Another Pond Completely Transformed! 

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10-Apr, 2021



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James Breault
James Breault 10 kun oldin
Darn good looking pond want to come to west texas and do some work
Linda Leslie
Linda Leslie 11 kun oldin
Awesome transformation!
Larry Bair
Larry Bair 14 kun oldin
You’re an artist with a bucket and a blade.
Kurtis McKemmie
Kurtis McKemmie 14 kun oldin
looks great!
Jason Hale
Jason Hale 20 kun oldin
Your killing me using that thumb to fill in dirt...
Christopher Harbon
Christopher Harbon 21 kun oldin
That is now a very nice looking pond great job 👍
Kevin S
Kevin S 23 kun oldin
Why didn't you pull the two stumps by the house?
Elieza Jane
Elieza Jane 25 kun oldin
🌲 Tree 🌳 Lives 🌲 Matter
WesleyAPEX 25 kun oldin
5’ deep and it was 4’ below the overflow so that’s a 9’ deep pond when full! Not bad at all
Levi D Bateman
Levi D Bateman 25 kun oldin
Fantastic job, would have liked to see a couple trees stay but not my pond...
Dave P
Dave P 26 kun oldin
"The Right Controller to the Right, correct?" I'm not an operator, but I've paid enough attention to these vids to know that that is bucket-dump, and he'd be swimming. Cool.
Ford Boss
Ford Boss 27 kun oldin
What was the vertical pipe for that you put the concrete mix in?
Craig Sowers
Craig Sowers 28 kun oldin
Watching in real time and so "Can't see the future" of your video ... so happy you put the plastic over flow pipe in ... BTW ... being "overseas" just wondering what a section of that goes for ??? And, as an "old guy" a reminder from Led Zepplin: uzblock.info/post/video/29ifi6NvYI6niIY.html
Craig Sowers
Craig Sowers 28 kun oldin
P.S. ... just wondering, again as an "Old Guy" that used to do it ... what happened to "HydroMulch" grass installations? As you probably know, the ability to get a "Grass System" going (in 2 weeks) prevents soil erosion quite well (and cheaper than the rubber "mats" Highway Depts use) ... just a question ...
Rick Helms
Rick Helms 28 kun oldin
Would be nice to see what your digging lol..
James Kronenberg
James Kronenberg 28 kun oldin
sure you have been asked before what model drone do you use?
evtoilnj 28 kun oldin
Cant believe he left those stumps by the house
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 28 kun oldin
Would you do a job in Vass/Whispering Pines, North Carolina area?
Colin Wallace
Colin Wallace 29 kun oldin
I rode in the bucket a number of times. Lots of jokes about it, never once did Darryl ever actually do something. If you weren’t making eye contact and confirming the move, he would wait all day (well, until he honked anyway). His dad taught him well.
Colin Wallace
Colin Wallace 29 kun oldin
I loved those laser levels. Just set the transmitter up somewhere out of the way, and remember your base measurement. We could hop out of the dump truck and check in a few seconds. That was a good twenty five years ago.
A Wilson
A Wilson 29 kun oldin
Built with a 'Dozer in the 40's... That explains why everything just got knocked over and left...No Excavator to clean the debris out with...
A Wilson
A Wilson 29 kun oldin
1:13 The homeowner had better check where the roots for those 2 stumps in front of the 'Dozer are. If they're in/under the foundation, they could damage/weaken it if/when they rot...
Now We Ride
Now We Ride 29 kun oldin
I wish that property was for sale! It's just gorgeous! 👍🇺🇸
Tim Garner
Tim Garner 29 kun oldin
In North Carolina, what permits do homeowners have to obtain before digging a pond or leveling all those trees?
Robert J Williams
Robert J Williams 29 kun oldin
May have missed it, but where is the general location of this project. Looks like the lower area of so. Ga. or S. SC.
av8r3400 29 kun oldin
Is that the "new Timmy" with the laser stick?
Jason Tilton
Jason Tilton 29 kun oldin
Another ugly duckling into a swan
Phil Bohrman
Phil Bohrman 29 kun oldin
Another great job to be proud of, Chris.
Edward Reidt
Edward Reidt 29 kun oldin
My question is that OSHA approved way to do that pipe lol
Michael Hanko
Michael Hanko 29 kun oldin
another amazing job
target Estimating Services
see what you think ,, remember last fall i talking about all lumber mills that getting burn down 2020 ,,we had 3 major ones just in N.H ,That what happen to lumber prices and Not just that raw materials in concrete and steel and copper - zinc mainly wars and fighting in there countries that started up , Personnel i wouldn't build for mim of year from now in till thing get back to normal ,BUT good news is the land in some parts new England the bottom dropping out market Fast as i said it would 4 months ago Looking at 2 now in center of state MA and in country side No way closes to city ,1 look at today he took on class C road .power on lot 5 lots totaling about 3 acers in housing park and selling as single lot all paper work done for 11K ,raw land taxes $250 year , after house finish $11 on $1000 other one is dam nice ITs is at died end paved road ,houses around lake look as 3K SQ foot on what looks 2-3 acers lots This nice SQ off Lot is 40 acers all high and dry IT have 850-- 950 feet lake water front for 74K taxes raw land $ 550 but same finish house $11 on $ 1000 ..there very small airport not far But sure not matter ,,put road in center of lot to the died end Maybe water and sewer tie into ,,forgot ask ,,sub-div into 5 acer lots and build MY house on water front part and leave beach for the other half [ no real lumber on lot } cut and burn
Jeff Shadwick
Jeff Shadwick Oy oldin
Just curious , was this a lot you that cleared ? Usually you take out the tree stumps on the property before you are done with the project at hand!!! Or was this a side project for you to fix the pond dam?? The only reason I ask is because there are tree stumps right next the the house!!
Richard Brown
Richard Brown Oy oldin
Lovin' the content Chris, been watchin' a while. It would be interesting to see you give a walk/talk through of the equipment/technology you have to maintain levels, gradients, cambers etc. Is it the machine and its tech, or is it the man and his experience?
Rain Man
Rain Man Oy oldin
In today's news, investments have been made by mosquito breeders in hopes of striking it rich, while at the same time carbon absorbing organisms were removed from the landscape to aid global warming.
Dan-o Oy oldin
19:10 .....now shake the lever a little bit!
Mark Brown
Mark Brown Oy oldin
Pond looks beautiful and love the drone footage before and after. With you at the controls, I would feel very safe working from the bucket.
Jim Germain
Jim Germain Oy oldin
Wow! Huge transformation! I have to admit, as a electric utility lineman, those power lines had me a little concerned. Looks great! Would love to see a 6 month or 1 year re-visit!
Sp00ks Oy oldin
Look at that lovely yellow pine pollen. Good looking project.
Danny DeRamus
Danny DeRamus Oy oldin
Does dirt climb up the blade or down the blade on a dozer?
Thomas Ingram Farms
Love the Ricky Bobby logic, “IF ITS NOT OVERKILL ITS UNDER-KILL” 😂
DaffyDuc69 Oy oldin
Surprised they didn't have you pull that stump by the house.
Wayne Hoch
Wayne Hoch Oy oldin
You need to come back and see it after all the grass comes up and the pond fills up to show us.
Marnix Tange
Marnix Tange Oy oldin
If it's not overkill, it's underkill 🤣
fredy gump
fredy gump Oy oldin
I'm sure this is 100% OSHA approved.
jintao wu
jintao wu Oy oldin
The chilly wall selectively unlock because warm preclinically bless including a stingy moat. used, fixed flight
Lynn Traylor
Lynn Traylor Oy oldin
Patrick Quitter
Wow that’s weird to see the before pictures and seeing how overgrown it used to be!!! It looks way better than it used to! Great work!!!!!
Jennifer Butcher
Waaaaiiit... Chris was giving over-the-pond bucket rides!? That looks like fun! Count me in!
Nj One Bale
Nj One Bale Oy oldin
what’s up in north carolina...when you buy a house the first thing you do is put a pond in? in the drone video every yard has a pond.
John Campbell
John Campbell Oy oldin
Brilliant job Chris 👍
Thats what a major hair-cut looks like. lol
Howard Stinnett
Another satisfied pond customer..36,000 ponds in N.C and you have cleaned 31,000 of them..lol
adrian cartlidge
Looks fantastic, what a transformation the pond looks. A job well done Chris. Take care.
George M
George M Oy oldin
Looks Great
Gordon Dewald
Gordon Dewald Oy oldin
Your trucking bill must be fairly substantial moving all of the equipment to each job. Or do you have your own truck for the lighter equipment?
I Paddle My Own Canoe.
I watched this series from the beginning and with that drone shot you would never know it was the same place that really looks good now good job. 👍👍😀🇨🇦
Circle S Scrapper
Anna Fraley
Anna Fraley Oy oldin
WOW WEE ... That is a B I G Difference from what it looked like in the beginning @ 28:50 to now😱✅😎
devisionhun Oy oldin
took me some time to realize this is THAT pond... just wow.
oscarjones xxx
Beautiful - far better than watching the woke professional sporting events. Thanks for all of the videos. I watch them when I can.
RK Harm24
RK Harm24 Oy oldin
You have snuck in behind Mother Nature and you know, It's Not Nice to FOOL Mother Nature. Only mud you had was what came out of the pond. Great job, video. TG for the good help too.
Two Dogs And Their Family
Do people ever ask to put in a bunch of sand on the bottom and banks to make it nicer to swim in?
ramtuff2007 Oy oldin
good video
1armedguy Oy oldin
Love talking to the older generation when I was a younger chap, decades of knowledge and experiences, just about there. Cheers !
Ken S.
Ken S. Oy oldin
Gentleman you spoke with and brother dug Pond in 1940’s. The Best Generation is almost gone.🙏
jintao wu
jintao wu Oy oldin
The violet nitrogen jekely stuff because pastry frustratingly sack onto a hoc cloudy. minor, nifty step-aunt
Tony Greenhill
Masterpiece no other word needed. Well done to you both.
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey Oy oldin
Great video Chris 🇺🇲
Madars Klavins
perfect job !
Adidasjesus41 -
“If it’s not overkill, it’s under kill.” Love that. I’d rather be lookin at it instead of looking for it.
TheBurnsStuff Oy oldin
Man that really gives perspective how large that bucket really is. Your buddy looks to be 5' 8" - 5' 10"? That puts the bucket to be about the size of a golf cart lol.
Bob Morton
Bob Morton Oy oldin
Hey Chris, are you ever heading back to that new pond job where the dump truck sunk to its axles? Can't wait to see if that water table ever drops.
JCGoogle Oy oldin
27:15 I was wondering if you were going to run the dozer up and down the backside slope before you left.
Dirtman707 Oy oldin
Your uncle have any plans on getting a newer dozer
Charles Sessions
Nice job as usual !
Bruce Aplin
Bruce Aplin Oy oldin
Wow what a transformation. When the drone footage started, I thought this was a different pond. Near the end of the drone video, I could ALMOST see the pond was shaped like a heart. Pretty work Chris 💛
Mhurtle65 Oy oldin
Nice job Cries. Looks like the other pond needs some work.
steve kissel
steve kissel Oy oldin
Looks great 👍
Raul Lo10
Raul Lo10 Oy oldin
Looks fantastic 👍
John Salt
John Salt Oy oldin
Wat was the reason for filling that pipe in the pond with concrete ????
Tony Gostling
Tony Gostling Oy oldin
Nice clean job, well done.
thomas leonard
Never se your dad, is he as camera-shy as uncle John?
thomas leonard
Turned it into a beautiful setting!
mrbigdog9 Oy oldin
Good job
Iron *Fe*
Iron *Fe* Oy oldin
All that just to lay a 12" drain tile? I see no problem with the original overflow shed.
frollard Oy oldin
The camera angle makes it seem misleading - looks like the water would overflow the grass area before the pipe. Very nice layout overall though!
Dave Hoffman
Dave Hoffman Oy oldin
Don't know what to say, because everyone else beat me to it, so The usually (Great job Chris)!!!!
Rich Dillon
Rich Dillon Oy oldin
I always enjoy talking to the older folks, I guess you can learn a lot from them. Sure makes more since than some of the stuff you see or hear in this day and age. And Yes, I am one of those Older ones. That is a superb transformation of a forgotten pond. Good Job Chris.
Ant Flynn
Ant Flynn Oy oldin
Awesome job as usual
Personious k
Personious k Oy oldin
assuming i have the land, and land resources to have a pond this size, how much should it cost for a nice gentleman like you, with your crew, to construct it?
Micheal Martin
You do good work you always make everything look awesome wor
Micheal Martin
Man that looks good. It looks a whole lot different than when you started it was a mess
ed MC
ed MC Oy oldin
Super job Chris, love the way you finish stuff
Rick Ellis
Rick Ellis Oy oldin
Praying for you
Brent King -gmail King
Great job Chris... We got to see this in a couple of months, please..... Have a great day.
Walt Jenuwine
Walt Jenuwine Oy oldin
property owner didn't want stumps up by house removed? Looks nice
Jason Hansen
Jason Hansen Oy oldin
Y'all's Boss really invested in the nice cameras
Grom Lech
Grom Lech Oy oldin
Good to hear the history of the pond. I often wonder when, why and how these ponds were built.
diggerop Oy oldin
You make it look all too easy, in that mud. People like myself and Hamiltonville Farm show just how easy it is ... ... ... to get stuck!
Herbybandit Oy oldin
You'll have to come back next year when the pond's full and the grass has grown.
timmy frierson
Another fine job Chris, now all they have to do is build him a deck on the back of that house and they can sit there in the mornings while they’re drinking their coffee and look over their pond but it’s amazing on how much better that pond looks since you are finished with it but anyway brother you and John and yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming brother and have a blessed weekend
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