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Welcome to my channel Letsdig18! Located in NC. I'm always doing neat jobs. I work with all types of equipment and do all types of different jobs. If you like what you see, go ahead and hit the subscribe button!
wt que
wt que 19 soat oldin
Is that next door to the storage units y'all did the work for?
Richard Akins
Richard Akins 19 soat oldin
I never get tired of watching this one. Of all your videos I believe this one illustrates the skills and experience that enable you to operate at the top of your industry. Keep up the good work.
Dylan Beavon
Dylan Beavon 19 soat oldin
My dad would have thrown a shovel at me if I didn't pick one up to at least spot the edge of the tracks for him.
Walter Mattson
Walter Mattson 19 soat oldin
It kind of looks like you don’t want a third person for your crew anymore.
Jer Little
Jer Little 19 soat oldin
Chris, that "Volvo Chainsaw" is awesome. Ground that hard... seems as thought I remember you saying many jobs ago that you would like a job that wasn't in the mud...
Don Perryman
Don Perryman 20 soat oldin
I understand siphones, how do you get it started?
D Mullins
D Mullins 20 soat oldin
What a fast job using the dozer. This was a piece of cake. Just watched a pond clean up from 2016 you were in 6 plus feet of mud losing the mats and talking to the excavator. You do love your work.
Walter Mattson
Walter Mattson 20 soat oldin
The cracked windshield was a easy way to tell which 220 you are in. You need one of your stickers in yours. The Volvo chainsaw comment was funny.
Sandra Opines
Sandra Opines 20 soat oldin
Here in Sunny FL we don't use the straw, we mix brown top millet in with Bahia and a shallow disk. Drag a chain or pole behind the tractor to cover the seed. Works great. ALways interested in learning new techniques. Great job Chris
Mrs. Elite Earthworks
Mrs. Elite Earthworks 20 soat oldin
Hi! 🙋‍♀️
Walter Mattson
Walter Mattson 20 soat oldin
It’s too bad more people won’t see that pond.
Never Loose Hope
Never Loose Hope 21 soat oldin
Damn baby you are good!!
Scott Christ
Scott Christ 21 soat oldin
Did you lose John
furlvr1961 21 soat oldin
Man oh man... I sure wish I had someone like you around to dig out my marsh into a pond.
preston Vaughn
preston Vaughn 22 soat oldin
I can't believe the backup alarm on the Komatsu already ran out of its allotment of beeps! 😉 One less thing for Karen to bitch about on those lazy Sunday mornings.
Michael Beary
Michael Beary 22 soat oldin
6:23 mecalac jiu jitsu
Michael Beary
Michael Beary 22 soat oldin
Looks nice
Ed Wentworth
Ed Wentworth 22 soat oldin
Keith Housewright
Keith Housewright 22 soat oldin
Awesome follow up , Chris. That's what makes great customer relationships
Andrew Cooper
Andrew Cooper 23 soat oldin
Look at all those bugs! Thank goodness for enclosed cabs lol
Andrew Cooper
Andrew Cooper 23 soat oldin
Chris, I really enjoy your videos but could you speed up some of the back and forth shots?
Derick Siddoway
Derick Siddoway 23 soat oldin
Probably ought to have all that wood milled for the new house, given current lumber prices.
Isaic Walker
Isaic Walker Kun oldin
Need a tractor with 4WD and a big bucket then put mats down would be like 30 mins with that probably
Marla Mengarelli
I just love watching you working. You make it look so easy, and I know it's not!
Marian Birks
Marian Birks Kun oldin
Chris a question from the UK. Do you or the landowners plant marginal plants and or oxygenating plants in the pond or do the ponds stay like that?
Tom Roger Edvardsen
You went through it first ofcourse? Never know what books, small items and such could be present.
FloridaRay sun
FloridaRay sun Kun oldin
2nd Day, love it. that was fun to watch. thanks.
greg fields
greg fields Kun oldin
10 wheelbarrows about as fast as a combination! How about a loader
Vanessa Young
Vanessa Young Kun oldin
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David Brickey
David Brickey Kun oldin
I know they’re happy to see you there staring the stuff around and trying to get fire 🔥 put out they’ve been on it five days try to control it I know they bout to lose her mind-trying to control it for five days
David Brickey
David Brickey Kun oldin
I bet that guys happy you’re there happening I know he is out of his mind trying to take control of that thing
Robert Riquelmy
Robert Riquelmy Kun oldin
Grant Kun oldin
@letsdig18 Ever considered buying a Tilt-Rotator for your machine? Over here in Europe (well Scotland, actually) there are more excavators with Tilt-Rotators than without. We wouldn't have a machine in our business without one fitted.
Salt River Orchards
It’s like a giant game of Tetris
frick off
frick off Kun oldin
I bought a new water bed without financing it! Suck it peasants
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts Kun oldin
Just wondering what happens to the pond next? Turtles migrate in, can this become a viable fish habitat? If so for how many years?
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp Kun oldin
Thanks for sharing
Jerry Bennett
Jerry Bennett Kun oldin
Wel done.....congratulations on 500 thousands subs
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts Kun oldin
I do love your '' toys ''.
Salt River Orchards
Sure seems like a lot of material to be removed. How many years do you think it took that to accumulate in the pond?
Jim Culbertson
Jim Culbertson Kun oldin
I love watching you work the machine: a man who can walk, talk, chew gum, rub your belly and pat your head all at the same time. My guess is if you ever decided to learn how to fly a helicopter, you could solo in two weeks.
SmallBusiness MiddleClassCitizen
Today with all the complaining and whining about just about everything, you are not only entertaining, you educate me with every video you post! Thank you! The best part of this repair was the cussing.
Gypsy Andrews
Gypsy Andrews Kun oldin
🇮🇪☘️👍 hello there Boyo , long time, and look at such perfection as always%! Curling that sod as if it ‘‘twas your Mams best rug ! Lines straight as a snapped chalk ….. I’ve certainly missed that chugga chugga clanking , my boys say , “ act of perfection that hand off! Now can they toss a Pepsi atween them too?” Lololololo blessing to you and yours
Christopher Britz
Chris, the Picasso of ponds!!
stretch34318 Kun oldin
good dirt to have for a house site
Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan Kun oldin
I like your thumb on this machine the best, it looks a lot more stout then the other thumbs and plus I really love how u have the dog bone on this thumb because then your able to rap the thumb all the way back to the bucket when u have the bucket cylinder pulled all the way in!!! U can just do so much more when u have a lot more maneuverable thumb! WHY DONT U HAVE DOG BONES ON THE REST OF YOUR THUMBS ON YOUR OTHER MACHINES?!!
D Mullins
D Mullins Kun oldin
Where was his GPS taking him? Ha ha We have had double decker cattle haulers get off hwy in the middle of the night taking down all the mailboxes trying to turn and get off our narrow county road. Google earth still shows a road to Hwy. NOT A ROAD! ha ha
Bernard Anderson
I operate a Gradall on a lot of pipe jobs and grading banks and putting down Riprap and shoulder work and asphalt with the 4 foot smooth bucket and I use the teeth buckets to pull up the old alligator material and the whole process is great until miss utility shows up before and all I see was lines going everywhere and hand digging isn’t fun and job well done
Rod laney
Rod laney Kun oldin
Once again man you are a freaking wizard with heavy equipment! Good job!
Bernard Anderson
This is exactly what I have to get done at my driveway
Bernard Anderson
I love it with the thumb
Alan Smith
Alan Smith Kun oldin
We use A butterfly valve on the down side so you can start and stop it without having to restart it.
Amanda Girl
Amanda Girl Kun oldin
if you just have flat glass cut you can get that with the tint right in the laminated core of the glass and it is way cheaper
Bernard Anderson
Beautiful Chris and a job site well done
Douglas Cunningham
Just like spreading butter!
Bernard Anderson
The old Box sledgehammer 😀
Bernard Anderson
That’s some good material you are working
Bernard Anderson
You looking great on the mini In which I love this when you can tune it up to make the pond look like new
Bernard Anderson
You hire?
Circle S Scrapper
Simon Waite
Simon Waite Kun oldin
Yep....he is very good.
Alan Smith
Alan Smith Kun oldin
We have laws against letting trees grow on dams in Missouri. Most of the ponds you work on would have to be breached up here. Trees and dams don't work.
Alan Smith
Alan Smith Kun oldin
Looks like A job for A wheel loader instead of the backhoe. Bigger bucket just as fast
Jamis Wolfe
Jamis Wolfe Kun oldin
Thanks for the detailed description on how you find and set grade on a pond. Always wondered how that was done.
Jens Jansson
Jens Jansson Kun oldin
Is this the day Letsdig18 gets to 500k subscribers? 👏
Gregg Murphy
Gregg Murphy Kun oldin
Gotta love the repeat customer
Glenn Egan
Glenn Egan Kun oldin
Hey Chris, you need to give ol Tim a few lessons on the backhoe. He kept coming at those piles with a big down angle . He needs to "Chrisify" his technique !
Trev Power
Trev Power Kun oldin
Are you and John brothers or is he just ur boss or business partner?
KmanSweden Kun oldin
This reminds me of when I used to push dirt around in a Volvo L90 and a L120 when I did my military service back in 1999-2000. :D
joey gullion
joey gullion Kun oldin
Why don’t you take down the trees that can hit the house in a big wind
Jeremy Peterson
Jeremy Peterson Kun oldin
IndiannaJones5 Kun oldin
god damn... i honestly didn't think that digger would survive! XD
Bill Richardson
Bill Richardson Kun oldin
Love watching LD18, but Chris I think your camera/ GoPro is having issues. Don't know if anyone else has noticed.
Robert martin Ehlenbach
Hi . Just a Great big thank you , I enjoy all of your videos of course . But a Bigger thank you for aiding with my sleep . When I can't sleep I put on one of your videos , when you are using your dozer. Yes it's true. The sound of makes.is so restful , that it helps me to drift off. Well you do work in a lot of sand!. Thanks again .
KD Excavation
KD Excavation Kun oldin
I love a john deere backhoe ..... i wished i still had mine ... didnt use it much so i sold it .... figure ill buy another
Andy Kun oldin
11:43.., BASTARD!
timmy frierson
timmy frierson Kun oldin
Another great video Chris that guy keeps on he’s going to have all of his ground a parking lot well that must mean that his business is booming, you and John and yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming man
Mike Kun oldin
Roll that beautiful grass footage!!!
Rich Dillon
Rich Dillon Kun oldin
Looks to me that it was a parking area from the Get Go and they just let the grass take over, There's more Stone under the grass than there was grass.
James Diehl
James Diehl Kun oldin
You might have to grease the spindles underneath the deck.