Change Of Plans, Redoing The Pads 

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17-Apr, 2021



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jacob swyka
jacob swyka 5 soat oldin
Ive got to qsk is there a benefit to having 3 drop axles??? Where im from in de and md my truck cant exceed 70000 lb no matter the weight of my truck...over 65000 you need the drop axle...you said the trucks can carry around 24 to 25 tons which is about 4 tons more then i can haul...whats the overall gvw of that truck with 3 drop axles and is there any real benifit to having that many
jacob swyka
jacob swyka 5 soat oldin
Maybe it is only 2 i thought i saw one that had 3 tho..maybe im wrong
liveuk 10 kun oldin
Maybe get uncle John to invest in a rock munchining machine that makes the hardcore on site from big rocks.
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 11 kun oldin
It may not be a rocket scientist job but it ain't easy I'm sure. And you have alot of tricks to your trade that make you look really good doing this. I'm very impressed and thank you for sharing
Motor 2of7
Motor 2of7 17 kun oldin
I’ve lost track of when Chris is working for himself and when he’s working for his Uncle. It seems like we see more and more of Chris’s equipment in the videos. Anyone have the decoder ring?
Eric Taanman
Eric Taanman 20 kun oldin
you can save some manny and time with it.
Eric Taanman
Eric Taanman 20 kun oldin
The car can driving when he is losing. Yes??
Eric Taanman
Eric Taanman 20 kun oldin
wy the car dous everysing on one place. he can also spret it out. Yes??
Dilligaf 21 kun oldin
For some "God only knows'' reason , tipper drivers do the same thing all over the world . They all show up at the same time . ( '' Aw..I don't know how to get there , I'll just follow you '' , ''me too '' says the third one . Fricking sheep .
J.A.R. Family
J.A.R. Family 21 kun oldin
If y'all been on a site doing grade... You know that gate slamming the dump will scare you if you not paying attention lol
Alex Fisher's Family Vlogs
What is the grid material that you put down before the rock and whats its purpose?
Mick 23 kun oldin
what are all those extra wheels on the tip truck for
Fat Dan
Fat Dan 23 kun oldin
Well that can be frustrating and expensive ... doable but puts a time crunch on the next job although one can say it increases ones vocabulary - just the caustic stuff😱 ...
WLGT 23 kun oldin
I like when you shake the insignificant amount of dirt off the dozer blade at 17:26 lol; I too have OCD sir.
Jan Winters Kellogg
Jan Winters Kellogg 23 kun oldin
Been there done that.
Sonny Cabel
Sonny Cabel 24 kun oldin
You can see he doesn’t know what he’s doing🤣
Mark Bulla
Mark Bulla 24 kun oldin
At like 26:00, I'm saying "Just drop the stone, dude! He already told you to stop...". It's just as well that we couldn't hear you in the cab of the dozer at that point!. Thanks for the vlog!
monkeyboy4746 24 kun oldin
"Stay back 200 feet", that's real cute.
charles carroll jr
charles carroll jr 24 kun oldin
What brand trailer is that at 11:35?
steve kissel
steve kissel 24 kun oldin
I did concrete and it wasn't making sense to me. I from az and thought I might learn something. Great vlog 👍👍👍
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!
Bob Grier
Bob Grier 24 kun oldin
Don’t have just looooooove commercial work!
Steve nei
Steve nei 24 kun oldin
Road restrictions on in minnesota
Digtwo 25 kun oldin
how frustrating I guess some drivers are just fkn dumb.
roger Johnson
roger Johnson 25 kun oldin
Dam sweet.... more money more money all T & M.. ( time and Money...:-) :-) you go Chris
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 25 kun oldin
Enjoyed, thanks for sharing.
straxx99 25 kun oldin
33:56 Concrete guys will not pour on a 2 feet slope over that big length, can someone explain why.
Kalevi Savolainen
Kalevi Savolainen 25 kun oldin
Roosters Lounge
Roosters Lounge 25 kun oldin
Hey John I know you have a lot of non-city and county projects but have you ever had the compaction tested and if so could you show that how that’s done on one of your videos could you do that for me please just so that people know what these testing companies actually do please
Cambodia Excavator KH
i love your videos like my chanel
Stuart Monohan
Stuart Monohan 25 kun oldin
How come they don’t tailgate spread the gravel for the pads?
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey 25 kun oldin
Looks great Chris 🇺🇲
formdog 25 kun oldin
i have poured a few of those we step them never really heard of sloping the foundation great work by the way thanks for all the videos
Terry Clement
Terry Clement 25 kun oldin
Sometimes there’s no substitute for a dozer 😎
tbirdage 25 kun oldin
Are those drivers taking lunch break when then roll in? Those guys are slow af.
Jonathan DeVries
Jonathan DeVries 25 kun oldin
i think the grader is lonely over there all by her lonesome....
Jonathan DeVries
Jonathan DeVries 25 kun oldin
Morning, Chris!
J. D.
J. D. 25 kun oldin
*All that work only to put down mesh? What does the mesh do? Can anybody tell me?*
timmy frierson
timmy frierson 25 kun oldin
Yeah Chris the way you was doing it the first time that was gonna be a lot of fall for 275 foot I bet you’re glad to man changed it up and put it like the other buildings are makes it a lot easier to grade out but anyway brother another good video you and John and yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming man
sick puppy
sick puppy 25 kun oldin
probley a silly question but how come u didnt just lay out all these pads to start with wen u first started instead of making it a big car park area?
Baby Catcher
Baby Catcher 25 kun oldin
He probably didnt have enough money at first. Now that some of the units are rented, he has some income, and can turn around and invest that into more buildings til he runs out of land.
Skynet 1
Skynet 1 25 kun oldin
Those dump trucks are like a pack of wolves traveling in packs. 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕👍
ed MC
ed MC 25 kun oldin
Jon S
Jon S 25 kun oldin
Why so many wheels on American dump trucks? How do they make turns? I know they lift them up on site but must be a pain on the road to?
Michael Page
Michael Page 25 kun oldin
I was wondering why you didn’t have the dozer on the first pad. Looks like it made the second pad a lot quicker and easier. Good job as always!
Robin pearson
Robin pearson 25 kun oldin
Chris, are you contracted to deal with the water from the roofs at this time, as mking suitable provision now, would seem to save a lot of further upheaval later.
debtlife 25 kun oldin
@26:24 not sure if that was where you wanted it, but that frustrated me, i always want the load in front of the blade usually square with the dozer, but i tell my truck drivers that edit: material placement didnt turn out to bad, my previous statement is just usually my rule of thumb
Anne Todd
Anne Todd 25 kun oldin
To the master of machinery, it’s a joy watching you Chris.
Dig This NZ
Dig This NZ 25 kun oldin
Why don’t the trucks spreed the stone? No need for the skid steer or the dozer that way.
̇George H.
̇George H. 25 kun oldin
A lesson learned for the owner. Trying to opt for the cheapest way isn't usually the right way, lol. Now he has to take more time and money to do what should have been done from the beginning.
target Estimating Services
need be level those building gen done pre-fab
Gril Nam
Gril Nam 25 kun oldin
Mrs elite earthworks lllc heard you say about having the roller on high vibrate so she’s on her way to help.
hajuja jajuha
hajuja jajuha 25 kun oldin
English is not my 1st language so I miss some of what you say in your videos. I’ve been wondering the amount of the crushed stone the projects need, not only this one. For example this over 1000 tons! Though I am not sure if the unit is the same for you as what it is for me. 1 ton = 1000 kg. The material seems quite a lot the same as what it is in where I live. For that we usually have from 0 to 16 mm or from 0 to 32 mm (and anything between). I also was thinking the cost of the material. I have paid about 8 to 10 € per ton (about 9 to 12 dollars I guess) and that is only the material. Then the transportation cost comes over that and it depends on the distance. For this project I also thought that there are no pipes underground for the rain water. Is it not a problem? Thanks for the exellent videos.
target Estimating Services
?? 6 pads your added ??.. wasn't just 2 ,, lol i use play that game to . concrete guys just trying fill gravel .were concrete go ..1 inch x 250 feet is lot concrete one .always 2-3 inch step up from final grade ,,so water don't flow into bays ..like bet plans say 6" and pour 5" x 6 pads ..
Stein 25 kun oldin
well done man to day
target Estimating Services
are you just that good,,, you don't need a laser on that blade
target Estimating Services
he wasn't able to drag that load
Was wondering how they planned to install the buildings on a slope. Everything would have to be leaning for doors to work. Would have been a bizarre building and fun to see.
Robin Froud
Robin Froud 25 kun oldin
@ 22:10 was everyone saying cmon move your a@@@ . ( i wager Chris was lol)
Joe Harry
Joe Harry 25 kun oldin
7% is tuff to do even with the magnetic laser target on the blade... Lol step down sounds far more logical...
Wombats Organics
Wombats Organics 25 kun oldin
That last truck driver 😂😂😂
Scruffy 61
Scruffy 61 25 kun oldin
John Pyle
John Pyle 25 kun oldin
Dang! That dozer plowed right through that rock like a champ! The poor skid steer must have gotten worked like a rented mule yesterday! I'd like to have the use of that roller for about half a day! The 4 acres I mow around my house would be the smoothest around! I would find out if my zero turn can truly cut 7 acres an hour!
Randy Travis
Randy Travis 25 kun oldin
can't tell on video i am watching on hughes net low quality 240 ,, long building pad why do they have a step in the building .. does the ground around it slope that much or is the step for looks .. thought it would be cheaper to build the building all at one level .. guess i will find out ..in 700 more loads ... great video CHRIS keep them coming ,,you need to drive the dump truck on site then you did all the equipment on site lol
Baby Catcher
Baby Catcher 25 kun oldin
Yes, the ground slopes that much
Jim Domoradzki
Jim Domoradzki 25 kun oldin
Surprised you did not start this job with the dozer to push the rock and dirt out of the pad area. Guessing your dozer may have been on another job.
Ken Allen
Ken Allen 25 kun oldin
Another cool video from this project bro. Safe travels
Warren John Knight.
Warren John Knight. 25 kun oldin
Watching your video's is definitely recommended, just for the calming effects, you are the all time calmer of earthmoving,
michael mullins
michael mullins 25 kun oldin
My first thought. 600+ tons with a skid steer for me, like using a shovel. No problem for Chris. The dozer definitely did it quicker. I was talking loudly at the blue truck on screen. He just knew better what Chris needed.
Rookie Machinist
Rookie Machinist 25 kun oldin
Did you know that the self storage unit business got its start in the US around 1964 and now there is over 2.3 billion square feet of storage space. With an annual revenue of $39.5 billion. Who knew building small metal garages next to each other would be so profitable. FYI, a few smaller storage businesses existed before 1964, but they say that 1964 was the year it became recognized as a mainstream business.
Baby Catcher
Baby Catcher 25 kun oldin
Very interesting! Thanks!
Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey 25 kun oldin
That truck had five rear axles and could only haul 24 tons I drive a tri axle truck and haul 25 tons on a daily basis and I live in the mountains of west by god virginia
Baby Catcher
Baby Catcher 25 kun oldin
Might be local NCDOT limitations on weight.
martin gardener
martin gardener 25 kun oldin
Most if the trucks in the UK doing that sort of work are 8x4x4's
Brad Hanson
Brad Hanson 25 kun oldin
Same in ma tri axle
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts 25 kun oldin
Man that’s a lot of stone
I Paddle My Own Canoe.
Anna Fraley
Anna Fraley 25 kun oldin
You are getting “Dangerously Close” now to a Half a Million (500,000) subscribers..!! 😱🤭👍✅
tjousk 25 kun oldin
Farmingsmallkubota 25 kun oldin
All you need is the the 220 and 250 and the whole operation will be on this job
stirlingfromla 25 kun oldin
Is this a South Carolina thing where you talk in tons and not yardage? In the Northeast we use yards, here in California we use yards ......?
Baby Catcher
Baby Catcher 25 kun oldin
North Carolina. Big difference
Merle Patterson
Merle Patterson 25 kun oldin
The camera angle as you're driving back and forth in the dozer really shows the change in grade slope.
Carl Kayser
Carl Kayser 25 kun oldin
Much rather watch the Dozer.....
Victor Massey Jr.
Victor Massey Jr. 25 kun oldin
You need to call me at MR On-time for stone next time !
James Diehl
James Diehl 25 kun oldin
Is that stone like AB3, crushed concrete? I've used that stuff on mobile home lots.
Sue Linda
Sue Linda 25 kun oldin
I give the a first class blue ribbon for holding your tongue and not just calling a few STUPID. You knew what was needed to begin with. HOW frustrating!
Wayne Kaltenbaugh
Wayne Kaltenbaugh 25 kun oldin
Dump truck drivers gotta hold each other hand. I tell them all the time to take your time spread out the loads. Don’t be running with each other but they don’t listen.
Losttoanyreason 25 kun oldin
Wait until you are almost done then change the plans on you. LOL
James Diehl
James Diehl 25 kun oldin
Gravel is a lot heavier than spreading dirt too!
Howard Stinnett
Howard Stinnett 25 kun oldin
I would think those trucks could tailgate a lot of that as long as it is..
James Diehl
James Diehl 25 kun oldin
I was watching Dirt Perfect earlier. He was doing some pond dredging and I told him not to get his excavator stuck in the pond. Lol 😆 He said this ain't Letsdig. Lol 😆😆
James Diehl
James Diehl 25 kun oldin
@STEVEN R Evidently! When I told him don't get stuck, he said nah, I'm just dredging around the edge. He could have used a long boom for part of it. He was precariously perched on the dam at an angle dredging. I was surprised he didn't tip over and slide in. I told him if he got a bunch of pond jobs, he might have to change his name to MuckPerfect. Lol 😆
STEVEN R 25 kun oldin
... so DP learned to say 'it ain't stuck, I just can't get it out! 😉
Jeff Zupko
Jeff Zupko 25 kun oldin
Funny watchin' guy in the blue truck try to back into the pad... 1st day??
James Diehl
James Diehl 25 kun oldin
This is why he gets paid the big bucks! 😆🤣😂
Robert Kohut
Robert Kohut 25 kun oldin
bastifar1 25 kun oldin
I live in Kalamazoo, MI. they are currently widening I-94 between Portage Rd and Sprinkle Rd. It looks like the are totally tearing out the original 1950-60's era exits to update them into the 21 century. Their first project objective. They brought in a few Volvos with thumbs to start clearing about a mile worth of trees and brush in the south side of I-94. These guys were nowhere near as quick and efficient as Chris. Of course, they are paid by the hour with Whitmer dollars.
Bill Adams
Bill Adams 23 kun oldin
@bastifar1 she’s doing everything thing that she can to elect Republicans
bastifar1 23 kun oldin
@Bill Adams Hope you are being sarcastic.
Bill Adams
Bill Adams 25 kun oldin
Got to love that woman
joey fort
joey fort 25 kun oldin
The trucks that just keep on giving 👍🏼
Stone Mason
Stone Mason 25 kun oldin
Why not have the trucks spread the gravel? Even if they do a half ass job of spreading it saves a lot of time moving gravel that could just be graded and packed, maybe some light skid steer work?
Bill Adams
Bill Adams 25 kun oldin
Here in W Okla most people use 18 wheelers with belly dumps & dump in a windrow then a blade rolls it back and forth
Stone Mason
Stone Mason 25 kun oldin
@letsdig18 that sure is a bummer for you. Here in northern WI we have really good drivers. The contractor I used on my shop was able to grade and compact 4 ft of gravel in 6” lifts having it all tail gate spread. Using independent truckers. I was impressed.
letsdig18 25 kun oldin
they struggle to even dump in the right spot let alone try to spread and dump
Nighthawke70 25 kun oldin
Poppa wants, poppa gets. That is, until the mud man says "oh hell no"!
Assassinlexx 25 kun oldin
As with so many job sites. Plans change. The key thing is everything is written and signed. Assuming nothing. Just hope it doesn't turn into that animal hospital job😬
letsdig18 25 kun oldin
I like the good old hand shake better
Don Melius
Don Melius 25 kun oldin
Uncle John should be proud to have a guy like you that takes pride in his work.
Jasmine Lindros
Jasmine Lindros 22 kun oldin
@Steve p The only thing you've learned is how to run away? That's pathetic, Steve.
Steve p
Steve p 23 kun oldin
@Jasmine Lindros Bye 👋
Jasmine Lindros
Jasmine Lindros 23 kun oldin
@Steve p Why are you still lying, Steve? I am not making myself out to be an expert, I'm pointing out this is shoddy work if finish grade is supposed to be firm and unyielding, and perfectly fine work if there is no compaction specification. If you had better reading comprehension you would already know this, and if you had construction experience you would already have noticed the things I pointed out. Basically, you're demonstrating your complete ignorance and lying about what I said. Well done.
Steve p
Steve p 23 kun oldin
@Jasmine Lindros So let’s clear this up shall we? You come on here criticising someone’s work, a bloke who has made enough of a success to have bought a fleet of his own machines, bought a farm and built a house, and you’re making yourself out to be the expert here? And yet you have absolutely no videos of your own to demonstrate this expertise you claim. I think we can all just ignore your bollocks as you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Don’t forget to slam the door on your way out.
Jasmine Lindros
Jasmine Lindros 23 kun oldin
@Steve p If you wanted to learn how it should be done, Steve, why didn't you educate yourself BEFORE writing your original post?
Dave Stinson
Dave Stinson 25 kun oldin
I bet that stone bill was high. Around here we usually only put 4 to 6" of base. Dirt is cheap. But that is the way to do it right like y'all did. Roller an grader sure makes it nice an slick
William D
William D 25 kun oldin
@Don Pfeiffer Chris did say the owner wanted to take out 12' of dirt.
Don Pfeiffer
Don Pfeiffer 25 kun oldin
I’m sitting here thinking the same thing Dave. For Pete’s sakes man, we have interstate highways that weren’t built with this much groundwork and a foot of substrate underneath of the concrete or asphalt!! Maybe if Chris would get some of these state and federal contracts, our roads and INFRASTRUCTURE would hold up longer than three years without having to be replaced again!! I keep wondering just what in the hell is going to be inside these storage units that they need a base that is literally better than our highway systems, better than any house built in the past 100 years etc, or did this customer have a case of expansive soils at this particular location and they were required to cut it out and build a good base?? There’s got to be a good reason to spend more money in your groundwork than what the completed project from concrete up is going to cost cause this work ain’t cheap at all!! I’m sure Chris has explained why somewhere and I just haven’t got to it yet but it’s a beautiful job, that’s for damn sure!! Well done Chris!!
Mark Waddey
Mark Waddey 25 kun oldin
asking because I am stoopid, why does it require so much base to hold a lightweight steel bldg?
letsdig18 25 kun oldin
its what the owner wanted
Mike Crake
Mike Crake 25 kun oldin
Good one bud. Totally logical to pour flat. Another fascinating work out of man and machinery for something so simple as a lock-up row of garages. But there's much more to it than meets the eye if the job is done correctly. Thanks for sharing. I learn everyday.
Tim Traver
Tim Traver 25 kun oldin
In my old job we had a saying, "if there's a harder way, they'll find it..."
Assassinlexx 25 kun oldin
@alan farenden Yes that is true sometimes but having fix the job the lazy kid did. Is not the best. The last few years before retirement. I was stuck with millennials. They have zero skills and give a new meaning to lazy. Have ever seen someone digging with a shovel. At the same time texting. It would be funny but for he fact there is a job to do.
alan farenden
alan farenden 25 kun oldin
@Assassinlexx My old boss would put his lazyiest guy on a new job. Said "he will find the easiest way to do it!"
Assassinlexx 25 kun oldin
Yup the Architec idea how to do the job and then there is the man with the old hardhat. Got you love architects 🤣🤑
jwg19444 25 kun oldin
K B 25 kun oldin
Hey Chris !!!! That sounds just like ""THAT"S TRUCKING "",,,, Always something to mess you up again !!! Your Customer sure knows how to spend extra $$$$ on this Project !!!! Anyhows,, Great job & ""KEEP IT SAFE "" !!!! Give ""WINSTON"" an EXTRA treat for this !!HAHA
George B Baldwin
George B Baldwin 25 kun oldin
You want the dump right in front of the dozer at beep. I get it.
George B Baldwin
George B Baldwin 25 kun oldin
@Rickiequipment After a while, I pick up on such. Chris rules!
Rickiequipment 25 kun oldin
Blue trucker didn't get it. From watching him back in, he needed a blood test.
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