Building A New Circle Driveway 

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26-Apr, 2021



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Mothersuperior67 10 kun oldin
The grader is my favourite machine.
Justindobb1984 12 kun oldin
Grrr, my OCD kicked in and hated seeing a different tread pattern on the right wheel from the left on the road grader. The right tire should match the classic tread on the left side, but I don't blame you Chris, I know those tires are pricy more than likely
Don Bavol
Don Bavol 13 kun oldin
When you are grading, is it something you feel in your body to know when it is just right or is it something you see or just a combination? I am always curious how this happens. I have a compact tractor and I know it would take me days to get just one acre where water would shed correctly on it, but it would go a little faster if I could just know when it is right.
James Peterson
James Peterson 13 kun oldin
I wish the track loader camera angle could show a good bit more out in front of you (and still have the bucket action as well)
Kao Google
Kao Google 13 kun oldin
Ever think of time-lapse video... BORING AF
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 15 kun oldin
It sure is fun to watch you work, never get bored,always fun and exciting.
Taft Bowman
Taft Bowman 15 kun oldin
I live in the Mountains of SW Virginia now, but my home town is Asheboro, N.C.
Taft Bowman
Taft Bowman 15 kun oldin
Hey Chris, With your logo LD18, just below it you should put the phrase, "Just A Diggin." Just a thought. Take care.
450 Fatman
450 Fatman 15 kun oldin
Good job
FreeKing Awwsome
FreeKing Awwsome 15 kun oldin
@letsdig18 thank you for the share
Андрей Пушкарь
owen kirby
owen kirby 15 kun oldin
that looks very similar to a job you done a while ago chris with the double garage,,,,
Terry Clement
Terry Clement 15 kun oldin
Good neighbor!
country life
country life 15 kun oldin
Looks alot better when it's rolled in like that. 👍🇺🇲
martymorse2 15 kun oldin
For a guy who specializes in drainage and building ponds, you are the guy I would hire to build my driveway. Lucky neighbors.
martymorse2 15 kun oldin
That grader keeps paying for itself over and over. Sweet machine for your daily work.
adrian cartlidge
adrian cartlidge 15 kun oldin
Great video Chris.
Jason Labonte
Jason Labonte 15 kun oldin
Looks lumpy .....🤣😂😅
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!
wes duchon
wes duchon 15 kun oldin
Of all the toys you have to play with do you have a favorite. I like when you use the grader just something about that one
Malcolm Coppock
Malcolm Coppock 16 kun oldin
Great job.
Geoff Riddell
Geoff Riddell 16 kun oldin
Isn't that the same yard you pulled out the 4x4 suburban with the backhoe? It looked like it was always low and wet.
ramtuff2007 16 kun oldin
good video
Bocah ndeso
Bocah ndeso 16 kun oldin
Waooo... from Indonesian 👍👍
Alex Mikhael
Alex Mikhael 16 kun oldin
LOL LOL LOL ALL I SEE NOW IS *TACO COOOCHIE* !!!! LOL SORRY.... Dirt Perfect ruined me on that one lol ;)
jon lowe
jon lowe 16 kun oldin
Mans a genius on the grader
xoxo2008oxox 16 kun oldin
Just got up and close with a Volvo EC220 and realized, its big, but not too big. Nice to actually see the same one you have. It also had thumb on it but not the LD18 bucket :) oh and it had worse cracked windshield (lower one).
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 16 kun oldin
Have you ever used a Gehl skid loader? I have worked with Gehl farm equipment. The Gehl equipment was built like a tank to never fail. The JD equipment I repaired was designed to fail during the 3rd season of use. "Nothing Breaks like a Deere!"
Henry Zabel
Henry Zabel 16 kun oldin
I follow several channels on UZblock and was thinking exactly why I enjoy watching your videos . #1 is you do not use clickbait and watching your skill with your equipment is relaxing and satisfying . You are a productive operator and talk like a person anybody could talk to . I have operated some equipment ( mostly farming ) and can appreciate your skills . I guess myself and another almost a half million subscribers must view for similar reasons . Keep up the good work !
Maine Man
Maine Man 16 kun oldin
You pat your own back so much, that nobody needs to do it for you.
Irene 16 kun oldin
Being you neighbor certainly has some benefits! Nice work! You are very talented.
SAMURAI WALK / Chonmage Go
It's a very good video!
Lake Pines Farm
Lake Pines Farm 16 kun oldin
That grader is perfect size for long driveways.
Tim Allan
Tim Allan 16 kun oldin
Chris where did you have the camera mounted when you were using the skid-steer?
Tim Allan
Tim Allan 16 kun oldin
@letsdig18 thanks, the reason I asked is around the 6 minute mark the skid-steer seemed to be rotating under it, so was it on a gimbal as well?
letsdig18 16 kun oldin
On the roof
Lennart Vikström
Lennart Vikström 16 kun oldin
Why not put Geotextil under the stone?
Will B
Will B 16 kun oldin
I don't know why I enjoy watching the road grader as much as I do, especially when he puts the camera on the blade. Maybe I just need to get a life.....but until I do, I will continue to watch Chris and enjoy.
ed MC
ed MC 16 kun oldin
timmy frierson
timmy frierson 16 kun oldin
Another great video Chris I can’t wait do you and John gets on another pond job but anyway brother you and John in yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming
No way
No way 16 kun oldin
Always a pleasure watching a professional.
James Morgan
James Morgan 16 kun oldin
It always amazes me at how coordinated skilled operators are when it comes to these machines, especially the graders. Keep up the good work.
Eflo 16 kun oldin
I've found if you're in a wet area, or making a drive that's going to see a lot of heavy machinery it's best to use 3" stone, then 3/4"- 1", topped with traffic bond. If you can get your hands on a large amount of broken concrete to use as a base, even better. Lovely job getting that all graded and laid out! Always awesome to watch your channel!
Guust 16 kun oldin
In the last seconds of the video, the garage turned into a wood shop. 😉😂👍
Snoop Dawgg
Snoop Dawgg 16 kun oldin
Looks like you brought "The Orange Crush" in to do the job....lol Keep up your good work
ESCAPEGOAT 16 kun oldin
In every video where i can see the landowners property, there are literally no flowers or nice brushes to see. Just exactly trimmed grass everywhere. Although i know it is easier to maintain, some spots of color would show there is something ´alive´. It is the mentality of ´i have at least something under control´, cause outside lurks the chaos. Don´t get me wrong on this, i am a friend of practical order myself. In my country i notice the same pattern of landscaping, i find this a bit sad. But great vid from the maestro himself as always.
marc wohlmayer
marc wohlmayer 16 kun oldin
The driveway is nicely layedout Ro his Workshop there.now he will have a nice graveled in driveway .Ya the compacter makes everything look a Lot nicer at the end. Everything nice and clean and leveled off To its perfection. ☺
Pete Moore
Pete Moore 16 kun oldin
Oh! Oh! Oh! Can we set fire to the garage, Chris, as there's no trees to burn?
I Paddle My Own Canoe.
That was good easy job no water no mud no fire good one though. 👍👍😀🇨🇦
HarreyHHH 16 kun oldin
I must be missing something... there wasn't a pond wall, or a burn pit anywhere in sight.
Joe Harry
Joe Harry 16 kun oldin
Lol I can handle doing that with our Dozer but no way I could with the Grader toooo many control's for this old man .... Thumbs up on a Great job !!!
Tim Given
Tim Given 16 kun oldin
That looks amazing, lucky them to have a neighbor like you Chris, I still think it's awesome how you can flip dirt on the skid steer
John Darin
John Darin 16 kun oldin
Is the grader yours or is it your uncles?
Stein 16 kun oldin
Well done
Ordinary Miracles
Ordinary Miracles 16 kun oldin
Great to see you working for the neighborhood. Brought your “folks” to mind. Hope they are keeping well during Covid.😀
tjousk 16 kun oldin
John Pyle
John Pyle 16 kun oldin
I wish you were my neighbor! I'd even move to NC! It's getting colder here north of Kansas City than I like. I even like their setup. Get rid of my 3700 sq ft house in a split second for a (Manufactured) home about 1500 sq ft on a footer and a 40x60 shop and 12' lien-to for my crap! I was looking at your right front grader tire and I kind of laughed. I didn't know they made lawn tractor tires that big! lol I have one that's 18.5 or 19" I think on my 84 JD Yanmar garden tractor with 26 ag's on back.
Richard Welch
Richard Welch 16 kun oldin
When Chris pans the camera you can see his house behind the greenhouse. The street in front is where the carpet installers got stuck.
Tom Bixby
Tom Bixby 16 kun oldin
Great video, nice to see a job knocked out by someone who make things look super easy and simple. Your neighbors are lucky to have a skilled professional in the area. Was half expecting to see you walk an excavator over to take out the tree stump 😂 just to avoid having to truck off any extra topsoil. Stay safe, wishing you and Winston the best.
67 C10
67 C10 16 kun oldin
Hey Chris!!! I know you are busy as all get out, and you work wayyyyyy too hard, buttttttt,,,,, sure would love if you were MY neighbour!!! Hahaha. That will make a big difference on the yard and how they use it, for sure! I would be surprised if that big ole tree stump in the middle of that green space doesn’t disappear soon enough as well!! Hahaha.
Ricky Baker
Ricky Baker 16 kun oldin
I never realized until watching you just how much a grader operator works his mould board. Truly an art.
michael mullins
michael mullins 16 kun oldin
I get overwhelmed by all the levers on the grader. Amazing work.
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey 16 kun oldin
Nice work Chris 🇺🇲 another great job well done 🇺🇲
H - M
H - M 16 kun oldin
There are a lot of UZblocks of land owners who give no consideration to water run-off from flat areas until after they build and find water in basements and standing water, etc.
Greg Hoffstadt
Greg Hoffstadt 16 kun oldin
Might be a little late to noticing the new gyro camera mount. It is very nice. On to the next. Nice work Chris.
Cyndi Karp
Cyndi Karp 16 kun oldin
Nice circle driveway. I love the road grader & roller to finish.
Steve Adams
Steve Adams 16 kun oldin
Ronald Heit
Ronald Heit 16 kun oldin
To be honest. There's several other people/channels who do the same work on here but there's absolutely no doubt Chris letsdig18 is the top dog on all of his equipment. Well, Jerry on a dozer on Dirt Perfect's channel has him beat but he's been dozing for over 50 years.
Mustafab Abdullah
Mustafab Abdullah 16 kun oldin
Job seems to easy 😂 becarefull
Rolf Pedersen
Rolf Pedersen 16 kun oldin
Good job!
The Turf Warrior
The Turf Warrior 16 kun oldin
Have you ever had problems with equipment theft in your area?
Richard 16 kun oldin
Does one of your neighbors want to sell? I'd buy in a heart beat.
Shaun Casey
Shaun Casey 16 kun oldin
Great job!
Helen Helps
Helen Helps 16 kun oldin
James Diehl
James Diehl 16 kun oldin
You're a perfectionist! Good job! "Will it go round in circles"?
hansa 16 kun oldin
Had no idea how much adjusting is done while your using the grader!
douglas miller
douglas miller 16 kun oldin
Your topsoil always looks like bad clay to me. Not used to seeing red dirt. Our topsoil is jet black , from Mn.
Christopher Wedemeyer
To quote Mr Rogers: "Won't you be MY neighbor?"
ron watson
ron watson 16 kun oldin
Very nice indeed. Thanks Chris
Michael Page
Michael Page 16 kun oldin
You know your good when you roll gravel in and when your done it looks like you poured concrete.
Disc Recovery Squid
Disc Recovery Squid 16 kun oldin
I'm not sure why, but I'm excited for the property owner. Looks nice!
David Miller
David Miller 16 kun oldin
Chris, I saw where Apple is going to develop a billion dollar office development in the Raleigh Durham area. They apparently are going to fast track it and about 3000 high paying jobs are coming with it. Looks like the next few years might be even busier.
Ken S.
Ken S. 16 kun oldin
Your Neighbors know how Lucky they are to have a Highly Skilled Neighbor with Expensive Toys.👍
Adam Reddell
Adam Reddell 16 kun oldin
Seriously lucky neighbor
Walt K
Walt K 16 kun oldin
Ken Allen
Ken Allen 16 kun oldin
Good to see you getting some fine weather to make this type of job a little easier bro. I bet she is happy with the outcome. Safe travel up your way
Cecil Ledbetter
Cecil Ledbetter 16 kun oldin
good job
ragingcurrent 16 kun oldin
500k right around the corner!!
Gary Moore
Gary Moore 16 kun oldin
I have really enjoyed your videos. They have been very informative. I recently watched the one on the mecalac Skid excavator. I am looking for a machine to use on a small farm for fence clearing and road work. Is this a good machine, and I need something affordable. Thanks for any help. Email Gary.moore968@gmail.com
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts 16 kun oldin
Cool got to see the grader in two videos close together
Ron Thacker
Ron Thacker 16 kun oldin
Sorry if i missed something but that garage seems a LONG way from the house?!?
Matteo Gomez
Matteo Gomez 16 kun oldin
Nice layout, surely another satisfied customer
pneumatic00 16 kun oldin
Despite all the firepower you have, I still think the little Takeuchi is 2021's most-used piece of gear.
Marc René Yvon
Marc René Yvon 15 kun oldin
That "lil" machine never stops to impress me. I want one ! But the wife... you know. 🙄
Jack Wells
Jack Wells 16 kun oldin
Chris you should start a school to teach the young people how to operate that equipment, because after men like you I don't see kids doing that
Jack Wells
Jack Wells 16 kun oldin
@Ronald Heit I agree, his talent can really help some kids that want to learn, but finding kids that want to might the problem, Chris could make a big difference in someone's life
Ronald Heit
Ronald Heit 16 kun oldin
He taught Tim then Tim went off to greener pastures. More pay and benifites. Chris wished him well. No animosity. He never hired anyone to replace him. He should look into federal OJT grants employers can get fronted half an employees pay and tax breaks as well. The one I trained to repair pinball and arcade games, Jukeboxes and pool tables under when I got out of the Coast Guard also underwrote my health insurance costs.
S0wndman 16 kun oldin
Just curious if the front tires of the grader are miss matched or if that is on purpose for some reason?
Al Eldon
Al Eldon 16 kun oldin
Can some one answer plz. He did hardening of ground with water in previous video. Why he does not do it when he does road build?
Sandy Barnes
Sandy Barnes 16 kun oldin
A building weights a bit more than a car
John Glowka
John Glowka 16 kun oldin
Hi I woch your videos everyday tell the team I said hi and I woch thor videos everyday I love you guys I love the video
ntepup 16 kun oldin
I said out loud 'Is that the neighbor's?' right before you said 'my neighbors'. I don't have an addiction to this channel at all. It's not a problem if you don't call it one! Lol! Great job Chris!
Assassinlexx 16 kun oldin
I saw you eyeing that lone stump. Two minutes later- what stump. Mowing without worrying about hitting stump or rock is always better. Chris your farm looks great from your neighbor's view. Did you get your planting done?
Ken Olswfski
Ken Olswfski 16 kun oldin
That's topsoil? Looks sandy
WatcherNine 16 kun oldin
Sounds like the audio on your gopro is dying
Aiden Ingram
Aiden Ingram 16 kun oldin
Could we get a machinery tour sometime soon?
REBE MYTHS 16 kun oldin
How much is a ton of stone there?
Larry Keenan
Larry Keenan 16 kun oldin
@woolburr That's unusual, it's also 2000 lbs where I live. From one smart ass to another...LOL
woolburr 16 kun oldin
2000 pounds.
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