Burning All The Clearing Debris 

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28-Mar, 2021



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Ederson simples
Ederson simples 9 soat oldin
Destruição do planeta e da biodivercidade e especies do local
Darrell Bice
Darrell Bice 6 kun oldin
I started to say Dirt Perfect's brush fires can't hold a candle compared to yours but, they are a candle flame compared to yours lol
James Maxwell
James Maxwell 7 kun oldin
Lord, I hate a rolling brush pile!
strangersound 10 kun oldin
You did a great job on that drainage. And you can swing that bucket...I doubt anybody else could get a job done quicker than you can. Volvo should sponsor you. You sold me on one and I'm not an excavator. ;)
nick chill
nick chill 12 kun oldin
Nice series really good stuff.
GABRIEL NOLEN 20 kun oldin
how does the bucket not catch fire
NicoMarius Smit
NicoMarius Smit 23 kun oldin
Your wasting money by burning that wood ,You should made charcoal out of that wood. Or compact it in to a hole for compost
jambocoo 24 kun oldin
I'm 70 years old and damn I love watching a man work that really knows his business. You handle those machines professionally with ease. Keep up the great videos and thanks for sharing with us.
DamoDoesAll 26 kun oldin
What, no fire brigade?
The Global Deception
Must have dug up a bees nest. They were attacking the camera 😂
Delekham Oy oldin
I have a question..@23:20 or thereabouts..is that a Hummingbird flying around the Camera?
Pedro Mata Jr
Pedro Mata Jr Oy oldin
The camera doesn't give justice of how big those machines are specially that bucket.
John Badalutz
John Badalutz Oy oldin
Don’t you have anybody to assist you-you being all alone ? What if you got hurt, trip or burnt, its like hiking--never want to be out all alone,
Ben Chipley
Ben Chipley Oy oldin
Loved the video...hated the sound of wasps buzzing around me. Lol.
Dennis Malcolm
Stillwater62 ##
It is hard to beat experience. You have been doing this type of work for a long time, know your way around, and have solved your share of problems. When others ask why you don`t chip, or why you don`t haul out the timber, what they are saying is they lack the experience, and the knowledge you have, and they want you to teach them what, why, and how. You are certainly better than any class room education.
Mike Clark
Mike Clark Oy oldin
Anybody else bundle their yard debris/limbs/clippings in their hands like Chris does with the excavator before throwing it in the fire?
skippyjl1 Oy oldin
Awesome job👊🏻 I would think that heat would mess with the hydraulic lines???
vTaqz Oy oldin
Those flies zoomin around the mic sounded like powerlines shortcircuit
Double Dare Fan
ua787 Oy oldin
Chris is a One Man Show! Very therapeutic watching this vlog and others you do. Keep em coming!
Nick Davies
Nick Davies Oy oldin
Brilliant job from what it was when you arrived
Randy She
Randy She Oy oldin
When you were in the dozer, what kind of bugs were those thst were attempting to mate with the camera?
dyffykins Oy oldin
I'm seriously jealous. You play with heavy machinery and get to build bonfires. I noticed the bees seem to take a liking to your cameras too!
randy swartzfager
Chris, i got in here late i saw you put in trenches in a segment, is this cleared area where that happened?
Jason Born
Jason Born Oy oldin
I used a chipper that stuff is best burned. Plus the rocks that would get into the chipper. The rental place would not like you after the chopper teeth get damaged.
MoPac Rail Fan
Always wondered WHY Folks doing Lot Clearing used these machines... NOW I know WHY... Much easier and quicker than running a Chainsaw and Brush Knife Crew then following up with a Dozer! ☺️
Christopher Harbon
It's looking loads better that place not as swampy as it did 😅👍
thetubersworld tube
Do no think that anybody with a chipper would even allow that junk through his machine.
tg ward
tg ward Oy oldin
lot of habitat up in smoke there--- not a lot of hope for our species future
Xeshai Oy oldin
That rake really upped your clearing speed I think.
charles dilmore
gonna need a really long stick to cook hot dogs on his fires.
donny Tyler
donny Tyler Oy oldin
ya think that dozer has been a nice addition too your crew??? I think sooo. Now that is a nice fire going on... Get ur done chris......!!!
CaptFuzzy Oy oldin
That's going to be one hell of a big house
Scott Vaughan
Scott Vaughan Oy oldin
You gotta name that little Dozer Thomas. The little dozer that could.
T Pep
T Pep Oy oldin
He'll have fun getting this camera back
T Pep
T Pep Oy oldin
Heck with that mulch, BURN IT!
William Larkin
Bugs are photobombing lol oh nature, gotta love it
Paddrick Smith
Hey so I'm about to start excavating for the concrete company I work at we used to have it all subbed out but my boss bought a 636 bobcat mini excavator and I know that gist and I'm not horrible at it but I've been watching your videos to try to pick up some tips do you have any advice for me I know how to operate I'm just not smooth I'm not crisp but I can do it to where the grade is right I think foundations for concrete jobs I'm just slow
Paddrick Smith
I dig concrete foundations not think but I do think while I'm doing it
Jim's videos
Jim's videos Oy oldin
Thank you for the insight into the mulching question; it seems logical at first glance but if it's worthless then it's worthless.
HB JNL Oy oldin
No Karen was hurt during the production of this video.....
JB Brown
JB Brown Oy oldin
Boy! I'd love a triaxle load of those ashes. The local mill burns their slabs. I get their ashes. Just like fertilizer.
Louis Larsen
Louis Larsen Oy oldin
Slash piles can burn for days even weeks.
Sparkey Oy oldin
23:50 Big assed bugs flying around. Beetles? Cicadas?
Grizzly Brush Eater LLC
awesome job!!
Corey Covington
Dump 110 gallons of old gas/oil on top of pile with your bucket and light it up. Do it when it's cold though
Maine Man
Maine Man Oy oldin
Chris ~ Picking up last Falls debris does not prove your no chipping theory. Also pointing at the trees that you laid down that have had a bit of time to dry up also does not prove your no chipping theory. And pointing at dormant trees that are still standing does not prove your no chipping theory. You could just own the fact that you burn because it is a quicker process and more money in your pocket. Because in the end, you could chip all that wood and place it on the property edge or in low areas for fill that will rot and make good topsoil. But ya, owning it instead of giving the viewers crap is the better way to go.
Making it Happen
Wow. I checked the specifications of the Volvo 220 and the lifting height is 6m = 20ft. This is a very high barbecue fire.
John King
John King Oy oldin
Burn on, Dozier and keep on digging.. like the videos!
James Tate
James Tate Oy oldin
I sure hope you called the Fire Dept today. Keep it up and your going to get on the Fire Dept $hit list.
Tony Gostling
Tony Gostling Oy oldin
Sometimes I feel it should be "letsburn18"
Redeye Trucker
I think you need to invest in a flamethrower!
Brian Beard
Brian Beard Oy oldin
Not muddy. Schloppy. Tha'd be the correct adjective. SCHLOPPY!!!
douglas miller
I think the burning would be the fun part of the job.
George Mitchell
what kind of pine tree is that please let me know
Xavier. C
Xavier. C Oy oldin
Just missing the grilled marshamallows, some country music..!! With some good old time tales..!!! light sigh..!
Robert Quast
Robert Quast Oy oldin
But you can use the chipper in conjunction with the concrete pump and the dragline and the lowboy and I’m sure the chip hauling trailer. Then you’d need some kind of loader for loading the chips. Pretty easy to spend other people’s money
Aaron Moore
Aaron Moore Oy oldin
We've been burning in GA with a pit and an ACD permit. First time burning really doing 30 acres of stumps, underbrush, and slash. Its crazy how hot that pit gets and how fast you can feed it.
Ken S.
Ken S. Oy oldin
NO $’s in Selling Crap Mulch. Everyone’s Entitled to their Opinion, NO matter how Minuscule it is.🤪
Wes Westmoreland
The bugs are trying to steal your camera. Big ones.
Buckhanan Oy oldin
38:49 That bird was awfully fast. Thought it was going to land on camera for a second.
Karl Walton
Karl Walton Oy oldin
I think you found the bee-gee’s. Lol get it. Run if you see murder hornets.
scott garloff
scott garloff Oy oldin
The Dozer doesn't look so big in its natural habitat !
Herbybandit Oy oldin
Just after you get off the excavator and in the dozer! Something tells me you pizzed off a wasp nest, they're looking for you buddy! 😬🐝🐝🐝🐝
R B Oy oldin
Man your good with that bucket. How long that take you? A day for the dozer and a day for the fire? I've got 20 acres in west va and I need a solution but I don't have you skill. Also don't want to pay a fortune to clear........
Stu N
Stu N Oy oldin
What...no jacket potatoes for lunch...your missing a trick...lol...
George Mitchell
Chris I like the way you tell about what you are doing and no you don't talk to much and you do have a good sense of humor
Nothing IsReal
What is the song at the end? Very beautiful.
Steve Martinez
When I started clearing my property I would save any trees 12" or more in diameter for firewood (mostly Hickory and Oak trees). I have a log splitter and a wife that likes to split wood. After giving away a lot of wood I still have more split firewood than I know what to do with, so now pretty much every tree that I take down goes to the burn pile. Chipping anything up for mulch or whatever would be nothing more than a huge waste of my time.
Andrew Saunders
Chris How about a "servicing the excavator" video ? yep can smell the burning pine over in Uk!!
kier Miller
kier Miller Oy oldin
To the next person that says you should be mulching, tell them you have a business opportunity for them!
James Troup
James Troup Oy oldin
Chip it and spread it out on site? TBF it does require running another piece of equipment, but at least you can say it's been disposed of ecologically
easylooker Oy oldin
looks to me like using that dozer to push all the piles of burning material to the pile saves you a ton of time vs hauling it with the trackhoe
easylooker Oy oldin
26 min mark. you disturb a bee nest? lol
kjc748 Oy oldin
The sound of the excavator makes me 😴
Bob Morton
Bob Morton Oy oldin
Say Chris, have you ever thought about burning diesel to chip all that trash. It would only produce sulphur and monoxide. Far better than burning the wood which would produce co2 and steam. One combination kills trees, the other is what trees use to grow. Answers on a postcard tree huggers.
James Farnham
James Farnham Oy oldin
Like the music at the end too!!
Dan-o Oy oldin
Did you get stung going back for the camera? Looks like you placed it very near a nest. It must emit some frequency they didn't like - or smell like diesel fuel
Skorpy Nekomimi
That bulldozer looks more like a small dog than a bull. Pugdozer?
200lb_ Gorilla
hey Chris I was wondering why you don't do burn pits and fill in afterwards ?
Stephen Russell
I know it's gotten warmer but I can't believe knats, mosquitos and bee's are out already.
Joe Link
Joe Link Oy oldin
Where is that you are working?
Kristy Staats
Kristy Staats Oy oldin
Nice dozer
Rick Harper
Rick Harper Oy oldin
At 23:56, 27:35 looks like you disturbed a hornets' nest!!
Dick Goodey
Dick Goodey Oy oldin
Why are you burning all this wood and adding to global warming and not producing any useful product. Do you not have biofuel power stations that would use this resource efficiently?
Darin Hassett
Darin Hassett Oy oldin
the brush rake works great love it
Rick Harper
Rick Harper Oy oldin
Why anyone would question you, why don't you do it this way, just blows my mind!!!! First of all you the professional doing it, second of all they obviously don't have a clue!!!!
ross nolan
ross nolan Oy oldin
Camden Lake
Camden Lake Oy oldin
Those bugs should have saddles on them holy :)
Patrick Quitter
That was awesome Chris!! That dozer can push an enormous load! Burning all of that crap was the best idea.
Eric Johnston
Eric Johnston Oy oldin
Don't need to mulch it. Just use long reach excavator with shedder heads. Watched a crew of machines shred three acres of standing trees. Not a chainsaw on site. Dozers came behind excavators grading lot to grade. No big root balls to dig out. They left behind a clean graded lot.
Jerry Harrington
You are a deftly skilled operator. I love how your bucket and thumb are just extensions of your hands, you make it look so effortless! I really enjoy how quickly you remove trees and make it look like childs play...keep up the good work Chris, thanks for sharing
Dermot Byrne
Dermot Byrne Oy oldin
Just one more question Chris, if you had miniature fork attachments for the dozer rake, would it be easier pushing those broken trees to the fire?
Don Burg
Don Burg Oy oldin
What? No rocks in this lot clearing? I'll bet you are happier than a skunk. Good job young man, keep up the good work and videos.
Dermot Byrne
Dermot Byrne Oy oldin
Chris, are you allowed to have more fire piles on the one permit?
Crawford Potter
Poxy spell checker I put it as it should be Buckrake not Nuclear Rake
Crawford Potter
Cr is of you had longer spikes on the fixed rake you can but further under the rubbish we call it nuclear in the UK saves a lot of reversing back and forth ,Try it . Excellent work by the way.
Big Ray Waxman
I would like to thank you ! I have been watching you now going on 3 to 4 years and have enjoyed every minute . Thank you Keith
Tony St Louis
Tony St Louis Oy oldin
Looks like you pissed off some Hornets lol
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor Oy oldin
I notice over the few years I been watching you have become quite talented at starting fires! When you were a small boy we know you liked playing in the dirt, did you also play with matches? Kidding, love the videos, thanks for sharing.
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