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Welcome to my channel Letsdig18! Located in NC. I'm always doing neat jobs. I work with all types of equipment and do all types of different jobs. If you like what you see, go ahead and hit the subscribe button!
Bye Bye Singlewide!
14 kun oldin
Time To Burn All 3 Acres!
14 kun oldin
Grading A Half Mile Road
21 kun oldin
Working At The Lake
21 kun oldin
Cameron Laurent
Cameron Laurent 2 soat oldin
Wouldn't rock be better than straw
timmy frierson
timmy frierson 3 soat oldin
Hey Chris, the things people do thinking they are fixing the problems, lol and then you have to come behind them and fix there mess. Been there done that and I hate it to see what some people will do thinking there fixing something, lol. But anyway brother another great video so you and John and yawls family stay safe and keep the videos coming in can’t wait do you get back on your weekend project and start burning that trash back in the back 40. Lol.
Stephen Andrew
Stephen Andrew 3 soat oldin
Great videos
Benjamin Beytekin - Construction Machinery & More
@14:32 and you found.............. a treasure!!!!! Holy gosh! Unbelievable. 😮‍💨
ww1942digger 4 soat oldin
Chris handy with wood nice video again
Mr. Avuncular
Mr. Avuncular 4 soat oldin
Man if ya ask me that goop Looks like cement! Should have called the pumper truck to suck that crap out ...but
laurent o`gorman
laurent o`gorman 4 soat oldin
chinese crap sorry
Little Star
Little Star 4 soat oldin
Not often we get to see HAND TOOLS!
Roland Elliott
Roland Elliott 4 soat oldin
They must be Metric pipes 1 metre long, and the little garden knoms have been log riding inside the pipes when it rains.
SGC1972 gleaton
SGC1972 gleaton 5 soat oldin
Someone sabotage that pipe
marc wohlmayer
marc wohlmayer 5 soat oldin
The 4 in 1 bucket comes in Handy for jobs like this.👍 their previous contractor did a Bad job putting that pipe in there with the bent Metal and the wooden Sticks that clogged Up the old pipe 🤣. No wonder nothing would drain 😂.. endresult looks good Chris.nice and clean with the gravel topping.
Lynn Ramirez
Lynn Ramirez 5 soat oldin
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Melissa Dyche
Melissa Dyche 5 soat oldin
How in the heck do you stay so calm when your up to your knees so to speak in mud I’d be having a panic attack lol 😂
Melissa Dyche
Melissa Dyche 5 soat oldin
Chris I don’t see you do this for a living it’s got to give me nightmares it would me and I don’t know the first thing about dredging
jacky mai
jacky mai 6 soat oldin
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Brushcrawler 6 soat oldin
We're due for a beaver dam busting
chris 6 soat oldin
someone was dropping some real logs in the bathroom
GodsWarrior 6 soat oldin
Chris just invented a way to tailgate gravel with a 4 in 1 bucket on a skidsteer
Barry Coleman
Barry Coleman 7 soat oldin
Why no plastic sheeting under the stone ? The weeds will just pop through surely ?
Mercmad 7 soat oldin
Looks like some thing big and heavy drove over that pipe in the past and broke it...and someone kept quiet about it...😁
Retro Dad
Retro Dad 7 soat oldin
Doesn’t this bring out the little digger boy in me! Love the vlogs! Thanks for posting Chris. 🇬🇧🇬🇧👍
Jack King
Jack King 7 soat oldin
It would take a team of 4 workers 2 weeks to do that here in the UK!
Terry Henry
Terry Henry 7 soat oldin
I get the feeling you do alot more of these kinds of repairs and replace than we have seen on the channel ,it was fun watching and thanks for bringing us along,till next time God Bless
tjousk 8 soat oldin
Nadira Mughal
Nadira Mughal 8 soat oldin
The new driveway appears to above the plinth level of the buildings, wouldn’t this cause rain seepage damage to the buildings.
esparka 8 soat oldin
If you look closely @ 31:12, you can see a sasquatch in with the deer. Chris is always the jokester. Good one. I was sold.....
Marian Wilson
Marian Wilson 8 soat oldin
Need a bit of drone footage so we can get some idea of where the pond is going to be installed chris 🤣🤣
Mike Crake
Mike Crake 8 soat oldin
Brilliantly done bud. The right machine for this job, on point Chris.
Nadira Mughal
Nadira Mughal 8 soat oldin
You could have reused the grass ☹️
Jim Pumphrey
Jim Pumphrey 8 soat oldin
Chris, I'm really "DIGGING" the daily videos! No pun intended of course. 😎
Jim Pumphrey
Jim Pumphrey 8 soat oldin
Liked how you used the 4-in-1 as a gravel spreader
Ney Santos
Ney Santos 8 soat oldin
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august 8 soat oldin
Beautiful work Chris !
Kirk Rogers
Kirk Rogers 9 soat oldin
Wow Chris, you really got it going on with the skid steer bucket spreading the rock! Looks great, thanks for sharing Chris! 👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Thomas Levy
Thomas Levy 9 soat oldin
Reminds me of the time my family lived in apartments owned by my uncle in the 1960's. We had endless problems with the toilet clogging. My uncle chewed out my mother for putting stuff down the toilet that should not go in it, but she denied doing it. He did most of the building maintenance himself and got tired of snaking out the line, over and over. He finally took the sewer line apart to find out what was going on. It seems, back in the 1940's, when the apartments were built, plumbers installed a section of sewer pipe without knowing that a length of 2x4 was inside it. Mystery solved!
Christopher Davies
Christopher Davies 9 soat oldin
In "Todays Video The Volvo Gets A Rest" That pipework at the end was a complete S*it Show
Tim Brookjshire
Tim Brookjshire 9 soat oldin
Elite Earthworks LLC
Pretty slick with the 4in1 👍🏻
Trenton banner
Trenton banner 9 soat oldin
Crusher run gravel?
benritchsmith 9 soat oldin
Were you trying to down grade to where the mini was set up, in the beginning of the video? To get rain water to flow down there, Chris? -Ben from Oregon.
Dylan 9 soat oldin
Wait so what the heck is the pipe even for if it goes into and under the building????
Raw Blow
Raw Blow 9 soat oldin
That 4 in 1 bucket sure makes for an easy day spreading gravel! Im putting that on my list of needed things!
chuck voss
chuck voss 9 soat oldin
Everything looks easy ... when you are good at your craft.
paul hatch
paul hatch 10 soat oldin
I thought tree roots would stabilize the pond dam. Evidently not
Marc Zalewski
Marc Zalewski 10 soat oldin
Hard pass
Anna Fraley
Anna Fraley 10 soat oldin
UNBELIEVABLE... The things some folks will do to slink out of work, it looks like something a Four year old would do while there parents were gone.. One HAS to know they Will be found out, and more than likely WAY before then would want to 🤷🏻‍♂️😫🤔
Vannak RC Official
Vannak RC Official 10 soat oldin
Great job
Colin Gantiglew
Colin Gantiglew 10 soat oldin
The number of times you must sit back in your cab with an exasperated "Oh, for stuff's sake!!"
letsdig18 10 soat oldin
Once you think you've seen it all you get this job LOL
DaffyDuc69 10 soat oldin
OMG, my life has been a lie. I've never seen anyone scoop a bucket of dirt backwards before....
Michael Day
Michael Day 10 soat oldin
Your mastering the 4n1 now your ready to strip 1-2 inches. Put bucket in dozer position with bucket closed, then open a touch or more to start stripping.
CoolBreeze 10 soat oldin
Welp if I wasn’t convinced I am now The 4 in 1 is slick on the finish layer
HON Thirty
HON Thirty 10 soat oldin
Ewww! Clean up aisle 2.
TonyBrooms 10 soat oldin
Pepsi Man
Vincent L.
Vincent L. 10 soat oldin
Chris doing hand work outside the machine....GASP!!!!.......
Construction Machinery Channel
Anyone else watching this for the first time in 2021?
Terry Clement
Terry Clement 10 soat oldin
Oh my, what shortcuts people will take to save a little work or money!
Kurt Holzer
Kurt Holzer 10 soat oldin
13.5 x 16 for a 15" pipe, lmao
Joey Annas
Joey Annas 10 soat oldin
LD18 what is weirdest thing you have ever dug up ?
NC Farmer
NC Farmer 10 soat oldin
Thank you for the video.
Randy Cook
Randy Cook 11 soat oldin
The teeth on the bucket and thumb look really shiny. Somebody's been busy.
Angela Crotts
Angela Crotts 11 soat oldin
We want to see how the greenhouse is coming along
Rolf Pedersen
Rolf Pedersen 11 soat oldin
Working in tight quarters and fixing what idiots did right next to brand new asphalt sealer. Good job!
Jim's videos
Jim's videos 11 soat oldin
15:00 I guess that counts as pulling sticks too 😅
edward busby
edward busby 11 soat oldin
Did you finish the pond or burn the trash ? Or just move on to another job.
leo l
leo l 11 soat oldin
Building road and changing pipe .
Matteo Gomez
Matteo Gomez 11 soat oldin
Got to be versatile 👍
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts 11 soat oldin
Well look at it this way it could had been a whole lot worse
Austin Gibson
Austin Gibson 11 soat oldin
Another great video. I watch his videos every night before I go to bed.
Ken S.
Ken S. 11 soat oldin
This is Exactly Why you Don’t Hire a Contractor that doesn’t know their Butt from a Hole in Ground.
Ken S.
Ken S. 11 soat oldin
Who 🤪 would Rig something so Stupid inside the pipe and call it Good ? A True Duma** Reject.👎
iPANZERSCHRECKu 11 soat oldin
it's like an episode of Columbo - if we just cover it up no one will ever know.....also spreading stone backwards with the 3 in 1 bucket cracked open is just showing off - really nice work but just showing off they said.
Hamiltonville Farm
Hamiltonville Farm 11 soat oldin
That 4n1 bucket is 👍
cden44207 3 soat oldin
Who manufacturers that 4in1?
Mike Lang
Mike Lang 8 soat oldin
I had a JD 310 SE hoe with a 4 in 1. At first I wasn't sure what it was good for but it didn't take long to realize it was a game changer. Grapple, blade, good for getting that last little bit, using it likes Chris often does it actually worked like a grader. I never tried using it like Chris did in this video to spread but add that to the list. I was doing a lot of lot clearing at the time so the grapple feature was priceless for logs, Bush and other debris.
TexasTimelapse 9 soat oldin
That thing is awesome!
Dorit Leis
Dorit Leis 11 soat oldin
Hallo Chris. I observe that you to every work always the correct machine to put in, not to small or not to great. That Is admirable. You the champion. The video is very good and demonstrate what one man can to produce in a little Time. 👌
Jimmy Poindexter
Jimmy Poindexter 11 soat oldin
Sharpen that knife
Roy Holt
Roy Holt 11 soat oldin
Wow that’s exactly the way I would have done it ifin I would have new how to do it that away.
Jo Johnson
Jo Johnson 11 soat oldin
That is some good looking topsoil
Patty Powell
Patty Powell 11 soat oldin
Good job man
Roy Holt
Roy Holt 11 soat oldin
I’m trying to help you get hold of those pipe all I can don’t seem like I’m helping much.
Matthew Hoffman
Matthew Hoffman 11 soat oldin
Why is this so relaxing to watch ?
RAH Capital
RAH Capital 12 soat oldin
15:00 looks like a craigslist contractor fixed that right up