Backyard Ditch Repair 

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30-Apr, 2021



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Kyle McFadden
Kyle McFadden 5 kun oldin
What brand weed fabric do you use?
Chainsaws And Firewood
Why not use drainage pipe? Rocks probably look nicer and are more expensive but.. Just curious :)
StereoSpace 10 kun oldin
Meanders on low-angle gradient streams are normal and form naturally. You generally should not be straightening them, since that increases water speed, which increases channel erosion both there and downstream. Over time, the bends in meanders move back and forth and slide forward, moving like a sidewinder snake. What it takes from one bank gets replaced on the other. Also, channel roughness should be matched to that upstream and downstream, otherwise you increase or decrease water speed, which will either increase erosion or sediment accumulation, depending. Banks can be armored to stabilize them, but channel roughness should remain the same.
DUANE HANSON 10 kun oldin
To watch a master at work. You never cease to amaze me. Lol. Couldn't have done it better myself. I work the factory life. Shift Work. I have watched your work for hours on end. Very calming for me. Has been very educational. Something that i had overlooked for years. Keep up the good work. I found youtube 6 years ago, and i see where you've been about this for at least twice that. To me you represent the American Dream. Please, keep up the good work.
Elite Earthworks LLC
Looks fantastic! Huge transformation, the rip rap just always looks so nice
Steven Kimbrell
Steven Kimbrell 11 kun oldin
Cool you did good work probably the best that I've seen thanks for sharing the video
Bill Smith
Bill Smith 11 kun oldin
Wow that’s nice
Ken S.
Ken S. 11 kun oldin
It doesn’t look like you’re ever challenged by any job you agree to work on. Amazing Completion.👍
Faith Ford
Faith Ford 11 kun oldin
That was real pretty when You got done
Sparkey 11 kun oldin
Swale job man. :)
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey 11 kun oldin
You are the best Chris 🇺🇲 another great job well done 🇺🇲
Double Dog Dare
Double Dog Dare 11 kun oldin
I don’t give many compliments as to each their own, but you man handled that rip-rap. It’s noisy and rough and you make it look easy. Nicely done!
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones 11 kun oldin
That looks great
Terry Clement
Terry Clement 11 kun oldin
Nice little project is a change of pace for you Chris.
Kristy Staats
Kristy Staats 11 kun oldin
You do great work
J W Dickinson
J W Dickinson 11 kun oldin
no snakes were encountered during the excavation of the ditch.
shaun gwatkin
shaun gwatkin 11 kun oldin
Hi are you doing a part 2 of the old dam how is your new yanmar going you do a lot of work with it I like all of your toys cheers from auzzie 🇦🇺👍😊
Russell Gilson
Russell Gilson 11 kun oldin
Good instruction video through observation. Lots of hours in the drivers seat to place stone etc. so accurately.. Nice good
Keckle Jeckle
Keckle Jeckle 11 kun oldin
What happen to giving the customer back some of their land? You did a good job, but you did not straighten the ditch, and fill in the curve. Strait from where you ended to those rocks you played with at the beginning. :)
David Uher
David Uher 11 kun oldin
Are your projects bid jobs or time and machine?
robert elliot
robert elliot 12 kun oldin
What is the purpose of the straw please?
Karl Heyns
Karl Heyns 12 kun oldin
Another reason im a fan of this channel is not only the careful work but the surrounding area. Dams, ponds, forest, farmland ext ext. Beautiful compared to watching mining machines . Keep it up Chris.
Globalist Juice
Globalist Juice 12 kun oldin
_"A River Runs Through It"_ ...the Letsdig18 version.
Chase Bodiford
Chase Bodiford 12 kun oldin
great job buddy and great video as always 😎👊🏻👍🏻
Kk B
Kk B 12 kun oldin
What’s cost of 45t of rock roughly
richard marsh
richard marsh 12 kun oldin
What’s the use of the straw when your seeding ? Seen it on several of your videos. I’ve got 2 acres to see for grass and wondering what the benefits are. Never seen it used in the uk
Spud Gamer
Spud Gamer 10 kun oldin
It serves a few different purposes. It helps control erosion while waiting on the grass to sprout, helps keep birds from eating the seed or pulling up sprouting grass to get to the seed, and it also helps protect the young grass from sun or cold. Probably in that order for importance, as well.
uncommon logic
uncommon logic 12 kun oldin
That rock looks hard.
Max Obara
Max Obara 12 kun oldin
Tight fit between buildings, neat little job. Chris getting close to 500k way to go!👍🇺🇸
Terry Turner
Terry Turner 12 kun oldin
Amazed at what a mini can accomplish.
Kevin Raines
Kevin Raines 12 kun oldin
will it not just block up where the stone starts
Pete Nikolic
Pete Nikolic 12 kun oldin
One question where's the water gone
ramtuff2007 12 kun oldin
good pond video
timmy frierson
timmy frierson 12 kun oldin
Chris down sure looks a lot better then what it did before you got there but that should solve their problem but anyway man another great video and you and John in yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming man and I just wanted to say thank you for taking us along with you every day on your jobs.
John Obiro
John Obiro 12 kun oldin
DarkDondi 12 kun oldin
Where are your pond? Next feature maybe? 😁
Paul Viezee
Paul Viezee 12 kun oldin
Hey Chris, a question from a guy that does not know much about this: I have seen a diamond shaped bucket for clearing / creating ditches. Why don't you use those? they work awesome and fast
Uppsalahazze Markstedt
The Yanmar is shiney, Chris!
Skorpy Nekomimi
Skorpy Nekomimi 12 kun oldin
F for that guy's lawn. Tracks on grass are not gentle.
Everest Yeti
Everest Yeti 12 kun oldin
When my wife asks me what I am watching, I tell her and apologies for all the lady digger fans for the sexist remark, that it's Man therapy.
Derek Butcher
Derek Butcher 12 kun oldin
You made a mess of that ladies lawn could have used a few boards down to save that , good ditch work though ,
Stein 12 kun oldin
werry nice donne
l wilton
l wilton 12 kun oldin
And next week you will be back to do the same to the neighbor's property on the left. :-)
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 12 kun oldin
Good morning sir. It will be a relaxing sound, when a stream flows over rocks
Kris Kinder
Kris Kinder 12 kun oldin
coming up on a half a million subs. Congratulations Chris!
HQCOMMS65 12 kun oldin
awesome ! luv from glastonbury uk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mothersuperior67 12 kun oldin
I don’t think I understand what is happening. That’s a lot of money. What was the aim? Now the creek has rock. It looks wide and shallow. Won’t that increase the chance of washout. And won’t the creek slowly deposit dirt between the rocks? Increasing the flood risk?
Mothersuperior67 12 kun oldin
@Dane Clark Thank you.
Mothersuperior67 12 kun oldin
@Robert vannicolo Thank you.
Robert vannicolo
Robert vannicolo 12 kun oldin
Angled rocks break up water droplets which slows erosion possibly. A stream is a bunch of water droplets all together. Also I’m sure the camera doesn’t really show depth of the channel he created. As for debris in the new stone maintenance issue nothing last forever. Only thing could of done different put small 10 to 12” pipe at bottom of trench but neighbor below pipe might have issue with the fast water flow out of pipe.
Dane Clark
Dane Clark 12 kun oldin
The creek was narrow and full of weeds which was causing erosion of the banks. This will allow the water to flow unimpeded, at least until it hits the neighbors property.
Noel Pearce
Noel Pearce 12 kun oldin
When I get the urge to watch paint dry or grass grow I immediately go for the fast action of a letsdig video
John Pyle
John Pyle 12 kun oldin
I had a neighbor that wanted to do that between our property. I declined ans told him to feel free to start where HIS property started. Not long after it was a regular thing watching him and his wife poisioning the weeds and after every storm gathering sticks and all sorts of crap out of it. Their damn dog used to get up on my deck after rolling in the muddy creek and make a hell of a mess for me to wash. Many times target practice off my deck would happen after that.
FreeKing Awwsome
FreeKing Awwsome 12 kun oldin
@letsdig18 thank you for the share
David Johnston
David Johnston 12 kun oldin
I love the sound of riprap tumbling over itself. Am I weird? 🤣😂🤣😂
Kathy Woodlief
Kathy Woodlief 12 kun oldin
Noel Pearce
Noel Pearce 12 kun oldin
chris e
chris e 12 kun oldin
Now you're just showing off picking up individual rocks like that. :-) Thanks for the video!
Bo Childless
Bo Childless 12 kun oldin
What size yanmar is that and how you like it compared to a bobcat?
Mike Crake
Mike Crake 12 kun oldin
Fantastic. Thanks for sharing your adventures at work
Steve Bellock
Steve Bellock 12 kun oldin
No drone footage? Bummer.
Charlie Kelley
Charlie Kelley 12 kun oldin
Good job chris looks great
Helen Helps
Helen Helps 12 kun oldin
Blackwater House
Blackwater House 12 kun oldin
If you ever get the opportunity to film this with some water flowing through it, I love to see it.
Scruffy 61
Scruffy 61 12 kun oldin
Jr Hendershot
Jr Hendershot 12 kun oldin
You sure do make it look easy with that little machine
Screw You
Screw You 12 kun oldin
sounds like those flea-bitten dogs r tryin to chase something.......
DJ_6ix20two 12 kun oldin
It takes years and years of seat time to become this good and have this vision with an excavator. Much respect
Jack Wells
Jack Wells 12 kun oldin
Yours are the only videos my wife let's me watch ,💯🇺🇸✌️
Craig G
Craig G 12 kun oldin
looks great! Nice job you done!
Ken Allen
Ken Allen 12 kun oldin
A man and a digger neatly placing rocks is so tranquil to watch. Sure made for good viewing bro. Safe travels up your way
Dorit Leis
Dorit Leis 12 kun oldin
Gute Arbeit, denn Du hast nicht versucht den Lauf des Wassers zu beschleunigen Und somit die Natur zu zerstören. Leider dürfte aber die Quelle beim versiegen sein, so daß nur mehr das Regenwasser abfließen wird. Aber Deine Arbeit beim Steine legen ist einmalig, da Du wirklich die Steine perfekt auflegst. Grüße aus Österreich / Wien
C&C tractor Ops
C&C tractor Ops 12 kun oldin
Maaaan I thought I remembered how to operate nope don’t run an excavator for about 10 years you ain’t good or were you ever. Definitely not my fathers son!! Jesus.
Bob Baer
Bob Baer 12 kun oldin
Another great job Chris. You make it look so easy. 👍👍
Kirk Rogers
Kirk Rogers 12 kun oldin
If I were younger and lived closer I’d talk you into letting me modify that thumb like your other one with four teeth and lined up between the bucket teeth like on your other machines! I know you would love it and be able to pick up a nickel! lol I just watch how much better the ones work on the larger excavators! You’re doing a great job as usual Chris! 👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻You know Chris, you do every job like it was for yourself! Not many people take that much pride in their work like you do and that’s one of the reasons I enjoy your videos so much! Except I think you are the the best operator I’ve ever seen! Another fine job Chris! Thanks for sharing my friend! 👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻
jeremy 12 kun oldin
I like that you take on big and small jobs.
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed! Should work, nice job!
Delaine Embree
Delaine Embree 12 kun oldin
Chris,What kind of rocks do u use?
2ridered2 12 kun oldin
I love seeing that yanmar work. Thanks Chris!
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts 12 kun oldin
Well here again you have worked your magic on this project
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts 12 kun oldin
Well here again you have worked your magic on this project
Deano - Bam - Beano
Deano - Bam - Beano 12 kun oldin
michael mullins
michael mullins 12 kun oldin
Will you ever get back on the pond job that the haul truck got stuck so bad?
Robert Kohut
Robert Kohut 12 kun oldin
leo l
leo l 12 kun oldin
Like the video Man .
John Earhart
John Earhart 12 kun oldin
Absolutely awesome video. Really enjoyed it. If I may ask, my grading bucket moves extremely fast on my VIO55, how do I slow it down moving side to side? When using the grapple on other bucket it's little to fast actuation as well. What adjustments would I use. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend. 😊
Sandy Barnes
Sandy Barnes 12 kun oldin
Try different size hole in the restriction valve
Shirley Reynolds
Shirley Reynolds 12 kun oldin
Please do a live for us when you reach 500,000....should be any day now! Awesome!
buford t justice
buford t justice 12 kun oldin
a live thanking all the loyal subscribers
Thomas Strout
Thomas Strout 12 kun oldin
looks nice, well done
Lindon 12 kun oldin
How much ya'll charge for that?
David D
David D 12 kun oldin
Chris, what size is that rip-rap you put in that creek?
achum2sum 12 kun oldin
we still gotta wear sweatshirts here in Minnesota T-shirt weather 2 weeks away
mayaknife 12 kun oldin
I think that putting rip-rap down without dislodging the fabric is more art than science.
Walter Scharff
Walter Scharff 12 kun oldin
pin it well and dump slow
Construction Machinery Channel
That would drive me crazy.
Marty Mclamb
Marty Mclamb 12 kun oldin
Nice work Chris I’ve got to give u a call
David Mays
David Mays 12 kun oldin
Nice work Chris. Rip rap is hard to deal with.
Dig Nation21
Dig Nation21 12 kun oldin
16:36 that rock just kinda landed in there lmao great video as always my friend 😎👍
Del Casale Excavating
Does John have a bed liner in the dump truck ? Just wondering how you don't dent up that aluminum body with those rip- rap stone
Skorpy Nekomimi
Skorpy Nekomimi 12 kun oldin
It's an industrial machine; it's thick enough not to dent when used for it's intended purpose. Otherwise, what are dents but extra capacity?
Freddy Bowman
Freddy Bowman 12 kun oldin
Great job . What kind of grass seed do you use ?
Robert Proteau
Robert Proteau 12 kun oldin
Even the small jobs are fun to watch. Great work sir.
Taft Bowman
Taft Bowman 12 kun oldin
Give us a Rap Chris. Titled "Rip Rap."
Artie Van
Artie Van 12 kun oldin
Woof, Woof, Woof. Dog in the background barking for Winston. "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should". An old NC advertisement.
Rusty Steel
Rusty Steel 12 kun oldin
Couldn't make a better edge with those rocks if I set each one by hand! 😳 How do he do dat?! 🤯🤔
Rusty Steel
Rusty Steel 12 kun oldin
@Lofton Harris 🤣 I suspected as much! Thanks for the explanation Lofton!
Lofton Harris
Lofton Harris 12 kun oldin
I think he pauses filming so he can get out of the machine and arrange those rocks by hand. There just can’t be any other way to make it look so neat. Then he goes back to picking up cigarette butts with the excavator. Oh, and edge lines of the stones are dead straight and even. It’s all fake, I tell you!
Matthew Wisnirwski
Matthew Wisnirwski 12 kun oldin
Looks great thanks chris
Michael Page
Michael Page 12 kun oldin
Love the steady humming of the yanmar. When those dogs started barking, my Bulldog sat up and started looking around to see where they were. To bad John couldn’t back up to the ditch and dump.
Michael Page
Michael Page 12 kun oldin
@David Miller 😂😂😂
David Miller
David Miller 12 kun oldin
My dog started doing the same thing. Barking his butt off lol.
Mustafab Abdullah
Mustafab Abdullah 12 kun oldin
You would have loved it when we moved the creek on the farm all shall base. And no room. The house sat on a y the y going up a 23% incline and the road was oiled dirt with the blasted road between that and the creek kinda got sick of every spring it was a flood. Made two lanes and raised the bank 30 feet . Nice looking drainage creek you made
Gary A
Gary A 12 kun oldin
Chris is an artist. His paint brush is an excavator with a thumb bucket. Nice work!
Marissa Barry
Marissa Barry 11 kun oldin
I agree
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 12 kun oldin
It can be seen in every video, that he knows exactly what he is doing.
buford t justice
buford t justice 12 kun oldin
aka bob ross
Rob H.
Rob H. 12 kun oldin
Leonardo da excavinci?
Mark Thomann
Mark Thomann 12 kun oldin
Just think if he had a tilt rotator!
Lin Woodnymph
Lin Woodnymph 12 kun oldin
I can hardly wait to see the pit burn from the old farm. :-)
David DeSimone
David DeSimone 12 kun oldin
As always Chris , Nice project
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