnecessary overcomplication of course.
Ken S.
Ken S. Oy oldin
It’s Really Amazing how Efficient you are and Why “Other” Contractors Don’t get their Jobs Done.👍
Tim Burgess
Tim Burgess Oy oldin
Keep making them great videos beautiful
ThePorritZ Oy oldin
This old time digger i once worked with always had a 500m roll of orange string, 2 sharpened stakes and a couple cans of orange spray paint in his excavator. He would use them to get a straight line to follow when he was clearing a lane through woods or shrubs... except for when it was super thick.
kio haha
kio haha Oy oldin
what other options are there other than a burn pile?
Searchman Oy oldin
Chris the mud master
latham area
latham area Oy oldin
i've watched quite a few of Chris' pond builds, what's the purpose of this build if so far from the main house.?
Sudd 268
Sudd 268 Oy oldin
Got to love the dozer thank you for your videos.
Denis O Connell
Great to see I wasn’t the only person working on a Saturday of the Easter weekend. But my machines only a little Takeuchi 116 digging drains🤥
Zato Ichi
Zato Ichi Oy oldin
I enjoy the dozer work more than anything except maybe the pond cleaning. Hope you'll leave more video in, in the future but really enjoy your channel
ron watson
ron watson Oy oldin
That's coming along nicely. Thanks for taking me to work with you. I miss it since I retired 8 years ago.
Arnold Angel
Arnold Angel Oy oldin
Would help to add a heavy grill on top of the Dozer blade?
steve holton
steve holton Oy oldin
HAPPY EASTER ALL !!! Whether You Are Christian or Not, all of Humanity Deserves to live the Happiest day possible every day! SDH the Great Unknown in CT
Burton Cummins
Looking great you do nice work with OCD
Stan from Alabama
I love how you turn a crappy piece of property into a useful one. I love to watch you work. Thanks for the videos. My favorite you tube channel.
Just Boden
Just Boden Oy oldin
Good morning world, I hope everyone has a great day. Chris, thank you for doing this. Your skill is inspiring and your attitude is a refreshingly kind.
Frances Stratton
I love it when we get to see how the project is progressing. 👍👍
Mobile Communications Network
It would be interesting for you to discuss what it takes to maintain your excavator. What type of mechanic works on the excavator? What are your operational yearly costs for upkeep? How often does they machine breakdown? How does Volvo rank against the competition?
TEXAN1845 Oy oldin
Good video almost every video I watch of yours it’s either just rained or going to rain how much rain fall do you get per year in your area thx
Earl Smithson
Earl Smithson Oy oldin
Boy Chris, the power of that 220 makes short work of that scrub brush and trees.
KD Excavation
KD Excavation Oy oldin
I love clearing .... almost as much as building roads! great video !
Rusty Steel
Rusty Steel Oy oldin
Between the flying dirt, dust, POLLEN and ashes.... I'll bet the AIR FILTER salesman loves to see YOU walking in! Is he like family by now? 😇 Happy Easter!
Gary Smith
Gary Smith Oy oldin
Better than therapy
Allan Skogsholm
at least your equipment isn't rusted and full of mud until the ears like A equipment 😂😂😂
Bernie Montella
Same shit different day ! boring !!!
Richard Schipper
yes you are
tjousk Oy oldin
Tony Cole
Tony Cole Oy oldin
Chris you'll probably have to replace your cab filters after working in all these pines I had to say I'm kind of disappointed I thought you was going to start on that pond right away I can't wait to see you start digging it cuz you do some amazing work on ponds looking forward to see it being constructed
timmy frierson
I’ll tell you what Chris your dozer damn sure looks bad ass with those limb risers on it I don’t know what it is about a dozer but they look a lot better with the Limb risers on them. But anyway brother another great video you and John and yawls family stay safe and man have a happy Easter and a blessed weekend brother and will see you Monday morning for the next video
Uppsalahazze Markstedt
Have you ever shook a pine over a fire in pollen time a dry day, Chris? Then you will see a dust deflagration cloud rising to the sky! Really nice to watch if you have the wind from back or no wind! ;D
Making it Happen
It looks like the teeth on the bucket coped well with the quarry, or did you change those teeth?
Richard Schipper
it was never at that job
Joshua Lincoln
Where are you from
Uncle Spongehead
In northern Michigan, pine pollen is June/July timeframe.
Making it Happen
Here 2, in northen Sweden.
jan krijnen
jan krijnen Oy oldin
Why don’t you dig a long trench, put all the brushes and trees in it and cover it up again? It makes great soil and gives you sort of french drain for years. Less pollution from burning and also you get rid of a swampy area. Here the dutch have been doing it for a long time😊
Making it Happen
Good morning sir. It's easy to see when using your own 220. It has yellow railings. To joke with us, you can paint orange railings on it too.
Andre Jordan
Andre Jordan Oy oldin
The owner should get you to do the pond now so it is established when they build the house. Great job so far....👌
Gordy Hattrick
Chris, get a Cat D11, that job would have been striped, cleared and graded in 30 minutes :-)
kasnhasn Oy oldin
Why does everybody seem to have/want a pond where you are?
Harvey Long
Harvey Long Oy oldin
sometimes, dont have a choice. it's the land owners responsibility to manage rain runoff etc. other times it's just cosmetic.
Dave V
Dave V Oy oldin
Good stuff
Korey Williams
Yay I got something to watch while I cant move. I feel and hurt my ankle today.
crazygsxr1 Oy oldin
Those window guards are definitely handy for pushing brush and extra protection!
Sharon Henry
Sharon Henry Oy oldin
sounds like you need a little grease in some areas. Am I wrong? It's ok if I am!!
TheStuffMade Oy oldin
Always a pleasure to watch a professional at work. This is like the grown up version of playing with your toys in a sandbox.
coin and gold
coin and gold Oy oldin
80 means SNAKES!
Mark Alexander
Two questions from the ignorant. I notice that you seldom turn the dozer, oreferring to rather reverse even when you could grade in the opposite direction too; Why is this? Surely it would be more efficient to grade going both ways? Second. I notice you prefer to use a dozer with a rake rather than having a grapple which would be far more efficient, why? :ove your show. Never miss it.
brian kleinkopf
you sir? r a Artist...... i could watch u alllllllll day!!! ^5
Steve Fife
Steve Fife Oy oldin
Hope the owner knows they have a UZblock Star building their dream property. Can you video some of the maintenance it takes to keep those machines working.
Daniel King
Daniel King Oy oldin
Welcome to Wilson lol
brian kleinkopf
damm ur good.... i love yur videos! u da man!!!
Jeffrey Houston
Cotontop would be mad that you left that one tree standing, lol.
Chuck Johnson
Chuck Johnson Oy oldin
Let'er eat!
Clyde Acor
Clyde Acor Oy oldin
It seems like all the newer smaller diesel engines that have emissions equipment on them have a rattle sound to them.
ramtuff2007 Oy oldin
good video
Michael Perry
Michael Perry Oy oldin
How fit do you need to be to get into the industry?
gary meyers
gary meyers Oy oldin
Burn pile is kind of close to the trees and brush isn't it?
Good days work. Have a good Easter
Drew Hallstrom
Anyone else like how he doesn’t have some cheesy intro
steven welch
steven welch 7 kun oldin
Willow Sverge
Willow Sverge Oy oldin
Dave Wood
Dave Wood Oy oldin
definitely what appeals to me. straight in with a “here’s what we’re doing today”. action and commentary. finish with a “so we’re all done here, folks” Anything more would spoil it. 👍🏻👍🏻
donald alexander richards
Good afternoon Chris have a great Easter weekend
Ken Allen
Ken Allen Oy oldin
Great video bro those drains seamed to have got rid o quite a bit of water. Safe travels over Easter
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts Oy oldin
I’m just looking forward to the pond build
terry eason
terry eason Oy oldin
I guess i get too involved in these videos. I watch them on my cell phone and when Chris starts shaking dirt out of the roots i ocassionaly catch myself shaking my cell phone trying to get as much dirt out as i can or when there is glare on the windshield i tilt my phone to see through the glass better.
Samantha Baines`
Glad it's not just me that does that lol 😂
gary meyers
gary meyers Oy oldin
More munches and crunches.
Jimmy Strain
Jimmy Strain Oy oldin
When you set that pile on fire it shou.d burn hot and good all the pine in it
DigginLife21 Oy oldin
Steven Peters
Steven Peters Oy oldin
Happy Easter to Chris!
Pete Nolte
Pete Nolte Oy oldin
The trees have no chance with Chris at the controls. Stay safe!!
Helen Helps
Helen Helps Oy oldin
One Eye Customs
What have you had done to your excavator to make the hydraulics function that fast? They just don’t move like that stock.
letsdig18 Oy oldin
It's stock. Volvos are very quick machines
target Estimating Services
house lots have drop thru floor on prices in parts of MA and N.H ..BUT like i been saying Lumber-- copper - cement prices way way out sink be building ,, wait in till fall at best
target Estimating Services
posted on one your site ... LOL bet make cut down lol == hay you know that mud recovery job you did last month ..WELL looks as that tape has gone super Viral over internet and people voted you best operator .. so i place your daily Link on youtube where you be found .. hay its free business advertising
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey Oy oldin
Great video Chris 🇺🇲 I really enjoy watching your videos 🇺🇲
Jim Garrett
Jim Garrett Oy oldin
The pollen is the same here in Georgia - yellow clouds of dust!!!
David Brickey
David Brickey Oy oldin
I was told by an allergist. That pine pollen was not a problem for humans who suffered with allergies. I haven’t googled it to see yet I intend to though
Lemony Crinkles
Happy Easter 🐣 Chris from Sydney Australia 🇦🇺
Edward O'Neill
Just bulldoze to the pond or where ever. You are taking too long with the one at a time approach to like this video. Have ball 🏀 game to keep me awake. Thanks 🤩.
Upstate Brush Control
Project looking good👍 Where did you get your dozer rake from? I am looking for one for our John Deere 450. I made a couple calls and they are anywhere from $2,800-$8,000, that seems like a wide range.
Gril Nam
Gril Nam Oy oldin
In this video he says it’s a local company 2.5 hours from him I hope that narrows it down a little or that Chris replies to you direct. uzblock.info/post/video/s7CCeqWJaLFwp4Y.html
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!
StudSupreme Oy oldin
The excavator bounces around so much sometimes that I might actually get seasick.
Marty Km6pra
Marty Km6pra Oy oldin
You need a bigger bulldozer! Lol
GMCRanch Oy oldin
Good lord the pollen. I'd be miserable even with the cab closed lol
William D
William D Oy oldin
Love the woods clearing no body in the way.Just the wilderness nice 18.By the way y'all look up this 4 year old utube vid called The life of a Grading Foreman.. Staring Mr 18 himself.funny as hell!!
f150bc Oy oldin
Got that Dozer rolling those trees, will burn well .For a little machine it can push.
DJinFla Oy oldin
Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter!
Half Cut Garage IL
Can't beleiev how much that bottom.section dried up in a week ! Well done!
Howard Stinnett
What's up with everyone you work for seems to have a big pond? Except the animal hospital lot.
James Baker
James Baker Oy oldin
NO real rain here in East Texas,,, everything is YELLOW !
Sean Hert
Sean Hert Oy oldin
It's astonishing to me how brittle those pine trees are.
Brazuca Operando máquinas na América
I really like watching your video
Four Toes Premium Lawn Care
It's astonishing how much work a good operator with good machinery can do in a day.
Jim Domoradzki
He knows that wasted seconds turn into wasted minutes then wasted hours. Wasted time means less loads hauled out in a given time.
J D Oy oldin
Happy Easter Chris.
josian rodriguez
Edward Kern
Edward Kern Oy oldin
My eyes are beginning to itch just watching the video.
michael mullins
Smooth move with the rake. I figured you design a stand or something. Nope, just put it right on. Sorry I doubted you for a second.
josian rodriguez
John Smick
John Smick Oy oldin
First, Happy Easter to you and your family. Next, I was just wondering, how big of a tree can you snap with that setup?
Willow Sverge
Willow Sverge Oy oldin
Happy Easter! 🐇🐣🐑🙏🏻
Allen Williams
Does everyone just want a pond? Or is there another reason for all of them? Fire protection?
letsdig18 Oy oldin
Recreational. Fishing, some swim in them. Irrigation.
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