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Welcome to my channel Letsdig18! Located in NC. I'm always doing neat jobs. I work with all types of equipment and do all types of different jobs. If you like what you see, go ahead and hit the subscribe button!
Bye Bye Singlewide!
14 kun oldin
Clinton Wright
Clinton Wright 12 soat oldin
Curious as to why you didn’t install when rebuilding the wall. I have no idea how to build dams so interested.
Orlando Diaz
Orlando Diaz 12 soat oldin
Longer videos please
Big E
Big E 12 soat oldin
That’s awesome will look even better even full of water 💦.
Bosshogg3 12 soat oldin
great job buddy and great video as always buddy 😎👊🏻👍🏻
Chuck Bearden
Chuck Bearden 12 soat oldin
Several loads of riprap rock on the back end of dam would help the dam last longer. Great job Cris. You the man with a plan $$$$$
David Watson
David Watson 13 soat oldin
Ever thought of starting up a one man band? You could play on the weekends, maybe teach Winston to play a drum with his tail. Great video.
mike garrett
mike garrett 13 soat oldin
Post when its full.." Looks great.......!
big Papa559
big Papa559 13 soat oldin
I love your videos I'm handicapped and I cannot do that anymore so I watch yours
James Hall
James Hall 13 soat oldin
My goodness what a project 👏 now on to the next one the life of an equipment operator is never done
Jack Macica
Jack Macica 13 soat oldin
What a transformation. Beautiful work!
Jr Hendershot
Jr Hendershot 13 soat oldin
That looks really good pretty nice pond you do really good work
Dan Rose
Dan Rose 13 soat oldin
Unbelievable after watching this whole series of videos, NOT one with it full of water. VERY DISAPPOINTING?.......
Harrison Katzz
Harrison Katzz 13 soat oldin
Rain fills this this pond ?
James Kaufmann
James Kaufmann 13 soat oldin
Do you ever find anything from the wars when digging?
Tiki Trooper
Tiki Trooper 13 soat oldin
Another job well done 👍
Sunny Qzado
Sunny Qzado 13 soat oldin
you should make a compilation of before and after ponds showing them a year or 5 after you built/repaired them. You could just fly in and grab some drone footage.
steve schafer
steve schafer 13 soat oldin
If you did an update video on a bunch of the pounds you rehabbed and the new ones you did.. The amount of views you would get would probably exceed the stuck excavator just saying 🤞
j rehtil
j rehtil 13 soat oldin
Please no more ads
Kurt Werner
Kurt Werner 13 soat oldin
Amazing transformation
roscoe7959 13 soat oldin
I really like this overflow design. What size is the pipe? What is the elbow on the end called? I assume it gets some type of trash grate on top?
Christopher Eaves
Christopher Eaves 13 soat oldin
Wow you need a “Big Little” mini for that bank, do they make a mini “extend a hoe” haha Kool video man 👍🏻
Robert Hurst
Robert Hurst 13 soat oldin
What’s the amount of pressure you can get to between the thumb and the teeth on the bucket?
Tracy's Wubben
Tracy's Wubben 13 soat oldin
Another fabulous job chris
Bob Casey Aerial
Bob Casey Aerial 13 soat oldin
Well Done Chris...I like how you ended this Vid..Nice flight
in motion
in motion 13 soat oldin
Should make video just going back to all the ponds you have done over the years check on them the owners would not care your concerned how there doing I'd love see how they look now full make day of it please be great video
Mike Dove
Mike Dove 13 soat oldin
How much if I wanted this done ballpark
Project TurboCoupe
Project TurboCoupe 13 soat oldin
I'll bet the Scarecrow wishes he had a straw blower...
paul calhoun
paul calhoun 13 soat oldin
Do you every show you dam projects filled with water?
gjjm123 13 soat oldin
You do a very professional job. Been watching your videos for a few years now. Keep up the good work.
david cornell
david cornell 13 soat oldin
You are lucky a huge rain didn't come along and wash this all out!! Good work. A pleasure to watch.
Mark 13 soat oldin
What do you figure it will take to fill this pond to the top?
Michigan Engineer
Michigan Engineer 13 soat oldin
I'd like to add my vote to a return visit after the grass has set and the pond is filled. As it is, that's one hell of a nice transformation! Almost a big enough pond to sail a little Sunfish on lol
Charlie Coggins
Charlie Coggins 13 soat oldin
Another great job Chris
Nj One Bale
Nj One Bale 13 soat oldin
yeah that turned out nice!
Wymer’s Handy Man Service
Amazing how good 👍 that looks . The drone shots give a person a great perspective on the lay of the land and how much of a positive outcome you made. Great content. 🇺🇸🦅🌏⚓️🇺🇸
Lynne Carr
Lynne Carr 13 soat oldin
Would like to see this one when it's full . nice work as Always !!!
Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson 13 soat oldin
Is it me or does the dam wall not look thick enough for the depth and weight of the water
Edward Pic
Edward Pic 14 soat oldin
The votes have it for seeing this when its filled with water.....
Doing stuff with Aaron.
Why didnt you put the overflow in as you were building up the dam? Was it because of the rain potential?
Philip Fleming
Philip Fleming 14 soat oldin
Nice job Chris, you always do 1st class work for your customers 👏
Stephen Gile
Stephen Gile 14 soat oldin
'Shortcake' looks like a Tonka toy on the pond dam.
Tim Given
Tim Given 14 soat oldin
Phenomenal job Chris, another amazing pond transformation as always. Can't wait for the next adventure. Glad you are feeling better, hope your uncle is recovering well.
Lane Veillon
Lane Veillon 14 soat oldin
Looks really nice man! While I watch these videos and wonder how the hell I ended up in he stessbox occupation I used to love, I’m sure yours plenty of its moments too. I sure miss having SOMETHING TO SHOW for all I’ve done. Good Job!
Justin Henderson
Justin Henderson 14 soat oldin
So what brand laser do you use?
Ken Read
Ken Read 14 soat oldin
Damn fine work. I would also like to see the pond full.
Michael D
Michael D 14 soat oldin
Another great project Chris. On to the next one!!! 👍✌️
Dirt Brute
Dirt Brute 14 soat oldin
We don’t have very much sheep‘s foot compactor’s where I’m at. Almost everybody has a smooth drum here with a vibrator. I wonder if it depends on where you live🤷‍♂️ soil here is sandy
Dirt Brute
Dirt Brute 12 soat oldin
@Truckguy 6.7 I guess they say it leaves the Surface loose so the next layer sticks 🤷‍♂️. Idk. We just vibrate the shit out of it here with a smooth drum or plate
Truckguy 6.7
Truckguy 6.7 12 soat oldin
It really doesn't appear to be all that affective.
Lynda Barry
Lynda Barry 14 soat oldin
What an incredible transformation. Your commitment to quality work is really something to be proud of 👏👍
Terry Bible
Terry Bible 14 soat oldin
nice job !
Zac Drilling
Zac Drilling 14 soat oldin
Chris, sometime show us how the animal hospital job is looking buddy
Scott 14 soat oldin
I like to see a drone flight when this is full and know how long it took to fill up.
Tom Sarelas
Tom Sarelas 14 soat oldin
Superb result. Superb.
Joe Callahan
Joe Callahan 14 soat oldin
Nice job
Eugene Tavares
Eugene Tavares 14 soat oldin
Cool straw shooter
Treebutcher 14 soat oldin
Definitely one to see full.
Michael Ridenour
Michael Ridenour 14 soat oldin
!looks fantastic Chris sorry you had so much equipment trouble on this one
CS_FL 14 soat oldin
looks like trash mimosa trees...
Indyfester 14 soat oldin
Ladies and gentlemen this man is not an excavator operator this man is an artist that uses an excavator...
J OR 14 soat oldin
That is beautiful work sir. That pond will be picturesque when it fills..
CS_FL 14 soat oldin
Can we say, trolling motor??
Brian Fullerton
Brian Fullerton 14 soat oldin
Watch out for floating tub boats:)
James Williams
James Williams 14 soat oldin
Beautiful job
Jason Mckee
Jason Mckee 14 soat oldin
That's a slick good looking job there Boss!! 👍
Dave Schroeder
Dave Schroeder 14 soat oldin
You mentioned fish habitat a couple of times, Chris. Is he planning on stocking some fish in there?
nTOMnia 14 soat oldin
It wouldn't have surprised me if a guardrail was put on the dam. O.O
John Mattu
John Mattu 14 soat oldin
Super dupper job!!! What a transformation, want to come hang out with me for a week? Heck you could film and nobody would know the difference, you can run my red 55 and I'll run the 12, you can tell the folks I'm some grunt your try'in out. Beer & Rib Eyes on the grill everyday for lunch??? B.Y.O.B. (bring your own bucket) I don't have the fancy signature series bucket & thumb. LOL Nice Work
brad cable
brad cable 14 soat oldin
You took so much out
brad cable
brad cable 14 soat oldin
Thank you for the before and after. If I had any influence I really appreciate it. Looks great. Crazy the transformation
Herbybandit 14 soat oldin
Didn’t you say the guy had some sluices or something upstream he could open and fill it faster? Or am I thinking of another of your ponds?
Josh Myers
Josh Myers 14 soat oldin
Very nice a lot of work too
Neo0311 14 soat oldin
I see city workers. 1 person working and 7 standing around
Rickey Oswalt
Rickey Oswalt 14 soat oldin
That’s going be pretty deep pond looks great job well done 👍
ccagle121 14 soat oldin
Beautiful job! Well done!
Luke Bonagura
Luke Bonagura 14 soat oldin
It's not a pond, it is a Work of Art. Chris, you are the Master of Transformation.
STEVEN R 14 soat oldin
I'm surprised you didn't go deaf. Those bugs sure make a lot of noise. Was hard to hear the mini diggn' the drainage ditch. 👍 great job!
Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard 14 soat oldin
Chris is there a number that your 500,000 + fans could send Volvo a message that there #1 advertisements over world needs to get his excavator repaired correctly or replaced. Have a great night Chris and thank you for sharing your dream with us.
Jerry Bennett
Jerry Bennett 14 soat oldin
How John doing? Hopefully he get well soon
Dale Cherry
Dale Cherry 14 soat oldin
You certainly are the dirt king. Your transformations are truly art. Another great completion.
Rollie Kindvall
Rollie Kindvall 14 soat oldin
Another great job as usual , Chris !!!
micheal wagner
micheal wagner 14 soat oldin
I love the before and after segment