15 Hour Day Of Clearing And Burning 

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25-Apr, 2021



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Glen H
Glen H 5 kun oldin
What is the cost for doing a job like that?. Enjoying the videos.
Michael Vercande
Michael Vercande 10 kun oldin
Now that's a fire!
Arubaha 10 kun oldin
As a kid we called them itchy balls. I dont know where that name came from, but itchy balls was the name.
Christopher Harbon
Christopher Harbon 11 kun oldin
That fire with all the embers at night looks awesome 👌 great job Chris 👍
Shawn Faulkner
Shawn Faulkner 11 kun oldin
15-hour day...poor Winston!
Cscott_lc 12 kun oldin
whats a job like this cost?
Thomas Dobrenick
Thomas Dobrenick 12 kun oldin
Always in joy your videos
Jonah Neumark
Jonah Neumark 12 kun oldin
PLEASE. Stop burning brush! Make garden beds with the brush...look up hugelkultur mounds. or if you dont want positive in the landscape, bury them just below where plants will be planted.
Robert Mecalis
Robert Mecalis 12 kun oldin
Perhaps you need a D6 dozer, just saying.
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 14 kun oldin
Enjoyed the video, thanks again for sharing.
Tim Piper
Tim Piper 14 kun oldin
Now that’s a FIRE 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rose White
Rose White 15 kun oldin
you are the most irritating excavator driver on youtube! you just push stuff about to no purpose!
Kevin Tanner
Kevin Tanner 15 kun oldin
Have you ever thought about letting somebody come out and cut that firewood the rest of them logs out of firewood. Where I live a lot of people burn wood they would love to be in there right now firewood just asking question love your videos keep them up Chris
Tumbleweed Lights
Tumbleweed Lights 15 kun oldin
the trees are fighting back
RdVelios Ranch
RdVelios Ranch 15 kun oldin
Who dont you get a wood chip machine, alott less carbon fotprint
Tim Brookjshire
Tim Brookjshire 15 kun oldin
How does Justin play into let’s gig18
David Claudy
David Claudy 15 kun oldin
That was a very satisfying fire and burn pile. Fantastic job as always. Keep them coming.
M H 15 kun oldin
“Wood out to get me”? Law of averages, Chris. 5 years without a broken windshield yet your a constant workaholic. Bound to happen eventually. :)
J W Dickinson
J W Dickinson 15 kun oldin
Tonto: Kemosabe, look...Chris send signal. Lone Ranger: What does he say? Tonto: He say “Bring Mary Ann, Jeannie and Samantha. He bring whiskey. We have big party.
Bryan Lloyd
Bryan Lloyd 15 kun oldin
Nice job!!👍👍
James 15 kun oldin
Chris vs trees
Kristy Staats
Kristy Staats 15 kun oldin
That's a huge brush pile your burning
CJ Osman
CJ Osman 16 kun oldin
The coolest thing for me is watching the smoke billow from the bucket after he dumps some brush on top. Gives you a good idea how much volume that bucket holds.
Lloyd B
Lloyd B 16 kun oldin
Do they sell bullet proof type glass, you know the stuff with plastic in there that can take loads of abuse, for excavators; so even if it gets whacked it will just bounce off?... Maybe that stuff is too heavy?..
Tammy Rodems
Tammy Rodems 16 kun oldin
When your digging these trees up have you ever dug something interesting up ?
Dane Clark
Dane Clark 16 kun oldin
We had two 40-50 year old Sweet Gum trees in the front yard of our old house. They are beautiful shade trees but a total PITA. I was always scared that I was going to send one of the gumballs flying into someone's Mercedes driving by while I was mowing.
Mark Wright
Mark Wright 16 kun oldin
We should have a top 10 of fires videos
Kai Olsen
Kai Olsen 16 kun oldin
Chris you do work to much although I very much enjoy your videos no one would fault you to take a few days off to go fishing wit Winston and family 👍👍🇨🇦
Warren John Knight.
Warren John Knight. 16 kun oldin
Sorry Chris I was writing this reply for another site whom was in the forest and other sites, obviously I pushed the button below to late and it arrived on your site, but never mind as its hard watching so many great sites,
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!
easylooker 16 kun oldin
All those ashes would be the best fertilizer you can put on a garden. Full of minerals not to mention potash
Brian Fullerton
Brian Fullerton 16 kun oldin
Careful you don't get that windshield too hot; don't want to crack it....
GraeMatterz 16 kun oldin
Chris is not popular with the poplars.
Anna Fraley
Anna Fraley 16 kun oldin
We had sweet gum trees in our yard in Cary back when, we Hate them also 🥴🤦🏼‍♀️ Did NOT know they were used for RR ties and pallets though..!! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤭. 2:45
Jim Craig
Jim Craig 16 kun oldin
U need to start getting bullet proof glass. Maybe the branches won't crack it as bad
Aaron Grabowski
Aaron Grabowski 16 kun oldin
Nice job Chris. I love ur channel
Dennis Malcolm
Dennis Malcolm 16 kun oldin
Martin Eastburn
Martin Eastburn 16 kun oldin
The night after driving into our new home a sweetgum tree 28" there abouts (my 20" bar would not cut across the base section) fell across the road that a moving truck was expected. The Uhaul truck contained chain saws, fuel, oil and a lot of tools. That tree was sectioned out and moved to the grass. From 7am to just about 10. Phew. The sister tree across the yard died a few years later. Nasty to rake up husks.
Matthew Meuleman
Matthew Meuleman 16 kun oldin
broken glass is better than a machine on fire
12jeeplover 16 kun oldin
One of the best descriptions of a gum tree. The only big tree on my property and the only reason I don't want to cut it is because of how much shade it gives, but if I could I would love to replace it with anything just as big.
Derek Brake
Derek Brake 16 kun oldin
Don’t know if it is or not but one of bolts on the top of your blades looks loose.
Beatrice Blankenship
Suppers getting cold ! I missed my husband when he had to work late, I hated him eating a reheated meal. But watching Chris work long hours I now understand, his work was never ending always things to do . Off season it was maintaining the equipment.Chris you are a doer love your UZblock channel!
Waffles Syrup
Waffles Syrup 16 kun oldin
One of these days you need to get a full on timelapse of just the burn pile throughout the day
Will Jolliff
Will Jolliff 16 kun oldin
Chris, in the future you should consider doing something with that narrating voice of yours...
Tim Ziegler
Tim Ziegler 16 kun oldin
Great job clearing those trees and burning the brush. There is something fulfilling watching you clear property. Best wishes.
Dan Rossell
Dan Rossell 16 kun oldin
The Sweet Gum has medicinal value but not much else.
Bill Smith
Bill Smith 16 kun oldin
Cool Chris........
Dump_Big_Tech 16 kun oldin
lol... "One more"
Rob F
Rob F 16 kun oldin
glad you commented on the engine being loud. As an engine builder for 40 years the lifters sound awful loud.
Jason Tilton
Jason Tilton 16 kun oldin
Sweet gums I hate those little spike balls but they burn really good and there's nothing sweet bout them if y'all don't know what Chris is talking bout google it
Mihail P
Mihail P 16 kun oldin
SOS! SOS! Faers...:)
jon lowe
jon lowe 17 kun oldin
Extra hours pretty much paid for the window replacement I would imagine
jon lowe
jon lowe 17 kun oldin
Gotta put the hours in occasionally to make a job pay. Great content dude.
Henry Zabel
Henry Zabel 17 kun oldin
Seeing your large fire reminds ,e of back in the 80s when I was a volunteer firefighter and we got a call for a big fire . We had no burn permits issued for the area of reported fire . We got there and it was maybe a little over an acre burn pile , big stumps and tons of brush and branches . There was a gentleman there that produced a burn permit issued by a neighboring city ? They had an excavator and dozer on site , which was required by permit . He mentioned he could not operate either . Oh crap , if we had to put it out we would be there all night . His buddy finally came back who was the operator , YAY ! We issued them a legal permit on the spot . Here someone had to be attending to the fire until it was out .
Chase Bodiford
Chase Bodiford 17 kun oldin
love the camera angles
mayaknife 17 kun oldin
"The trees are after me on this job, for some reason." What do you expect when you go around calling them useless nuisances? :-)
ramtuff2007 17 kun oldin
good fire pit
The Ripper
The Ripper 17 kun oldin
You probably have, but if you haven't seen this video "Car Soccer Game" check the goalies out in it. Awesome!!
Jeremy W
Jeremy W 17 kun oldin
How did you crack the window?
Jeremy W
Jeremy W 17 kun oldin
Yall have Sweet gum ... we have black walnuts
cardude59 17 kun oldin
Ok, so maybe knocking the windows out of the dozer would not be the highlight of your day, but it would have been the highlight of the video and the diggin' blooper reel! Keep up the great work and videos Chris! P.S. Man you are just on a self destructive roll in this video! Damn near knocked the cab off with that log! Remember "saftey is one job!"( Or something like that)
skippyjl1 17 kun oldin
Just curious how much money does this kind of work cost👍🏻
Terry Clement
Terry Clement 17 kun oldin
Where is the marshmallows?
Murray Hall
Murray Hall 17 kun oldin
Earned your money today Chris!! Have a good night's sleep!!!
46Rambo 17 kun oldin
straight trees, good rain, easy digging dirt, count your blessings, we haven't burned in 3 years with the drought
Huskies Go
Huskies Go 17 kun oldin
Break out the cast iron cookware.
j c
j c 17 kun oldin
hey chris, use ear, skin and eye protection when needed. i didn't and am paying the price later.
James Farnham
James Farnham 17 kun oldin
Chris, you are the modern day "Arthur Brown" song from 1968. Lol
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 17 kun oldin
I saw ducks walking around in the background, those little control freaks! Ever have an issue with a duck trying to run you off?
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 17 kun oldin
Sweet Gum, I call them marble trees. Never let them grow bigger than 12" at the base. Just think of those marbles on a hill side.
Leeland Dennison
Leeland Dennison 17 kun oldin
I know one thing for sure, eh! I hear that Volvo's track rollers screaming "grease me"!
chris e
chris e 17 kun oldin
Wheeee pretty fire! Thanks for sharing. :-)
Joe Bledsoe
Joe Bledsoe 17 kun oldin
Porcupine eggs, not sweet gum balls.
Henry Disbrowe
Henry Disbrowe 17 kun oldin
Dame that’s a shit load of burning Chris
James Knott
James Knott 17 kun oldin
The guy that drives the silver dump truck, is he related to you? I've never seen the name of your company on any of your equipment or dump trucks. Just curious if it's a family operation since you park some equipment at your house. Keep going to Hardee's and getting tater tots for Wilson!!
John Walker
John Walker 17 kun oldin
Stop burning!
Paul Honeyman
Paul Honeyman 17 kun oldin
What Chris lives by, "Maybe 1 more". lol
rovingmedic 17 kun oldin
Totally agree with you on the sweet gums
Brian Mac
Brian Mac 17 kun oldin
do you live stream on your UZblock channel
stoweman34 17 kun oldin
Are you completely on your own now? Or you still working for your uncle?
Tim C
Tim C 16 kun oldin
He's with his uncle thru the week, and does solo jobs on weekends.
Dale Masyk
Dale Masyk 17 kun oldin
hey hey workin man ...yeaaa i have done that alot in my younger day ..burnin brushes on the pipeline job pain in theeass goin back n forth feedin fire lol so..oneday ..we had a plan...built a burin bin on skid , the skid was i think was 20 inch round x 40 ' foot long x 6' wide that spread out to top 10' foot. works awsome fill -lite-burn-..pull to next pile .maybe you can rig something like that huh.keep them video comin ..like watchin you work while im havin coffee in the morin lolol.ehh
AWD3264 17 kun oldin
Bit hard to explain. Seems like timber is worthless but lumber is priceless.
Scrapman50 17 kun oldin
I feel your Pain. Where I used to live, we had a super large Sweetgum tree growing near the house next to the driveway. The roots spread out into the yard over 30 ft. When the roots get exposed to sunlight they begin sprouting trees in the yard. When you mow over one, the root sprouts 2 more. One day during high winds a large branch broke off and put a bowling ball sized hole in the roof and the room directly over my father's bed. Luckily he wasn't in bed at the time, but the damage cause by that one branch was extensive. Another piece broke off, bounced off the hood of my van, and broke the garage door window. After removing the tree, the stump was covered up by English Ivy, but the roots continued sprouting trees all over the yard. We Sold the Home, so that's the new Home owner's problem now!
Ol 'Nam Grunt
Ol 'Nam Grunt 17 kun oldin
Almost a half million, its been great to ride along, stay safe buddy.
basecom70 17 kun oldin
I love watching your videos especially when you burn stuff and play in the water!
Rusty Steel
Rusty Steel 17 kun oldin
This job has more brush piles than any I've seen before!
jeff clark
jeff clark 17 kun oldin
Put up with gumballs for years. I finally cut every one of them down. Don’t miss them at all.
Uppsalahazze Markstedt
Where are the optional marshmallow spear for the EC220, Chris? Watching a fire without wieners and cold ones can't be allowed?!? But you don't have the rotisserie option tiltrotator either! Haha!
Wallace Loper
Wallace Loper 17 kun oldin
Just wondering the buck gets a little warm have ever had a grease fire?
Ray Cooper
Ray Cooper 17 kun oldin
Is it feasible to have several small fires burning to save time rather than one large fire?
Jake H
Jake H 17 kun oldin
50% of the time it works everytime
young11984 17 kun oldin
Thats a big ass pile of coals, would 3-4 days of steady rain to put them out lol.
Jennifer Butcher
Jennifer Butcher 17 kun oldin
I love me an awesome Letsdig bonfire!
Keith Matthews
Keith Matthews 17 kun oldin
When I saw the thumbnail image i thought it was an unscheduled SpaceX launch! Flames... Lovely flames...
Alan L. Simmons
Alan L. Simmons 17 kun oldin
Mother Nature has a special place reserved for Chris. A sticky mud swamp filled with snakes, constantly clouded with burn pile smoke and never ending rain.
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 17 kun oldin
A dozer is very useful. Personally, I don't like vehicles without steering wheel.
Faith Ford
Faith Ford 17 kun oldin
Another great video. You do a lot of work. It must smell so good out there in nature. Thanks for the share. The bomb fire was the best part.
ed MC
ed MC 17 kun oldin
Rick Weber
Rick Weber 17 kun oldin
Not in outlaying counties but, it may help to call the local FD and let them know. Down here it is sort of, "You can burn anytime OR, you can't burn at all".
timmy frierson
timmy frierson 17 kun oldin
Another great video Chris and I like burning at night, that was one hot fire but anyway brother you got it going your way next weekend you should be able to finish the whole job so you and your family stay safe and keep the videos coming brother
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 17 kun oldin
We see that Chris works a lot and hard, yet we see only a fraction of his working day. There is quite a lot to do, with both digging, editing videos and he also manages to print the logo on sweaters and other things and also send them. One wonders if he sleeps at night.
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